Wanted a suitable Match for a Sharma Girl, KAS, DOB 1990, Height 5 feet.
Mobile No 9796238973, 9419114889

Love Birds Matrimonial
1. SC Boy 83b job Govt. teacher Choice only educated girl
2. SC Girl 86b w.Quali Choice Any profession Royal family
3. Jatt Boy Age 35 yrs. job Govt. teacher Choice educated girl
4. Gupta Boy 89b w.settled and quali.bussinessman Choice educated girl
5. Gupta boy 79b.w.quali own school,Tutorial and shops
6. Khatri boy 85 b w.quali w. Settled bussiness Choice educated girl
7. Khatri girl 84b (Divorcee) w.quali choice Any profession
8. Khatri girl 89b ( Divorcee) Job Doctor only daughter
Rishtey of all castes
Contact No. 8825021764 Whatsapp also

1. Sharma boy 85 b Doctor
2. Sikh Boy 32 Years Bussinessman only son Caste no bar
3.Khatri boy 92b. W.settled bussinessman
4.Sharma Boy 86b Govt.job Junior Assist.
5.Sharma boy 87b.job own clinic
6.Jatt girl 92b W.quali Royal family
7.Sikh girl (Divorcee) Age 34 yrs.w.Quali
Rishte of all castes
Contact No.6006315295 whatsapp also.
183-A, Last Morh,Gandhi Nagar,Jammu

Wanted a suitable match for good looking, intelligent Rajput girl from Jammu, 91 born, pursuing MA in English Literature from Central University of Jammu.
Interested may contact:
01912484744, 9419106566

Wanted a suitable match for Jammu based beautiful, non-manglik, Gupta girl, 28th July 1984, 4.30 A.M. 5’-1”, M.Com B.Ed, working as 10+2 Lecturer in Pvt. School earning Rs 30,000 P.M. Well established Businessman/Serviceman may please contact: 7006572632. Upper Caste No bar.

1) Sharma girl, Junior Statical Assit. Govt 91 B
2) Khatri girls, Junior Assistant Govt. 84,88,91
3) Sharma Boy, Gazetted Officer 84 B
4) Sharma Boy/Girls Govt 81, 83, 87,86,89,90
5) Divorcee girl, Gupta MBA, 87 B.
6) Tarkhan boy (Captain 92 B) (Lecturer, 87 B)
7) Khatri Boys, Bank PO, 88,89,85,83,77
8) Ramdassi girl Govt. Bank PO 86 B
9) Khatri Boys, J&K Bank PO, 87,89 B
10) Gupta boy, Govt (Patwari, 79 B) Bank PO 88 B
11) Rajput Boys(Govt Engineer, 85) (Captain, 87, 90)
12) Khatri Boys, Junior Engineer, Govt 84,88,90
Lane Opp. Little Champ Play Way School
New Plot, Chapri, 9419187579, 9682149912

1. Kashmiri Girl, 94 Born, Govt. Admin, Deptt.
2. Kashmiri Girls Valley, Job. 82, 85, 87, 84 B.
3. Kashmiri girls Delhi Job 81, 84, 87, 88, 91 B
4. Kashmiri Girls (12th, 88B) (Graduate, 90 B)
5. Kashmiri Girl, Doctor MD, 89 B.
6. Kashmiri Girl Bombay Job B. Tech. 92 Born.
7. Kashmiri Boy, Junior Eng, Govt. 87, 91, 94
8. Kashmiri Boys/Girls, Divorce No Issue 76, 80, 88, 89
9. Kashmiri Boys, MNC, Pune, Delhi 79, 80, 84, 87, 91, 90
Lane Opp. Little Champ Play Way School
New Plot, Chapri, 9419187579, 9682149912

1) Sharma Girl 91b – KAS Officer (Adm)
2) Sharma Girl 93b – Permanent Govt. Lecturer (PSC Qualified)
3) Khatri Girl 87b – Permanent Govt. Teacher (M.A. Eng, M.Ed.)
4) Khatri Girl 92b – Centre Govt. Officer Sal = 80,000 P/M
5) Tarkhan Girl 90b – Medical Off. (Doctor in Govt. J&K Health Deptt).
6) Ramdasia Girl 86b – Bank PO in JK Bank.
Contact: Mr Sharmaji
9622201777, 9419302283 (Jmu)
Whatsapp: 7889719228 (No Calls)

Surya Matchmakers (Estd. 2005)
1) Mahajan girl 93b- Doctor (MBBS, M.D. Pre) Med. Off. in Govt. J&K Health Deptt. through PSC
2) Mahajan girl 90b- KAS Officer (B.Tech)
3) Rajput girl 91b- Doctor (MBBS, M.D. Pre) Med. Off. in Govt. Hospital
4) Rajput girl 93b- M.Sc. Maths, B.Ed. (Teacher)
5) Bhagat girl 89b- Doctor (Medical Off. in Govt. Hosp. through PSC)
Contact: Mr. Sharma Ji 9622201777, 9419302283 (Jmu)
Whatsapp: 7889719228 (No Calls)

Suitable match is invited for a Brahman (Khajuria) girl born on 12th July 1990 at 4:41 AM, Height 5 ft 3 ince, B.Architecture and Degree in Civil Engineering through Institute of Civil Engineering (India) presently serving in MNC Delhi.
Contact No: 7889629172, 9796480233

Wanted Sharma boy preferably Govt employee for a M.Tech, beautiful, slim girl from a very reputed Brahmin family. 88 born
Interested person may
Contact Mb. 9469376957

Surya Matchmakers (Estd. 2005)
1) Khatri girl 89b- Asstt. Prof. in Univ. (Ph.D, NET cleared)
2) Sharma girl 90b- Asstt. Prof. in Govt. College through PSC (Ph.D, NET, JRF qualified)
3) Mahajan girl 93b- Govt. Lecturer (M.Phil, NET, SET)
4) Bhagat girl 93b- Asstt Prof. in Govt. College
5) Ramdasia girl 88b- permanent Govt. Teacher
Contact: Mr. Sharma Ji 9622201777, 9419302283 (Jmu)
Whatsapp: 7889719228 (No Calls)

Wanted a suitable match for a Sharma Girl, kas, DOB 1990, height 5 feet
Mobile No:
9796238973, 9419183905

Surya Matchmakers (Estd. 2005)
1) Sharma Girl 92b-Bank P.O. (MSc-Economics), Sal = 55,000 P/M.
2) Mahajan Girl 91b-Doctor (MBBS, M.D.) Medical Off.
3) Rajput Girl 87b-KAS Officer (Adm).
4) Tarkhan Girl 91b-permanent Centre Govt. Off posted Jmu.
5) Bhagat Girl 89b-Medical Off. (Doctor) in J&K Govt. Health Deptt. (PSC cleared)
6) Div. Batwal Girl 84b – Advocate
Contact: Mr. Sharmaji
9622201777, 9419302283 (Jmu)
Whatsapp: 7889719228 (No Calls)

Sambandh Marriage Bureau
1) Rajput girl 82 MBBS MD Govt. Job
2) Rajput girl 83 (Divorcee) B.Sc.
3) Bhagat girl 88 contractural Lecturer
4) Bhagat girl 83 job in Bank
5) Sikh boy 89 MBBS MD (persuing)
6) Sikh girl 86 Assistant Professor (Govt.)
7) Muslim girl 88 Govt. Job
113/3 Extn. Vasant Vihar, near J&K Bank
Trikuta Nagar, Jammu
Mob.: 9797691322, Whatsapp: 9858999882

Wanted well qualified, settled boy for slim, smart beautiful Mahajan Girl 87 born, 5’-2” (MBA (HR) B.Ed D/o Doctor R/o Gandhi Nagar Jammu legally Divorced, issueless (Marriage lasted very few months)
Cast no bar
Mobs Whatsapp No 9419185960

No1.SC/OBC Matrimonial
Ramdasia / Bhagat/ Tarkhan/ Kashyap Rajput/ Nai/ Mahasha/ Balmiki/ Batwal & OBC. Highly Qualified Match Very Reputed Family’s for Your Son & Daughter. Contact –
Classic Matrimonial
Trikuta Nagar Near Garden Estate Jammu
M- 9419192575, 9419200849

A suitable match (preferably Sharma) is required for a working Doctor girl (5ft 8 inches). 1988 born belongs to a well reputed family.
Contact: 7006465790

Wanted a suitable match for Mahajan girl MCA from Jammu University DoB 7-4-1989 working in Rural Department
Contact No. 9419119397

Suitable match for a beautiful Brahman (Dogra) girl Edu. M.Com and 1 yr diploma in Computer and Accountancy of an educated family of Jammu. DoB 86, height 5’-2’’, Preferably Govt Service or Florishing Business.
M No. 9205164299

Rishtey of all caste Brahmin, Mahajan, Khatri, Rajput, Sikh Kashmiri Pandits, SC, OBC, Choudhary, Divorce and widow cases also available.
122-A/D, Green Belt
Gandhi Nagar, Jammu.
Ph: 7298350401/ 9797744912

Wanted a Sikh Boy… Matrimonial… Wanted suitable match for innocent divorcee Girl DoB: 1980. Ht-5-3, with legal divorced documents. Quali upto 10th Homely Girl without issue.
Contact: 9419138951