Action Please

     Plea to JMC authorities

This is to draw the attention of the concerned JMC authorities towards the filth heap infront of my residential house at Ward No. 16, Lane No. 6, near Church New Plot, Jammu.
The Safaikarmacharis after cleaning the drains have dumped the rubbish near the house. This has not only vitiated the atmosphere near the colony, but has become a health hazard.
Besides this act is totally unacceptable as the Safaikarmacharis should have removed the heap the moment they cleared the drain. It has also obstructed my passage to my home.
Hope the JMC authorities would take cognizance of the matter, and clear the heap immediately.
Atul Gupta
W.No. 16, New Plot, Jammu

Blacktop Bantalab Barnai road

We want to draw the attention of the JMC authorities towards the bad condition of Bantalab Barnai road. The road has been in such a condition for a pretty long time now, with the concerned authorities least bothered about it. The entire road is riddled with numerous pot-holes which often turn dangerous for motorists, particularly during night hours when these (pot holes) are hardly visible.
The road stretch near the Barnai bridge is extremely bad where big puddles have emerged causing great discomfort to motorists. There is every chance of any accident occuring at any time. To avoid such a situation it is reuested that the whole stretch of road from Bantalab to Barnai be widened and black topped at the earliest.
The authorities as well as the corporator of the area are requested to pay attention to the road.
Amit Khajuria

Implementation of Ayushman Bharat Scheme

Govt of India launched Ayushman Bharat Scheme with much expectations of the common people. The scheme stands for the welfare of the people by and large. But it is sad to state that the implementation of this scheme is not smooth. It is very difficult to obtain an Ayushman Bharat Card in the present circumstances. The process of obtaining the card requires frequent visits to a computer service centre. The matter is further complicated by frequent failure of the website. It is practically difficult for senior citizens, females, infirm and disable persons to stand in long queues while waiting for their turn. With the advent of summer the matters will worsen. The purpose of the Ayushman Bharat Scheme will be defeated with the present scenario in which the common people seems to be deprived of getting the card. The process of obtaining the card has to be simplified and made available at the door step of the people. More Customer Service Centres should be roped to expedite the process of getting the card.
S N Raina

Traffic jams on Udhampur-Banihal road

The National Highway Authorty Of India is carrying out four lane road construction work from Udhampur to Banihal. The stretch between Udhampur-Chenani is 30kms and Nashri to Jawahar Tunnel is 80kms .Travelling on Jammu-Kashmur National Highway along with Jammu-Kishtwar National Highway has become a nightmare as travellers are forced to spend more than 12 hours to cover the distance which otherwise could take barely 5-6 hours.The reason behind the slow down of vehicular movement on these two vital road Iinks shows traffic authorities in poor light. It has been observed that thousands of vehicles remain stranded for hours together in traffic jam in and around Udhampur and up to the road leading to Chenani-Nashri Tunnel and much to our surprise hardly any traffic cop or regular cops are seen performing duty with regards to streamlining of traffic on this stretch.
It is requested that Government of India stresses National Highway Authorty of India to expedite the road construction process so that people travelling on the road heave a sigh of relief. It is also suggested that alternate road from Udhampur via Hydroelectric Project Chenani to Chenani Tunnel be opened to heavy load carrier and trucks till the completion of four laning road that helps in minimising jams on the road.Last but not the least traffic police should be deployed at different places on Udhampur -Chenani road to monitor and regulate the vehicular movement on the road till the completion of the road.
Mool Raj
Bhagota (Rivera) Panjsoo Doda

Blacktop Roopnagar road

This is to draw the attention of the JMC authorities that the Lane No. 2, Roopnagar Enclave is in a deplorable condition for the last 10 years. Since then it has never been taken care of by the authorities, with the result, it is dotted with potholes and craters. This lane has now become a source of nuisance and inconvenience for the residents of the colony. One witnesses frequent accidents here. The two wheelers often become a casualty. School going children too face problems.
The water collected in puddles gets splashed here and there causing immense difficulty to motorists as well as passers-by.
The road needs to be widened and black – topped to ensure a smooth vehicular and pedestrian movement. Else the residents will be left with no option but to lodge protest with authorities.
Ajay Sharma
Lane No. 2, Roop Nagar Enclave
Adjoining Durga Nagar