Surya Matchmakers (Estd. 2005)
1) Khatri Girl 92b – Doctor (MBBS, doing M.D. Gynae)
2) Khatri Girl 94 b – Btech + MBA, working in MNC at Noida = 4 lacs P/A
3) Khatri Girl 93b – Bank P.O. in J&K Bank (Btech)
4) Rajput Girl 89b – Bank P.O. in JK Bank
5) Rajput Girl 87 b – Permanent Govt. Lecturer through PSC (Mphil + NET)
6) Ramdasia Girl 91 b – BAMS Doctor
7) Kashyap Rajput Girl 89 b – BDS Doctor
Contact: Mr. Sharmaji
9622201777, 9419302283 (JMU)
Whatsapp: 7889719228 (No Calls)

Bhagat beautiful girl 86-b, 5’-2”, MA, M.Ed, Pvt. Teacher. Caste No Bar.
Bhagat Girl 77-b, 5’-2”, M.Com, M.Ed, Govt. Lect.
Ramdasia Girl 83-b, 5’-2”, MBBS IGO, Medical Officer Govt. Job.
Tarkhan Girl 89-b, 5’-4”, MA, B.Ed, Pvt. Teacher.
Tarkhan beautiful Girl 87-b, 5’-5”, MBA, Depty Manager HDFC Bank.
Kashyap Rajput Girl 85-b, 5’-3”, MA English, M.Ed, Pvt. Teacher.
Kashyap Rajput Girl 85-b, 5’-5”, BPT, Pvt. Job.
Contact: Mrs. Jamwal, 9419153531, Whatsapp: 7006507729

Suitable match wanted for slim, fair, beautiful Kashyap Rajput girl Sept 88-b, 5’-3”, MCA software engineer Pvt Lect from well of family
Choice – Govt job, MNC Jammu, well settled business.
Contact: 9419153531, 7006507729

S/Match required for:-
Sharma Doctor Girl MBBS, employed, Govt Job.
Born March 1980, Ht – 5’-3”. Belongs to Dogra Brahmin family of Jammu. Parent both gazetted officers.
Preference: Doctor, KAS, Engineer, Professor/ Lecturer, Army Officer, Bank Officer etc.
Contact No:
Mobile: 9419961245

Aashirwad Vivah Marriage Bureau
Plot No 477, Sec-3, Channi Himmat -7889635161
1) Mahajan girl 87 born Engineer (Caste No Bar)
2) Mahajan girl 82 born Centre Employee (Caste No Bar)
3) Khatri girl 89 born (Working in Pvt Sec.) (Caste No Bar)
4) Khatri girl 92 born (working in Pvt Sec) (Caste No Bar)
5) Rajput girl 82 born (Govt employee) (Caste No Bar)
6) Rajput girl 78 born (Govt Teacher) (Caste No Bar)
7) Sharma girl 92 born (Caste No Bar)
8) Sharma girl 94 born (Working in Pvt Sector)
(Caste No Bar)

Suitable match invited for a 91 born, sober Brahmin girl with high value, 5.3’’ height, pursuing Phd (final year) belonging to a highly educated, small noble family of Jammu.
Ph. 917006144794

Suitable Brahmin match from same fields, required for twin sisters, one MBBS, MD 2nd year born 3-8-88, 1.20 pm. Hyderabad & other BE CS, working with Accenture Bangalore (15 Lpa) born 3-8-88. 1.35 pm. Other upper caste match, if suitable, can be considered.
Contact :-

Suitable match for Divorcee Chowdhary girl (Issueless)
Date of Birth : 21-6-1979
Place of Birth Jammu
Mobile No. 8716877501

Prajapati Girl, 87 b, M.Com Pvt. Teacher
Mahajan Girl 87 b, 5’4”, B.E, Family Business
S/C, Girl 79 b 5’4”, B.A, Army School Tr.
Sikh Girl 85 b, 5’5”, M.Com, NET Govt. Job
Sikh GIrl (Widow) 83 b, 5’2”.
Pls Contact: Shubh
7006551153, 7006998471

Wanted a suitable match for Khatri girl, 5’3’’ born 18th March 1976 at Jammu. Double PG B.Ed working in Pvt reputed school in Jammu. Highly educated and status family. Father Businessman. Looking for well qualified and well settled match.
Contact :

Suitable match reqd for Mahajan slim, beautiful 87 born, 5’-2’’ issueless divorcee girl, MBA(HR) in job belonging to educated, well settled family of Gandhi Ngr Jammu.
Preference well settled educated fresh/Issueless Divorcee/Widower boy working in MNC outside J&K belonging to Jammu based family.
Contact :

Suitable alliance wanted for a Khatri girl highly qualified 5’-1’’ 86 born. MA (Pol. Sci) MA ( English) B.Ed, Diploma in Computer course belonging to a educated & noble family of Jmu.
Choice Govt job & businessman
M. No. 9682543349

Looking for a suitable girl for BE MBA highly educated, Sep 1982 Jammu born, 5’4”, divorcee boy belonging to a reputed Mahajan family. Working in MNC in Mumbai as General Manager earning very good package.
Contact: 7889740817,

Surya Matchmakers (Estd. 2005)
1) Sharma Girl 94b – Assit. Er. in Govt. Deptt., Sal = 80,000 P/M (Btech Elect.)
2) Sharma Girl 91b – Bank P.O (Btech IT)
3) Sharma Girl 94b – Btech + Mtech, IT Er. in MNC = 4 lacs P/A
4) Mahajan Girl 89 b – Bank P.O. in Govt. Nat. Bank
5) Mahajan Girl 29 yrs. – BDS + MDS, Dental Surgeon, Sal = 50,000 P/M
6) Mahajan Girl 92b-Btech, IT Er. in MNC = 6 lacs P/A
Contact: Mr. Sharmaji
9622201777, 9419302283 (JMU)
Whatsapp: 7889719228 (No Calls)