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Krimachi calling

Ashok Sharma Krimachi is a small town located at about 10 Kms to the north of  Udhampur on the Udhampur -Lander road at an elevation of 730 m above the mean sea level. The latitude 32.9 and longitude 75.1 are the geo coordinates of village Krimach...More

Bollywood Buzz

Nothing musical about it

A fun, family film with children as the target audience is quite rare in Bollywood. When JAGGA JASOOS was announced, it seemed like a great idea that would fill this void in Hindi cinema. But the numerous delays and negativity surrounding the film partly took away the excitement. Now that the film is out, does it really manage to entertain and awe viewers or does it turn into a sleep-fest, let's analyze. JAGGA JASOOS is a musical adventure of a detective teenager who along with a female companion, is on a mission to find his missing father. Jagga (Ranbir Kapoor) is orphane... More


The world as a stage

Aarushi Thakur is a new age theatre director from Jammu who brings a fresh whiff of air to the troubled land. Her repertoire includes adaptations from Shakespeare, and presented in English too, as well as plays on her own scripts, writes Sonali Jha Chatterjee. Lately, Jammu and Kashmir, unfortunately, has often been in news for turmoil and disharmony. Amidst all this, however, creativity flows too in different forms. Theatre person Aarushi Thakur, 27, of Jammu, thinks that the urge to create often gets more powerful than giving in to despair about conflicts around. Her pl... More


Cancer in Women

Dr Richa Sharma & Dr Amit Basnotra Cancer is one of the   most feared disease   which was earlier  considered as the   death sentence for the person diagnosed with it. Thanks to  fervent efforts of researchers and oncologists which has made cancer now  more manageable with   many preventive and curative strategies to fight cancer.Still it has lot of psychological impact on the patient and family besides the health concerns such that sicence has not been able to break the fear and confusion that surrounds a person when diagnosed with the Cancer such that its ... More

Career & Education

Cracking the CAT

Raveena Kapoor Common Admission Test, CAT 2017 has been the most                    anticipated notification for each of the graduates who intend to get themselves enlisted into India's top      B-schools in 2018. Changing its directing body each passing year to have one of a kind CAT exam, the current year's CAT 2017 is being led by the old set up               B-school, IIM Lucknow. CAT 2017 is being held for graduates who aspire to pursue their Masters in Business Administration i.e. MBA as their post-graduation course from In... More


Parenting a Special Child

Tisha Singh Chandel Parenting a special child is often considered as a rollercoaster of mixed emotions and experiences. It is always difficult to speak about how you feelas having a child with disability has a serious effect on individuals' physical and emotional well-being. As per Census 2011, the differently-abled population in India was 26.8 million. There are 14.9 million men with disabilities as compared to 11.8 million women in the country. State Jammu and Kashmir has 3,61,153 disabled persons, outof which 1,01,428 are of 0-19 years of age. State-wise data reveal th... More

Book Review

‘Words and Vibes’, as I saw

Pran Pandit Published by Sangarmal Foundation, New Delhi, a book entitled "Words and Vibes" by Arvind Shah, renowned writer, poet and translator has come out very recently. The author has chosen Kashmiri poems of the doyens of Kashmiri poetry, typically rich with aesthetic and expressive value, like Sufi poet Swache Kral, whose sproutings from within pour out in poetic expression with directness, simplicity and a tender poignancy of feeling to convey the message of love, longing and self realization; like Parmanand, a prolific poet, known for his expression of poetic thou... More


Monsoon Foot Care

Shahnaz Husain Monsoon is the season of romance,fun, greenery and scenic beauty. Walking on filthy pavements, water logged streets, moist cool atmosphere and dampness  leads to sticky footwear, heavy sweating feet, bacterial and fungal infections  like ring worm, itching and redness etc Your feet bears the real brunt of monsoon. Your feet are the most care worn part of the body during rainy season .You can avoid foot and toe infections during rainy season by taking some extra care. The main problem during the Monsoons is high humidity and sweat. The feet are among th... More


An Institution for Spirituality and Science

O P Sharma (Learning gives humility, humility makes one deserving, the deserving gets wealth, wealth gives Dharma and Dharma is the source of all relief and peace.) Quite in spirit of the oft-quoted above Sanskrit Shloka, a Gurukul institution for imparting Vedic and modern education, started by Sri Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board (SMVDSB), is at work for shaping the destiny of the humanity. A unique institute with some distinguishing features and popularly known as "Gurukul " is growing up fast on the foothill of Shivalik Hill range near Katra, base camp of world famou... More

  • A mission to save languages

    Ayushman Jamwal Nelson Mandela once said, “You talk to someone in the language they understand, th More

  • Keep misery at bay

    Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Patanjali, the propounder of yoga, enunciates the purpose of yoga, “the p More

Science & Technology

The menace called cellphones

Anshu Koul The technologies are primarily invented to ease the struggle of human life. New and undesired habits are developing among the consumers. Cellphones were invented to make the communication mobile and keep people stay connected. No doubt, cellphone communication has proven to be a boon. People can stay in touch with their colleagues and near and dear ones, round the clock. However every technology brings with it loads of detrimental habits. For example to start with, it is evident that people are glued to their cellphones these days. Making calls to your relativ... More

Art and Culture


Deepak Pathania The land of Dogras is known for many of its unique festivals and rituals. Many a time these festivals are celebrated to strengthen the social bonds and the relationship between man and nature. Rahre is one of such festival. It is a month long festival which commences with the beginning of Ashad month of Hindi calendar. All the major rituals of this festival are performed by girls especially the unmarried ones. On the first day, round tops of broken earthen pitchers are placed in the soil and seeds of different crops are sown in them. These are known as... More

  • Rahre

    Deepak Pathania The land of Dogras is known for many of its unique festivals and rituals. Many a tim More

  • Of Targets

    Rajeshwar Singh ‘Raju’ We bankers are quite prone to this term__ TARGET which haunts us even dur More

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