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Navratri Nine Days Festival Dedicated to Mother Goddess Durga

Rahul Dogra According to several Sakta scriptures, a year which is 365 days annual cycle is divided approximately into 40 nine-night periods (40 x 9 = 360 Days), known as Navratras/ navratri. Of these, four Navratras which are placed equidistantly around the calendar are prominent for the worship of Devis(Goddesses...

Bollywood Buzz

Brahmastra boasts of powerful visuals

Brahmastra Part One: Shiva is the story of a man discovering his own superpowers. Shiva (Ranbir Kapoor) is a DJ, based in Mumbai, and lives a carefree life. He's an orphan; he lives with orphan kids and dotes on them. He comes across Isha (Alia Bhatt) and falls for...


Story of the lady who saved Poonch in 1971 War

Col Lalit Chamola It was the Month of June 1999, I had moved with my Battalion from the rugged and inhospitable terrain of Gandoh in Doda district of Jammu and Kashmir to the Mandi - Loran area of Poonch District. The Surankot area in Poonch District had become the hotbed...


Stop calculating calories

Dr. Y.S. Bagal, Dr. Meenakshi Anand To stay fit and healthy, we need to eat enough and eat food that is good for us. Your...

Career & Education

“Education without heritage cosciousness is meaningless”

Ashok Sharma Anil Paba, a renowned freelance archaeologist, a columnist and an efficient bank officer, needs no introduction. He owns a huge collection of antiquities, manuscripts, coins, sculptures, paintings, rare books, tools, pots, and other priceless objects of archaeological importance. He has preserved all these valuable things in his private...


Yes!!Communication and leadership are learnable skills

Neelima Wali What are the two most highly rated and important skills across every industry that employers are looking for? These skills are the most important skills when it comes to leading a successful life. These skills are communication skills, be it oral or written communication, and leadership skills. Communication skills...

Book Review

Book on Honeybees

Parul Sharma The red dwarf honeybee (Apis florea) is the most common honey-producing bee species throughout tropical and subtropical Asia. This small bee is naturally distributed from India to the Malaysian peninsula. It is also present in several Middle Eastern countries, including Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen....


Beauty Benefits of Amla

Shahnaz Husain Amla is a staple fruit in India consumed in different ways Whether you eat it, drink it or apply it, Indian gooseberry (Amla) can be immensely beneficial for your skin, hair and health. The The magic fruit can be immensely beneficial to tighten your skin, lighten complexion ,treat Acne, make...


Koh-i-Noor Diamond : A historical analysis

Dr Jasbir Singh Sarna The Koh-i noor is the most talked-about and precious diamond in the world, 'Koh-i-noor' literally means 'mountain of light'. This famous diamond has many legends attached to it. According to Hindu mythological tales, this diamond had been associated with Karan, the king of Anga, who ruled...

Science & Technology

Meghdoot Weather based Mobile Application

Dr. Lobzang Stanzen, Dr. Ashu Sharma To take forward the Digital India initiative and bring technology to farmers, the Ministries of Earth Sciences and Agriculture have launched a mobile application "Meghdoot" which will provide location crop and livestock-specific weather-based agriculture advice to farmers. Meghdoot is a joint initiative of India Meteorological...

Art and Culture

Mrijhri: A Marker of Memory

Aditi Sundan A band of silver, with little bells hanging from it, encircles the wrist of a toddler on the verge of a tantrum. For the people belonging to the Jammu region in J&K, this might evoke a familiar sight. Why arm a young and reckless child with what can and...

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