Action Please

  Repair Ramakrishna Mission road
Attention of the concerned authorities is drawn towards the bad condition of Link Road Poonch lines (from Akhnoor road to Udheywala).
This road is riddled with numerous potholes all along its entire stretch causing inexplicable inconvenience to the residents of the area. During rainy season, these puddles cause accidents. In recent times many motorists became victims of these puddles. Some got fractures on their limbs while other received injuries. Besides, vehicles suffer huge wear and tear causing great loss to motorists.
Therefore, it is requested that this road be widened and blacktopped for the sake of residents living here
Sunil Kumar
Ramakrishna Mission, Udheywala.

Repair Ladakhi Hostel road

This is to draw the attention of the concerned authorities towards the bad condition of road near Ladakhi hostel Roopnagar.The road has developed a big crater which could prove to be quite dangerous particularly during night hours.
The authorities are requested to get the road repaired at the earliest before it any untoward incident may occur.

Sanjay Kumar

Replace dysfunctional street lights in RK Vihar

This is to draw attention of the JMC authorities towards absence of civic amenities in RK Vihar Udheywala behind Rama Krishna Mission, Near Pawar General Store.
One of the burning problems faced by the residents is dysfunctional street-lighting system. The street lights in almost all lanes of the colony are not working. Some fused lamps are still existing on the polls and have not been replaced by the authorities so far. As a results, the residents here are facing umpteen problems during evening hours. Women and children do not venture out in pitch darkness due to fear of anti-social elements. Besides, in summer there remains the fear of snakes and insect bites. Moreover, employees returning houses in late hours skid into pot-holes in absence of proper lighting system. As such it is requested that street lights be installed as the earliest.
Shiv Kumar
RK Vihar, Udheywala

Water shortage hits Dogra Nagar

We the residents from Dogra Nagar, Durga Nagar Ward No 64 Jammu division are badly suffering for water supply shortage from years together. We have approached to all PHE officials and higher authorities from time to time but unfortunately no action has been taken so far. We are getting water supply after 5 or 6 days and that too for less than one hour. As a result, we face difficulties in carrying out daily homes chores involving water. If a colony faces water shortage in winters what shall be its fate in summers when requirement of water increases drastically.
It is therefore requested that the authorities must draw a plan before-hand to meet water need in coming summer.
M K Razdan
Dogra Nagar, Jammu

Anti-encroachment drive in Jammu

The anti-encroachment drive launched by JMC authorities must be made a regular affair as common people face so much problem due to hoardings and other items displayed by shopkeepers up to some feet on road meant for free movement of people.
Not to talk of these items some construction material like sand, bajri, bricks are also seen outside shops and this hampers free movement of people. It is seen that motorcyclists often slip on sand, bajri and get injured, secondly due to winds, movement of vehicles sand dust blows in air creating much pollution.
We request JMC to kindly continue anti-encroachment drive for all areas so that people will heave a sigh of relief. Hope anti-encroachment drive is never stopped and road gets cleared from all material displayed outside shops.
Sayan Aryan

Plea to MD J&K Housing Board

This is to draw the attention of Managing Director J&K Housing Board Jammu towards the urgent need for construction of protection wall behind Plot No MIG-116 to MIG-120 in Housing Colony, Phase-1, Udhampur J&K for the safety of these houses.
It is relevant to mention here that some vested interests have allowed the encroachers/ land grabbers to encroach J&K Housing Board land and to change and damage the natural slope of land without adequate grading behind Plot No MIG -116 to MIG -120 in Housing Colony Phase-I, Udhampur by large scale earth cutting using JCB and engaging manual labour. This illegal act of changing the natural slope of land into unstable steep vertical slopes on the part of land encroachers/ grabbers has endangered the existence of plots and houses constructed on Plot No MIG-116 ot MIG-120 in Housing Colony Phase 1, Udhampur. Now these houses are on the verge of collapse due to insensitive cutting of land and converting stable land of J&K Housing Board into unstable steep at vertical slopes by some private person(s).
I, request the Managing Director, J&K Housing Board, Jammu to kindly release funds in favour of Executive Engineer, PWD R&B Division Udhampur for construction of protection wall behind Plot No MIG 116 to 120 in Housing Colony Phase-I, Udhampur on urgent basis for the safety of houses which are on the verge of collapse due to negligent attitude of J&K Housing Board, Jammu.
Also to keep the area clean and to stop the peoples throwing waste material garbage, the Managing Director J&K Housing Board, Jammu is once again requested to fence the vacant Housing Board Land Plot behind Plot No MIG 120 at Udhampur.
Navdeep Kumar Gupta
H. No MIG-120 Housing Colony Phase -I, Udhampur.