Wanted a suitable match for a smart, handsome Khatri boy MBBS, MD (PSC Confirmed) 1988 born, 5’11’’ tall and belongs to a well reputed family of Jammu.
Looking for Doctor/KAS/Bank PO/AE
Contact No.

* 1985 Born Sharma Boy 5’-6”, Good Looking, Govt. Employee, Jammu.
* 1985 Born, Sharma Boy 6’-0”, Businessman, Well Established, Jammu.
* 1991 Born, Sharma Boy, 5’-5”, B.Tech. PWD Deptt. Jammu.
* 1986 Born, Sharma Boy, 5’-4”, MBA, Well established Business, Jammu.
* 1987 Born, Sharma Girl, 5’-4”, MBA Mahindra Finance, Jammu.
122 A/D Green Belt Gandhi Nagar, Jammu
7298350401, 9797744912

Ramdasi Matrimonial
* 1993 born, Ramdasi Girl, 5’3”, BDS, MHA (Prep.), Jammu
* 1982 born, Ramdasi girl, 5’1”, MA, Good looking girl, Jammu.
* 1983 born, Ramdasi, girl, 5’4”, MBBS, Govt. Doctor, Jammu.
* 1991 born, Ramdasi boy, 5’10”, Govt. Teacher Jammu.
* 1988 born, Ramdasi Boy, 5’8”, Govt. Employee forest deptt. Jammu.
122 A/D, Green Belt, Gandhi Nagar, Jammu.
7298350401, 9797744912

Wanted Girl
Gupta MBBS, MD, DM Super Spl. Doctor Very Intelligent, Handsome 36 yrs Divorce Boy. Rich status very Gentle Respectable Family Jammu. No dowry. Caste no Bar.
Contact- 9419192575

Babby Marriage Bureau
Panama Chowk Sale-Tax Office
Mobile No. 94191-13728, 91494-89912
1) Khatri girl 82 born qual MA, B.Ed M.Phil Height 5’-3”
2) Sharma girl 89 born qual MA, LLB Height 5’5” (Govt Job)
3) Sharma girl 85 born Qual B.Tech, Height 5-3” (MNC)
4) Sikh boy 86 born qual BA Height 5-8” (Well Businessman)
5) Sikh Boy 77 born Qual B.Tech Height 5-8” (MNC)
6) Muslim Boy 91 born Qual BBA, MBA, Height 5-4”

Wanted Rajput Boy
Rajput MBBS, MD Dr. Govt. Job. Very Beautiful 30 Yrs Girl. Parents Both Govt. job. Simple Sober Very Gentle Family Jammu. Caste No Bar.
Mob- 7006024606

Tuli’s Wedding Hub- Regd.
1. Ramdassia girl 5’-4”, 85 born (MBA) employed in Bank.
2. Ramdassia girl 5 feet, 84 born, B.Architech (Pvt. Job)
3. Ramdassia girl 5’-5” 89 born, M.Tech
4. Ramdassia girl 5’-1” 89 born, (MCA)
5. Ramdassia girl 5’2”, 90 born, MA, LLB
6. Ramdassia girl 5’-1” 82 born, Ph.D (College Professor)
7. Ramdassia girl 5’-5” 84 born, Ph.D. (Professor)
8. Ramdassia girl 5’-6”, 85 born, M.Sc., M.Ed, MA History Teacher in Convent School.
Contact Sunil Tuli
9419196349, 7006395400

Suitable Match for Handsome Brahmin Doctor Boy 5’-11” 1983, Convent Educated MBBS, DCH, DNB, Belongs to reputed doctors Family, Mutually
Divorced, Marriage. Lasted only for one week.
Presently working with reputed hospital Gurgaon, High Caste No Bar, MBBS, PG Preferred.
Contact: 90860-06382, 94193-70676

1). Khatri Boy 83-B, permanent Govt. Assit. Prof. in College through PSC (PhD+NET), Sal= 90,000 P/M R/o Chani.
2). Khatri Boy 80-B, Director in MNC= Rs. 1 crore P/A (M.S Computers).
3). Khatri Boy 90-B, Bank PO (B.Tech), Sal= 70,000 P/M.
4). Tarkhan Boy 91-B, A.E in Govt. Electric Deptt.= 90,000 P/M.
5). Jatt Choudhary Boy 89-b, Sub Inspector (B.Tech.).
6). Ramdasia Boy 84-B, Govt. Lecturer in Hr. Sec (P.Phil, NET)
Contact: Mr. Sharmaji 9622201777, 9419302283 (Jmu). Whatsapp: 7889719228 (No Calls)

Free Registration on Phone
1. Kashmiri Girls J&K Bank PO, 87, 88, 90 B
2. Kashmiri Girls Valley, Job, 82, 85, 87, 89 B
3. Kashmiri Girls Delhi Job, 81, 84, 87, 88, 91 B
4. Kashmiri Girls, 12th, 88 B, Jammu No Job.
5. Kashmiri Junior Assistant Jammu, 81, 84 B
6. Kashmiri Boy, Govt Engineer, 84, 88, 90 B
7. Kashmiri Boy Doctor, MBBS, MD, 77, 87, 88.
8. Kashmiri Boy Valley Job, Govt, 80, 82, 84, 85, 87, 90
9. Kashmiri Boys/Girls, Divorce, Widow, 77 to 90 B
Sanjeev Marriage Bureau
Lane Opp. Little Champ Play Way School
New Plot, Chapri, 9682149912, 9419187579

Surya Matchmakers (Estd. 2005)
1) Sharma Girl 91b – Bank P.O. (Scale-2) in JK Bank (Btech)
2) Sharma Girl 93 b – Govt. Teacher (PG + BEd)
3) Sharma Girl 94 b – Gazetted officer in Govt. of India (Btech) Sal = 90,000 P/M.
4) Mahajan Girl 89 b – Permanent Govt. Lecturer through PSC (MSc, Mphil)
5) Mahajan Girl 92 b – Btech + MBA, Manager in Deloittee at Gurgaon = 8 lacs P/A
6) Mahajan Girl 95 b – doing Ph.D Chemistry
Contact: Mr. Sharma Ji
9622201777, 9419302283 (JMU)
Whatsapp: 7889719228 (No Calls)

Milan Marriage Bureau
1. Sikh Khatri boy 90b, 5’-8”, MBA Sr. Manager in Flipkart belongs from Jharkhand.
2. Sikh Khatri boy 89b, 5’-8”, B.Tech. Manager in MNC.
3. Jat Choudhary Boy 88b, 5’-10”, B.Tech. own Rice Mill (Joint).
4. Sikh Poonchi Boy 86b, 5’-7” Double MA, Govt. Teacher.
5. Sikh Khatri Boy 90b, 5’-7”, M.Tech. AE Govt. Job.
6. Sikh Khatri Girl 90b, 5’-4”, MBA, Manager MNC, Bombay.
7. Jat Sikh Girl 84b, 5’-6”, MBA, MNC Delhi, Caste No Bar.
Contact :- Mrs Jamwal
9419153531 Whatsapp 7006507729

Tuli’s Wedding Hub-Regd
1. Brahman Girl 5’-1”, 87 born, M.Sc. (Probationary Officer) in J&K Bank.
2. Brahman Girl 5’-5”, 87 born (MBA) (Probationary Officer) in J&K Bank.
3. Brahman Girl 5’-4”, 85 born, (Manager) in J&K Bank.
4. Mahajan Girl 5’-4”, 86 born, BE+MBA, PO in J&K Bank.
5. Mahajan Girl 5’-4”, 87 born, BE+MBA Employed in J&K Bank.
6. Mahajan Girl 5’-4”, 86 born BE (Asstt. Engineer) in State Govt. Deptt.
Contact: Sunil Tuli
9419196349, 7006395400
42 A/D Gandhi Nagar

Beautiful, Smart Kashyap Rajput Girl 88-B, 5’-3”, MCA Ret Lect, from well of family. Caste no bar (Upper). Choice: Govt. Job, MNC, Settled Business.
Contact: 9419153531, 7006507729

1) Sharma Boy 92b – Army Officer (Captain)
2) Sharma Boy 88b – B.Tech.+MBA, Govt. Officer in Rural Dev. Deptt.
3) Sharma Boy 88b – Software Er. in MNC at Gurgaon = 24 lacs P/A (B.Tech.+MBA) R/o Tkt. Ngr.
4) Sharma Boy 80b – Permanent Govt. Lecturer in Hr. Sec. through PSC (PhD)
5) Sharma Boy 38 yrs – Sr. Resident Doctor in PG Hospital Chandigarh, Sal = 3 lacs P/Month (MBBS, MD)
Contact: Mr Sharmaji
9622201777, 9419302283 (Jmu)
Whatsapp: 7889719228 (No Calls)

Wanted a suitable match for Rajput smart sambyal girl from respectable family.D O B 2-3-1987, TM 10.50 am. Ht.5′ 3″. She is MA English,B she is lecturer in 10+2 private school.Required well qualified and Govt/private employed or well established businessman of Rajput family.
Contact: 9419279843.

* 1990 Born, Khatri Girl, MBA, 5’4”, Govt. Employee, Jammu.
* 1986 Born, Khatri Girl, MBA, 5’3”, J and K Bank, Jammu
* 1989 Born, Khatri Girl, MBA, 5’2”, Deputy Manager, Jammu
* 1988 Born, Khatri Boy, 5’11”, MBA, Good Family Status, Jammu.
* 1989 Born, Khatri Boy, 5’4” MBA, PNB Metlife Govt. Job, Jammu.
122 A/D, Green Belt, Gandhi Nagar, Jammu
7298350401, 9797744912

1. Khatri Boy 92-B, 5-10, MBA, own Business.
2. Khatri Boy 88-b, 6 feet, B.Sc, B.Lib, M.Lib, Govt. Job. Choice: Working Girl, Upper Caste No Bar.
3. Khatri Boy 88-B, 5-11, MBA, Working in Pune. (1.25 Lac PM+own flat). Upper Caste No Bar.
4. Gupta Boy 85-B, 5-10, BBA, Govt Contractor, 1 Lac PM.
5. Gupta Boy 85-B, 5-11, 10+2, Own Business, 80K PM.
6. H’Some Sharma Boy 88-B, 5-8, B.Tech, Software Engineer in Pune. 11 Lac PA, Upper Caste No Bar.
Contact: 9086075101, 8082023357,
Required Poor & Needy Girls and Overage Boys.

Wanted a suitable match for handsome Mahajan Boy, B.E in Computer Science, born on 20 August, 1990 at 2.00 pm, 5’8”.
Working in a MNC Gurgaon, Delhi.
Contact: 7889670644

Wanted Girl
Khatri Engineer Govt. Gazetted Officer 39 yrs Unmarried Boy. Father Govt. Officer Retd. Very Gentle Family Jammu. Choice- Homely Educated Girl. No dowry. Caste No Bar.
Contact- 7006024606

MOBILE NO.-09711178799
and at Jammu/Delhi also.”

Sanjeev Marriage Bureau
Free Registration on Phone
1) Rajput Girls, Govt Teacher 89, Centre Job, 89
2) Divorce Rajput Boy, Officer, Govt, 78 B
3) Ram Dassi Boy, Govt, 83, 85, Bombay 83
4) Khatri Girls, Bank PO, 89, Junior Asst, 91 B
5) Sharma Boy, Govt Bank PO, 87, 88, 85, 83, 77
6) Sharma Boy, Doctor, MBBS, MD 84, 87 B
7) Tarkhan Boy, Lecturer, 87 B, Girl 89 B
8) Khatri, Sharma, Boys, Girls, Delhi Job, 86, 87, 90, 91, 92
Lane Opp Little Champ Playway School, Newplot Chapri
9682149912, 9419187579

Wanted Sikh Girl
Gur Sikh Govt. Gazetted Officer A.E, Very Handsome 34Yrs Boy. Father Mother both Gazetted Officers.
Mob- 7006024606

Required MD Doctor Girl for Mahajan Doctor boy of 1989 birth doing MD in third year.
(Radiologist, Gynocologist and Medicine girl shall be preferred)
Mob. 7051333574

Aashirwad Vivah Marriage Bureau
Plot No. 477, Sector 3
Channi Himmat 7889635161
1. Sikh boy 87 born, Software Engineer
2. Sikh boy 83 born, Businessman
3. Kumar boy 86 born, B. Tech (Prajapati)
4. Brahmin boy 86 born, (University Law Deptt)
5. Brahmin boy 89 born, (Own petrol pump)
6. Khatris boy 84 born, (Own Business)
7. Gupta boy 90 born, B.Tech
8. Gupta boy 87 born (Own Business Sparepart)
9. Sharma boy 79 born (Bank Employee)

Looking for a beautiful smart well educated girl from a reputed family for a handsome fair 5’8’’ tall 1990 born Mahajan boy working in MNC Jammu having a decent package. Upper caste No Bar.
Contact No.

Wanted a suitable match for Khatri boy National player having a good income, Ht 5 ft 7’’ DoB 5th Nov, 1986, Time – 9:30 pm
90865-11717, 98581-77025

Free Marriage / t:j feysa
Govt Officers, Lecturers, Drs, MNC’s BE, BCA, MCA, MBA, JEs Govt Teachers, M.Sc M. Ed Qualified Manglik, Non-Manglik Kakun-Non-Kakun Kashmiri Boys & girls age 20 to 45 from Srinagar, Anantnag Pulwama Quazikund,Baramulla, Trat Don’t waste time hears and there. We assure early settlement of your Boys & Girls Marriage Specialised in Kashmiri Pandit Marriage Namaskar, Contact us immediately.
Near Shiv Temple Rorian De Chapri
New Plot Jammu,
94191-21600, 2543555

Free Marriage 
KAS Officers, MBBS, BAMS, Major Capts, PO Bankers, Lecturer, JE’s, MCA, MBA, MNC, BE Govt Teachers, Qualified Boys & Girls age 20 to 40. We assure you early settlement for your marriage.
ckge.k oj o/kw ds fy, lEidZ djsa
Near Shiv Temple Rorian De Chapri
New Plot Jammu,
94191-21600, 2543555

Seeking a suitable match for a fair, good looking, smart brahmin boy Nov. 86 born, 5’6″, working as a product manager in a reputed MNC/ NCR. Jammu based family residing at Gurgaon. Girl should be from decent & educated family, preferably working in MNC.
Contact: 9650445484

Surya Matchmakers (Estd. 2005)
1) Khatri girl 91b-B.E Computers, IT Er. in MNC at Gurgaon = 5 lacs P/A
2) Khatri girl 93b- Bank P.O. in JK Bank (B.Tech) R/o Tkt. Ngr.
3) Khatri girl 92b- Centre Govt. Officer in Govt. of India
4) Rajput girl 88b- IT Er. in MNC= 15 lacs P/A (B.Tech)
5) Mahasha Girl 88b- M.Sc., B.Ed (Teacher)
6) Tarkhan girl 89b- Assit. Prof. in Govt. College (M.Phil, Ph.D)
7) Tarkhan girl 93b- Army Captain (Med. Core) Doctor
Contact: Mr. Sharma Ji 9622201777, 9419302283 (Jmu)
Whatsapp: 7889719228 (No Calls)

Alliance invited for Jammu based Sharma Girl 1988 born, 5’.3” B.E. MBA (IIM) working in MNC at Mumbai.

Wanted a suitable match for a Jammu-based divorcee, issueless Khatri Girl, 76 born, 5’.4”.
Choice: Only Widower doing a job or having his own business, without or with just one child is acceptable.
Contact: 9596958274

Suitable match for Gupta girl having qualification LLB, LLM, Height 5.’4” born 10-08-1990, Jammu, 3.40 P.M. currently working in Noida preference:- MNC, Army Officer, Airforce, Bank Officer, Advocate or CA, or well-qualified Businessman Upper Caste No bar. Contact No: 9419186495 (F), 2473415 (Resi).

USA Qlfd Commercial Pilot & CFI, Dec 82 born, Ht 5’-10” Smart & Dashing Khatri boy Co-pilot in reputed Pvt. Airlines, looking for a suitable girl MD/IAS/KAS/UNI Prof. from very good family background. Send BHP email

Suitable match for a beautiful Brahman (Khajuria) girl Edu MA B.Ed, PG Diploma in Mass Communication of on educated & noble family of Jammu DOB 83, Height 5’-3’’ preferable Govt service of florishing business.
Ph No. 9205164299, 9469088087

Wanted a suitable match for good looking smart Doctor Gupta girl MBBS, MD (2nd year) born May 1985, 5’-2” in height and belongs to well reputed family of Jammu.
Looking for MD/MS Doctor, KAS/KPS Officer or Engineer.
Contact: 9419195223

Wanted a suitable match for good looking smart Doctor MD Gupta girl born Feb 1984 5’4’’ in height working as Associate Prof. Qualified (PSC) Salary approve Rs 70000/- and belongs to well reputed family of Jammu looking for Doctor/Engineer/Govt Gazetted Officer/ Bank Officer
Contact No. 9419134990, 9622069955

Wanted suitable match for well educated Sikh girl 5’-1’’ 85 born doing Government job belonging to a educated and noble family of Jmu.
M. No. 7780802995

S/ Match required for Sharma Doctor girl MBBS employed “Govt Job’’
Born – March 1980 Ht- 5’-3’’ belongs to Dogra Brahmin family of Jammu.
Parent both gazetted officers.
Choice : Doctor, KAS, Engineer, Professor/Lecturer, Bank Officer, Advocate well established etc.
Contact No.
Mobile – 9419961245

Wanted a suitable match for a Mangile Brahmin Girl 1988 born and practicing advocate by profession and looking for educated and well settled boy.
Contact: 9796663018

Suitable match invited for a 91 born, sober Brahmin girl with high value, 5’.3’’ height, pursuing PhD (final year) belonging to a highly educated, small noble family of Jammu.
Ph. 917006144794

 Surya Matchmakers (ESTD 2005)
1. Mahajan Boy 90 b – KAS Officer (B.Tech).
2. Mahajan Boy 86 b – permanent Govt Assit Prof in College through PSC (M.Phil, NET).
3. Mahajan Boy (Div) 83 b – Sr Doctor (MBBS, MD, DM) Kidney Specialist in PG Hosp, Sal – 3 lacs P/ month.
4. Rajput Boy 87 b- Doctor in GMC Jmu (MBBS, M.D).
5. Rajput Boy 89 b – Army Officer (Captain).
6. Rajput Boy 90 b – permanent Govt J.E (B.Tech)
Contact Mr: Sharmaji 9622201777, 9419302283 (Jmu)
Whatsapp: 7889719228 (No Calls)

Rajput Boy 5’10”, 88 born, B.Tech, Running his own very well established business.
Khatri Boy 5’9”, 89 born, B.Tech, working in reputed MNC at Jmu.
Khatri Boy 6 feet, 89 born, B.Tech, working in reputed MNC at Gurgaon Salary 12 Lac P/A.
Khatri Boy 5’9”, 91 born, B.Tech working in reputed MNC outside J&K Salary 18 lac P/A.
Mahajan Boy 5’7”, 89 born, B.E, M.S Computer Science from Bits Pilene, working in reputed MNC at Delhi. Salary 10 lac P/A
Contact: Sunil Tuli
9419196349, 7006395400
42 A/D Gandhi Nagar

Rajput Matrimonial
* 1989 Born, Rajput Boy, B.Tech, Govt Bank Manager, Jammu.
* 1985 Born, Rajput Boy, B.Ed, P.G, Govt Teacher, Jammu.
* 1986 Born, Rajput Girl, 5’-5”, MA, B.Ed, Good looking Jammu.
* 1985 Born, Rajput, Girl 5’-3”, own Institute running Jammu.
* 1982 Born, Rajput, Girl, 5’-2”, M.A, Good looking, Jammu.
122 A/D, Green Belt, Gandhi Nagar, Jammu
7298350401, 9797744912

Wanted a suitable match for good looking smart Khatri Girl from Jammu based gentle family, manglik 5’-5”, 25 years. Working as officer in Bank. preferrably KAS Officer or Gazetted Officer or likewise engineer serving in Jammu area:
Contact: 9906064401

Tulis Wedding Hub: Regd
Mahajan Boy 6 feet, 87 born, BE + MBA, Ph.D, NET qualified, Officer in State Govt Deptt.
Brahman Boy 5’-8”, 86 born, B.Tech (Junior Engineer).
Khatri Boy 5’-11”, 86 born, MBBS, MD, P.Sc qualifed (Govt Job).
Khatri Boy 5-9”, 88 born, B.Tech (Junior Engineer).
Brahman Boy 6 feet, 90 born, B.Tech (Asstt Engineer).
Rajput Boy 5’-8”, 85 born, B.Tech (Junior Engineer).
Contact: Sunil Tuli
9419196349, 7006395400,
42A/D, Gandhi Nagar