Weekly Horoscope

This Week For You
23rd Feb to 29th Feb 2020

Aries :
Happiness at home and good general health greet you this week, provided you don’t let the trifle stresses and strains of work spoil an overall happy time for you. Planets are beginning to conspire in your favor. Be open to receive this vibrant energy from the Universe. A boss’s angry remark or a late night at work must not make you complain. Look at all the good things – a scholarship materializing, a proposal getting an affirmative nod, a surprise gift from a beloved, great health or some sizzling sack time – positives and blessings are all around. At work, consistency and teamwork shall be the keys to harmony. When it comes to finances, just try to manage the outflow a little more smartly.
Life offers a mixed basket of some highs and some red signals, this week. Health continues to remain in excellent shape – in fact, it gets better, as the week progresses. But, you must steer clear over eating and consuming too much junk food, at wrong times. Channelize the burst of energy you have by playing a sport or going on a hike/ trek. Career-wise, things remain average – with not much change. Office gossip must be avoided. Don’t feel frustrated, if results you had expected take a longer time to manifest. Financially, this is a time to be extra careful. Don’t invest anything new. Long term investments continue to be as they have been. Prepare very well for an interview or meeting scheduled for the week, or the results may not be positive. Be genuinely genial and understanding in your love relations and friendships. Avoid any major moves, this week. Get some rest and seek some trustworthy guidance.
Gemini :
Ignoring small tasks today will result in major issues in the future. Do not procrastinate! Anger will not resolve anything. You may be presented with better job offers but this is not the time to make the switch. You will be blessed with additional income, perks and bonuses! Payments that have been stuck up since long will be released. Young bachelors and bachelorettes will receive excellent proposals for marriage. Romance will be blooming for you and your love interest! If you have been waiting to propose to someone, do it! Students should seek advice from their mentors as much as possible. Students will need to work hard for upcoming competitive exams for a good result. Try to avoid negative anxiety and mental stress. Excessive thinking about issues at hand will not help. You will be easily susceptible to infections. Stick to a strict dietary regime. Regular exercise, yoga and meditation are the key mantras during this week.
Cancer :
Salaried employees will be rewarded with a promotion and an increment in salary. They should always accomplish assigned tasks on time to stay in the good books of their superiors. Students will be more inclined towards subjects related to technology and banking. Students pursuing graduation will be able to prepare very well for their upcoming examinations. Students must retain their focus. There is a distinct possibility of getting monetary benefits from unexpected sources. Even though your monetary inflow is good, your expenses will far exceed your inflow. You will successfully be able to clear any examinations that you appear for related to the police department. Since your productivity has increased, you will be able to accomplish difficult tasks with ease. Usage of harsh words will certainly have a disastrous impact. Entering into futile arguments will only cause severe misunderstandings between you and your beloved. Your ego will act like poison for your relationship.
Leo :
You will be presented with lucrative looking job offers or business proposals. Do not accept them. Do not procrastinate! Delaying your work for unnecessary reasons will hardly benefit you. Be polite with your superiors at work. Planetary influences are very positive for students this week! Students who wish to pursue higher education overseas will also succeed. Try to study in a group whenever possible. Non-recovery from bad debts is going to adversely affect your finances. Those involved in the stock market will see moderate profit. Do not lend money to anybody during this week. There are no major health concerns seen during this week. There is a strong probability of you falling prey to seasonal diseases. Abstain from eating junk food and stay hydrated. Young bachelors and bachelorettes will get excellent proposals for marriage during this time. Pleasant and loving atmosphere within the family will prevail. Romance will be at its peak!
Virgo :
Salaried employees may get the benefit of a promotion. There is also a strong probability of going on a foreign business trip during this week. People involved in the stock market would be benefited. Students who have been planning to go abroad for higher studies will certainly succeed. If students prepare diligently for government examinations, success is guaranteed! Keep your temper tantrums under control. Your income will not be very satisfactory during the initial two days of the week. Salaried employees will be rewarded with additional perks and bonuses. This week does not offer any major financial concerns. Refrain from discussing your personal life and issues when you are in the company of your partner. Do not enter into ego clashes with your siblings or friends. Your health and fitness will be great and you will feel on top of the world! Your will power and self-esteem will skyrocket during this period.
Libra :
Salaried employees are going to be severely stressed out because of workload and responsibilities at office. Do not attend important meetings without doing proper research and homework. You will remain more focused and diligent about your finances during this week. Although, you may remain mentally disturbed and stressed out due to some pending liabilities. Do not consider making new investments during this time. Students must try to acquire knowledge with undivided attention and complete focus. Students are to maintain an equilibrium between being overstressed and overconfident! There is a distinct possibility of singles getting a suitable proposal for marriage during this week. Try and maintain the harmony in your relationship. Do not throw temper tantrums. Picnic with family and friends is a probability. Eat meals that are less oily and less spicy. Stick to nutritious and wholesome meals. This is recommended because your digestion power will take a beating due to the weather.
Scorpio :
Avoid entering into severely heated arguments with colleagues at work. This will most certainly have dire consequences. Businessmen will be required to concentrate more on quality rather than quantity. The period is full of success and happiness for students. Students will feel mentally relaxed and will want to expand the horizons of their knowledge by exploring the subjects that they love. Mind your finances and do not go overboard purchasing extremely costly gifts for your beloved. Emotionally taken financial decisions will prove to be extremely risky. Be cautious with financial matters. Do not allow misunderstandings to arise with your partner due to the involvement of a third person. Remember, no one and nothing else is more important than your beloved. You will be required to take additional care of your health and fitness during this week. If you notice rashes or itching on your skin, visit a dermatologist. Light exercises will certainly help.
Despite honest efforts, salaried employees may not get desired level of results. Businessmen will be busy trying to conclude a deal in which they are immensely interested. Perseverance will be important. This is an excellent week to reconnect with old friends. Try to spend as much of quality time as you can with your loved ones, friends and family. Be very cautious with matters regarding your finance during this time. There is a strong possibility that you will incur a major unforeseen expense during this week. Regulate and control unnecessary expenses. People suffering from hypertension will need to be extra careful. You could consider joining yoga classes or visit the gym to stay fit. Precaution will be your mantra during this week. Engineering students will astonish everybody with their outstanding performance! Advice from teachers, mentors and guides will be worth its weight in gold! Listen to these advices and implement every word of it.
Try to remove all unnecessary diversions from your mind before attending important meetings. Any ongoing projects with the government during this time are likely to be highly successful! This is going to prove a very favourable week for students. Students who wish to go abroad for higher education will be successful. Students from all walks must practice meditation regularly. This is not a very favourable week for considering new investments. People involved in the stocks and share market will need to be very cautious. Refrain from indulging yourself with gambling or lottery. Singles will be showered with proposals for marriage. Any misunderstandings of the past will be amicably cleared. Do not enter into a futile argument with your loved one. As far as possible, avoid eating junk food. Stick to light, nutritious and oil free foods to avoid stomach related ailments and acid reflux. Stay adequately hydrated at all times.d.
Aquarius :
Planetary influences are favourable for considering an expansion of your business. Consider teaming up with qualified people to accomplish your tasks easily and efficiently. The week is not very favourable for commission agents. This is a very favourable time for considering new investments. Although, we recommend that you do not do so without proper professional advice. Do not lend money to anyone. Singles who are already in a relationship can think about taking a step further and proposing to their beloved. Pay more attention towards eachother’s needs. This week, you will be able to recover completely from any ailments of the past that have been troubling you. As the weekend approaches, you will need to be particularly careful about your health. Students will stay extremely focused during the mid-week. Their overall interest in academics, especially theoretical subjects, will increase. Students will be more inclined towards computer sciences, electronics and research.
Pisces :
You will stay extremely focused and dedicated to whatever you do. You will successfully be able to find a better paying and a more lucrative job this week. Students will be able to avail admission in their desired school, college or university. Those who wish to pursue higher education abroad will also succeed during this week. If you have lent money to someone in the family, do not feel shy asking for payment. People often misunderstand a good heart for a cowardly one. You can easily avail a housing loan if you intend. The bond between you and your partner will be stronger than ever before. In case you are planning to tie the marital knot with your partner, go ahead. You need to beware of falling prey to common cold and high blood pressure. The elderly must get a complete body check-up done at regular intervals. Practice yoga and meditation.