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J&K Wetlands Threats and Management

Dr Tina Bhat The unique climatic conditions of the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir support numerous wetlands. These wetlands offer socio-economic and ecosystem services in the form of water supply, commercial fisheries, agriculture, energy resource, wildlife habitat, recreation, tourism, cultural heritage, water purification, flood control ,water supply, environment restoration...

Bollywood Buzz

“Good to see Tiger Shroff, Vidyut Jammwal doing their own stunts”

Thai martial artist-actor Tony admires Bollywood stars Tiger Shroff and Vidyut Jammwal for creating their own unique style in action and stunts. Jaa, who is known world over for his martial arts techniques and received international recognition with Thai film “Ong-Bak: Muay Thai Warrior”, said it is important to represent...


Tribute to Tushar

Ranjit Parihar In order to respect the brave soldiers of the country who have sacrificed their precious lives for integrity and solidarity of the country the present Government should rename important public places after martyrs so that a message in society goes that the martyrs are respected and honoured. Captain Tushar...


Obesity Complications

Dr. Sheikh Mansoor, Dr. Vikas Sharma Obesity is a complex, multifactorial, lifestyle-related disorder which dominantly affects nearly one-third of a global population. In more than one...

Career & Education

Building a stress free environment for students

Mukhtar Ahmad Farooqi Education has become a crazy rat-race and our children have to bear the brunt of this as they continue to be caught in this trying and demanding net. Children are under too much pressure to fulfill the expectations that have been set by parents or society not...

Scholarship Alert

Scholarship Alert

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Scholarship Alert


Not-so BIG but still FAT!

Arjun Singh Rathore Marriages are a necessity, but treating it as a business has made it into a luxury not affordable by all. Marriages need to be simpler, merrier and more inclusive. But if it is not a fat wedding, it is not an Indian wedding. Wedding is a very important...

Book Review

Exploring neighbourly relations

Ashok Gowher There are different ways to express oneself. Sometimes these expressions make the recipient sad and sometime joyful. A person expresses his thoughts, feelings and emotions in different ways to the people. Similarly a writer talks through poems, short stories, novels, essays, dramas, etc. He decorates his creative writings...


Rice Water for Winter Beauty

Shahnaz Husain We’re well into winter now . The merriest season of the year is here, the Holidays, shaddis, lots of winter barbecue and hot tea ,Pakodas. It’s time to mix up your beauty arsenal, because with winter comes a whole slew of problems for your skin, nails, and hair. At-home...


Completing an unfinished trek after 33 years

Prof. Lalit Magotra In the year 1987, on 4th January, a team of Dogri writers, including stalwarts like Prof. Ram Nath Shastri and Ved Paul 'Deep' embarked on a trekking expedition starting from Nadd on Samba-Mansar road to Mohr Garh - a fortification about 9-10 kms away. Others who were...

Science & Technology

Age of virtual Consultation

Dr M K Mam At the time of Lockdown in wake of Covid-19, Pandemic and consequent closure of medical institutes the people faced the crisis of seeking personal consultation from doctors. Having no option left with them, the patients opted virtual consultation to overcome the medical emergency. Having both positive...

Art and Culture

Beginning of a musical journey

Excelsior Correspondent Life is not a bed of roses nor it can be spoon fed. Life is made by a vision, striving towards the Vision/Dream and turning it into a reality. Mukta Mehta, born and brought up in Jammu, had an inclination towards music since her childhood. A Gold Medalist...

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