Action Please

Stray cattle menace at Paloura

This is to draw the attention of the JMC authorities towards the stray cattle menace near Lohan Park Paloura.
Despite informing the authorities about this growing menace nothing has been done so for to over come it.
One can see a big herd of cattle here causing impediments in vehicular traffic and causing inconvenience to people. It has been observed that these animals keep fighting with each other which not only puts them in danger but also put the lives of people passing by the part in danger.
The administration is therefore requested to get these bovines lifted to a safe and secure shelter somewhere else.
Gourav Verma

Unlock Battal Ballian Park

This is to draw the attention of the District Administration Udhampur and SICOP Department, towards the public park in Industrial area of Battal Ballian. Constructed by SICOP some years back, this part has not been opened for public yet for reasons unknown to us. One does not know how much money has been spent on constructing it by the department. If it is not in use, it means whole money has gone waste.
It may not be out of place to mention here that this park would serve the recreational needs of public particularly the children and age old people living in the vicinity.
The public of the area therefore urge the administration to throw open the park for public use.

Delay in Annual Transfer Drive

It is to inform that School Education Department started Annual Transfer Drive (ATD) 2021 for the transfer of teachers, masters, lecturers, principals and zonal education officers in the Union Territory of J&K early this year.
In the month of January, google forms were filled by the employees who had the criteria for transfer (like mature stay, health ground, marriage ground, security ground etc). In the Kashmir division, the annual transfer drive has been completed. But in Jammu division, this transfer drive is moving at snail’s pace for the reasons best known to concerned authorities. Majority of districts have issued final transfer lists and consequently transferred the employees. But the general line teachers of Jammu and Udhampur districts are still waiting for their turn. As far as Udhampur district is concerned which is known for its hilly terrain, the teachers serving in remote and inaccessible areas are the worst sufferers. The School Education Department issued the tentative transfer lists in Udhampur, but the final transfer list is still awaited. There are clear cut instructions from the Commissioner Secretary, School Education Department that the annual exercise drive (ATD 2021) should be completed before the end of this year. But it is December and the final transfer list is nowhere in sight.
So, it is requested the authorities to do the needful at the earliest.
General Line
Teachers of Udhampur District

Rajinder Park in a pitiable condition

I am a regular morning walker. I used to go regularly for morning walks in Rajinder park canal Jammu prior to Sep 2019. Then I could not go because I went abroad and returned after two years. I again went to Rajinder park for a morning walk. What a sea change?.The park before Sep 2019 was splendid. Every nook and corner was very neat,clean and very well maintained.The flower beds used to be full of different varieties of flowers,each more beautiful than the other. The musical fountain was an attraction for the visitors.The cafeteria was well equipped and functional. The toilets were speck and clean. The Jammu and Kashmir bank which maintained the park was doing a splendid job. Infact my elder brother who lives in Delhi whenever came to Jammu would always go for morning walks to Rajinder Park.He carried the concept of this park and tried to design the park in his society in Dwarka on the lines of Rajinder Park.Then he was President of his society.
Today, it was a painful experience for me. The Rajinder Park is in a depleted state.There is dust all over.Flower beds are crying for water.They are dry. In fact the whole park is in a pitiable condition . Nothing,I repeat nothing is in working condition there. The musical fountain is dead and dry. One structure was under construction in 2019. It has been completed. But the construction material is still lying there.The cafeteria and the toilets have become non-existent.What a pity? It appears as if no one is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the park.The few morning walkers I met there were equally unhappy and concerned. Someone there told me that the park is now with the Floriculture department. I am not sure.If the Floriculture department was responsible for the park,they would certainly do a better job and ensure the park is well maintained.The department knows it is a question of the prestige of the department .
It is my humble request to the Director Floriculture department,if the department is responsible for the maintenance of the park,please pay a visit to the park and see for yourself the miserable condition of the park.The park is in the heart of the city.It is a center of attraction for the people of Jammu.I have been going to this park since my childhood.I have never seen the park in such a pitiable state.Every part of the park is crying for attention.The matter needs to be sorted out at the earliest.
Col Kulbhushan Gupta (Retd)

Repair lanes and drains in Dogra Nagar

Attention of the Jammu Municipal Corporation (JMC) is drawn towards the deplorable condition of lanes and drains of sector-I, Lane 12 Dogra Nagar. Almost all the lanes of the colony have got their black-topping washed away and are not fit for pedestrian or vehicular movement.
The drains are also damaged; some of them are even blocked and let water escape onto the road surfaces causing further impediments in movement.
As such it is requested that the whole colony needs a face lift at the earliest by carrying out repair work of lanes and drains, besides deploying sweepers who can keep it clean.
Ranjan Rasgotra
Lane 12, Sector I, Dogra Nagar