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Venisangh, the Prayag of Duggar

Ayodhya Nath Kerni Confluence of holy rivers is treated sacred according to Puranic literature. It is believed that  a holy dip at sangams eradicates the sins committed during life time. Allahabad (Prayag) is not only confluence of Ganga and Yamuna...More

Bollywood Buzz

Importance of being Salman

Proloy Bagchi Recently the media was awash with the news of Salman Khan, the action hero of Bollywood. He celebrated the 51st birthday and, curiously, it was quite widely reported, much more than of any other star. Though not known for proficiency, he is immensely popular for limited number of films he features in every year. One of the three Khans of the Hindi movie scene, he leaves the other two, Shahrukh Khan and Amir Khan, miles behind. Though the latter two are actors of substance they somehow don't click with the masses in the way Salman does. While Shahrukh does ro... More


Interview of an quintessential entrepreneur

Harvard Business School recently            conducted a video interview of Shahnaz Husain, the quintessential entrepreneur, who has become internationally renowned for her brand of Ayurvedic beauty care and unique business strategies. The interview was conducted by Harvard Professor Sunil Gupta, from Boston. He was accompanied by senior researchers of the Harvard Business School Research Centre. The Shahnaz Husain interview will be a part of the Harvard Business School teaching curriculum. The interview is a fascinating portrayal of an evolution, from a dream t... More


Depression and Neuro Science

Prof B L Chakoo I have been studying neuroscience for decades now, and have even watched some gruesome brain surgeries.   What    I have learned from this all is that         knowing about the details of how the brain works can certainly empower us     to improve efficiently our brain                  performance. In fact,   today's latest research in brain science (commonly known as neuroscience or neuroplasticity) promises you that working on your brain, you can achieve your greatest desire, whether that be enhanced memory, superior i... More

Career & Education

Teaching Commerce to 10+2 classes

Dr. R.R.Dubey An innovative approach in education determines quality excellence on the basis of experience, practice and knowledge.In fact teaching becomes more effective when it is meaningful, concise, relevant,easier in communication, subject oriented and quantum in knowledge. The teacher must be allowed to work within positive educational implications having delivered subjectivity in a relaxed manner specially at higher stage.Therefore, a few academic subjects of higher  secondary classes have been further bifurcated from time to time developing into new concepts in re... More


Pir Panchal a Gujjar region

Shamsheer Hakla Poonchi Far from being a dividing line, the well known range of Pir Panchal a Gujjar region is in fact the major linking range of hills and mountains around which the saga of heroic Gujjars and Bakerwals is woven from times immemorial. Strange as it sounds, this watershed has bound together rather than distanced the two climatically and topographically varying regions of the State, viz. Kashmir valley and Jammu Division. In a sense, Pir Panchal is the westward extension of the Siwalak Hills though in their totality, geographers consider it among Himalayan... More

Book Review

Key to improving public image

This 283-pag book entitled " Public Relation and Press" in English is a good addition in the field of journalism and mass communication. The public relations through the print asd electronic media is in thing in the fast growing open market and our present democracy system. The powerful media is gaining ground in making image of any individual, organization or products or services to gain ground in the masses. The Public Relations ((PR) professionals are emerging on the scene who build favourable  public or promote sale of any product  or service to the consuming public... More


Flowers for beauty

Shahnaz Husain Flowers are nature's gift to man and provide a unique level of botanical energy. They not only delight the senses with their beautiful colours and fragrances, but actually have powerful properties, which help to bring about the ideal harmony of both body and mind. The aromas of many flowers are known to have a calming effect on the mind and help to induce relaxation. During the ancient times, the fragrances of roses, jasmines, lavender, orange flower, etc., were used to treat psychosomatic problems. Actually, flowers provide an ideal defense against environ... More


Kishtwar A land of adventure beauty

Junaid Malik Kishtwar, once a princely state a kingdom and now one of the districts of J&K state is also known as the land of saffron,sapphire and sufis due to its rich natural, geographical and religious identities bestowed upon it by the nature. Its a unique land with ubiquitous talents both in its geographical and social stratifications. There are various theories and legends to the origin of the name of Kishtwar ranging from Rajtarangni of Kalhana to that of local tell tales and folk lores. The valley surrounded by lush green forest, snow clad mo... More

  • Save Surya Putri

    G L Khajuria The Jammu city which is known as City of Temples throughout India for its monumental, a More

  • inner voice

    Feelings …!   Mixed are the emotions that arise, Mixed are the lives that survive, Mixed More

Science & Technology

Use of Mobile Devices

Ashok Kumar Verma There is a lot of research work  going on  in different field of Instrumentation Engineering and some is under process  like in the fields of  process control, control system , biomedical , Industrial Automation etc.  The latest trends in  industrial Automation  is that *Any machine can be START /STOP by only a single click from your smart phones? *How  mobile is used  to control the machines ? *How industries can control the process using smart phones with SCADA technology? Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems are evolvin... More

Art and Culture

Kavi Rattan, Prof Sat Pal Srivatsya,Lalit Gupta profiles the eventful year of 2016 that will be long remembered for more than five-month long Kashmir unrest, skirmishes on J&K border and mass displacement, ecstasies and agonies of demonetization at the same time the resolve of Mehbooba Mufti-led PDD and BJP ruling alliance to give fillip to the spher... More

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