Weekly Horoscope

24th Oct to 30th Oct 2021

Aries :
This week may prove to be an average week for you. Some mixed results can be predicted both in terms of love and marriage relationships. You are likely to get gifts or make financial gains from your loved ones. Singles are likely to get proposals to be in a relationship. Married couples are likely to spend some quality time together and may also receive some good news related to the arrival of a baby. Financially, the week may bring mediocre results. However, you are likely to receive financial help from your family. Deals related to properties may also go as per your expectations. Unplanned travelling and unwanted expenses may bring you many challenges. For those who are in business, it is advisable to avoid arguing as it may lead to losses. Students may get distracted from their studies. However, some of you may successfully get admissions at overseas universities. It is advisable to avoid outside food and beverages to avoid health issues.
You may enjoy good times with your friends and children this week. There are, however, some chances of disputes with your spouse. Singles may get proposals. When it comes to love and relationships, you are advised to not be too aggressive. There may be some ups and downs in your association. You may also need to understand the importance of the sacrifice of giving up something for your loved one. It is advisable to try and spend some time with them. You are likely to get financial aid from your partner. In terms of money and finance, this may be a good week. You may need to be more attentive and work hard at the workplace. Businessmen are likely to find success in their new ventures. If you are into a family business, you may get some remarkable gains. However, all the excessive work may affect your sleep pattern. Meditation, or performing light exercises under expert guidance may help you maintain good health.
Gemini :
You are likely to finish the tasks assigned to you with help of your charisma, talent, and analysing power. This may lead you to some accolades from seniors. You may find yourself unknowingly attracted to someone you interact with quite regularly. It is always advisable to be careful and not to be blinded by attraction, and fail to discover the true traits of the person. A sense of insecurity may invoke worry, indecisiveness and fearfulness. A financial loss may also cause you some worry, and possibly bring up your expenses while restricting your income flow. This may fade the beauty and harmony of your life for a while. It is advisable to take a short vacation to spend time with your family. You may need to realise that earning money for them is not more important than solving their problems. You are also likely to desire some love, affection, and warmth. This week, you may have someone standing behind you like a sounding board.
Cancer :
This week, you are likely to perform well and strengthen your position amid some tricky and complex issues at your workplace. Things may begin to go your way eventually, as the obstructions are likely to go down. More earning opportunities may be coming your way. This period is likely to shower you with positive results and bring betterment to your career. Not only financial growth, but it may also bring you overall growth. Enhancement in wealth is likely to boost your financial strength. Planetary influences may help you march forward, however, it is advisable to not make a major commitment that directly or indirectly impacts your financial situation. You may feel a rise in the level of intimacy with a deeper union with your beloved one. Your creativity is also likely to increase this week. Students may succeed in improving their performance as the week is likely to remain positive for academics. You may need to act with the discipline to maintain good fitness levels.
Leo :
This week, you may be ready to take up all the challenges head-on for better prospects and experiment with new ideas, strategies, or jobs. However, you may need to take it slow as there may be hurdles along the way. It may take you some time to get over those hurdles. It is advisable to be calm, think wisely, and let your instincts guide you to achieve your goal. You may need to keep a balanced approach and mark out your priorities related to money while charting your finances. There are chances of meeting new people, which may increase your social network, or even boost your love prospects. The planetary movements are likely to be favourable for the students. It is advisable to be careful and not waste any important opportunity by scattering your energy. Other than that, stars may guide you to utilise your stamina and remain healthy for the week.
Virgo :
This week, you may get enough planetary support to strengthen your position in your career. Eventually, you are likely to attain the position you deserve after some difficulties and delays. You may experience some uncertainty over important financial matters, however, that is also likely to go away as you may enjoy material pleasures to the fullest eventually. This may not be a good time to lend money to your siblings and friends as you may find it hard to recover. Despite some expenses, you are likely to be able to save a lot this week. Some conflicting views about relationships may be there, which are likely to go away and you may succeed in rekindling the flame. A meaningful conversation may be the only thing you are likely to have, to remove all conflicts. Planets are likely to support you in making progress in your career. However, it is advisable to avoid any negligence, overconfidence, and laziness to avoid problems. Stress may affect your health, therefore you may need to make necessary lifestyle changes.
Libra :
This week is likely to bring you some confusion, but you may wisely handle it. Those who are in the early phases of their career are likely to impress their seniors with good work. You may need, however, to put in extra hours to finish your tasks on time. It is therefore advisable to take necessary steps to prevent the same. Those who are looking forward to financial assistance from the bank may need to support themselves with additional documents. This is likely to improve your chances of approval further. This may also be a good time to make investments as good profits may be foreseen in the future. Good results that may be coming your way are likely to elevate your spirits. You may need to take support from family to fix a domestic issue. A short trip may be there, to relax your mind. A pilgrimage may also be foreseen, however, it is advisable to spend wisely on the outings as it may drain your savings.
Scorpio :
If you are someone who is looking forward to bringing a new change to their life, then this week is likely to bring you good opportunities. It may be a relationship where a recent breakup may cause you worries, but you are soon likely to realise everything has a shelf life. You may accept this as a reality than regretting the pain of loss. If you are married and raising kids, you are likely to be proud of your children’s achievements and they may bring name and fame in your life. However, it is advisable to keep your excitement to yourself as it may bring a false sense of confidence to your children. Those who are working in multinational companies may get a chance to travel overseas for work purposes. That also means that you are likely to be given a task and expected to complete it in the given time. It is advisable to not deviate from your focus and channelise your efforts in the right direction.
Though this week may bring you some positive things, some days are likely to bring you difficult situations to deal with. Especially if you are in a long-standing relationship. However, you may overcome this with being careful and not initiating the conflicts. You may need to make the most out of situations to achieve the desired success. This may help you adapt to a new environment to achieve your goals. Planning is likely to be the key to success. Therefore, you are advised to be more reserved as it may not be difficult to break any bonds to feel free. You may need to remain calm and control your feelings as much as possible. When it comes to career and business, it is advised to avoid any arguments, as you may have to pay a huge price for a mistake. You may also need to learn how to handle the rejection properly without being too pressing and persistent. Eventually, it is likely to get better and you may compensate for all the hassles at the end.
The upcoming week may be full of new experiences for you. You are likely to get rid of some illusions that may be haunting you for a long time. Meditation may help you get rid of them completely. You may find yourself to be independent, ambitious, and highly goal-oriented this week. Your intelligence and quick wit are likely to help you reach your goals without much effort. Both in terms of career or starting anything new, this week may bring the best time for you. There are chances of complications from misunderstandings with your partner in your love life. This may frustrate you. However, a good conversation between your partner and you is likely to resolve it and may bring better moments. Students who are looking forward to getting an admission in their favourite institutes may find success this week. You may also indulge in an artistic talent that you may have avoided for long now. That is likely to put you in a good mood.
You may need to maintain your daily routine. It is advisable to be at work on time this week and maintain that discipline. You are likely to have a hectic busy schedule. There are chances of an important meeting taking place. On the personal front, you may face some issues with your relationships. Communication gap and distance may be there this week. Text messages and phone calls are likely to play a vital role in resolving the issues and strengthening the bond. In terms of finance and money, this may be an average week. Unplanning travelling is likely to add to the expenditure. This is also not likely to be a good time to invest as you may get confused with a lot of options. You are also advised to avoid applying for a loan this week. You may need to take care of some health-related issues like weak immunity and stress. Investing in a healthy diet and healthy living may also add to your expenses. A proper intake of water and exercise may help you maintain your health.
Pisces :
A busy week, both in terms of personal and professional life, can be foreseen. Therefore, you may need to plan out your priorities systematically. Parties and get-together are likely to bring a rise in your expenses. However, spending time with your in-laws in a small get-together may help you improve your marital relationships. Students are likely to gain success in their higher studies and research related work. Both projects and exams are likely to bring the students favourable results. It is advisable to try to maintain a harmonious conversation with your colleagues and seniors this week. A sudden overseas journey due to work may be on the cards. You are advised to not be hasty while applying for a loan or making a financial investment in new business projects. Some unplanned expenses on the domestic front may await you this week. Foreign trips or long-distance travelling are also likely to add to those expenses. Businessmen are likely to spend on good business activity.