Weekly Horoscope

25th July to 31st July 2021

Aries : An average week in terms of career and finance. You may face challenges in your relationships. Hence, make sure you avoid arguments with your spouse and learn to be humble. Don’t take relationships for granted and do not try to manipulate them as per your moods. There might be some exciting proposals for singles during the week, maybe from the native place. A property dispute in the family may bring losses, so refrain from taking any major decisions. Keep away from lavish spending and try to save something for contingency needs. Learn to strike the balance between your income and expenses lest it may affect your gains for the week. A sudden ego clash may disrupt relations with a business partner. Handle matters amicably to avoid major losses. Students involved in sports activities may gain a chance to travel overseas, and those appearing for competitive examinations may get success. Be careful with your diet to maintain a healthy system for the week.
Taurus: Taurus natives may have an excellent week ahead. Foreign-related work may be a success. Those in research related work may make progress. A meeting with a business partner may help as you may successfully move towards a new startup. At work, you may succeed in getting help from the seniors. At the workplace, try and work on your priorities as it may help you from the last-minute confusions. A female colleague or a business may come to your aid. Singles may get interesting marriage proposals from family, friends, and their hometown. Give enough time to your partner to maintain a healthy marital relationship. It may be an average week healthwise, as you may suffer from some sleeping issues. Hence, try not to use electronic gadgets before bedtime. Resort to meditation and light exercises to get over the same. This week could be a week of potential gains along with equal expenses.
Gemini : Gemini natives may find a special person who may make you reveal your heart without a second thought. It may bring you a sense of joy and cheerfulness during the period. Through introspection and exercising your mind on things, which are not mundane, you may rise above the stress and strain of routine existence. You may enjoy your time. Although, a sense of pessimism may prevent you from experiencing a more joyous existence. It may be time for you to relish time with people who are curious and spontaneous. But this again may stop you from utilizing your creative and imaginative powers. The period may be harsh for married couples, who may need to interact honestly with their spouse to clear doubts. It may be a week to focus on your career and financial matters. Nonetheless, you may be happier and content with the rise in your income. Keep up to it as the more you work seriously, the more you may make gains during the week.
Cancer : A positive week for Cancer natives as it may bring a change in your emotional attitude as you may turn practical about issues related to your abilities and talents. This pragmatic approach may help you to overcome challenges during the week. The period may be good for relationships as you may be able to establish an emotional connection with loved ones, which may help you to work out smoothly in all your associations. A progressive week for money and wealth matters. You may efficiently be able to manage your finances, although some commitment pressure may bother you. However, there may be important changes for students who may face challenges. Despite energy levels being high, you may somewhat get lazy and tend to ignore self-discipline, which might adversely affect your health. You may bring some constructive changes to your workplace. With a fresh mindset, you may perform well. Apply your skills and talents to the fullest to grab more important projects in this phase.
Leo : With cosmic events coming up for the week, you may experience a mixed phase. Therefore, you may need to be very careful of any excess, specifically in areas related to your profession and finance, as this may be a time to steer clear of any. Those walking the path of spirituality may have a good time. If you are passionate about work, let planets settle down before you take a break from the routine work. Be very careful while interacting with work superiors or colleagues. Keep a cool temper and respond to situations tactfully. You may come across exciting opportunities for gain and growth. But, your efforts to chase high worth customers to strike huge deals may get delayed. Those in love relationships may strike the hammer to reciprocate their feelings to their beloved. Students may be able to understand and work on complicated subjects, which may gradually improve their performances. Healthwise, you may need to follow a strict regime to remain fit and fine.
Virgo : A good week as you may have a career progression with less pressure to sustain. Some planetary forces may cause some hurdles. However, your smart moves may help to negate the adverse impact. Income may get pressured due to some unexpected expenses. However, there may be a steady improvement in your financial conditions as the week advances. The period may bring happiness and comfort along. Altogether it may ease situations in your life. Planets may help you to attain all the goodness as your monetary conditions may grow stronger. You may face some disruptions in your personal life, and some misunderstanding may cause anxiety. Remain cool-headed and wait for the right moment to talk to your partner. Students may be well rewarded, as the planetary position may bless them with full potential. On the health front, you may experience some uneasiness, which may require you to take extra care about your health. Work on your immunity levels as it may get low during the phase.
Libra : Dealing with important persons with excellent personalities may help you get rid of the negativity that may be haunting you for a long time. Be gentle with yourself and your loved ones this week. With excessive pressure, you may find it difficult to manage relationships. You may be going through turbulent times that may make you feel defensive and fearful. Dealing with some troublesome issues may grab the time and energy of women, especially those struggling to strike the balance between home and career. If you are facing any trouble being frank in your relationships, you may need both individual psychotherapy and group therapy to achieve greater self-expression. Your sharpness, tenacity, and obsession for perfection may help you to successfully achieve your set targets. You may remain in a cheerful mood as your cash inflows may increase. Moreover, your prospects related to finances may continue to support you in your endeavors to earn more money.
Scorpio : This week may be interesting for most of you as you may plan to work closely with your old friends. Their support may encourage you, but for some natives, their family members may turn against their love and stability, which may compel them to look out for new and adventurous options. Fortunately, things may move as per your wishes with new energy. More and more people may approach you for your guidance without your expectations. This may make your days and mind busy, as you may go through a pleasant situation altogether. There may be a possibility that some natives may make short or nearby trips. Try to be careful with your health matters as you may get susceptible to ailments that may take a long time to heal. Those planning to invest in real estate businesses are likely to spend on buying an ideal property. At the same time, avoid taking any major decisions related to finance.
Sagittarius: Personal life may see some challenges this week, so be careful in your love relationships. However, this may not apply to married couples. Singles looking out for suitable partners may not find the week too encouraging. The period may be good for investments, especially long-term ones, as they may bring profitable returns. It may be the best time for you to adhere to a healthy diet plan for better immunity and fitness levels. Make sure you have an adequate sleep, which may soothe and bring peace to your mind. Learn to maintain a balance of everything. The week may be a promising one for students in all forms of learning. You may get through with your preparations. Some of you may do well in competitive examinations as well, and this may help to improve your fortunes in all forms of life. This week may pose some stressful situations in your professional front. Some of you may get worried about prospects. Natives who may have had a job change may find ways to earn more money. Those looking forward to new business ventures may get deals they may find hard to deny.
Capricorn: The week may create some troublesome circumstances for Capricorn natives. You may need to examine the repercussions clearly to come out with the right strategy before you execute your plans. These conjunctions may cause some hiccups in your life. But ultimately, due to your consistent efforts and hard work, you may be able to enjoy the beneficial fruits of your labor. During the phase, you may get good outcomes regarding your prosperity, happiness, and personal life. However, you may not be well aware of your responsibilities, but you may carry them out efficiently. In the forthcoming week, planetary placements may strengthen your luck and create auspicious opportunities for your career, education, and related activities. Some students may not only concentrate on studies but may also perform well in sports. It may be an excellent period for those in politics as they may get success. The transition of planets may enhance your regular income flow.
Aquarius: With the transit of Mercury, you may get new insights to do multiple tasks at a time. At the workplace, you may need to approach your seniors in the right way to present your ideas lest it may bring stressful situations. The strong influence of the Sun and Venus may need you to exercise patience and strive harder. The period may emotionally incline you towards your family, and because of the Moon and Jupiter transit, you may get financial support from them. Married natives may get monetary support from their in-laws, luck may favor you at your workplace, and businessmen may be able to crack a huge deal. Keep away from arguments and maintain good health. There is an indication of unplanned expenses. Occult science may attract some students who may get interested in mastering it. Those in research fields may complete projects at hand. Entrepreneurs may make business-related trips.
Pisces : You may need to give health priority for the week. Hence, keep up with a healthy diet and connect yourself with Nature. There may be issues related to eye strain and leg pain. Intuitions related to the workplace may get correct so align yourself with the cosmic energy and positive thoughts so that you make the right decisions. Prioritize your work on the professional front. Refrain from falling into office politics and be cautious while sending texts or emails related to work. A sudden business trip may be indicated for the week. You may have hectic work schedules. An emotional decision related to your job may lead to some problems during the week. There may be some miscommunication with parents and family during the period. Unplanned expenses may shoot as you may change your residence. Siblings may support you financially.