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Life Style

Men dress like women, and       women dress like men, that’s     what androgynous fashion means to many. But there are many other shades in-between within this ambit, finds Pramita Bose The world of fashion trends is not just about glamour and … More
Men dress like women, and       women dress like men, that’s     what androgynous fashio More
Ankush Sharma With the increasing influence of Modernization and Globalisation, common people are su More
Ashok Sharma God has blessed each and every creature with unique abilities, talents, attitudes and a More
Chris Dale Are you having difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep? Do you wake up feeling unrefr More
Ashok  Sharma Everyday we see pages of newspapers full of obituaries /funeral notices/ remembrances etc.  about the deceased who leave this mortal world for their heavenly abode. The names and photographs of the deceased and  the names of grief stricken … More
Jagannath Dhar In U.K. a couple, split for 70 years, have got married again. A world War II hero, 90-year Roy Vickerman, had split from his 89-year-old fiancee Nora Jackson after he suffered post-trauma stress caused by wartime efforts. He … More
Dr. Shveata Misra “Without music Life would be a mistake.” Friedrich Nietzsche Music is an important ingredient in the recipe of life. It affects the brain in many positive ways. Music is providential either by playing or listening. It makes … More
Dr T K Munshi Start a gratitude habit :   Feeling thankful is how to appreciate all the good stuff and be a whole lot happier every day. Why give thanks ?  Plain and simple, feeling grateful is good for us. … More
Dr. Shveata Misra Our body is tuned to the musical pa terns. This article reviews on the effects of musical patterns on the human physiology. Music therefore developed as a separate discipline, endeavouring to incorporate the legitimate use of music … More
Kamlesh Barwal Is your mobile phone causing pain in the neck? Or the head?Or the shoulders? We live in the era of advanced technology and mobile phones are inarguably the most widely used device around the world. From education to … More
Pinaki Bakshi “Success is not, what we achieve alive, Success is that essence, that we leave behind.” The beautiful cluster of words said by Subroto Bagchi is not just about success, but also about that back force, which continuously keeps … More
Zafri Mudasser Nofil Has selfies become a   dangerous trend? A big yes, going by the recent spate of incidents of fatalities and the extent of the craze behind it. Incidentally, India   accounted for nearly half of the 27 “selfie-related” deaths … More
With the festive season kickstarting with a long list of events coming up, Pramita Bose gives a lowdown on what is making waves in the           apparel- fashion scene. Can you smell it in the air, despite the monsoon rain showing … More
Aditi Kohli Our fast-moving, information-rich, ultra-connected, hi-tech world is an amazing & exciting place to live on, and hence nobody wants to stop here.  Besides that sometimes, we are bound to face such problems and thus become unhappy. Sleep Deprivation … More
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