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Prof B L Chakoo I have been studying neuroscience for decades now, and have even watched some gruesome brain surgeries.   What    I have learned from this all is that         knowing about the details of how the brain works can certainly … More
Prof B L Chakoo I have been studying neuroscience for decades now, and have even watched some grueso More
Bisma Ashraf Zargar On the basis of my research on the Effect of Different Processing Parameters on More
Dr. Richa Sharma & Dr Amit Basnotra Tuberculosis (TB) is still rampant in India; and TB of the g More
Dr. Amanjeet Singh It was not a very good morning for Ramesh Kumar, a 53-year-old senior       More
Dr Richa Sharma & Dr Amit Basnotra Infertility is a bad dream turned reality for a couple awaiting cry of a baby in their barren lives.Due to so much of advancement and         definitely good accessibility, sometimes it  may not prove … More
Dr Richa Sharma and Dr Amit Basnotra Fertility control is important to the majority of the population for a large proportion of their lives. Effective contraception brings both health and economic benefits to women, their families and wider society. The … More
Dr Rahul Gupta A disease affecting 30 millions lives, and many more cases undetected COPD, Chrinic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease has become the 5th deadliest disease across the globe. COPD is always known to be a smokers disease, non smoking COPD … More
Dr. Ajay Anand Genitourinary Tuberculosis (GUTB) can present in various ways which include      irritative voiding symptoms as increased frequency of micturition, constitutional symptoms, sterile pyuria, hematuria(blood in urine), renal  insufficiency, calcification, renal mass, miscellaneous (UTI, fistulae, scrotal mass etc.). GUTB … More
Dr M K Mam Low back pain is extremely common and somehow its prevalence is increasing. It has been reported that about 80% of the population experiences an episode of low back pain (LBP) at some point of time in … More
Pawan Kumar Strength training as a form of exercise gets little to no attention compared to cardiovascular training.Most people know that walking or riding their bike    is an essential part of maintaining  good health; strength training is       often acknowledged as … More
Dr. Suhael Zahur Humans have long tried to understand the beauty of the human face. Praxiteles’ Aphrodite from 450 BCE was considered a standard for artistic beauty for several hundred years. With ideals of beauty changing over the last few … More
Dr. Sumit  Mahajan Total Knee Replacement (TKR) is one of the most        successful orthopedic procedures in the present scenario. This is due to the             substantial pain relief and restoration of function after TKR. With newer implant designs and improved                surgical … More
Keshav Kumar Every time one hears of dieting to lose body weight the concept of metabolism surfaces especially phrases such as “increasing metabolism” or “increasing metabolic rate”, etc. For those who are unaware about what this means or its relevance … More
Dr Richa Sharma and Dr. Amit Basnotra Smoking or any other addictions     definitely not only have ill impact     on the mother but also on the prospective child.Both kinds of   smoking be it active(Primary source is sufferer only) or passive(Some other … More

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