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Prof  M K Raina My Kashmir in Peace and Turbulence: Story of a Native in Exile is a Saga from early times, when militancy and terrorism were not known in Kashmir valley and the forces inimical to pluralism, harmony and … More
Prof  M K Raina My Kashmir in Peace and Turbulence: Story of a Native in Exile is a Saga from early More
Dr M P Raju Jhunjhunwala, Bharat, Common Prophets of the Jews, Christians, Muslims and Hindus, 448 P More
Susharma I turned the pages of Mr Madan Gopal Padha’s Dogri translation of William Shakespeare More
Chirdeep Malhotra “I am from there. I am from here. I am not there and I am not here. I have t More
Dr. K.N. Pandita Vanya Kusum, (2017) a collection of Hindi poems by Dr. Sangeeta and Dr.Anita Kiran, pp 110, hard bound Rs. 450, published by Utpal Publications, Delhi. This is a collection of seventy-one Hindi poems jointly composed by two … More
Suman K Sharma If there is one flaw in Inderjeet Kaiser’s superbly brought out Dogri novel MUNS (Jai Mata Prakashan, Chhanni Himmat, Jammu, 2017, pages 254), it is that the book won’t let you go away till you have finished … More
Adarsh Ajit By reading the nazmas of Bal Krishen Sanyasi the receptive minds get the idea that the poet composes a mix of love, romance, nature, psychology and sex. Under the circumstances when almost all the Kashmiri Pandit poets pour … More
Name of Book : Dhoop Chaon, a novel in Hindi Author : Chand “Deepika” Pages : 102 Price : Rs 180 This 102-page Hindi novel entitled” DhoopChaon” by Chand Deepika is an absorbing story of Partition period uprooting numerous people … More
Lalit Gupta In backdrop of the charade of political tokenism that since last 27 years has been dangling promise of honorable return of the ‘displaced community’ to their ‘homeland’, a large corpus of creative works by Kashmiri Pandit poets, writers, … More
O P Sharma The title of the 287-page  book under review  is “ Is God Dead ?????/ The Truth About Jammu and Kashmir “. At the outset, I would venture to say “ God is still alive” and it is … More
O P Sharma “In The Shadow of Memories” in English is the translation of Prof  Champa Sharma’s Sahitya Akademi winning Book in Dogri entitled ” Chete de Rhol”. The original book was a collection of choicest Dogri poems which got … More
Sunny Dua Taking a leaf out of 1984 anti-Sikh riots, the versatile writer Dr Amrinder Bajaj, in her 30 chapter book titled “When A Mighty Tree Falls” has tried to sum up 30 years of unending agony in a single … More
Suman K Sharma Imagine you are in a decent club.  Dim lights, clinking glasses, muted sounds of laughter, snippets of conversation petering out softly like confetti, unobtrusive comings and goings of bearers; and amid all that razzmatazz,  a debonair man … More
Dr. S. L. Abrol This book is about the various Rajput Khandaans(Clans) of erstwhile Dogra States (22 on either side of river Ravi) then named as Kangra, Mandi, Saket, Kullu, Jaswan, Datarput, Chamba, Guler, Seba, Kotllehar, Pathankote, Jammu, Jasrota, Bahu, … More