Weekly Horoscope

This Week For You
5th Apr to 11th Apr 2020

Aries :
During this period, the Sun gets exalted, and appears to move through the sign. This movement of the sun is favourable, adding to the vitality and fortifying your immune system. You may remain fit and healthy while maintaining a healthy level of energy. This allows you to work long hours tirelessly. Career-oriented individuals may be thrilled with the kind of work entrusted to them. Businessmen need to step up their efforts to run the show satisfactorily. A little investment of time may help increase your income levels. Meanwhile, your financial position may remain healthy. While making any financial plans, make sure you keep aside money for any future emergencies. Some domestic issues may crop up. Don’t pay too much attention to them, as they may sort themselves out eventually.
During this month, you may remain quite active on the occupational front. Businessmen may stay busy negotiating multiple important deals. Those businessmen in the manufacturing sector, would do well to plan for forward integration. There may be a barrier here though, as in spite of committed efforts, results may be delayed. Career-oriented individuals and job holders may be under constant pressure from their immediate bosses, to increase the former’s performance. On the family front, everything seems smooth and nothing may bother you. However, be careful of unnecessary spending for so-called social caused-based charities, as this not be the appropriate time. There may be no major health issues to cause you concern during this period, so it is important for you to stay active and maintain a healthy lifestyle. On the financial front, your position may be secure, so there’s nothing to worry about.
Gemini :
During this period, the Gemini person may remain in a happy mood, because things seem to be falling in place for them. Encouraging monetary gain might occur in your life, thus lifting your spirits. However, you must be prepared to put in the hours, and that much extra effort, in order to achieve a decent amount of progress in your pursuit of your goals. For singles, this is a tough time, as they might find themselves in a fix. However, you must remember to take time out to make the right choice. As much as you can, try postponing wedding bells. Handle family issues tactfully and with discretion. Maintain warmth and harmony in the family, and they may provide you with much-needed mental support. Be careful about your health, as there may be some healthcare anomalies to watch out for.
Cancer :
For Cancerians, this is a favourable period. The exalted Sun moves through the tenth house, which means a lot of activity on the occupational front. You may have a fruitful time on the financial front as well. There might be an increase in your income flow, strengthening your financial position. Businessmen may be able to strike and seal a big and profitable long-term deal. Beware though, as some discontent may keep brewing in the time lying ahead. Do not be disheartened. Instead, channel your energy towards making progress towards your goals. Push your limits, and you may attain unexpected results. Be tireless in your efforts. During this period, watch out for some unexpected expenses related to your family. Make sure you have enough spare finances to take care of any issues. Those who are single may remain concerned about their job security, but at the same time, must not resist the inviting gestures from a member of the opposite gender who they have known for long. Overall, be careful about your health, else this is a favourable week for the Cancer sign.
Leo :
During this period, the King of the zodiac, the mighty Sun, rules the Leo sign. This movement of the Sun carries much importance. As the exalted Sun moves through the ninth house, it might increase your luck in general. If you have felt stuck for too long, this period can lead to a good break. Those who are working may become more active on the occupational front. There may be an inflow of income, during this period. However, take care not to splurge on unnecessary things, and be concerned about saving money for the future. Make physical records of your cash statements. Create a budget and include provisions for everything in your life. Lovebirds may experience pleasant and memorable moments together. New friendly relationships may form during this period, with a bright future ahead.
Virgo :
For the Virgo sign, during this period, Venus rules the second house, as well as adding a portfolio of the ninth house, for your sign. The second house deals with finance, while the ninth deals with luck in general. In lieu of this, the movement of Venus carries great importance for the Virgo sign, as Venus moves through the tenth house. This indicates a fruitful time for those in day jobs. Having said that, you need to put in that little extra effort in order to achieve all your goals. You may remain strong, on the financial front. You may be able to manage routine and incidental expenses comfortably. This is also when you need to be careful about your health. Those who are single, may meet someone they might fall in love with. It would be a good idea, to get married and settled in life.
Libra :
According to planetary movements, you may remain busy on the occupational front. On the financial front too, you may be able to strike it big and consolidate your financial position. Businessmen in manufacturing or service, may have gainful time. Lady luck is on your side, to help you achieve a good level of progress, which in turn may bring flavour into your life. There may be no significant expense for you in the coming period, so you may be in a strong financial position. Beware, though, of some unexpected family expenses. Married people may be uneasy due to the indifferent attitude showcased by their life partner. You may want to embark on a pilgrimage to seek the blessings of a deity you revere. This is good for you, as it may refresh your mind, so you move towards your goals with renewed energy.
Scorpio :
This is a favorable time for Scorpios. You may be strongly motivated to strike a big deal, and push ahead on the financial front as well as the occupational front. Businessmen need to pay special attention to the quality of goods delivered by them. You may take calculated risks, to increase your prospects. Singles, this is not a good time to develop a relationship with someone of the opposite sex. The current planetary movements aren’t in favour of doing so. But don’t worry, as this phase may pass, and an even better one may come soon. According to the planetary position in your birth chart, you may have handsome financial gain. At the same time, be very careful about your health in the coming few weeks. Economically, you may be in a very comfortable position.
This may be a confusing period for the Sagittarius sign, as a dilemma as to which direction to follow, might present itself. You must take a well-calculated risk, in order to push your prospects ahead, both on the occupational and financial front. The exalted Sun, moving through the fifth house, may support you in succeeding on the professional front. Businessmen may need to do more follow-ups in order to strike a big-ticket deal with a high-net-worth customer. Do not let this chance go, at any cost. Career-oriented individuals may not perform effectively for some reason. The influence of strong Saturn over the 12th house, may lead to some unforeseen expenditures. Some health issues with regards to the respiratory system may occur. . On the financial front don’t worry, as the flow of money may increase and you may be in a comfortable position.
For this week, Saturn is the ruler of the Capricorn sign, and also holds a portfolio of the second house for the latter. Saturn also transits in its own sign Aquarius, along with Mars, and both move through the second house. The movement of Saturn through the second house, linked with finance, is sure to make you adept at handling financial matters. At the same time, beware, as Mars moving through the second house may cause you to spend impulsively. There might be some family-related issues that might put you in some discomfort. Don’t worry. Make some compromise on your end, so there is peace and harmony maintained within the family. There may also be a health issue that could crop up. Take care in this regard. On an important note, do look out for your left eye. There may be a matter of concern. Overall, it may be a good week thanks to progressive forces working effectively to uplift the spirits.
Aquarius :
During this period, Saturn rules the Aquarius sign, and also holds the portfolio of the 12th house. Saturn moves through Aquarius along Mars. This may cause you to feel as if you’re being pulled in many different directions at once. Don’t worry. Take your time, and make the right decisions. Keep calm, and follow the logical course. Keep working hard to achieve your desired level of success, so you can be proud. Love birds may face familial pressure to tie the knot and get settled in life. Expenses may increase, but so may your income. Your social circle is set to widen as well, so exercise caution in new relationships. Take extra care of your health during this period.
Pisces :
For the Pisces sign during this period, Mars and Saturn move through the twelfth house simultaneously. This translates into an increase in expenses. Be careful however, and refrain from any unethical practices in order to attain monetary benefits. There are chances you may feel stressed for one reason or the other. Take some time out to refresh your psyche, and make a new strategy, so you can push forward in pursuit of your professional and personal goals. There might be some small financial wins, that may uplift your spirit. Watch out for some family-related expenses. Make a budget, and monitor unnecessary spends. That may stop your wealth from being squandered. Singles may come under pressure from their significant other, to get married. When it comes to domestic matters, be attentive. Businessmen may have to go that extra mile to strike a lucrative deal.