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Prof  Nater Singh Book Name     :     Lost Heritage- The Sikh legacy in Pakistan Author     :     Amardeep Singh Publisher    :     The Nagaara Trust Printers     :     Aegean offset Printers, Greater Noida * I have gone … More
Mohan Singh, recipient of Sahitya Akademi Award in Dogri, has penned sweet poetry depicting the spir More
O. P.  Sharma “Khoon Ke Aansu” meaning Tears of Blood is a small novel authored by famous Punja More
K L Chowdhury Name of book : Kashmir Towards Demilitarization Authors : Brig Pramathesh Raina (Penta More
O P Sharma The 198-page book in English entitled “ Wildlife and Wetland Eco-system of Jammu and Ka More
K L Chowdhury A crisp and lyrical preface to Maharaj Kaul’s latest poetic collection, The Rhapsody of Kashmir, sets the tempo for the reader as one dips into the nectarean spring of his poetry, a distillation of his soulful outpourings … More
O.P. Sharma Well-known drama artiste-turned writer, Santosh Sangra has come out with yet another book entitled ‘Antakaran Di Quaid’ containing captivating short stories in Dogri language. The book has stories which are interesting, informative and having moral values. Most of … More
Sushant Dhar Author : Rakesh K. Kaul Publisher : HarperCollins India Pages : 412 Price : Rs 399 The prologue of the novel ‘The Last Queen of Kashmir’ introduces us to a girl living in the Battal Balian Refugee Camp, … More
O.P. Sharma The 118-page book entitled ‘A Ray of Hope’, a collection of poems in English, has been authored by a Jammunite Kiran Kanchan. It contains 100 poems, big and small. Most of  them inspire confidence and also sustain the … More
While it took a decade for makers of  MASTI (2004) to continue the franchise of sex comedy with its sequel, it has hardly been three years that the third installment is all set to release. With controversies regarding its untimely … More
Promila Kaul Pandita The book written by a new entrant in the field of writing is an offering of devotion to Goddess SHIVA who is worshipped by all Kashmiri Pandits as Kashmir is a land of spiritual sustenance and Kashmiri … More
Jean Spraker Defiant Dreams: Tales of Everyday Divas is a short story collection from Incredible Women of India, an online magazine that features life stories of everyday women. In 2015, Incredible Women conducted a short story contest called Stree. The … More
Name of booklet : Dogri Anusandhan Author & Publisher : Dr. Sunita Bhadwal A booklet, devoted to depict and project the research being undertaken in Dogri language, is being edited and published by Dr. Sunita Bhadwal. Brought out for the … More
Vijay Wali It is said that love and compassion knows no bounds like that of region or language. Every poet who keeps thinking with his heart, keeps observing and feeling the pathos of people around him or within his visibility. … More
O P Sharma Name of the book : Addh-Majhatai (A collection of stories in Dogri) Author : Rajeshwar Singh ‘Raju’ Publisher : Maya Sansar, Suraksha Vihar, Top Paloura, Jammu.. The 160-page book entitled ‘Addh-Majhatai, a collection of short stories in … More

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