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Udhampur town turned into risky drives

Udhampur a beautiful city situated on the bank of holy river Devika has turned to be full of dust and risky drives due to sewerage and related works being implemented in an unplanned and ill manner. The digging has been carried out all over of the city and along side of the roads, is left incomplete and can lead to untoward accidents especially of the two wheelers. Narrow roads leading to the city from nearby places and the roads connecting the city to the National Highway has been rendered unworthy of drive. The problem is going to further worsen with the start of rainy season which is seen very near to set in. The water clogging and slippery roads at many places will further multiply the difficulties of the people to commute in the area and dug outs made at various places once filled up with rainy water may lead to untoward incidents. The water escape routes have been closed at many places due to ongoing construction work and the same will result in the water entering into the shops and houses. The danger of land slides at some places can also not be ruled out especially on the road connecting Omara Morh with the main city. The District Administration must take an immediate action to institute remedial measures by setting timelines to the agencies involved to complete the construction work before the onset of the rainy season to save the city from turning unhygienic and general public from avoidable difficulties.
Col Balwant Singh (Retd)

Polluting units in City

This is to draw the attention of JMC authorities towards the quantum of pollution at Bharat Nagar Extension Talab Tiloo caused by a factory located behind Kamla Palace. The local residents are fed up with this scenario as they feel that the height of the smoke billowing chimney is less than 40 feet which is the prescribed limit for factories.
It reveals that all norms of eco-friendly atmosphere of the Government are hollow. It is strange to feel how Pollution Control Board is giving NOCs to such polluting units in densely populated areas of the so called smart city.
Ravinder Rasgotra
Talab Tiloo

Plea to Transport Commissioner

I beg to refer you to news on regarding fixing of High Security Registration Plates (HSRP) review meeting held by Transport Commissioner some days ago. In this connection I would like to request the top authority to advise its field staff not to impose/collect penalty at random without applying their mind in as much as HSRP registered in different states where services for obtention of no dues and or HSRP has not been made available on line barring some northern states of Haryana, UP, Delhi and some northeastern states where such facility have been made available on line.
I am maintaining a vehicle which is registered in PUNE and HSRP has not been fixed and the service is not available on line. I have been fined Rs.500 and collected on spot. In this connection I approached RTO Pune who advised me to approach them alongwith the vehicle. I fail to understand how come you fix targets for public which cannot be achieved by such dictatorial approach. I was however suggested by RTO Pune to take NOC and get the vehicle registered at local level and if my stay in J&K is of temporary nature whereupon I have to leave the state after a short stay then how come will I get vehicle registered locally.
Therefore I request the controlling authority to review cases on individual cases at the time of imposing fine/penalty.
In view of the above may I request the supreme authority to make understand the field staff where pressure tactics is not going to bear any fruit and make them available the list of states that on line facility is yet to be introduced.
I hope my humble submission is heard by concerned authorities.
Tej Krishan Dhar

Chaotic traffic on Jewel-Bohri road

This is to draw the attention of the Traffic Department Jammu that the commuters of Jewel-Bohri Chowk road face great inconvenience on account of frequent traffic jams on this road.
The problem has been highlighted time and again but no solution has been found to it so far. This issue needs due consideration by the authorities and a permanent solution needs to be found to it. Delay-dallying of the issue only complicates it further.
It is suggested that this road be bifurcated by erecting a barrier in throughout the whole length of the road.
Besides, adequate traffic police be deployed on main crossings to streamline traffic which is assuming horrific proportions day by day.
Therefore, it is once again urged that this matter be resolved at the earliest.
Sukhvinder Singh
Talab Tiloo

Archaic system of filling forms in GMC

The Government Medical College Jammu, one of the most distinguished medical institutions in the State, today continuous to use an archaic method of accepting application forms for recruitment to various posts where the candidates have to apply for various positions, advertised by the institution, through an old fashioned or manual method. The candidates have to, for the purpose of gathering all the documents required for applying for a particular post, have to visit various offices in and out to get the same prepared and all of this even living in a digital age in the 21st century making the entire process of applying for a job full of unnecessary hassle and inconvenience. Thus the candidates, in this digital age of 21st century, have to stick to the archaic mode for applying for various posts in the institution and many a times they have to confront certain difficulties in this process.
The height of inconvenience to the candidates reached its peak with the recent technical glitch in all the branches of Jammu and Kashmir Bank in the state and the same, unfortunately, increased the obstacles of the candidates in submitting the application forms which included the inability of the bank to initiate the process for Demand Drafts which is one of the requirements for the submission of the recruitment forms. Because of the above the candidates suffered deep inconvenience and had to run form pillar to post for the same in the scorching summer heat. With the non functioning of the bank’s facility of Demand Drafts on one hand and the following of the archaic method of filling of application forms of GMC Jammu multiplied the stress and pressure of the candidates beyond the imagination of the authorities of the institition. A candidate who applied for a post there and I spoke with even agreed that had the institution released the application forms for the post digitally along with the facility of applying for the same through the same platform and the payments made through online transaction they would not have to run endlessly to various offices in order to get a document prepared when the same could be simplified and made hassle free for the candidates through online mode thus making the entire procedure convenient for them in the first place.
The Government Medical College Jammu therefore need to look into this matter as soon as possible and they need to adopt an online process where the applications of the candidates can be submitted electronically and the payment be made through the same platform in order that the candidates who are desirous of working in the institution should not have to vacillate between various other alternatives, when the main mode of document preparation becomes ineffective due to some reason, to comply with the requirements of the position that they are applying for. If we look further into matter, the current manual method of applying for the posts in the institution can also increase its workload which can undoubtedly be alleviated if a complete online method of applying for various posts is adopted by the institution.
Therefore, it is hoped that the authorities of the Government Medical College Jammu will surely initiate certain measures in this respect and adopt a completely online method of accepting application forms for the posts advertised by it including the online payment system which will definitely simplify the current process of accepting application forms.
Rasleen Kour (Advocate)
University of Jammu





Repair Hare Rama Hare Krishna Street

We have been raising the issue of repair of Hare Rama Hare Krishna Street through the Councillors, time and again, to draw the attention of the District Administration Udhampur, Udhampur Municipal Council to get it constructed anew for the convenience of the residents here, but so far, our endeavours have failed as the administration has not woken up to the inconvenience it causes.
It may be mentioned here that this staircase is an important connectivity from Udhampur city to Hare Rama Hare Krishna temple, Dhar Road, Head post office and Government District Hospital. In its absence, people have to use a long route to reach these places which consumes lots of time and is painful. Therefore, it is essential that this Street be constructed immediately for the public cause.
K. Kumar


Installation of smart meters in Bantalab area

As per instructions of the LG, the JPDCL installed smart meters in this area in December 2021, just in a casual manner. The Department neither layed the cables, nor the poles wherever required, but just connected the metres to the already existing shabby network of naked lines assuring the consumers that the same would be replaced with cable network within a week and naked lines would be removed so that the smart meters could function properly with value added services and power scenario would improve in the area.
It is most unfortunate that six months have elapsed but the improvement works are no where in sight. Neither the sub transformers/requisite poles have been installed nor the smart meters have been connected to the service substations as per norms so that a consumer could know about his usage and make the electricity usage as per his budget. In the month of May, highly inflated bills have been slapped without any metre reading details just by sms mode on the consumers, who are at a loss to know about the details of such bills and many are unable to pay such bills in thousands in one go. Furthermore, in the absence of sub transformers,, the consumers, who live farther from their transformers are devoid of quality power as promised, getting highly fluctuated power supply especially during the day
Although the JPDCL has been several times requested through their customer service and also by emails about these irregularities and resultant hooked power thefts in the area, they have turned a blind eye towards it, citing one reason or the other for their inabilities for rectification of laying cable lines
We request the JPDCL authorities to look into this grave issue, lay out the cables and instal other works so that people get quality power as promised by the LG
Subash Saraf and others

Blacktop Ramakrishna Ashram road

This is to draw the attention of the JMC authorities towards the worsening condition of the road passing by Ramakrishna Ashram on Bohri-Akalpur road. The top surface of the road has got damaged at several places, which in turn causes impediment in smooth movement of traffic. It may be mentioned here that this road is busy as it witnesses a huge traffic day and night, hence needs to be maintained on regular basis.
Therefore, it is urged to the authorities to get this road repaired and black-topped at the earliest so that no untoward incident can occur here.
Surjeet Singh
Akalpur, Muthi

People cry for compensation

About 30 kms towards east of Ramnagar town (District Udhampur) is a small but beautiful hilly spot called Samna Banj (R C Peak). Travelling 19 km on Ramnagar-Basantgarh road, you divert further east and travel 11.5 kms to reach there and enjoy the cool breeze on the top of the hill. It was a very little known tourist spot till 2017, when Ramnagar Tourism Development Society started promoting the Ramnagar/ Basantgarh areas which are full of tourism potential owing to their scenic beauty amidst lush green meadows and deodar trees. Today scores of tourist not only from Jammu Region but from outside the UT also, throng this spot on weekends and holidays to enjoy their day in the cool and calm heights of Samna Banj. This 11.5 km single span road known as Kulwanta- R C Peak link was constructed and developed by GREF way back in 2017-18. Before that it used to be a less developed kuccha road which only heavy vehicles and tractors could scale. The road is a zig zag track passing through the picturesque private as well as state lands to reach its destination spots Samna Banj (R C Peak).
The normal procedure of building any road is that the land is acquired as per the notification of Govt and a proper record has to be maintained viz name of the land owner, number of trees (fruit or other trees) fell, or structures damaged, etc. so that the requisite amount of compensation is calculated and disbursed as per rates, rules and procedure. But the story here is quite different. The road has been built finally but the notification for acquisition of land so far has not been issued. The aggrieved people of the area raised hue and cry about the payment of compensation in their favour and we filed an RTI with the Office of SDM Ramnagar as well District Development Commissioner Udhampur to find out why the compensation for the said land is pending for such a long period.
To our astonishment we found that there is no detail of prospective beneficiaries so far available with them whose land has been snatched under the project, what to talk of other details like number of trees and structures fell and amount of compensation calculated.
The road has since been completed on ground but the land which had to be acquired in around 2012 and compensation to be paid to the owners thereof, even the Notification for such acquisition has not been issued so far. And neither there seems any plan of the Govt in near future to do the needful. It has been ten years now that voice of the people is persistently going unheard by Govt. authorities. Had the process been completed in time and compensation paid to the land owners, the latter would have utilized that amount in their favour in so many fruitful ways, like start up of some agri-based business, education of their children, construction of dwelling unit etc. So many old age beneficiaries may leave this world for their heavenly abode before they could enjoy their share of compensation.
Ravi Kant

PHE scheme Salehri needs completion

Over one and half decades have passed, the above said scheme was sanctioned and work started so expeditiously that it still lies incomplete, and the purpose to remove scarcity of drinking water, remains unachieved. Shortage of water in the area is indescribable. The Govt’s commitment to provide drinking water even in remote areas, also remains unfulfilled. The scheme, so far has been invested with nearing two crore, but not even a single family stands benefitted.
It obviously, reflects a sort of unprofessionalism and lackadaisical attitude in its execution. Who bothers, where innocents live. Village schemes are often not executed precisely, timely and efficiently, as the rod of monitoring and auditing remains weak.
But where schemes are directly touching the interests of public, mustn’t be negligently executed. Since representations of the public, generally, are put in dustbins, request is only made for completion/operationalization of the scheme on priority basis, now atleast.
Keshwa Nand Sharma
Salehri (Sunderbani)





Blacktop Muthi road


Blacktop Muthi road

This is to draw the attention of the JMC authorities towards the worsening condition of Muthi road (Greenland Palace) connecting Rajouri-Poonch highway on one side, and Janipur-Bantalab road on the other side. This road has developed numerous pot-holes and puddles which turn dangerous for unsuspecting motorists that ply on this road. The vehicles coming in opposite directions usually meet head on collisions while avoiding these potholes.
Recently, an old woman became a victim when a vehicle hit her and broke her leg.
During rainy days these ditches turn very fatal as motorists fail to tackle them as they remain filled to the top.
This road needs to be blacktopped at the earliest, and given a metropolitan look by erecting signages at important locations and by way of Zebra marking at important locations.
The road also needs to be illuminated during night hours by way of installing street lights all along its length.
We hope the JMC authorities may wake up to this reality at the earliest.

Sanjay Kaw

Blacktop roads in Swaran Vihar

In Swaran Vihar roads interior and main as well depict a disgusting and deteriorated condition. Potholes have emerged at various places where water gets accumulated and creates an ugly scene for residents of the colony. While keeping the condition of roads of the colony in view, the Welfare Committee of the said colony approached the concerned Corporator for blacktopping of these roads. The welfare committee also approached Municipal Commissioner also not once but on several times in this connection but no action was taken so far. It is unfortunate that authorities at the helm of affairs are not serious in resolving the public concerns that stand long pending. This kind of attitude towards public grievances from the concerned authorities is disappointing. The colony stands in Ward No. 64. The Corporator of Ward No. 64 is well aware of the situation pertaining to ugly condition of roads in the colony and it is hoped that he will take the matter as urgent one and mitigate the problem of blacktopping for the welfare of the people.

S N Raina
Swaran Vihar, Jammu

Abrogate or implement SRO 43

Who disagrees that the SRO was made to help those families whose bread earner dies while on active service ? Extending an employment to one member of the concerned family, is just to help them economically so that they haven’t to starve due to untimely death of the bread earner. But unfortunately, thousands of such cases are licking dust on shelves as the Govt pays no heed to settle them.
The attitude is certainly heart breaking as even the most deserving cases stand ignored. It is very painful that the SRO isn’t being implemented in letter and spirit.
Time bar factor or delay in processing a case, is the main cause which deprives even the genuine cases from its benefits. Hair spliting and red tapism also contribute in non-settling of the cases. No proof can be more tangible than the death itself. It is primary duty of the Deptt concerned where one serves and dies, to ensure speedy finalisation of such cases obviously, only resourceful and awekened claimants are blessed with such appointments, the others remain cutting their lips in disappointment.
Hence time bar like restrictions need to be removed from the SRO, otherwise, fair justification in implementation of the scheme would remain unachieved.

Keshwa Nand Sharma
Salehri (Sunder Bani)

Plea to JMC authorities

This is to draw the attention of the Government towards the casual and insensitive attitude of the Municipal Veterinary Officer in handling the issues related to animals over the last few months.
The night rescue vehicle to lift large animals has a broken lift for more than a week hence the large animals, victims of hit and run, within municipal limits are left to die without making any effort to use other two new cattle catchers lying parked in Roop Nagar and Dogra hall.
It seems the four large animal cattle lifting vehicles have been allotted to each driver as a luxury instead of them all remaining functional simultaneously to reach each victim on time to save a life.
Numerous calls by animal lovers and people who see the animals in distress fall on deaf ears. Night driver and rescue staff on JMC payroll sit idle while animal perishes away .
Everyday there are animals victims of road rage at night and they moan in pain while they slowly die. Here I would like to ask 1) why four cattle catcher (two brand new) are given separately to four drivers and why they are not used as and when needed to rescue more animals in shortest time?
This is a wastage of resources of JMC and unfair to animals in whose service these vehicles were purchased .
2) There are almost 10 non functional fans in Roop Nagar hospital which are beyond repair and it’s almost three months now when I first brought it to the notice of the municipal veterinary staff and AEE electricity but no action till date. The heat and flies are torture to seriously ailing animals but Municipal Veterinary Officer does not care neither bothers to reply to the mails.
Therefore, it is urged to officials concerned to look into the concerns and help to resume night rescue for animals as hydraulic lift vehicles belong to Jammu Municipal Corporation and moving a big horse or cow or buffalo who is recumbent without hydraulic lift is almost impossible .

Devinder Kaur Madaan




Construct New Plot pulley

This is to draw the attention of JMC authorities towards the collapsed pulley near the house of Kapahi Tent House at New Plots.
It may be mentioned here that the pulley was constructed only a month ago, and was thrown open for public use. Nearly two to three days ago its collapsed owing to substandard material used in construction or due to a faulty design. Whatever may be the cause, the matter needs to be probed, and the guilty hold responsible. Besides, this pulley needs to be constructed anew without further delay as public would suffer in absence of it. Hope the matter is taken cognizance of at the earliest.
Amit Sharma
New Plots, Jammu

Blacktop Mall road Kud

This is to draw the attention of the concerned authorities that the Mall road in Kud is posing problems to the inhabitants using it for commuting daily.
The road has been constructed in yesteryears but has developed pot-holes which create great inconvenience particularly during rainy season. Children, pregnant women, octogenarian are in great distress, commuting daily through this road.
The authorities are requested to blacktop Mall road as soon as possible so that general public heave a sigh of relief.
Rohan Sharma
Mall Road, Kud

Exploitation of Raika

We would like to draw your kind attention towards Bahu-Raika Forest’s exploitation and our immense concern regarding it. Around 40 hectares of land from the Bahu Raika Forest has already been sanctioned for the construction of new high court complex in the same area. Around 38,000 recorded trees shall be chopped to death, the number may go even beyond it. 60-65 families shall be displaced from their habitat.
The existence of Raika is jeopardised. Even after two and a half years, no heed has been paid to our mass protests for saving the same. No courtesy has been extended to this natural wealth either by the Government or by the local media. Our protests, our efforts, our concern has been brutally ignored since day one.
Shivani Rasgotra
Climate Front Jammu

11 KV line poised dangerously

We would like to draw the kind attention of concerned authorities of M& RE, JPDCL, D-3, Jammu towards a burning and intense problem of our locality, which occurs due to broken pin type insulator of one of 11 KV lines passing close to the walls of the houses and posing grave threat to the lives of the residents of the area.
The matter regarding falling of one of 11 KV Lines was brought many times in the notice of the concerned employees but nothing concrete came till now, except it was tied manually with a piece of aluminium wire, which was not sufficient enough to stop further falling of line towards, walls of the houses.
In view of the above, it is requested to authorities wake up for its immediate solutions.
Resident of Water Tank Wali Gali
Near Ram Sharma Ashram
Janipur Housing Colony, Jammu.

Sidhra faces water scarcity

This is to draw the attention of the Chief Engineer Jal Shakti Department towards the acute shortage of water in Sidhra. The people of this area have been facing acute shortage of water for last one month and has not been redressed so far even after so many pleas to the concerned authorities.
With mercury soaring rapidly, the water scarcity is assuming alarming proportions.
We have not taken bath for last so many days and are bound to wear dirty clothes. Not only that it has hit us hard in cooking and drinking purposes. At times we have to buy private water tankers which are beyond the reach of common man.
When approached, the Jal Shakti Department avoids us by saying that the water pumping motor has developed a technical snag and is under repairs. It is therefore requested that the matter be resolved at the earliest, and residents supplied portable drinking water on regular basis.
A.M Bhat
H.No.786 near Jamkash Maruti
Showroom Sidhra, Jammu

Blacktop Garhi Morh road

We the residents of Garhi Morh Purkhoo are facing dust storm on daily basis due to speedy vehicles that ply on the road which passes through the village. The road has not been blacktopped yet despite many requests to the concerned authorities.
These dust columns are proving a health hazard for the residents of the area, and has made living here quite miserable. Therefore authorities are requested to black-top this village road to make connectivity easy, and to make atmosphere pollution free. Hope action is initiated in the matter at the earliest.
Akash Badyal
Pranav Badyal
Garhi Morh Purkhoo , Jammu