Action Please

Repair Housing Board flats road

I would like to draw the attention of the LG Manoj Sinha, towards the pathetic condition of the road passing through flats of Housing Board near K V 1 School Gandhi Nagar Jammu. The condition of the road is so poor that even walking through this has become a task in itself.
As such it is requested to take due notice of this and direct the concerned departments Housing Board and JMC to repair road as this is a posh locality of Jammu UT. This will help in improving the living conditions of people here. We hope that our genuine grievance, will be redressed as soon as possible.
Shakun Kohli
R/o Housing Board
Adj. Flats Next to KV 1
Gandhi Nagar Jammu

Bad condition of Channi Himmat to Jodhamal School link road
I would like to invite kind and immediate attention of the concerned authorities on the badly damaged link road between Chhanni Himmat Sector -7 and Jodhamal Public School via Deeli/ Adarsh Vihar Colony. It is worth mentioning here that this road is the only communication between Channi Himmat and Jodhamal Public School via Deeli/Adarsh Vihar/Ankur Maitrika Hospital.This road right from Sector -7 to Jodhamal School (Sainik Colony extension) is dotted with a number of deep potholes and pits, particularly located near Government Higher Secondary School Deeli, Radha Krishna Mandir, Deeli village pond, Tata Garage and Royal Nest Apartments.Few of the potholes and pits are quite deep with varying depth of 5 to 7 inches and pose acute risk for the commuters plying on two wheelers and vehicles.It may be added here that owing to the only vital link road between Channi Himmat and Jodhamal School/By Pass NH, it is one of the most crowded road of the area.In light of the above facts,.it is appealed to the concerned authorities to immediately repair this link road in the interest of the both pedestrians and commuters for smooth and safe plying/movement.
Lokinder Singh Ravi
Channi Himmat Jammu

Appoint a physiotherapist at PHC Bhambla
PHC Bhambla urgently needs a physiotherapist because there is no such treatment accessible nearby and as a result patients are suffering a lot. Everyone knows that whether someone suffers from an injury, a handicap, or any other illness, physiotherapy not only aids in restoring movement but also enhances body function. For people of all ages with a variety of health disorders, including any issues impacting them, physiotherapy treatment may be beneficial. Future injury or sickness risk can also be decreased with physiotherapy. The lack of physiotherapy services and private physiotherapy specialists nearby is causing a lot of problems for the local villages around the Bhambla PHC area, and they travel a long distance for the Physiotherapy treatment. Due to the non-availability of the treatment in the area and other conditions, the Lieutenant Governor’s administration Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir as well as the department of health and medical education are urged to kindly appoint a physiotherapist at PHC Bhambla. This will help the patients residing in far-flung areas of the Bhambla PHC receive better care, improve their overall health and mobility, and strengthen particular body parts.
Ronik Sharma

Expedite work on Dhol Khad-Hatli-Guni road
The road widening and extension work of Dhol Khad to Guni Road was sanctioned in the year 2016 under CRF Road project at a cost of Rs 42 Crores. The work was started in 2016 to be completed within 5 years . During the rainy season the road becomes inoperative due to rain/heavy floods and people remain disconnected during the period. All the villages from Dhol Khad to Guni have been facing this problem for years in the rainy season for their school going children /patients to Hospitals and attending offices at District HQ Kathua. Many untoward incidents occur due to heavy flow of water in Magar Khad and its tributaries. 25000 people of 10 panchayats starting from Madhapur,Khanira, Sola, Hatli, Rasu. Hot, Tridwan, Rasu, Dillion, Athoon and Athialta of Kedian Block of Kathua District have suffered for many years. This problem has been brought to the notice of District Administration/DDC Chairman by local panches and sarpanch but the road construction work from Dhol Khad to Hatli to Guni has not been yet completed and work is going at a very slow pace. People of the area aspire for All weather Road as early as possible to solve their basic connectivity problems. The rainy season is approaching soon and we request the LG, JK UT to intervene in this case to expedite completion of remaining pending bridges on this Road.
Sat Pal Gupta
Kathua Vikas Munch