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Restoring glory of Dal Lake

Sunny Dua Come summers and tourists from around the globe, despite negative advisory by a couple of countries, are sure to flood Kashmir - ‘Paradise on Earth’. Both domestic as well as foreign tourists find solace in Kashmir and dream of taking ...More

Bollywood Buzz

Noor is a decent one time watch

There have been quite a few films in which the leading ladies have played the role of a journalist. Testimonies to this are in the form of Kareena Kapoor Khan (SATYAGRAHA), Nargis Fakhri (MADRAS CAFÉ), Konkona Sen Sharma (PAGE 3), Preity Zinta (LAKSHYA), Rani Mukherji (NO ONE KILLED JESSICA) and many others. This time round, it’s Sonakshi Sinha who plays a journalist in this week’s release NOOR. Will the film create record-breaking collections or will it fall flat on its face, let’s analyze. NOOR is slice of life Bollywood drama which tells the tale of a journalist... More


A philanthropist par excellence

Ravi Rohmetra This is the tale of a towering             personality who worked selflessly for the cause  of the people. A personality who shared weal woes of needy. He was a friend,  a guide and a social worker. Born on 13th April, 1904 the main aim and objective of Dr Lal  Chand Gupta remained to help and uplift the victims, and families        below poverty line. He never backed out in fighting and struggling for a social work and in helping the masses without creed and caste. The feeling of helping and supporting the masses especially poor was so... More


Retrograde Ejaculation

Dr Richa Sharma, Dr Amit Basnotra Fertility can be affected by both male and female parameters. Normally a basic work up can  point out the causative factor. Problem adds on when other factors are involved in making the delay in diagnosis and planning the things in the correct way.Here is one such condition called Retrograde ejaculation in males.Its also termed as Dry Orgasm. Retrograde ejaculation occurs when semen, which would, in most cases, be ejaculated via the urethra, is redirected to the urinary bladder. Normally, the sphincter of the bladder contracts before ej... More

Career & Education

The recipe for future success

Colonel Shiv Choudhary (Retd) One often hears many talks, announcements and mass mobilization Programme on Skill Development. Commonly all these refer to the Skill Development Programme launched by the  PM of India. This flagship Programme has a definite ministry, CEO, training centers and dedicated budget. Surprisingly not even a word on 'Soft Skills or Communication Skills or in a simpler ways, the Life Skills" is found mentioned or discussed either at the regional or national canvas. This warrants a serious thinking. As Soft skills are a sociological term, relating... More


A Comeback Trail for the Dzo in Ladakh

Anzara Anjum Khan A male hybrid of yak and cow, the dzo has always been crucial for agriculture in Ladakh that at9,800 feet is easily one of the coldest, most daunting regions for farming. Although the yak is a bigger, studier animal, locals prefer the dzo.  It is more nimble and suited to plough the fields. This vast ice desert lying in the lap of the Himalayas is an ecologically sensitive zone.For centuries, Communities here have stuck to traditional agricultural practices that conserve and replenish scarce natural resources to maintain this delicate balance. With me... More

Book Review

Speak out, Birdie

Suman K Sharma Chhattrapal, an accomplished Dogri writer, has come out with one more seminal work, Bol Toteya Bol (Dogri  Sanstha, Jammu, 2016, 119 pages, Rs 300/-), a collection of 18 pieces of prickly prose, satirising our life and times.  The narrative runs rather like the pillow talk of a particularly acerbic couple, apparently devoid of any structure, yet inciting one to sit up and take notice of what is wrong with us.  Citing HarishankarParsai, Chhattrapal holds, '(Satire lies)... more in spirit than in structure.  It is a characteristic inherent in all the gen... More


Laser Treatments

Shahnaz Husain The word LASER stands for "Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation." Laser produces an intense beam of light of a single- wavelength, which can be accurately focused to transmit that light on to       a very small area. From eye surgery and skin resurfacing to hair removal, laser treatment has shown good results. Cosmetic laser treatments are also becoming popular. They can address problems like lines and wrinkles, pigmented (dark) patches, facial hair, acne scars, broken blood vessels and even help in removing tattoos. The temporary k... More


Mandir Dushalla

Ayodhya Nath Kerni Chenani  is one of the main principalities among the erstwhile twenty two Duggar states. Chenani was subordinated to Mughals, Lahore and afterwards to Jammu. The ruling clan came from Chanderi(Bundel khand) during 9th century. The name of the town also seems to be driven from the word 'Chanderi'. The small town has a long history of its glory and turbulence. Its ruling dynasty is said to be  one of the oldest in India having ruled uninterrupted for fifty two generations from about 850 AD to 1947 AD. The ruling clan  belonged to Chanderwanshi lineage d... More

  • Mandir Dushalla

    Ayodhya Nath Kerni Chenani  is one of the main principalities among the erstwhile twenty two Duggar More

  • Royals and Ruins

    Aruditya Jasrotia A concerted effort to preserve our heritage  is a vital link to our cultural lega More

Science & Technology

Samsung’s Redemption

Yantragyan Holding the S8, We're struck by the fact that nothing about it feels especially surprising, and not just because damn near everything about it has been leaking for the past few months. The boldest feature is every phone’s more important feature: the screen. On the S8, it extends up and down to cover nearly the entire front of the phone. It also curves around the left and right, something Samsung is calling the “infinity display,” which gives it the look of not having any bezels at all. And speaking of curves, the four corners of the screen are also slightl... More

Art and Culture

Fostering Eco Green as an art

Shruti Gupta Business with a purpose and a purposeful business are entirely two different concepts - former that aims to make profits as a commercial venture while the other creates an eco system that fosters innovation, growth, economic prosperity, while evolving the contributors. Purposeful business is when one creates a paradigm shift in the thinking and mind set of the people at large to view the things from beyond one- by creating a value proposition that fosters nation building through evolution of traditional arts across spectrum. Fostering eco green, protecting... More

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