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Sir, The article ‘Having a pure mind written by Satbir Singh Kapoor’  DE March 26 is nicely described and explained thinking and understanding of human mind. It is really said, that mind is in search true happiness. Now-a-days peace is … More
Sir, The write up of Sunil RP Sethi (“The Inspector” DE dated 26.03.2017), makes us worried about the current state of affairs regarding the safety of women folk, in our state of J & K, yet it also makes us … More
Sir, Refer to the article “Samba from the past to present”, DE March 26, 2017. First of all it may not be confused with  Jammu Raj, where Sangram Dev was the  Raja of Jammu: the period when this country was … More
Sir, India is a vast country in the world. Globally 37 percent of world’s illiterate people belong to India. Being a big country has many needs which are defined as ‘need of the hour’. Govt of India right now should … More
Sir, According to Indian health care system the responsibility of health lies in the hands of State govt rather than central govt.The article 21 of Indian constitution gives Right to Life to every citizen of the nation. But in the … More
Sir, Education has now become a commodity in today’s era of commercialization where everything is for sale.Marks are being sold in exchange for huge sum of money. The pious institution of education has now become polluted because of such students  … More
Sir, Kudos to Antika  Sharma for her letter, ‘Flagbearers for coexistence’ (DE, March 24, 2017). President Pranab Mukherjee’s address broadcasts the feelings of every Indian irrespective of her/his political ideology,  caste or creed. The President has displayed the magic of … More
Sir, In the State,  bi-election for two parliamentary constituencies is gaining tempo day after day. The main fight is between PDP and National Conference Congress alliance. Hurriyat leaders have given boycott call this time also to prevent people from participating … More
Sir, Refer to Aruditya Jasrotia’s article DE March 19, 2017 published in Sunday Magazine. The writer has excellently described the glorious past of the capital city  Jasrota which is a major identity centre of a powerful Rajput clan called Jasrotia … More
Sir, Refer news item ‘Govt orders restructuring”’ DE March 16, 2017. School Education Department of the State has taken a very bold and appreciable step in restructuring examination system of various classes such as 10th in the beginning. The system … More

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