With profound grief and sorrow, we informed the untimely sad demise of our beloved Neha Sharma D/o Sh. Madan Lal Sharma R/o H.No 4, L.No.2, Extn Udheywala, Jammu, expired on 27/07/2021.
Cremation will take place at Shakti Nagar Cremation Ground on Thursday 29-07-2021 at 12 Noon.
Grief Stricken:-
Father and Mother
Mr. Madan Lal Sharma & Mrs. Sushila Sharma
Brother and Sister-in-law
Mr. Vikas Sharma & Mrs. Suhani Sharma
Sister and Brother-in-law
Mrs. Pooja Sharma & Mr. Shivdev Pal Sharma
Mobile No 9419224442, 7006089281, 9906318888

With profound grief and sorrow, we regret to inform you about the sad and sudden demise of our beloved father Sh. Gokul Razdan was originally a resident of Pinglina Pulwama Kashmir and presently residing at H.No -113 sec 2 Govind Nagar Gole Gujral Talab Tillo camp Jammu.
Cremation will be held at Shanti Ghat near S.O.S School near Revenue Complex today at 12:30 P.M
Grief Stricken
Smt. Veena Razdan (Wife)
Ishant Razdan (Son)
Sampurn Razdan (Son)
M – 7889599715, 9697580145

With profound grief and sorrow, we inform the sad demise of our beloved Jija Ji Sh. Om Prakash Gupta Ji husband of Smt. Shanta Gupta Ji R/o Pathankot.
The Fifth Day will be performed on 30th of July, 2021 at Devi Dwara Mandir, Ward No.1, R.S. Pura from 10.00 to 11.00 AM.
Grief Stricken
Sh. Chaman Lal Gupta (Billu Shah)
Smt. Sharda Gupta – Sister-in-law
All Gupta Family
Mob: 6005051577, 9070056383, 9622740325

With profound grief & sorrow, we inform the sad demise of our beloved mother Smt. Pushpa Sawhney w/o LT.Sh Ram Prakash Sawhney R/o 4/4 exnt. marble enclave Trikuta nagar on 20-7-21 (Tuesday)
10th day rituals will be performed at our residence on 29-07-21 i.e on Thursday from 11 am to 12 pm.
Grief stricken
Sh. Vinod Sawhney -Son
Daughter-in-law and Son
Smt. Ranju & Sunil Sawhney
Sh. N.N Sawhney -Devar Ji
Devrani & Devar Ji
Smt. Kamlesh & S.k Sawhney
Bhabi & Brother
Smt. Sudesh & Dr. K.k Gandotra
GRAND CHILDREN: Radhike, Hitesh, Mukul, Abhay, Meeru, Aprajita
Smt Dolly & Dr. R. Amla
Deeply missed by
Please follow Covid protocol
Contact no. 7889833467, 9419140729

With profound grief & sorrow, we inform the sad demise of our beloved Sh. Kuldip Kumar Dubey S/o Late Sh Gian Chand Dubey R/o House No. 832 A Gandhi Nagar Jammu on 20.07.2021.
TENTH DAY will be performed on 29.07.2021 (Thursday) at 10.00 a.m at Lakshmi Narayan Temple, Gandhi Nagar, Jammu.
KRIYA will be performed on 30-07-2021 (Friday) at our residence House No 832 A Gandhi Nagar, Jammu
RASAM PAGRI & UTHALA will be on 30.07.2021 at 5.30 P.M at Lakshmi Narayan Temple, Gandhi Nagar, Jammu.
Grief stricken:
Rama Dubey -Wife
Brother & Bhabhi
Ashwani Dubey & Anuradha Dubey
Yogi Raj Khajuria (Brother-in-law)
Sons & Daughters-in-law:
Chankya Dubey & Shweta Dubey
Anirudh Dubey & Radhika Dubey
Nephews & Daughters-in-law
Ritesh Dubey & Dr Geeta Dubey
Rupesh Dubey & Renu Dubey
Vedanti Dubey (Niece)
Grand children:
Kajal Dubey, Diwansh Dubey
& Enakshi Dubey

With profound grief and sorrow, we inform the sad demise of our Father Late Sh. Vijay Kumar Gupta who left us for the heavenly abode on 20-07-2021. May the Lord grant peace to his divine soul.
TENTH DAY ceremony will be performed at Ravi Dass Mandir near Telephone Exchange R S Pura on 29-07-2021 (Thursday) from at 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.
Grief Stricken
Sh. Varinder Kumar Ph. 9419288670
Smt. & Sh. Vishaw Gupta Ph. 9419174831
Mrs. & Mr. Rajesh Gupta Ph. 9419111955
Mrs. & Mr. Suresh Gupta Ph. 9419201944
Mrs. & Mr. Naresh Gupta Ph. 9419112011
Mrs. & Mr. Munish Gupta Ph. 9796000270
Mr. Aditya Gupta Ph. 9419243604

Tenth Day
Tenth day kriya of Raj Laxmi Bali (Bibi Ji) wife of Late Sh. Triloki Nath Bali originally from Jawahar Nagar Srinagar and later Malad, Mumbai, shall be performed on 30th July, Friday at Chotta Haridwar, Muradnagar at 9 AM.
IN grief
Veena Ji and B N Bali- 9643676422
Sunita and Jatinder Bali – 9833059550
Usha and Ashok Moza – 9416087107
Neena and Rattan Mattoo- 9871479954
Sanjay Bali – 98687 25630

Tenth Day
With profound grief and sorrow, we inform the sad demise of Late Shri Paras Ram on 20-07-2021.
10th Day will be performed on 29-07-21 Thursday at 11 AM at Rock Ripple Banquet Hall Jawahar Nagar Satwari Cantt Jammu.
Grief Stricken :
Smt Purnoo Devi (Wife)
Sh Mukesh Choudhary (Son)
Smt Amita Choudhary (Daughter-in-law)
Sh Darshan Lal (Son-in-law)
Priyanka Choudhary (Grand Daughter)
Arjun Choudhary (Grand Son)
9906074386, 9906071381, 7006395931

With profound grief and sorrow, we regret to inform you that sad demise of our beloved Smt. Sheela Devi W/o Rattan Lal expired on 21-07-2021.
10th Day will be performed on Friday 30 July, 2021. Kriya will be performed on 31-07-2021 (Saturday) at our residence Seri Panditan (Chak Bhalwal), Jammu.
Grief Stricken
Rattan Lal – Husband
Sons & Daughters-in-law
Suresh & Smt. Suman
Ashok & Smt. Vijay
Daughter & Son-in-law
Thouru & Smt. Shrista Devi
Raghav, Kanika & Khushi – Grand Children
Mob: 6005150137, 9419211263, 9622209317

“A great soul serves everyone all the time without any desire of return”
With Profound Grief and Sorrow we inform the untimely sad demise of our beloved Sh Ajay Kumar Sharma (Senior Veterinary Pharmacist) S/o Late Sh Gopal Dass Sharma R/o Ward No 6, Maitra, Ramban who left us for his heavenly abode on July 21, 2021 (Wednesday).
TENTH DAY will be performed on July 30, 2021 (Friday) at Community Hall, Maitra Ramban at 11 AM.
KRIYA will be performed on July 31, 2021 (Saturday) at our residence Ward No. 6, Maitra, Ramban.
Smt Chanchla Devi – Mother
Smt Monica Sharma – Wife
Sh Chander Mohan & Smt Prem Mishra – Brother-in-Law & Sister
Sh Ranjeev Kumar & Smt Ranjna Dubey – Brother-in-Law & Sister
Sh Raj Kumar & Anu Sharma – Brother & Bhabi
Sh Vijay Kumar & Neeru Sharma – Brother & Bhabi
Hardik & Sparsh Sharma – Sons
Soumya Sharma -Daughter
7889945202, 9149433794, 9149567155

Choubarsi of our beloved Late Smt. Sansar Devi Sharma W/o Late Sh. Jiv Nath Sharma will be performed on 29th July 2021 (Thursday) at our residence H. No. 145, Pacca Danga, Jammu at 12:00 noon.
Arun Sharma Son
(Journalist, The Indian Express)
Jyoti Sharma – Daughter-in-Law
Dr. Aarti Sharma – Grand Daughter
Amritaash Sharma – Grand Son

We miss you,
remember you and
feel your presence
and blessings around us
Sons & Daughters-in-law
Lt. Sh Ramesh Chander Gupta & Smt Prem Lata
Lt Sh Mohan Lal Gupta & Smt Mohani Gupta
Sh Kuldeep Raj Gupta & Smt Sunita Gupta

In loving memory of Lt. Smt. Khema Razdan W/o L.J. Razdan original R/o Shutra Shahi, Srinagar & at present 583, Sector 3 Ext. Trikuta Nagar, Jammu.
Two years have passed since you left us for heavenly abode. Words can never explain our feelings of loosing you.
We pray almighty that let your soul always remain in peace.
Deeply remembered by;
Lal Ji Razdan -Husband
Reeta & Kanwal Kaul -Daughter & Son in Law
Komal, Adit, Sheetal & Parkshit -Grand Children
Mobile Nos 7889626560, 9469214077

With profound grief and sorrow, we inform the sad demise of our beloved S. Sheetal singh (SHEETU) BROTHER OF S.Aman deep singh, Active MEmber JAMMU KASHMIR APNI PARTY R/O GURHA BAKSHI NAGAR JAMMU.
KIRTAN AND ANTIM ARDAS ON 29th July ThURsday from 10 AM to 12 Noon at Talishab Gurudwara pacca Gharat canal road, talab tillo, Jammu.
Grief stricken:-
Aman Deep singh (Active Member JAMMU KASHMIR APNI PARTY)
Mobile number: 7006658143

Remembering you my son Vicky Misri on Shadmos day today on 29.7.2021 is a great agony for us all.
Six months has passed your death has left us in pain which no one can cure. Dear son your beautiful smile, way of talking, solving of problems and fruitfull advise are no mere with us now. But still they will guide us.
Dear Vicky when your absence is felt behind our tolerance then we see up towards sky where we feel you in smile position it gives us satisfaction that you are in Heaven.
Dear you are always in our eyes, heart, memories and will remain forever. Without you we are in unrest position. Rest peace in Heaven.
Deeply Remembered and missed by
Misri Family
R/o Swarn Vihar, Police Coloney
H No. 128

Six Months Have Passed Now Since You Left Us for Heavenly abode.
We still remember you everyday & shall keep loving you forever.
Maswar/Shadmos of our Karmyogi Pt. Arjan Nath Dhar (Shashoo) originally from Devsar, Kulgam Kashmir shall be observed on 29th & 30th July at our residence H.No 294/B, Sector 1, Durga Nagar, Jammu 180013
Deeply remembered by
Dhar & Koul Parivar’s
Mobile: 9419878393

Oh! dear Dady ji, exactly a year has gone by when you turned off from us and left for the place where we know even gods and goddesses would have welcomed you with petals of beautiful roses and jasmine flowers.
Today we all are in tears as a year back you left all of us uninformed and heart broken.
Your sudden and unexpected departure from this mortal world has caused such a void in our life that no power on the earth can ever fill it up.
You will always live in our hearts guiding us and blessing us.
Deeply missed & remembered by :
Shalini Kaul Bakaya (Daughter)
Amit Bakaya (Son in Law)
S/o Smt Sharika & Sh G L Bakaya (Sooma)
2/33, Pamposh Colony, Janipur, Jammu (J&K)
Mob : 7298390323, 9419132575

We miss you, remember you and feel
your presence and blessings around us.
Daughters & Sons-in-law
Smt Pushpa & Late Sh P L Gupta-Delhi
Smt Sudesh & Late Sh Chand Gupta
Smt Kamlesh & Sh Surinder Gupta
Smt Sushma & Sh Subash Gupta
Smt Veena & Sh Ashwani Mahajan

In loving remembrance
on your birthday i.e. 29.7.21
Today i.e 29-7-21 is your Birthday but there are no celebrations it is going to be 17 years nine months since you were snatched away from us by cruel jaws of death. The dreams of your came back are like a mirage. We still and believed you are no more between us. We wish to rest in peace with tears in our eyes.
S. P Gupta – Father Ratish Gupta- Husband
Vijay Gupta- Mother Sheyerl- Daughter
Ajay Gupta- Brother Neeruj – Son
Nidhi Gupta – Bhabi Mother & Father-in-law
Leya Gupta- Niece
Lehar Gupta- Niece
Neetu & Rohit-Sister & Jija
Ruby Gupta & Rakesh Gupta- Sister & Jija
H. No. F-76 Shakti Nagar Jammu
Ph. 9796019841

With profound grief and sorrow, we inform the sad demise of Sh. Ramesh Dhar S/o Late Sh. H. N. Dhar and husband of our sister Nirja Dhar D/o Late Sh. Dina Nath Sultan, originally of Rajbagh, Srinagar, Kashmir and presently residing at 1829, Sector 8, Faridabad on 27th July 2021.
Sultan’s, Bakshi’s, Raina’s, Bhan’s
Contact No: 9868812650 / 9101390318 / 9899419434 / 9818893244 / 8126452161

Mourning from Malun side
With heavy heart we are sad to inform that our beloved Mahashewar Nath Bhat (Papa Jee) H/o our dear sister Smt Roopa Jee Bhat (Tathi) left for heavenly abode on 24-07-21.
The Mourning from Malun side will be performed at Community Hall Muthi Camp Jammu.
Grief Stricken
Sisters and Brother-in-laws
Smt. Shani & P.N. Bagati – 9797579367
Smt. Santosha & B.N. Koul -9419149393
Smt Pupli & H.L. Tufchi – 9796455387

One year has passed since you left us leaving in shock and distress.
May Almighty God bestow peace to eternal departed soul
Barkhi of our beloved Late Sh Tilak Raj will be performed on 30 July 2021 Friday at 12 Noon at our residence 70 A Shastri Nagar Jammu
Deeply Missed & Remembered By
Sons & Daughter in laws
Vikas Arora and Sonia Arora
Vishal Arora and Sonia Sharma Arora
Daughter & Son in law
Sheetal and Dharmender Kumar
Grand Son & Daughter in law
Lovish and Komal
M/s Janta Boot House
Grand Children
Arzoo Sahil Ridhima Aarav Ruhaan
Contact No. 9858217403,9711505044

With a heavy heart and profound sorrow we inform that Ardh Barkhi of our dearest Dr Sudesh Khanna W/o Mr Virender Kumar Tandon who expired on 03/02/2021 would be performed on 29th July 2021 at 10.30 A.M onwards at our residence 167, Shopping centre, Rehari Colony, Jammu.
Deeply missed by
Virender kumar Tandon (Director Agri Retd)
Daughter-in-law and Son
Dr Roopali and Vineet Tandon
Daughter and Son-in-law
Dr Urvashi and Yogesh Gupta
Kindly Follow Covid Protocol.
MB: 9419121656, 6006136881