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Sir, The Prime Minister Narendra Modi is urged to convene a meeting of Chief Ministers of those states who are dependent on Central grants and  are not in a position to implement 7th Pay Commission for their employees and pensioners. … More
Sir, Traffic jams are a common occurence in Jammu city. Despite many rules in vogue, traffic situation worsens with every passing day. There are two set of rules for people here. One set pertains to VIP movement where traffic police … More
Sir, The sudden currency demonetisation has caused immense suffering to India’s majority poor, lower middle class and nearly illiterate rural populace to whom cash has been the king for centuries. Advising them on mobile and electronic banking could be waste … More
I Sir, Everybody hailed the decision of the Prime Minister regarding the demonetization of money to curb corruption and  black money. There was one lacuna that the main spring of currency;  “The Reserve Bank of India”, ought to have been … More
Sir, It is very shocking that many civilians including two innocent children lost their lives in Pakistan shelling.Pakistan is constantly engaged in passive war against India and has crossed all limits of betrayal and perfidy. India is a tolerant and … More
Sir, The 8th day of November 2016 will be remembered as a Red Letter Day in the annals of Indian history by all the people of this great country. The step of demonisation of Indian currency notes of Rs 1000 … More
Sir, It is no longer safe to breathe in New Delhi, one of the most polluted cities in the world. The problem has grown steadily worse, but little has been done beyond stopgap measures like allowing cars with odd- or … More
Sir, How can Pakis  dare to dig out tunnel from other side to this side and we here on this side do not come to know about it? Where is our guard , its level of professionalism when similar tunnels … More
Sir, If a novice in academics , politics, administration etc speaks or does an act which is far from the truth, facts, reality and the situations , it does not matter but when a qualified Economist, ex- Governor of Reserve … More
Sir, There can be a limit to anything for anything. There is no limit to the hostilities of Pakistan towards this country and there is no limit to tolerance of these hostilities by India. Why Pakistan is not behaving and … More

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