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Dr. Vikas Sharma Emblica officinalis commonly known as Indian gooseberry or amla / aonla,     belonging to family Euphorbiaceae,        originally native to India, is today found growing in Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Sri           Lanka, South-East Asia, China and Malaysia. All parts of the … More
Dr. Vikas Sharma Emblica officinalis commonly known as Indian gooseberry or amla / aonla,     be More
Prof (Dr) R.D. Gupta India, one of the world’s biggest populated country after China presently More
Hema Handoo Few days have passed to Dusshera, which symbolises the last day of Ramleela . This festi More
Maneka Sanjay Gandhi When I started writing about animals, I thought I wrote to educate people so th More
Dr.Vishal Raina and Shalini Khajuria Honey is the best source of heat and energy giving over 5,500 calories per kg. Very often it is noticed that some consumers have the perception that crystallized honey either unfit for consumption or is … More
Dimple Gupta and Yash Pal Sharma Use of medicinal plants or their products have acquired a centre stage in traditional medicine either to prevent ailments or as a curative measure against distress and diseases. They provide a wide variety of … More
Dr. Vikas Sharma Cancer is becoming a big load on families and economies. It is a deadly disease and mortality figures were 6,82,830 contributing to 8.33% of global cancer deaths.. The mortality rate among men and women in India is … More
Shashikant Lakhanpal Palash is a traditional Indian medicinal tree. It is a native of India. It is associated with God of Fire [Agnidevta], culture, literature, religion and history of India. It has been used as medicine since the dawn of … More
Anit Singh There is something intrinsically vulnerable about the sparrows. It’s in their fragile frames, their little hearts beating furiously, their diminutive appearance that makes you pray for their safety. I saw one in my garden after a very long … More
Maneka Sanjay Gandhi I have a vegetable garden. The monkeys take my brinjals, the parakeets take the chillies, the moles take the cauliflower, leaf curl gets my tomatoes, and squirrels come for some seeds. I get the mint, dhaniya and … More
Dr. Ravdeep Singh and Dr. Harneet Kour Today we will talk about the only creature on this earth that loves you more than you love yourself. Now, a day we are so much engaged with our earnings that we have … More
Dr. Vikas Sharma Mallotus philippinensis,       popularly known as “Kamala tree or sindur” about 10-20 m height, with a trunk 1 m round, is distributed throughout India in evergreen and deciduous forests up to 1500 m. It has long been valued … More
R.C. Kotwal Tulsi (Ocimum Tenniflorum) or Holy Basil is a highly scared plant in Hinduism for thousands of years, it is often called as Consort of the God Vishnu. Majority of Hindus have tulsi plants growing in front or near … More
Dr. Atul Anand Many studies and articles on dog`s behavior have revealed that dogs have a complex range of simple unpleasant emotions such as jealousy and pride.  The dog reacts when another dog gets the food or when the new … More

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