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Golden jubilee of Dogri Regional News Unit

Jagmohann Sharma The Dogri News Unit of All India Radio Jammu is all set to complete its 50 years of existence tomorrow. Set up on the 6th of December 1971 during the troubled time of Indo- Pak war, this Regional News Unit (RNU) has gained immense popularity among the people...

Bollywood Buzz

Mahi makes it to Mumbai

Ritesh Gupta Former President of India Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Azad has rightly said, "You have to dream before your dreams can come true." This quote suits well to daughter of Jammu, Mahi Sharma, who had once seen a dream of seeing herself on Silver Screen and fulfilled the same...


Grateful Nation Applauds Gallant Heroes

Col J P Singh Great nations are those which profoundly honour their heroes who do something extraordinary to make it great. A casual glance at our history will reveal that Indian nation has been continuously under attack since ancient times and continues to be bled by Western and Northern neighbours....


Be Heart Smart in Winter

Dr Harinder Singh Bedi Eating sarson ka saag and makki ki roti with a dollop of butter, gajjak, rewari and groundnuts , sitting around the...

Career & Education

A writer’s responsibility Good writing will always find its readers

Zia Darakshan Writing is such a skill that all of us want to own it like a Rolls Royace. But as is rightly said everything comes with a price. For owning Rolls Royace one must be damn rich and for having writing skills one must be super rich with nuances...


Family can enhance your life

Dr T K Munshi Whether you have connected your family members by blood, official documents or love alone, they can enhance your life and health in immeasurable ways. The depths of those bonds can shape us to strength. Strengthen ties Maintaining bonds with your loved ones improves your well-being and theirs, says...

Book Review

A path breaking book on Kashmir

Rajesh Raina Name of the book: Kashmir before the Accession And After Author: Professor Rattan Lal Hangloo. Publisher: Primus International Delhi Pages: 237 Kashmir problem is a grand subject for a book today when many specialized investigations await synthesis. Recent years have seen the publication of many valuable empirical studies but these works seldom address...


Myths about Hair Care

Shahnaz Husain We keep hearing so many beauty care solutions and claims that soon we start wondering which ones are true and which are not. A time comes when you have to separate the facts from the myths, so that we can care for our skin or hair properly. Yes,...


The Battle of Garibpur

Col Vijay Yeshvant Gidh (Retd) As we commemorate the Golden Jubilee of India's decisive victory in the Bangladesh Liberation 1971, one of the earliest battles fought in the eastern sector was at Garibpur. The Battle of Garibpur fought on 21-22 November 1971 was the first major battle during the Indo-Pak War...

Science & Technology

Age of space tourism

Dr. Parshotam S. Manhas Too much travel on earth now, let's shifts gear. Space tourism is based on the idea of people traveling in space. Traveling to space provides an unprecedented experience and excitement. The most exciting is the sightseeing flights in space while enjoying the zero gravity. This recreational...

Art and Culture

The Big Bell

SAMVEDNA SHARMA My recent visit to Uttarbehni (North Flowing), which is about 5 Kms from Purmandal, famous as a 'Chhota Kashi' in Duggar Pardesh, was knowledge-worthy and memorable. The temple complex located here was patronized by the royal family of Jammu and Kashmir. Interestingly, here at Uttarbehni, river Devika takes a...

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