Action Please

                   ACTION PLEASE


    Provide internet facility in Marwah

Sub Division Marwah is the far flung area of District Kishtwar where people have no basic facilities like proper motorable road, electricity, telecommunication service, internet facility, door to door water, unavailability of doctors and nurses in hospitals, lack of teaching staff in High schools, Higher secondary schools as well as GDC Marwah. Maximum Govt offices are functioning at Kishtwar as camp offices due to not availability of basic facilities especially internet .
Internet is one of the basic needs of 21st century. At present time using of internet is the fundamental right of every citizen, because internet is the best mode for raising the issues and problems of public in front of administration. We can not address our problems with out internet facility in a proper way. Newspapers, News channels and social media sites are running through internet. With out internet life becomes hell in the era of digitalisation and modernisation.
But unfortunately the people of Marwah, Dacchan and Warwan don’t have internet facility in the era of digital India. The students of Marwah, Dacchan and warwan are facing lot of difficulties during their study and filling of online forms for jobs and scholarships.
During the pandemic of Covid-19 Ministry of Education GOI issued guidelines for providing of online classes, online interviews, online examinations and online couching courses. But the students of Marwah, Dacchan and Warwan could not avail any benefit during the pandemic of covid -19.The students of subdivision Marwah are worried regarding their future. There are no online /offline teaching faculty available during the pandemic. Since schools are closed due to lock down and now winter vacations, Online classes are not possible with out internet.
I request to LG UT of Jammu and Kashmir and Govt of India to install Jio and Airtel towers at Marwah, Dacchan and warwan, and regulate the BSNL Towers properly which are already installed there but due to not availability of electricity and solar power plant BSNL Towers are not functioning properly. The people of three tehsils are suffering badly in the era of digital India and Atmanirbhar Bharat.
Vijay Kumar Dhar
Research Scholar University of Jammu


Plea to Project Director NHAI

We the residents of Jammu, Udhampur, Samba and Kathua Districts request the Project Director National Highways Authority of India NHAI-PIU Channi Himmat, Jammu to relax the limit of 20 kms to 50 kms for issuing monthly Toll Plaza passes to private/local car owners travelling through two Toll plazas, viz Toll plaza Thandi Khui and Toll Plaza Ban Nagrota as thousands Government employees as well as other entrepreneurs who are local residents living within these limits travel to and fro daily.
Presently the residents living in the radius of 20 kms of these toll plazas can get monthly pass by paying Rs 280 per month, as per the scheme, and others have to pay Rs 100 per trip to and fro, but the need of hour and reasoning says that any local private vehicle in the District of toll plaza and of adjoining Districts upto 50 kms, ‘must not be charged’ trip basis at all. So any resident and owner of private vehicle having registration there should be given monthly pass at nominal fee.
Anyway till this magnanimity finds favour, request to Director is to broaden the present scheme by modifying the present range of 20 kms to 30 kms at least, if not possible 50 kms , till local private car owners are fully exempted keeping in view the financial hardships faced by local people.
This way there shall be cordial relationship between locals and concerned toll authorities.
Durga DSass Sharma, Senior Citizen
Advocate Jammu

                                Woes of Jawahar Nagar locality

Jawahar Nagar is very close to Talab Tiloo Chowk across the nullah. It is at the centre of Talab Tiloo locality but in totally ruinous condition. Broken drains overflow with filth and garbage, the link road is in shambles being all potholes because it has not been repaired for last two or three decades, water supply pipes are leaking, street lights non-existent and the power supply has drastic cuts for hours at end day after day. Sanitary conditions are horrible. It is Ward 40 and the ward member has never been seen in the locality as it is perhaps a reserved membership. Moreover as there is no mohalla committee in Jawahar Nagar, the JMC cares a fig for the locality. Denizens ask the question do we belong to any administrative branch? Will the LG or any of his team of advisors or secretaries care to have a look at this desolate locality in the heart of Jammu and alleviate the grievances of the people?
Residents of
Jawahar Nagar

  Contaminated drinking water in Udhampur

This is to draw the attention of the District Administration Udhampur towards the contaminated water being supplied by the Jal Shakti Department Udhampur to the citizens. The matter has been raised with the concerned officials a number of times but nothing has been done in this matter.
There is apprehension among people that if potable safe water is not supplied to the residents it may lead to outbreak of any epidemic. Already people have been complaining about water borne diseases in the area.
Therefore the administration in requested to look into the matter before it may assume alarming proportions.
K Kumar

Repair road and drains in Lower Shiv Nagar

We the residents of Lower Shiv Nagar, Ward No. 33 Lane No. 16, near AG office Jammu, draw the attention of concerned authorities towards the deplorable condition of road and drains in the area. The drains do not have any outlet here, with the result, water in them stinks and often flows on the road causing great inconvenience to residents.
We request the authorities to repair the road (Lane No. 16) and drains of the Mohalla without further delay.
Romesh Khullar
Lower Shiv Nagar, Jammu

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