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Sir, One of the issues that confronts the country today, but is not taken seriously is population explosion. This issue should have been taken on priority basis keeping in view repurcussions, it would have in the future, for the country. … More
Sir, This is to draw the attention of the Public Service Commission and the concerned authorities that the candidates belonging to Jammu division have been discriminated in selection as College Assistant professors and 10+2 lecturers in School Education Department. Jammu … More
Sir, This is in reference to the news item “Drug mafia sabotaging generic drug use:DAK ” published in DE,April,20,2017.In a startling revealation it has been  reported by Doctors Association Kashmir(DAK) that the drug mafia is sabotaging generic drug use in … More
Sir, Drug menace is assuming alarming proportions in our society day by day. Nowadays, youths especially teenagers get caught in bad companies and indulge in smoking ,drinking and even taking drugs. Mouth cancer, lung cancer, skin cancer etc. are the … More
Sir, This has the reference to the article ‘Resolving  Kashmir Imbroglio’ DE Apr 20. The author has rightly projected the Kashmir issue keeping in view  the strategic development of all the three regions and particularly in dousing the fire  and … More
Sir, This is to draw the attention of the concerned authorities and public of Jammu in general that a number of prestigious projects were taken by the Government in hand for over all development of the Jammu Division. Some of … More
Sir, This has reference to the editorial ‘Encroachment of forest lands’ (DE, Apr 17, 2017).Our state has, undoubtedly been endowed with huge forest resource.Forests occupy a significant percentage of the total geographical area of our state.These forests have a large … More
Sir, The decision of the Central Governemnt to  ban Red beacon lights is a welcome decision. It was a long pending decision before the Government, but has been ultimately taken in public interest. The Supreme Court had restricted ‘red beacon … More
Sir, Refer news item, ‘Substantial efforts on, to revamp, revitalize horticulture sector’ DE April 19. Horticulture sector is one of essential components of the State’s economy. A large number of people are associated with it for their livelihood. This sector … More
Sir, This has reference to the news item ‘uncertainty portends another low tourist season in Kashmir’ DE Apr 19, 2017. It is really disturbing that the situation in Kashmir valley is deteriorating drastically due to Pak sponsored terrorism. Almost every … More
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