Q: Why the development of tourist spots of Jammu province is restricted in the official files only and nothing practical is done on the ground?
A: This is so because all the planners of the discipline, be they at the Centre or in the State have always remained Kashmir centric for obvious reasons and they never gave any thought that Jammu province too possessed enough of tourist potential. Had Jammu been given due consideration in the matter of development of tourist destinations, all such areas would have registered remarkable socio-economic development. What to talk of free India, even Jammu continued to receive step-motherly treatment at the hands of Maharajas of the times. There is no dearth of places of tourist importance in Jammu region and people of those areas have been projecting their demand since long but nothing has happened till date on the ground. This can simply be described as official apathy and nothing else.
Q: What is the fun of having recruitment boards like Service Selection Board as selection lists are coming out now, the interviews for which were conducted in the year 2006? Endorse your views?
A: People generally say that mysterious are the ways of God, but to me it appears that mysterious are the ways of Government, moreso, of Jammu and Kashmir Government, for which nothing said would be much better. You have mentioned that selection lists were made out after six years and for that you must thank the State Government, otherwise, it would have maintained a cryptic silence about the matter and allowed such selection list to lapse in its files, so that candidates could forget as if they had applied for and appeared in interviews and the selection board come up with another advertisement for the same posts. In the absence of accountability, who cares?
Q: Why Power Development Department (PDD) is demanding VDLS Forms from the public for their installation when 6.24 lakh are not paying any penny for the electricity they consume? Why so many people are not ready to disclose their actual K Watts of their installations?
A: There is an old saying that money makes the mare go. The same thing holds good as far as illegal power connections are concerned in our State. Whosoever joins the PDD has a simple motto of making loot in one way or the other. While the executive class has its own channels to have extra buck, the field staff has some other modus operandi to adopt. Unscrupulous elements in the PDD connive with such people who don’t want to have legal power connection and allow them to use electricity out of the way and fill their coffers at the cost of Government exchequer. The beneficiaries of the loot are not only the people of unauthorized localities but well to do officers and persons from business elite and even VVIPs. Worst sufferers in the process are the daily rated field staff members who strive hard but get nothing in lieu of that and for meager wages they are made to wait for months together and in the advent of some unfortunate happening their families are not taken care of by the authorities at the helm of affairs on the pretext of certain provisions of the Government. Declaring power load voluntarily is good if all the consumers abide by this scheme, otherwise it would remain an exercise in futility.
Q: How can economic specialist Manmohan Singh rejuvenate Indian economy when his Government is responsible for rape of Indian economic resources? He failed in establishing meaningful Lokpal, bringing back black money from foreign control, exposing the plunderers of Indian economy, controlling the prices and checking unemployment. His Government is defacto in coma. What miracle is expected of him, a toy with remote control somewhere else?
A: Manmohan Singh is a common person like me and you and not a God with a magic wand in his hand who could stem the rot with one go when every third person of the country is out to weaken the economy of the nation by one way or the other. Like opposition, it is easy to level baseless allegations on any person, howsoever honest or straight forward he may be but it is very difficult to act when a person has on his back a truncated support of the people. Not Manmohan but all the members of Parliament will have to sit and strive hard to bring back the economy of the country on rails. Let us be honest and have a peep in our own souls as if how honest we are at heart towards the country and contribute a bit for the well being of India. It is said that ‘take care of penny and the pound will take care of itself’. So let us be honest towards out country and do all whatever is required to become a best citizen. Country will come out of the coma on its own.
Q: Living in favourable and unfavourable situation is called ‘part of life’ but smiling in all these situations is called ‘Art of Life’. Endorse your views?
A: Smiling in all the good and bad situations is not very difficult as is presumed by all of us. To attain ‘art of life’ one is required to prepare oneself for the worst and start thinking from that point ahead because the worst rarely happens. This art of life is something like “All is well” as shown in Hindi Movie ‘Three Idiots’. By saying “All is well” the things don’t change for the better but one musters courage to face the challenges coming in the way of life. That is really “Art of Life”.
Q: Why Omar Abdullah blames employees of PDD and consumers of electricity and does not take any action against them as he is Chief Minister and also Power Minister of the State?
A: Do you think that being the Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah should personally come on the streets to check illegal power connections? If he has blamed the staff of PDD and the consumers, he is right in blaming so because we are consuming electricity to the maximum but at the same time find ways and means to pay less thereby encouraging a wrong practice of power theft. The day is not far when action as warranted under law would prevail and the wrong doing persons will have to pay through the nose.
Q: A human body is a gift of God then why people kill and discriminate with each other in the name of religion?
A: The people who fight on the name of religion don’t know what the religion is because no religion preaches hatred and also no religion is bigger than the righteousness. If there is no righteousness there is no religion. The religion teaches us to love all the creations of God including living beings.
Q: Six years have passed but no lesson has been learnt and a small baby child Mahi became a victim of having a fall in a bore well. Earlier it was Prince who was luckily saved. Directives of Supreme Court of covering up all such holes have blatantly been ignored and death-traps kept open for children. Do you agree with me?
A: Yes I fully agree with you, because digging bore wells, the same are left unfilled if there is no water in these for obvious reasons. The time has come when the Government should come with a heavy hand on such lapses and provide stringent punishment to the violators of  the Apex Court directives.