Action Please


Macadamize Mantalai-Dudu road

This is to draw the attention of the District Administration Udhampur that the condition of road stretch between Mantalai and Dudu has remained deplorable ever since it came into existence in 1970s. Despite various pleas to the administration this road has remained neglected.
Due to this condition of road, a large chunk of population of this area has remained deprived of proper road connectivity. It is source of great inconvenience, anger and frustration among the masses. In this connection, all Sarpanches of Block Chenani, Latti Marothi and Chairman Block Development Council met recently on 5/6/2021, took the note of the situation and once again requested the concerned authorities to redress this long pending demand.
It may also be mentioned here that no action has been taken despite clear instructions by DC Udhampur.
Parkash Chand
BDC Chenani and other Sarpanches


Ratnuchak Pothole poses problems

On the national highway just a hundred meters short of Ratnuchak Chowk there is a major pothole,which has been the cause of many an accidents. Being on the national highway the traffic is heavy and fast.The road is frequently used by the corporator, as well as the officials of the municipality and the administration.
The people around the area have brought it to the notice of councillor of the area but to no avail.Infact since the road is frequently used by the officials of the administration they should have taken suomoto action but have turned a blind eye.The people on their part have put up a flag in the pot hole to alarm the motorists.The administration needs to wakeup before a major accident takes place.
Col Vikram Bhasin

Water shortage in Adarsh Nagar Bantalab

This is to draw the attention of concerned authorities towards the irregular water supply in my locality Adarsh Nagar (lane 4).
Our locality is facing a severe scarcity of water. Water is turned on in the pipes only for half to one hour and that too irregularly once in every 4-5 days with low pressure.The time of the supply is also not fixed. This is causing a lot of inconvenience to the residents .The summer season is at its peak and the demand of water is increasing with each passing day.We are forced to buy the water tankers and it seems that the officials have deliberately created water crisis to benefit the water tankers.
Despite our repeated complaints about the problem of water scarcity, no efforts have been made so far by the concerned authorities .
Therefore the concerned authorities are requested to kindly look into the matter and mitigate the sufferings of people by supplying water on daily basis
Soham Dhar
Adarsh Nagar Bantalab

Bhaderwah town road in bad condition

This is to draw the attention of the Bhaderwah Administration that the main road of the town is in deplorable condition as numerous puddles have surfaced on this vital road.
This is the busiest road of the town and most of the traffic ply on it. One wonders why the concerned officials do not act or take cognizance of the situation when they themselves use it, leave aside the common man.
It may be mentioned here that R&B Department responsible for its maintenance has failed in its duty. When contacted several times, the officials do not give a satisfactory answer over the bad condition of the road.
It is appealed to the LG of J&K to intervene in the matter in the interest of the people living here.
Puneet Mehta
Councillor, Bhaderwah

PHE Scheme Salehri lies non functional

Over one and half decades passed, the PHE scheme came into existence to mitigate scarcity of drinking water in the area. The ill-omened scheme, due to mal-execution and poor professionalism, appears dead before birth, and consequently, not even a single family stands benefitted till date. Over two crore rupees spent for the purpose, are almost wasted.
If water like schemes are so executed, what would be the fate of others, is unimaginable. Since time and tide wait for none and gone is gone, request is made to the authorities concerned to do the needful on priority now atleast, so that the masses aren’t made to suffer any longer.
Keshwa Nand Sharma
Salehri (Sunder Bani)

Resolve Tanda-Simblelehar road issue

The matter of Tanda -Simblelehar road closure by IIM Authority in vill. Jagti stands reported to the respective levels of UT Administration right upto Lt. Governor including Grievance Cell and all our representations have been routed to the concerned departments for redressal but nothing has been sorted out for some favourable solution in the said matter till today except a cooked final disposal by the worthy CE PMGSY Jammu overlooking maximum concerns of the local population and we have rejected the said disposal/reply .
We have been apprising the concerned agencies since the first survey of the area i.e 26-12-2017 for acquiring the adjoining forest ridges for establishing IIM in village Jagti. Our first representation to then DC Jammu was also endorsed by the then MLA Nagrota , Davinder Rana , the voice of the people for not closing the said road connectivity as it is an important link for the local population spreading over both the ends of nearly 350 mts stretch of the said road which is likely to be closed.It is our very justified demand because the alternative road of 3.5 kms via National Highway is not convenient and acceptable having dangerous crossing where already three accidents have taken place resulting death of three young people near the highway crossing.
Recently, we met our Divisional Commissioner and explained in detail the said matter, and we are hopeful of a favourable redressal after submission of a possible report sought from DC Jammu in the said matter. Moreover, we believe in the old saying’Justice delayed but never denied’.We appeal to all the concerned agencies to intervene for redressal of the said matter at the earliest.
Dhian Singh
Jagti (Nagrota)

Restore Chenani-Udhampur road

Unbelievable it may look, but it is a fact that a motorable road exists between Chenani and Udhampur on the opposite side of National Highway. Starting from ‘Jakheni’ Chowk Udhampur, this road terminates at Chenani via Sewna Village.
Constructed by Chenani Hydel Project Authorities in early seventies, this road is lying almost abandoned by the concerned Department. With minor repair this road can be made fully functional to mitigate public sufferings during miserable traffic jams between Chenani and Udhampur part of National Highway.
Pertinent to mention that on the name of widening of National Highway, there is complete mess and lawlessness on the National Highway. The students, patients, labourers, and the business class suffer badly due to almost daily traffic jams.
The main hurdle for the repair and restoration of this road is that the road belongs to Chenani Hydel Project and it has not been handed over to PWD for public utility. Public of Chenani and Latti tehsils has requested time and again to all concerned quarters for the transfer of this road to PWD but nothing has been done except assurances. The public sufferings go unnoticed.
In this connection, District Development Commissioner Udhampur is requested to intervene in the matter and get this road properly handed over to PWD for its utility by the public of Chenani, Latti, and locals to use this road for light motor vehicles during normal times and traffic jams etc.
Rajinder Chand Anthal
Chenani Udhampur