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Health Lines

Dr. Swarkar Sharma Vitamins are vital nutrients that are required in limited amounts but our body cannot  synthesize many of these  altogether or in sufficient quantities thus, must be obtained through the diet. Interestingly, Vitamin D can be synthesized in … More
Dr. Swarkar Sharma Vitamins are vital nutrients that are required in limited amounts but our body ca More
Dr Arvind Kohli Dysphagia is the medical term for the symptom     of difficulty in swallowing. I More
Dr Richa Sharma & Dr Amit Basnotra Cancer is one of the   most feared disease   which was ea More
Migraine is a neurological disorder that causes recurring headaches ranging from moderate to high in More
Dr. Devraj Dogra, Dr. Mubashar Mir Vitiligo is a disease that is characterised by white blotches on the skin due to loss of normal skin colour. It can affect the skin on any part of your body. It may also … More
Priya Kundal Floriculture has now made its place in commercial world. Rose has a great commercial importance as there is great demand for fresh roses, petals and by products like rose water, rose jam etc. not only in domestic market … More
Dr. Richa Sharma, Dr Amit Basnotra This is an update of latest advances       in science in the domain of Infertility and Reproductive Medicine.It may come as a blessing for many provided it stands the test of time.Many of our readers … More
Dr Richa Sharma and Dr Amit Basnotra Infertility is a stressful condition for the  affect not only the couple but the whole family.A new baby is a bundle of  joy for any family. But pregnancy can put a lot of … More
Dr Abhishek Chowhan RS a 48-year-old male has been drinking alcohol for past 30 years. Alcohol has destroyed his life in many ways. He is divorced twice, his children do not visit him and he has mistreated all of his … More
Dr Richa Sharma and Dr Amit Basnotra We often come across in our life episodes of missing periods and that creates panic in mind of the patient especially when they are not expecting pregnancy and have a regular course of … More
Dr Richa Sharma, Dr Amit Basnotra Fertility can be affected by both male and female parameters. Normally a basic work up can  point out the causative factor. Problem adds on when other factors are involved in making the delay in … More
Dr M K Mam Osteoporosis is one of the major public health problems worldwide and its prevalence is increasing. It is a systemic disorder of bones characterized by low bone mass and micro-architectural deterioration of bone tissue, leading to enhanced … More
NEW YORK: Scientists have unearthed fossils of the earliest known dinosaur relative, a 245-million-years old giant reptile that walked on four legs like a crocodile. The six-foot-long, lizard-like carnivore, called Teleocrater rhadinus, was discovered in Tanzania. The finding fundamentally changes our … More
Ajay Kapoor Gone are the days when ‘small is good’ was the motto. Today we want everything to be better than the rest. Better house, better salary, better grades; even a better world. The strive for perfection is driving us … More
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