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Duggar’s Sangeet ‘Ratna’ to Live Through his Timeless Melodies

Lalit Gupta The legendary music icon and Santoor virtuoso, Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma who passed away on 10th May, 2022 will be remembered for his life-long passion for spiritual music. Talking to school children during a lecture, he had once said, "It is my life-long dream to play such kind of...

Bollywood Buzz

“Unfortunately, you can’t compare what male co-stars get to do”

Actor Kiara Advani says it's rare for a female protagonist to do heavy lifting in comedy films as most of the punches and jokes are reserved for male characters. Advani, who made her debut in 2014, has so far featured in two comedies, the 2019 hit "Good Newwz" and her...


Remembering Satyajit Ray The World view that shaped the making...

Nitya Chakraborty The legend of the Indian cinema, Satyajit Ray, has crossed one more year after his centenary celebrations began on May 2 of last year. The last icon of what is termed as Bengal Renaissance, died at the age of only 71 on April 23, 1992. Though his last...


Aligners or Braces

Dr Akshay Gupta When two things are too different to compare , an attempt to compare them is colloquially referred to in English as "comparing...

Career & Education

Why Study Linguistics?

Dr Reena Salaria Language is the principal method of human communication. This medium is as old as the history of human beings. Language is the platform which binds a community with shared past and present. People use language to share information, knowledge, and ideas with others. At present, there are more...

Scholarship Alert

Scholarship Alert

Scholarship Alert

Scholarship Alert


Pregnancy and childbirth A phenomenon of joint responsibility

Prof. Tabassum Firdous, Dr. Rabiya Yaseen Bazaz "In my entire pregnancy, my husband never accompanied me to the doctor. He even does not know where the clinic is located. I visited the clinic alone and sometimes with my mother. Although my husband remains busy with work he often spares time for...

Book Review

Remain usefully engaged

Dr Ashok Bhan Book Name: "Musings of the Mind- During Corona Times" Author: Er Lalit Mengi Publisher: Prabhat Paperbacks, New Delhi 2022, Pages : 184 Rs 250 The author of this paperback, musings of the Mind-During Corona Times Shri Lalit Mengi, an accomplished Engineer, met me some days back. He had a very captivating and charming brightness...


Myths about Hair Care

Shahnaz Husain We keep hearing so many beauty care solutions and claims that soon we start wondering which ones are true and which are not. A time comes when you have to separate the facts from the myths, so that we can care for our skin or hair properly. Yes,...


When Tibetans took up arms to fight China

Ashok Ogra 'The history of liberty is a history of resistance', Winston Churchill. Since the Communist Chinese invasion of 1949 and the subsequent takeover in 1959, Tibet has since been a country under occupation. While we are all too familiar with the resistance movement launched by the Tibetans - both inside and...

Science & Technology

Listening to plants

Dr. S S Verma Plants of any type have always been an integral part of human life since time immortal. We are all surrounded by plants which not only support human life system by providing oxygen, fuel, fruits, freshness, cool etc. but we make their use as per our various...

Art and Culture

The Moungri Mela

Ashok Sharma One of the famous Melas of Udhampur District, which attracts thousands of visitors from within and outside the UT is the Moungri Mela. This 3-Day famous Mela also known as Shiv-Parvati Mela, is organised with great religious fervour and gaiety every year on the eve of first Jyeshth...

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