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Sir, The present era belongs to youth. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is also working for the youth of the country. In Jammu and Kashmir, no doubt,  various measures have been taken for the welfare of the youth but these are … More
Sir, Kindly refer to the news report titled “CM annonces regularisation of 60,000 casual workers” published in DE dated December 14, 2017 wherein it has been mentioned that the regularisation process of the casual workers may take two years and … More
Sir, The Government of India deserves praises for extending the date line of linkage of Aadhar card till March 31, next. However linking mobile phones with the Aadhar  could be done only till Feb 6, 2018. Likewise last date for … More
Sir, It cannot be denied that farmers play a significant role in developing the country. Therefore, it is necessary for the Government to take care of them, provide them every possible means regarding the farming and help them in tough … More
Sir, There are no takers of Mani Shanker Aiyer in giving clarification that literal meaning of  Neech  was not correctly translated by him from English as he was not good in Hindi . We know Aiyer has been brought up … More
Sir, Kindly refer to news item, “62 legislators enjoy  multiple accommodations— “in DE dated Nov 9, 2017 in connection with the Durbar move from Srinagar to Jammu or Jammu to Srinagar. The Govt authorities especially the Estates Department is bound … More
Sir, The Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan has crossed many landmarks, many states including J and K, have achieved open defecation free districts but much remains to be done in this regard especially in the cities, satellite colonies … More
Sir, I want to draw your attention to the accident that happened at Jewel Chowk B C road Jammu on 10th Dec. The administration has given a full freedom to the bus drivers to ply on the road without any … More
Sir, This is in reference to  “Follow Indore Model” by Dr Raja Muzaffar. If Indore has got 1st rank in 2017 Swachh Survekshen it is quite obvious that the Indore Municipality might have taken some drastic steps for making this … More
Sir, All kudos to Daily Excelsior for publishing the excerpts of Sonali Kumar’s book “Unmasking Kashmir: A Bureaucrat Reveals”. An honest account of the first non-state subject lady IAS officer’s experiences during her long stint in the state of J&K … More