Action Please


Nardhani locality lacks civic amenities

This is to bring in the notice of the concerned authorities that the road passing through the Nardhani behind Trikuta College Bantalab is in bad condition. As a result, people of the area face tremendous problems. The road needs to be blacktopped to let the people have trouble free road connectivity.
Besides, the village is facing acute water shortage in the area. We have been facing this problem for last four years. These days we have to buy water from private water tankers at exorbitant rates, and which is beyond the reach of common man here. Therefore, we request the authorities to look into the issue without any delay.
Sunny Gupta
Nardhani Behind Trikuta College

Trauma Center, Medical College for Poonch

A better healthcare system and the upgrading of medical facilities are urgently needed in Jammu and Kashmir Union Territory’s border district of Poonch, which is located very close to the Line of Control. This matter needs to be handled right away in order to prevent more suffering for patients during any medical emergency. As is common knowledge, all traumatic patients who have suffered major injuries instantly require specialised care. There are occasions when people have unanticipated medical emergencies that necessitate quick surgical operations for such fatal injuries and the patient’s immediate significant care. Additionally, in some circumstances, the expectant mother, the developing baby, and the newborn baby must need particular care both before and after birth. One of the main difficulties faced by the health and medical workers in Poonch’s remote villages as well as the district hospital there is the shifting of patients during any type of medical emergency or any kind of other critical patients. Sometimes it also causes more issues for the District Administration because of the lack of health infrastructure and the inefficiency of the medical staff as well as medical system. Upgrades to healthcare facilities are required, and priority should be given to installing well-equipped medical equipments. A hospital unit with all emergency facilities, such as a trauma centre, other medical facilities comparable to a medical college, or a full-fledged medical college with all specialisation in the treatment of patients with acute and especially life-threatening traumatic injuries, is well-equipped with all the necessary medical equipment and with specialised staff, trauma surgeons and to provide care for patients suffering from major traumatic injuries from falls, burns, heart attacks, head and bone injuries automobile accidents, gunshot wounds, and other mishaps etc. In Poonch, accidents happen frequently for many reasons, and occasionally they are so terrible that the victims sustain serious harm. Pakistan occasionally violates the ceasefire in Poonch, which has a detrimental impact on the general public, especially those who live close to the border and experience significant injuries and numerous gun casualties. The Poonch District requires a solid healthcare system in light of all these problems. Such people need to be treated as soon as possible to avoid losing their lives. One of the major obstacles for the medical faculty is transporting patients when there is a medical emergency of any kind or when there is a sick patient. Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, has previously declared that if the Central Government achieves its objectives, every district in India would have a medical college within the next ten years, and the nation will have a record number of doctors after that time. The Central Government and the Lieutenant Governor’s Administration are urged to act swiftly to establish a hospital unit with all emergency facilities, such as a trauma centre, other medical facilities comparable to a medical college or a full-fledged medical college with all specialisation in the treatment of patients in District Poonch, taking into account all necessary factors.
Ronik Sharma
(Advocate) Poonch

Water scarcity hits Jawahar Nagar

With utmost disappointment I want to highlight the pathetic supply of drinking water to the residents of Jawahar Nagar locality especially from House No 312 to 318., the tailenders of the sub lane. Rest of the adjoining localities are getting adequate drinking water but we fail to understand why our locality is being made to suffer. Upon contacting the concerned officials in this connection, they expressed their helplessness in the matter.
If this is the situation of Jal Shakti Department then we the residents living on the tail end should go for legal course of action instead of contacting such officers who are not in a position to take the grievances of the residents.
Since May 2022 the tail enders of the Sub Lane Jawahar Nagar from House No 312 to 318 continue to suffer because of the fact that we honestly pay our bills on time and do not hold any additional illegal connections. We hope the higher officials of the Department look into the matter and redress our grievance.
Sunil Fotedar
Jawahar Nagar, Talab Tillo

Repair Railway Station road

I would like to invite kind attention of the concerned authorities towards dilapidated condition of the road stretch from Railway Station (along Canal) up to Shanti Ghat, Chhanni Himmat and beyond. An other stretch from Sector- 7, Chhanni Himmat to Deeli near Temple and beyond towards Jodhamal Public School via Adarsh Vihar has developed numerous pit falls and pot holes during ensuing rainy season.It is pertinent to highlight here that the road under reference happens to be a vital communication link between Chhanni Himmat and Deeli besides existence of Government Higher Secondary School, Jodhamal Public School and Ankur Maitrika private hospital on this link road.I wish to make mention of the potholes/pitfalls near Radha Krishna Temple at tri- junction link roads from Chhanni Himmat/Marble Market/By Pass highway.
I appeal to the concerned authorities to please take serious cognizance of the issue and arrange repairs of the same at the earliest.
Lokinder Singh Ravi,
Adarsh Vihar, Deeli, Jammu.


Inflated Electricity Bills

With the installation of new smart metering system by the PDD the electricity bills of domestic consumers have increased in spite of the fact that the power supply remained shutdown for more than 60 hours last month.
May, if the department pleases and finds it obligatory to explain, why the electricity bills of domestic consumers have swollen manifolds? Whether the department was underbilling the consumers with electronic meters earlier or now over-billing. The department will not come across a single consumer whose billing has remained the same with electronic and smart meters. Hope the department will look into the matter and resolve the matter to the satisfaction of consumers and that too at the earliest. It is a matter of public concern on the whole and not of any individual
Ashok Gupta,
Sarwal Colony, Jammu

Plea to LG

Kind attention of the Lt. Governor, Chief Secretary and the Financial Commissioner Finance Department Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir is focused towards the fact that the pensioners retired from January 2022 till today across the length and breadth of the UT of Jammu and Kashmir are facing a lot of inconvenience/ Financial Hardships for no fault of theirs as most of these pensioners have not been paid the GP Fund, Commutation Amount, Gratuity Amount and 3 percent DA Arrears on Gratuity Amount till today as the Government has not released the funds for the same.
Therefore, it is fervently requested do the needful and direct all the Treasury officers and the J&K Bank authorities to make payments of the above mentioned pension benefits in favour of these suffering pensioners of UT of J&K at an earliest date so that they may not suffer any more for no fault of theirs.
Ashok K Koul (Lalpuri)
Member Pensioners Association J&K, Jammu
45, Ajeet Colony Extension Gole Gujral, Talab Tillo, Jammu


Repairing of road near SBI ATM Bhour Camp

It is requested that there is a need of repairing the damaged road near SBI ATM, Bhour Camp (Jammu) as there are large potholes on the road causing a threat to life and property by means of accident/s as vehicles coming in speed immediately apply brakes due to these potholes. The attention of the authorities concerned is drawn to these genuine grievances of commonman passing through busy road, and to take appropriate action of blacktopping / repairing at the earliest for making it safe, secure and functional as a welfare measure to the general public.
Pt Chaman Lal Sharma
Bhour Camp (Jammu)

Tuition fee exemption on compassionate grounds

I wish to invite attention of the concerned authorities of Education Department, J&K, UT about exemption of tuition fees on compassionate grounds to those unfortunate students who unfortunately lose father/the sole bread earner of family.In our locality, a 10th class student recently lost his father in a tragic road accident thereby leaving the family in a huge financial crisis having no regular income. As a social activist, I approached Principal of a Private school where the poor father-less student is currently studying with sole intention of pleading his case for exemption of school tuition fees on compassionate grounds so as to continue his studies. But to my utter surprise, I was told by the Principal that as per the guidelines laid by School Management, exemption of school tuition fees is extended to four students only. He further added, perhaps the school management is already extending exemption of school tuition fees to four students. On his revealing disappointing reply, I was dejected as my efforts went futile in helping the poor student who is very keen to continue his studies. Moreover there was no option to shift him to Government School in mid of Session when he had already filled-in and submitted J&K Board Annual Examination form through the School where he is studying currently. Therefore, in light of the fact and situation, I would like to know from concerned authorities of School Education Department, Jammu whether it is sole discretion of Private school management as to how many students to be extended exemption in school tuition fees in the event of the death of the only bread earner of family . I would be highly thankful to concerned authorities to provide information on guidelines or formal instructions, if any issued in this context.
Lokinder Singh Ravi
Channi Himmat

Package Employees’ Plea to LG

The PM Package employees are protesting from the last 112 days for the fulfillment of their only and genuine demand of relocation/attachment to the Relief Commissioner’s Migrant Office Jammu. Due to the targeted killings and worsening security scenario in Kashmir valley, the PM package migrant employees feel very apprehensive about their safety and security as the situation is not conducive for their living and working in Kashmir. Since the martyrdom of a PM Package employee Rahul Bhat,the package employees are protesting peacefully and are appealing the Government to address their only and legitimate demand of relocation/shifting to Jammu division till the situation in Kashmir limps back to total normalcy. However, the agitating package employees are struggling for the ‘Right of Life’ and survival as guaranteed by Article-21 of the Indian constitution. It is high time now that the LG administration accept their only demand of relocation outside valley so that they are saved from the mental trauma and agony.
Gole Gujral Jammu

Woes of Greater Kailash residents

I want to bring into the notice of the concerned authorities the problems being faced by the residents of Greater Kailash Jammu
All lanes and bye lanes from Gali No-1 onwards to Fawara Chowk desperately need Blacktopping. The condition of byelanes in particular is very very shabby and it is very difficult to walk or drive through these lanes due to garbage lying here and there.
Though all the residents of the colony pay electricity bills and there is high percentage of revenue collection by the PDD, yet the entire colony faces frequent electricity cuts sometimes hours together, for the reasons well known to the concerned authorities.
The water supply in the entire colony is irregular and far far from catering to the needs of the residents who have only option to depend on private water tankers who charge very high rates besides the water supplied is of poor quality.
There is one small park alongside canal ( Land Mark opposite Iron Rush) where besides the residents of the colony, the residents of other adjoining colonies also go for walk but the Park is poorly maintained and in absence of electricity there is darkness in the park in the evening inviting the unsocial elements to do unlawful activities. Besides there is danger to the lives of people of snake biting and other wild insects which people often witness.Though there are about fifteen poles meant for supply of electricity in the park but all poles are without light.
There is also another small park alongside this park where huge amount has been spent by the Government but this Park seems to have been be abandoned by the concerned agencies long ago as nobody can even enter it as it lacks facilities.Besides some people have started utilising the abandoned park as if it is their personal belonging and may encroach the public land.
Apart from above, the residents of the colony are facing a unique problem of migratory labourers who are residing in vacant plots.Most of these vacant plots are without any electricity and water connections yet these labourers manage illegal electricity and water connections in connivance with the concerned agencies/ deptts.
The residents of the colony in regular intervals have contacted all the concerned authorities for the above noted problems being faced by them since long but except assurance nothing has been done by them so far.
S D Sharma
Greater Kailash Jammu.

Bad condition of UNO Lane drains and road

This is bring to the kind notice of Mayor JMC that the condition of drains and road of UNO lane Talab Tillo Jammu in Ward No. 31, is worse from last more than two years. This was brought to the notice of Corporator of Ward No. 31 repeatedly, The Corporator was invited to inspect the broken drains and bad condition of road. He promised the blacktopping of the Lane will be done in month of April but till now nothing have been done so far. As the main road to Talab Tillo along with all other lanes have been blacktopped, but our lane remains neglected . Inspite of repeated reminders nothing has been done. Therefore I request the concerned officials a visit our lane in Ward No. 31 UNO Lane Talab Tillo Jammu and get the work done at the earliest.
Vijay Gandotra
UNO Lane Talab Tillo
Ward No. 31 Jammu

Water crisis in village Pochhal

In our village Pochhal specially in Ward No. 4 (Thangam) we are facing water problem from last 10 years. At present we get water once in a week. The concerned department is giving only excuses. The concerned engineer does not visit our village since his appointment in our area. The matter was also highlighted at the Governor’s Grievances portal as well.
Due to interference of DC Kishtwar at that time, some steps were taken by PHE Deptt but at present time the deptt is neglecting our village.
Presently, we are facing lot of problem. As such we request the District Administration to resolve the matter to the satisfaction of people living here.
Rajinder Kumar

Panch Pyt Pochhal A2 Repair of roads

Apropos news in the esteemed paper the Divisional Commissioner has shown his annoyance on the maintenance of roads which are used by high profile people. But unfortunately he or other officers don’t see the condition of lanes/bylanes of the city
I am referring to Lane No 2 Shiv Nagar Talab Tillo (lane adjacent to Brite Smile Dental clinic ) which has been craving for repairs for the last three years when a deep drain was laid.
I would request Div. Commissioner to have a responsible officer deputed for inspection and subsequently have the lane repaired.
Ravinder Jalali
Shiv Nagar
Talab Tillo



Samba road stretch in dilapidated condition

The roads from village Mahal Kalandrian to Mahal Shahan and from Mahal Kalandrian to Shamshan Ghat, are in a dilapidated condition.
The roads are replete with potholes and pits and the inhabitants of these villages allege that the lack of accountability is the cause for such a situation.
They (inhabitants) are up in arms against Government and local administration for failing to repair these roads. The inhabitants are facing immense hardship in transportation of goods and in commuting from one place to another adding that the Governments tall claims of providing better routes to people have proven false.
We appeal to the concerned authorities to immediately repair these roads for the convenience of the people.
Sub Nand Kishor Sharma (Retd)
Mahal Kalandrian

Opening of Post Office in Chhanni Rama

I wish to inform the concerned authorities that Chhanni Rama,Ward No. 49 having a population of about 8000 has no Postal Services. In view of the absence of Post Office, the inhabitants have to cover a distance of about two kms to avail postal services either at Chhanni Himmat or Railway Station, Jammu. It is pertinent to mention here that there is not even a single Postal-Box in the entire area. It is therefore, appealed to the Indian Postal and Telegraph Department to please consider our genuine demand of opening a Post Office at Chhanni Rama in Ward No. 49. Prior to opening of the Post Office, at least one Postal box may be installed to allow residents avail basic postal service/facility.
Lokinder Singh Ravi
Channi Rama
Retirement benefits not paid
I as a teacher who superannuated in the month of April 2022. Subsequently my pension was sanctioned by AG J&K in May 2022. I submitted my documents regarding the same in the Sub Treasury Gandhinagar Jammu. Since then I have been waiting for payment of my gratuity benefits. When approached the concerned authorities, I get only one reply that we are not receiving funds for the same. It is beyond my understanding why that treasury is not receiving funds for the last now 5 months despite tall claims of the Government regarding facilities to pensioners at national level. Hope Government will wake up from the deep slumber and look into the matter and solve the issue.
Shashe Miskeen

Aggrieved plotholders plead for plots

We have purchased plots from J&K Cooperative Housing Corporation Ltd Jammu at Barn Valley Mega City Phase Third under MG category in the year 2010 by making entire payment in the same year and since then the plot holders are running from pillar to post for getting the possession of plots for constructing residential houses.
Despite making umpteen requests to the concerned authorities of the Cooperative Housing Corporation Ltd as well as Registrar Cooperatives for issuing allotment letters and giving possession of the land but to no avail. On our every enquiry and request for issuing of allotment letters we are informed that the plots have been issued in your favour and possession of the same will be given soon.
Recently in the month of June in our complaint in J&K Integrated Grievances Redressal and Monitoring System on the Registrar Cooperative Societies J&K stated that the possession of the plots will be given within a period of 30 days and complainant will be informed accordingly. Since then two months have passed but the possession of plots has not been given. The dilly dallying tactics of the Cooperative Housing Corporation Ltd has put the plot holders to mental agony and they feel cheated by the Housing Corporation.
We the plot holders seek the personnel intervention of the Lt Governor, Manoj Sinha in the matter and issuance of directives to the authorities of the Housing Corporation authorities to give the possession of plots to the plot holders without further delay.

Woes of residents of Sharda Colony

I had an opportunity to visit one of my ailing relatives very recently,who is living in Sharda Colony ,Patoli Brahamna.But when I reached the temple location standing on the bank of Ranbir Canal, I was told not to move ahead ,on the main road of the colony ;having been inundated by flood water upto a depth of about 1.5 metres(five feet).
The inhabitants were vexed and trying to remove their household goods to the roof tops, whatever they could.But most of the furniture,provisions like atta, rice and groceries were slushed by muddy water and the gas cylinders etc were seen floating on the water.
The situation was precarious and people were seen busy in saving their lives;while as nobody from the administration or the local bodies visited them or came to their succor, it reminded me of the scenes that were obtained when Srinagar City was flooded some years back.
This kind of situation was seen in Vinayak Nagar and Tomal Bohri also.Anyway I had to return disappointed that day ,as the area was cut off and the residents were seen wailing. However, after the water level receded I again ventured to visit the Sharda Colony, this time not to see my relative but to see as to how could this menace of flooding and inundation of the area be solved/controlled ;from engineers perspective.
It was gathered that if the Municipal Corporation of Jammu Smart City could provide and lay a storm water pipe drain of about 1.0 meter diameter ,in the right strait lane of the Sharda Colony Road and then connect the same in the downstream existing drain; this inundation of the area could be arrested and the inhabitants saved from this vexing problem;where even they are caught unawares by the flood water ,during dead of night,sometimes.
May I request the Mayor of Jammu Municipal Corporation and the local Corp orator to look into this problem of Sharda Colony Patoli Brahamna and tackle the issue on priority.
This would be a great human service.

Establishment of parks in Jammu

Before making Jammu a smart city it is prerequisite to demarcate some land for parks and recreational facilities in Jammu District. Just as water, sewer and public safety are considered essential public services, parks are vitally important for establishing and maintaining the quality of life in community, ensuring the health of families and youth, and contributing to the economic and environmental well being of a community and a region.
In today’s busy world where most of the people are under stress, or are in old age require recreational facilities so that they can go there and get healthy and stay fit. Parks and recreation programs and services contribute to the health of children, youth, adults and seniors. Parks and protected public lands are proven to improve water quality, protect ground water, prevent flooding, improve the quality of air we breathe, provide vegetative buffers to development, produce habitat for wildlife, and provide a place for children and families to connect with nature and recreate outdoors together.
Keeping the above points in consideration, we have proposed a combined proposal before the Government to protect some land which is under the illegal encroachment of some people in Jammu District at various locations for the recreational purpose. Basically, this land is either state or forest. And if this land is not demarcated for creating or establishing recreational parks it will be sold off by these encroachers.
We have proposed following sites to the Government for the establishment of recreational parks.
* Land near JK Medicity (land right side of Hospital) suitable for Recreational Park.
* Land near Macca Masjid Gulmarg opposite side of Jannat Kothi (Front Side) near City hospital best suited for children park.
* Land near Girls Madrassa Bhatindi best suited for recreational park.
* Land near Kargil Colony front side of Ex. Power Minister Mohd Sharief Niaz house suited for children park.
* Land near IDPS School Sunjwan best suited for children park
* Land near PDP House Sunjwan best suited for old age recreational park.
* Land back side of Wave Mall Narwal byepass best suited for recreational park.
* Land near Nakki Batala best suited for Animal Park/Zoo
* Land near Jamia Masjid Raika best suited for environmental park.
* Land near Sainik Colony, Greater Kailash etc are under encroachers and must be demarcated for establishment of recreational facilities at the earliest so that it may create positive health impact on the society.
Ali Akbar
(DFO Retired) Jammu

Declare KAS Main result

The KAS Mains examination was held in the month of April and concluded by 19th April, 2022.
The results of the said examination are nowhere in sight despite lapse of four months. It is accordingly, requested to the Chairman, Public Service Commission, JK to kindly declare the result of the said exam at the earliest, since the aspirants ar waiting eagerly.
KAS Aspirants