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In service of humanity

O P Sharma The Ramakrishna Mission, located at Ramakrishna Vihar, Udheywala, Jammu, is emerging fast as a bright  spiritual Centre and also as a centre of social service. A new dimension has been added to it with the starting of an educational and ...More

Bollywood Buzz

‘Failures teach you the valuable lessons that success doesn’t?’

Shraddha Kapoor is looking forward to her next film ‘Half Girlfriend’. As the film races towards its release, Mohnish Singh sits down with the pretty actress for a heart-warming interaction. Here are the excerpts... You play the lead Riya Somani in ‘Half Girlfriend’. Did you make any attempt to amp up your glam quotient in the film? Yes, I had to, as it was the demand of the character. My character Riya Somani comes from an affluent family. She is one of those girls who blow dries her hair, wears prim and proper clothes and is the most popular girl of the college.... More


Budh Singh

Col D S Trehan Mahatma  Sardar Budh Singh can easily be described as father of political unrest in Jammu and Kashmir State. He raised a voice of dissent and revolt against the then prevailing system much before any other  organised political movement began in the State. As early as in 1915, when Mahatma Gandhi gave a call for wearing Khadi, Budh Singh was the first and only known person in Jammu and Kashmir to respond. Since then  his association with the national movement started growing till he held the highest political office of that time in the State viz the presi... More


Pregnancy and kidney disease

Dr Richa Sharma and Dr Amit Basnotra Infertility is a stressful condition for the  affect not only the couple but the whole family.A new baby is a bundle of  joy for any family. But pregnancy can put a lot of stress on your body. Problem takes a bad shape when you have the underlying medical illness also.In this article we will discuss about the kidney disease and its after affects on fertility,fertility treatments and the pregnancy risks and vice versa. What are the deciding factors? It needs a multidisciplinary approach and there are various factors which can affect ... More

Career & Education

Why not clearing NEET 2017, is not a big deal?

All you NEET aspirant must be worried about the concordant issue. In case you don't qualify your NEET UG exam then what's next? Whenyou have been studying since years, bursting out your nights, skipping meals, ignoring social media, friends and family just to get through the MBBS/BDS common NEET UG exam. But you don't have to lose on your hopes just yet if one door is closed it's not the End. This is the time for you to explore new things going around this world. Or maybe, you can say it was never right for you. So here we're going to tell you and guide you through the alt... More


Making women Internet Savvy

The Internet has become a part of life for a huge section of Indian population. However, its use is largely confined to urban or semi-urban areas. The ‘Internet Saathi’ programme is different. It teaches rural women to use and benefit from the Internet, writes New York based Michael Gallant. The phrase ‘Internet Saathi’ translates into ‘Internet friend.’ The programme has been designed keeping the specific needs of rural women in mind initiated by Google in India which aims at transcending its image as an easy- to- search Internet tool. “We strongly believe ... More

Book Review

Sikander changes faces

Adarsh Ajit Count The Survivors written by Iqbal Dullu is a fictional outflow of the most talked about era and historical event of Kashmir under the rule of Sikander.  The book depicts the continuity of the torturous and miserable lives of Kashmiri Pandits because of their repeated exodus in history. It is a multi-dimensional novel which details sociological, political and religious conditions of the times. The author's handling of the historical incidents is commendable. Sultan is a hypocrite addicted to opium and fond of women though he is biologically an utter failure... More


Sweating can become a problem

Shahnaz Husain For most of us, a major problem       during summer is how to look, feel and smell fresh. But, there are  those who suffer from excessive  perspiration, known as '            hyperhidrosis," which requires         medical treatment. Certain medical conditions can also lead to excessive sweating, like diabetes, an infection, or thyroid imbalance. So, if you have a problem of excessive sweating, be sure to consult your doctor. Actually perspiration is linked with the body's process of cooling itself and is one of the important funct... More


Mandir Dushalla

Ayodhya Nath Kerni Chenani  is one of the main principalities among the erstwhile twenty two Duggar states. Chenani was subordinated to Mughals, Lahore and afterwards to Jammu. The ruling clan came from Chanderi(Bundel khand) during 9th century. The name of the town also seems to be driven from the word 'Chanderi'. The small town has a long history of its glory and turbulence. Its ruling dynasty is said to be  one of the oldest in India having ruled uninterrupted for fifty two generations from about 850 AD to 1947 AD. The ruling clan  belonged to Chanderwanshi lineage d... More

  • Mandir Dushalla

    Ayodhya Nath Kerni Chenani  is one of the main principalities among the erstwhile twenty two Duggar More

  • Royals and Ruins

    Aruditya Jasrotia A concerted effort to preserve our heritage  is a vital link to our cultural lega More

Science & Technology

A new addition

Yantragyan Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro     is a new entry in Samsung's mid-range line-up. It aims to stand out from the crowd with its ultra-slim metal unibody design and a big                  5.7-inch AMOLED display. The Galaxy C7 Pro has some formidable competition in the form of the segment benchmark -- the OnePlus 3T and Samsung's own Galaxy A5 which comes with IP68 dust and water resistance and premium looks. So Let's find out. Does the new Galaxy C7 Pro have what it takes to compete with the formidable OnePlus 3T? Does it do enough to justify the Rs... More

Art and Culture

Whiff from the West

Music is high on the country’s cultural  agenda but Western Classical music has somehow missed the bus in the current scenario. Surangama Guha reports Divine music by geniuses like Bach, Beethoven, Mozart etc. has enthralled the world for generations. But in India somehow Western classical  music has remained at an esoteric level, perceived as confined to the elite ‘westernised’  gentry for appreciation, right or wrong. But are things changing? First,  a peek into its sporadic history in India. In fact, Western classical music began touching lives as early ... More

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