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Susharma Shabd Se Maun Tak is the title LalitMagotra has given to his anthology of Dogri poems, self-translated into Hindi. The much-acclaimed author is better known for his prose works, but his poetry is bound to make him an established … More
Maharaj Krishan Santoshi ‘Longings Buds and Blossoms’ by Tej Raina is not an ordinary bo More
Deepak Raj “Catching The Fading Ray” has strong streaks of intrinsic nostalgia which hau More
O P Sharma & Manoj Kumar Name of the Book : Karan Singh, J&K (1949-1967) Author : Harbans Si More
O.P. Sharma & Manoj Kumar Name of the Book     :     Spirituality is Science Author    More
Rajee Koul Patey is a collection of Hindi Poems by Ms.AnshulAimaKoul.Anshulis not a new name in the literary circles of Jammu and Kashmir.She has already made a mark as one of the youngest poets of the state with ‘Moods’ a … More
Adarsh Ajit Unlike most of her contemporaries, Sunita’s poetry is mostly revolving around human relationship. Her book of poetry Tsoppi Hindy Aalav is also a display of existential echelon with respect to the laws of nature. The intensity of love, … More
Prof  M K Raina My Kashmir in Peace and Turbulence: Story of a Native in Exile is a Saga from early times, when militancy and terrorism were not known in Kashmir valley and the forces inimical to pluralism, harmony and … More
Dr M P Raju Jhunjhunwala, Bharat, Common Prophets of the Jews, Christians, Muslims and Hindus, 448 Pages, Paperback, Rs 140, 2018, Can an out-of-the-box hypothesis lead us to truth? Anyone who starts reading the book would naturally be tempted to … More
Susharma I turned the pages of Mr Madan Gopal Padha’s Dogri translation of William Shakespeare’s tragedy Othello, The Moor of Venice (Highbrow Publications, Bari Brahmana, Jammu, pp 174, Rs 400/-) with much anticipation. One, it is Mr Padha’s second attempt … More
Chirdeep Malhotra “I am from there. I am from here. I am not there and I am not here. I have two names, which meet and part, And I have two languages. I forget which one of them I dream … More
O P Sharma The 256-page book entitled “Unmasking Kashmir-A Bureaucrat Reveals” is an exciting hard look into the  affairs-administrative, political mismanagement and  sheer discrimination in sensitive Jammu and Kashmir State. An insider view  by  former top  bureaucrat Sonali Kumar , … More
Dr. K.N. Pandita Vanya Kusum, (2017) a collection of Hindi poems by Dr. Sangeeta and Dr.Anita Kiran, pp 110, hard bound Rs. 450, published by Utpal Publications, Delhi. This is a collection of seventy-one Hindi poems jointly composed by two … More
Suman K Sharma If there is one flaw in Inderjeet Kaiser’s superbly brought out Dogri novel MUNS (Jai Mata Prakashan, Chhanni Himmat, Jammu, 2017, pages 254), it is that the book won’t let you go away till you have finished … More
Adarsh Ajit By reading the nazmas of Bal Krishen Sanyasi the receptive minds get the idea that the poet composes a mix of love, romance, nature, psychology and sex. Under the circumstances when almost all the Kashmiri Pandit poets pour … More