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A new-look MAM Stadium coming up

Johny William One can see truckloads of fresh mud being down loaded on the parched field of Maulana Azad Stadium to give it a new look . The sitting venues are beautified and fortified with grey marble. The main Pavilion has been designed for the Global reach. MAM stadium which is...

Bollywood Buzz

A paisa vasool entertainer

DE DE PYAAR DE is an unusual love story. Ashish (Ajay Devgn), 50, is based in London. He is separated from his wife, Manju (Tabu). At a common friend’s wedding, he comes across Aisha (Rakul Preet Singh) who is 26 years old. She is free-spirited and carefree and both...


Sculpting his way to success

Rajeshwar Singh 'Raju' If we talk of inclination of artists towards sculpture in our state, then it's a fact that there are so many enthusiasts who wish to become sculptors one day. But lack of support from cultural organizations and art promoters dent their morale and ultimately they realize that...


Oral Care tips in summer

Dr Mandeep Kaur Summer sun brings summer fun. While warm months are perfect for spending time together, summer vacations can also throw off your usual...

Career & Education

Personalized Learning

Dr S S Verma The industrial revolution was supposed to be based on scientific methods and systematic learning. These are meta-skills, skills on the basis of which other skills can be developed. The school and college are the places for acquiring such meta-skills. Whether it is the sciences or the...


Family rituals for a stronger connection

Shriya Abrol "Being a family means you are a part of something very wonderful. It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life." It's sometimes difficult to distinguish between rituals and routines. Rituals symbolically communicate the idea that "this is who we are" as a group,...

Book Review

For living a meaningful life

Sunil Seth Name of Book : Universal Face Theory Author : Susheel Kamotra Susheel Kamotra , Son of the Soil from Jammu, has penned down his 10 years of research work on 'Happiness' culminating in the form of a book titled ,'Universal Face Theory- A Theory Of Happiness' in the year 2017....


Dealing with body Odour

Shahnaz Husain Is excessive sweating in armpits, feet,palm and groin bothering you due to overheating of body in Monsoon ? Unpleasant sweating in peak monsoon season is major cause of embarrassment. Sweating is the body’s natural way to regulate its temperature but terrible smell becomes a problem. Excessive sweating which...


The King of wools

Padma Dolker Pashmina is a soft, fine and warm fibre and comes from an extremely high altitude region called Changthang in Ladakh. The place has a harsh climate. The people have adapted themselves to this place. Changthang has a beautiful landscape and natural beauty. The local people in Changthang have...

Science & Technology

Smartphone Addiction

Dr Neelam Choudhary I am not a scientist by profession; nor does one need to be, when the issue being discussed has not much to do with science at least with regard to its application in real life. To many of us, mobile phone is one of the greatest innovations,...

Art and Culture

Theatre in Dogri: Challenges and Possibilities

Lalit Gupta The recently concluded Dogri Theatre festival—first of its kind to be organized by J&K Academy of Art, Culture and languages (JKAACL) in association with North Zone Cultural Center, Patiala—despite being hailed as a welcome focus on ‘Theatre in Dogri’, has also raised many questions. These include a re look...

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