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Sudhmahadev Mela

Sudhmahadev Mela: JUNE 23-JUNE 25 Rajinder Chand Anthal Sudhmahadev is a small town in the foothills of Dhar Shivgarh at a distance of 116 kilometres from Jammu. It is the most favourite destination of the devotees of LORD SHIVA as Holy Devika rivulet originates at this place as 'AVTAR' of Goddess...

Bollywood Buzz

“‘Lagaan’@20 was turning point in my life”

"I'm not getting into this, it is too complex" was Aamir Khan's first thought when friend and director Ashutosh Gowariker told him the story of “Lagaan” but he took a chance on it and the rest, as some say, is Indian cinema history. The period sports drama about a cricket...


“Personal equations don’t matter”

Mithali and Co. are currently quarantining in Mumbai ahead of the UK tour, which is expected to provide a big push to the team's preparations for the ODI World Cup in New Zealand early next year. Personal likes or dislikes don't matter when one is playing for the country, India's...


Let’s Pedal to stay fit

Dr Azhar Khan Vehicle with two wheels which requires balancing by the rider dates back to early 19th century. The credit of first patented design...

Career & Education

Era of Digital intelligence

Niraj Dubey In the global world of information & communication (ICT) technology, we have seen a massive rise in the number of internet users especially post Covid -19 pandemic. As per present statistics available, the number of internet users in India is about 624.0 million and in the global world...


Surviving the Pandemic of Panic

Aditi Sharma The Pandemic Covid-19 that began to establish its roots in 2019 was conceived to be losing its grip by the nation and natives towards the end of 2020. The beginning of 2021 marked an optimistic start with the introduction of vaccination drives and instilled hope among general masses....

Book Review

Phera Tora: A Travelogue

Book : (Travelogue in Dogri) Author : Inderjeet Kesar Publisher : Jai Mata Prakshan 2-P , Sector-3 Ext. Channi Himmat, Jammu Rajeshwar Singh 'Raju' Travelogue means to pen down account of a journey to another place and personal impressions and experiences of the places visited by the author. It is heartening to say that...


Yoga for Beauty

Shahnaz Husain If you want to detoxify your skin, your body, tone your muscles, and find relief from too much stress, it's time to do yoga. Yoga for glowing skin is a real thing. . A daily yoga practice like 'Pranayama, breathing exercises, headstand, and fish pose flushes out toxins from...


Jogi gate was one of the gates of walled Jammu city

Shiv Chander Sharma On the outskirts of walled Jammu city there on the south-eastern end is a famous gate near the DPS School at Shahidi Chowk which the people know as Jogi Gate and is among the main five gates which were used to enter or exit the city during...

Science & Technology

Precision Farming- An innovative approach ?

Prerna Chib The century's most valuable innovation in farm management is based on using Information and Communications and technologies. An information and technology based farm management system identifies, analyses and manages variability in fields by conducting crop production practices at the right place, on right time and in right way...

Art and Culture

Festival of Tamdey

Ashok Sharma India is the land of customs, beliefs, rituals and festivals. We, in our country, have been lucky enough to inherit a rich & diverse culture & great traditions of celebrating a large number of festivals to break the monotony and drudgery of everyday life. Some of these festivals...
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