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Sarore road in bad condition

There is a road leading to a developing colony  behind Urban Farms Banquet Hall at Sarore. A few days back condition of the road was quite good but a new cement storage unit has come up adjacent to the colony. The fully cement loaded trucks are moving day and night for unloading/storing the cement in the said storage unit on the road passing through the colony. Because of the movement of these heavy loaded trucks the road  has got damaged completely. There is every possibility of a major fatal accident. It is requested to the concerned authorities to  repair the road at the earliest so that the inhabitants of the colony can have free vehicular movement without the fear of getting injured by accidents.

Inhabitants of the colony.


Remove garbage dumps from Udhampur market

This is to draw the attention of the District Administration and Municipal Council Udhampur towards the insanitary conditions prevailing in Meat Market Udhampur. Huge garbage dumps have erupted infront these shops. As they seek stench whole environment in  and around the market has vitiated, making it impossible for people to passby the lanes without covering their mouths by handkerchiefs. The shopkeepers had, time  and again, requested the Municipal Council authorities to shift these garbage dumps but to no avail. The Swacch Bharat Abhiyan movement launched throughout the country seems to no impact here in this town. It is therefore urged to the authorities that these dumps be shifted, and the whole market be given a facelift.

K Kumar Udhampur


Stray cattle menace in Paloura

This is to draw the attention of the Jammu Municipal Corporation authorities towards the menace of stray cattle in Paloura. They have become a source of nuisance in the area as they either create traffic jams by sitting in the middle of road, or are seen fighting with each other endangering the lives of not only the residents but often cause harm to themselves. Besides, they can be seen foraging for food in dustbins, lanes or compounds of people, and in the process creating numerous problem  for the people.
The JMC authorities are requested to lift them to a safer place where they are provided food, shelter and care. And those owners who leave them unattended be penalised heavily as to deter them from letting these bovines roam freely in the streets of the colony.

Gourav Arora Paloura


 Repair Bantalab-Akhnoor road

This is to draw the attention of the concerned authorities towards the deplorable condition of road from Bantalab to Akhnoor. This road of wide importance, though wide enough to accommodate two way traffic needs to be repaired as it has numerous potholes. During recent rains the road has suffered immense damage, as the floods washed away large chunks of road hindering smooth vehicular movement. It may be mentioned here that this road caters to a vast section of people who have to ferry milk and vegetables  on daily basis. Besides, a large number of business and education centres are coming up on both sides of the road. In view of its importance, it is requested that this road be repaired and blacktopped at the earliest.

Sanjay Sharma

Bantalab, Jammu




Swaran Vihar cries for civic amenities

This is to draw the attention of the JMC authorities that the Swaran Vihar Colony is beset with numerous civic problems which need to be resolved at the earliest.
As the nallah at the entrance of the colony remains blocked and damaged, there remain little space for motorists to pass through it. At times there remains the apprehension that the vehicle may not skid into the nallah. As it remains blocked, whole filthy water escapes onto the road causing water logging and consequent problem to residents. Besides, the drains at several places too have got blocked and in turn have become fertile breeding ground for mosquitoes. The Colony is also facing the problem of congress grass which has erupted on both sides of the lanes causing not only skin diseases but has also become shelter for snakes and scorpions
Despite garbage collecting van pressed into service, one witnesses huge garbage littered over lanes and by-lanes of the Colony.
The main nallah that flows down to the west creates nuisance for the residents living close to it, needs to be covered.
There are several lanes which have not been blacktopped yet by the JMC, need to be taken care of.
Hope the authorities would take cognizance of the grievances enumerated above.

S N Raina
Swaran Vihar

Plea to JKPSC

We have applied for the posts of Assistant professor in Biotechnology in Higher Education Department vide Notification No: 10- PSC (DR-P) OF 2017. Now, after waiting for four years, our names have not been included in the list of candidates vide PSC notification no.PSC/DR/AP-Biotechnology/HE dated 05-08-2021. Most of the candidates who have done PhD according to UGC guidelines 2009 have not been considered for points and ICAR Net Candidates qualified are rejected for appearing in the interview. On enquiry from PSC office, it has been told that PhD is the qualifying degree, its marks will not be included. UGC exempts the candidates from NET exam whose degree is according to UGC guidelines 2009. But JKPSC is not following this. Moreover, ARS Net is mutually recognized by the UGC and CSIR. JKPSC has rejected lot of candidates who have qualified ARS NET. They want only CSIR Net. This is not fair. As PSC office has included the marks of 10th, 12th etc why they are not including the points of PhD Degree and ARS NET which are 6 points and which may be included so that we can be called for the interview. We request the concerned authorities to look into the matter so that we too are eligible for interviews.

Aggrieved Candidates
AP Biotechnology JKPSC 2017

Avoid banned thread

The month of Savan and Bhadroo are very religious months .We are living in this democratic country with full peace and harmony. It is responsibility of every citizen to obey the orders issued by Government from time to time. On the eve of Rakshabandhan and Jamanasthmi people of Jammu fly kites with great joy .While flying kites cotton thread was used in the past, but now majority of people use plastic thread .This plastic thread is as dangerous as sword especially for people driving two wheelers, children and old people.Many cases of injury on the neck and even death are reported in hospitals everyyear.
Recently a Municipal Corporation Jammu’s corporator was trapped by this thread and got his neck injured but was saved as he was wearing a banner around hid neck. A minor child of Sarwal also lost his precious life due to injury in his neck because of this deadly thread. No doubt flying kites is joyful and even it is also considered to be part of these holy festivals, but this joy can be a source of sorrow for many because of wrong choice of thread used for this joyful activity. People should realise the ill-effects of this deadly thread.Parents can also check that their children do not use this banned thread.It is also the duty of all citizens to act as per prevailing laws and follow the orders.

Som Dutt Khanna

Construct concrete bridge over Dudar river

This is to draw the attention of the District Administration Udhampur towards the suffering of people living in villages like Dhanoo, Seen Brahemana, Sundrani, Muttal, Samole etc. due to absence of a bridge over Dudar river.
It may be mentioned here that the old bridge over the river got damaged when heavy machinery was passed over it. After it, tenders were floated for a new bridge in the month of November 2020. Work on it was started in 2021. However, the contractor was removed after he was allegedly accused of damaging the old iron bridge. Thereafter no work was executed on this bridge. As a result people are suffering badly. Now, people have been forced to cross the nallah on foot which has become quite risky. When the river is in spate during rains, no one dares to cross it, as such people face problems.
We, therefore, request the administration to construct the new bridge without any further delay.
K Kumar

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