Daily Horoscope

Friday Apr 02-2020

Aries : The stars are up to some mischief — you may get into some kind of trouble. But matters may settle down, and by noon, you may have forgotten all about it. The evening will find you quieter and reflective, sober and wiser. Good thing, says Ganesha.

Taurus : A good day for money and love (you need more?). A quality, professional approach will help you shine out in business today. Be it launching a product or marketing it, you will win yourself hearts, smiles and a bundle of green. Let the leader in you take over during the day and the lover in you return by night, says Ganesha.

Gemini : The first half of the day should see you fresh and rosy with enthusiasm. You will be able to channel your energies in the right direction today. You will be able to pursue projects which really interest you. You will likely spend your lunch time in the company of friends and family. Overall, a productive and satisfying day awaits, says Ganesha.

Cancer : Today, your action will usher in incredible results, thanks to your forthright approach, foretells Ganesha. Later in the day, you may work on self-improvement and personality development. You may make some changes in your house.

Leo : Do not underscore your influence and importance today, says Ganesha. You hold the key to many doors, and hence, your ability to influence people is at its strongest today. In business, this means that you have a major role to play in new deals. But remember that you merely hold the keys, you cannot predict what lies behind each door. So do not let disappointment cloud your mind if outcomes fall below your expectations. In any case, your disappointment shall not last because come evening, the stars take you on a wonderful candlelit dinner with your sweetheart.

Virgo : Perhaps, your artistic talents will shine out today, says Ganesha. You will be very happy with your personal belongings, which you have preserved for years. Later in the day, you may beautify your house by adding furniture and artefacts at appropriate places.

Libra : Some things are always remembered with fondness. Today may be one of those days when you tend to get wistful and nostalgic. Let this emotion spur you on and later in the day, you may strive hard to reconnect with your near and dear ones. Listen to your heart. You can do nothing wrong today, as your charisma will be overwhelming. Ganesha foresees a sanctified day for you.

Scorpio : You are likely to have an urge to lead a more active and healthy lifestyle today. You will focus on improving your eating habits and consider your options for exercise, says Ganesha. On the work front, you will realise that learning to enjoy work is the best way of getting things done. Dawned with this realisation, you will feel complete and content.

Sagittarius : Ganesha foresees a gradual weakening in your position. You are most likely to bring troubles upon yourself as the day progresses. Good economic gains are expected if you change the hub of your activities.

Capricorn : Nothing in the world can be as comforting as the support of your family members, and you will have that in plenty today, especially if you’re setting out to refurbish your house, says Ganesha. With their support, you can win the world and achieve the impossible, but since everything comes with a price tag — even happiness— get ready to pay for a fat bill; the support of your loved ones won’t come cheap.

Aquarius : Time is money, and you need to understand it fast! Scrap your old schedules and plan new ones that work. Ganesha suggests that the good old planner will work wonders in organising your work. Remember the old adage? A stitch in time saves nine. So get going.

Pisces : Contemplating on the source which triggered problems for you recently will be the order of the day. Identifying the source is half the work done; eliminating it is just a matter of initiative and courage, says Ganesha.