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Prof M L Raina The book Beyond Me, which is in the nature of an autobiography, is a panorama of personal details of the authors life, enlivened with views on wordly wisdom, rational philosophy and flashes of spirituality. The Introduction … More
Prof M L Raina The book Beyond Me, which is in the nature of an autobiography, is a panorama of pers More
O P Sharma Rakesh Sharma has now come out with a new Dogri book of poety entitled “ Mere Geet, Mer More
Geer Pataroo”, a collection of Dogri poetry, has been penned by a noted writer, P L Parihar. This More
O.P. Sharma The 136-page book entitled “ Sudhmahadev: Ek Parchey” in Hindi authored by  Ayodhya More
Abdul Rashid Khan The book ” Alluring Kashmir—The Inner Spirit” by Irfan Nabi & Nilosree Biswas, was launched in January 2017, in World Book Fair at Pragatimaidan –Delhi, by the well known Publishing Company–‘Niyogi Books’. This is actually a travel … More
O P Sharma The 270-page book entitled “Ghari” is translation of Sahitya Akademi awardee Mohan Singh’s selected Dogri poetry. It is really a singular work of Yashpaul Nirmal, a promising writer, to have undertaken translation of chosen popular Dogri poetry … More
Sunny Dua For the love of a Man  is tale of a girl who rises to become a successful gynaecologist but during her prime youthfulness intends to break shackles of her ‘almost failed’ marriage only to fall for a man … More
This 283-pag book entitled ” Public Relation and Press” in English is a good addition in the field of journalism and mass communication. The public relations through the print asd electronic media is in thing in the fast growing open … More
O.P. Sharma Bhartya Sanskriti Ke Vividh Aayam, a book  iin Hindi by  renowned writer Dr. Satyapal Shrivatas is his last creative work on the proud cultural and literacy Indian traditions. The book was lying for review with me but in … More
Suman K Sharma Phirdiyan Ghirdiyan Chhaaman is the latest   poetry anthology of one of Jammu’s most prolific Dogri writers, Inderjeet Kesar.       The 139 page volume contains sixty poems and eight geets. The title, loosely translated as ‘The Looming Shadows’, sounds … More
Dr Garima Gupta “The Spirit of Chiron” by Dr. Bhavneet Kour is a testimony that writing in English with proficiency and creativity is not the privilege of the West or those residing in the Metropolitans. It proves that talent is … More
O.P. Sharma Health is, and rightly should be, a matter of great concern for everyone. And a book on this vital subject by a renowned scientist-author on the pathways to healthy and happy living is certainly of deep interest for … More
Tejaswita Kaushal If we live for the destination, we miss out on every joy-filled and fervent termini of the journey. Living and loving the journey involves making a habit of enjoying here, loving ourselves now, being happy with where we’re … More
Lalit Gupta In a scenario, where there is a dearth of books on history and culture of different sub-regions of Jammu division, the book titled ‘Pancheri Samaj aur Sanskriti (Pancheri-Society and Culture), is certainly a welcome micro study of the … More

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