Weekly Horoscope

This Week For You
31st May to 6th June

Aries: Be prepared to go all guns blazing at work because an overwhelming number of tasks await you. You should make a priority list to tackle things effectively. Business owners are expected to be busy setting up new projects. The week will be a joyous one for friends. It seems you would spend enjoyable time with your pals and maybe, even party. People in a relationship, be advised, that this is the perfect time to iron out any differences you have with your partner. This is not the best time to pump in money in your business. The planetary movement makes it an inopportune time to deal in stock market. Going for a spa is a good idea at this moment. You need to maintain a healthy sleep-wake cycle as well as consume balanced diet. You may observe willingness in you for engaging in creative activities. It could be in the form of dance or poetry.

Taurus: This week brings forth debilitating issues with respect to your career. These issues have the potential to upset your plans regarding your future. In order to prevail over this scary situation, you need to keep working hard. The outcome of all your endeavors will be delayed. Students are going to ace their upcoming examinations or tests. Teens getting ready for Board exams are well poised for a blistering outcome; but tireless effort is a prerequisite for that. You need to maintain a strict and sparse budget. If you don’t balance your expenses, your financial position can get dicey. Romance is going to be a combination of joy and sorrow. You need to be attentive to the feelings of your partner. Suspicion and unfounded doubt can strain your bond. Luckily, you will get to spend plenty of time with your partner. A stomach infection, headache or fever might annoy you in an otherwise normal week.

Gemini : Do not be afraid to adopt new policies and embrace new decisions. Make adjustments wherever necessary. Such minor adjustments and tweaking may take a major burden off your head. Married couples should be careful in regards to the health of their spouse. Diabetes and hypertension patients should also take adequate precautions. They must keep a tab over their blood pressure and sugar levels. Do not impose your thoughts and opinions over other people, especially your beloved. Give them enough freedom and space. To love is not to bind, but liberate! Students will need to remain calm and composed, especially during the mid-week. Students pursuing medicine, advanced accountancy courses or MBA will need to stay focused and work diligently. There will be a tendency to spend more money for purchasing luxurious paraphernalia. Do not be a spendthrift. This is precisely the week where you must keep a tight leash over unwanted expenses.

Cancer : Days beginning from the mid-week to the weekend are favourable for salaried employees. Their hard work will be noted by their superiors. A promotion or an increment in salary is a possibility. Students pursuing higher education like post-graduation, especially masters or doctorate degree, will do outstandingly well during this week! Students may be faced with a lot of confusions. Investing in the stock market will be profitable during this week. This week offers bright prospects for those businessmen who are considering an expansion. Investments like gold, silver and real estate will be profitable. There is a strong possibility of singles falling in love head over heels during this time. The attraction between you and your partner will be phenomenal! You may suffer from minor issues related with your digestive system, stomach, eyes, ears and nervous system. These issues will keep you mentally and physically disturbed. Do not neglect taking adequate rest.

Leo : Businessmen dealing in investing, sales or purchase of real estate will be extremely successful during this period. They will be able to strike deals that are extremely profitable for them financially. Newly married couples, be prepared for sleepless nights! You are soon going to be blessed with the arrival of a child! Love and romance during this time will be better than ever! The week is particularly good for students who desire to appear for their medical or engineering entrance examinations. Your marks will be so brilliant this time that you will astonish one and all! You may want to go out and spend huge chunks of money buying exorbitant luxurious paraphernalia. It is precisely during such times when you must think about saving money for the future! You will be troubled by old ailments that you were suffering from in the past. These issues will keep you mentally and physically disturbed. Routine check-ups will help eliminate any future complications.

Virgo: The first four days of the week are the very favourable for businessmen. Competition will not be an issue. Business touring may also increase for them. Hang on and stay positive! Commerce and accounting students will excel. The week seems to be very favourable for students intending to go abroad in pursuit of higher studies. Master degree students will need to retain their focus. Salaried employees as well as businessmen will both remain financially stable. Employees are likely to get an increment, arrears or incentives. We recommend, businessmen concentrate and focus upon overseas business. Singles may fall in love during this time and may witness their relationship getting stronger by the day. Extramarital affairs will be exposed during this week. During the last day of the week, there are chances of issues related with your liver, stomach, hands, legs or shoulders. This may adversely affect your performance at work. Your self-esteem and confidence will improve.

Libra: Good relations and gentle words will mean everything for you during this week if you want to progress with your career or business. Pay attention to minute details of your new project. A substantial amount of efforts will be required to maintain harmonious relationships. Remember, the most important aspect of this week is to be patient with people and yourself as well! No major expenses are foreseen during this time, however, you will not be able to reduce your daily expenditure. This week is very favourable for matters related to finance and savings. Students pursuing graduation would be desirous of moving abroad for higher education. Under no circumstances should students allow their level of focus and concentration to deteriorate. Adding some fruits and sprouts to your daily breakfast will certainly replenish your lost strength. If you have been dieting, we advise you to take a break for some time. Light exercises will be very helpful indeed!

Scorpio : Businessmen will need to work very hard to bring new business and clients during this period. They may require to recruit new staff to cope up with increasing business orders. Students intending to join a government institution will be successful during this week. Students will be able to score excellent marks in their upcoming competitive examinations. A substantial amount of money will be spent to develop more business by touring. This is going to be an essential expense, but a costly one nevertheless. Consult professionals and develop new marketing strategies. You may lose quite a few close friends if you are impolite or rude in your language. When you realise this, it will already be too late for you to repair your relationships. Excessive travelling may leave you fatigued and tired. There are possibilities that you may have to return from a trip with your work unfinished and seek immediate medical assistance.

Sagittarius : The week seems to be very progressive for people involved in the field of spiritual healing. Businessmen who have been thinking about expanding their business, can do so during this week. Chartered accountancy students will be under immense mental pressure. Students could be particularly inclined towards participating in various creative courses, especially courses that offer interior decoration. We recommend that you take good care of your parents during this time, especially if they are aged. Do not let any person or situation compromise your mental peace and tranquillity. Singles, rejoice! That special friend of the opposite sex is soon going to become even more special! Always stick to a soft and gentle language while conversing with elders of the family. As far as possible, do not lend money to anyone, even if they are very well known to you. There is a probability of your money being stuck for a long time to come.

Capricorn : Despite honest efforts, salaried employees may fail at impressing their superiors at work. They will not be able to bag the much awaited promotion or increment. Business will be moderate. Your intense desire to widen the horizons of your knowledge will be duly noticed by your teachers and mentors. We recommend that students take advantage of this positivity and seek their guidance.  You will be successfully able to recover any debts that had gone bad during the past, probably with accrued interest! Investments made during the current week may not yield desired results. Singles, rejoice! You are going to meet the love of your life during this week. A beautiful new relationship is about to begin! You will feel grateful and blessed! Monitor your eating habits and stay away from junk food. Remember, if you do not take appropriate care of your health, things will worsen with time. Regularly practicing meditation and pranayama will also help.

Aquarius : This is a very favourable week for partnership ventures. Your partner will open doors to a very good business opportunity. Even friends and colleagues will give you some profitable business ideas. Internet is literally an ocean of knowledge. We advise students to go online and acquire knowledge. Make friends with students who are serious about their growth and study in a group. You may possibly face a severe financial crunch until the mid-week. You could spend a substantial amount of money for purchasing a new home or car during this week. Singles will be able to find someone very special during this week. They may even consider tying the marital knot with this person. Be very mindful about your father’s health. If there is one thing you need to avoid during this week, it is laziness! Start exercising and lead a healthy lifestyle. Reduce your intake of junk food and stay hydrated.

Pisces : Businessmen will want to increase their sales turnover this week. Bringing new business is definitely encouraging. Although, do not go out of the way and make commitments you cannot fulfil. Students intending to pursue higher education overseas will be successful in completing all necessary formalities. We recommend, students do not select their university or college based upon hearsay. The week is extremely favourable for those dealing in stock market or investment broking. You will also be able to successfully lease your property for a substantial amount of rent. Your relationship with your beloved will be put to test during this week. Both of you will have trust issues. Gradually, as the midweek approaches, you will get together and solve your differences amicably. There is a possibility of facing minor stomach related gastric or indigestion issues. With proper medication and a little bit of care, you will recover within no time! ‘Precaution’ will be the key factor.