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A victim of official apathy

G L Khajuria Amidst lush green forest of deodar and other pines around 125 kms  from Jammu and 19 kms from        Patnitop is located  Sanasar  a       wonder of wonders. This picturesque  spot is akin to Gulmarg of Kashmir      for its  enchanting beauty, grandeur and glory where tourists in thousands throng in during peak summer spells for having a sigh of relief away from soaring temperature as well as to enjoy the dazzling natural beauty         of this resort. Though the road lifeline from Patnitop to Sanasar is rugged ... More

Bollywood Buzz

A dreary gig

Saibal Chatterjee Ravi Jadhav's Banjo, a musical drama that centres on a band of Mumbai slum boys who whip up a storm with their voices and instruments, is a botched-up cinematic gig that no amount of noise can revive from its innate inertia. Lead actor Riteish Deshmukh, in a rare solo-hero outing, puts his best foot forward, but the film's screenplay is so terribly insipid that all his efforts can only go waste. Deshmukh, who was the producer of Jadhav's super- successful Marathi film Balak Palak, lends his weight to the director's first Hindi film by playing the onscre... More


Poetry, Her passion

Rakesh Bakshi Geetika Kohli, the daughter of Jammu and Kashmir, is an internationally acclaimed poetess, who at the tender age of 21 had had her poetry registered in an American anthology, Blossoms of India. One of her poems, ‘The Canvas is All Bright’ was placed as the opening ode in the book, co-edited by Mrs. Elaine Polin and Mr. Richard Brotbeck. Elaine, who has been witnessing Geetika’s journey since then remarks that her poetic SSsense has grown exponentially over the years. She exclaims with pride that Geetika is a talent, ‘one-in- a-billion’ and is clearl... More


Heart Disease : Facts Vs MYTHS

Dr. Amit Bhushan Sharma How much do you really know about your heart's health? It's easy to be fooled by misconceptions. After all, heart disease only happens to your elderly neighbor or to your fried food-loving uncle, right? Or do you know the real truth - that heart disease can affect people of any age, even those who eat right? Relying on false assumptions can be dangerous to your heart. Cardiovascular disease kills more Indians each year than any other disease. But you can boost your heart smarts by separating fact from fiction. Let's set the record straight on some ... More

Career & Education

Degree in English, Changing Trends

Gauri Chhabra When thinking of the college degrees that lead to the highest-paying jobs, a degree in English isn't the first that comes to mind. Though there's more to choosing a major than the monetary aspect attached to a future job, there's also no denying the importance of having strong employment opportunities tied to your college degree. Changing Trends Today, English is taken up for a completely different reason. Besides serving as a discipline in itself, it also serves as a platform and a springboard to many other jobs and profiles. The language ... More


Of Parasites

Maneka Sanjay Gandhi One of the most disturbing movies I have seen was in 1975 “a virus comes through the water system of a building and turns everyone into sex crazed monsters before they die in agony. I have still not forgotten it. An entire horror movie genre is devoted to parasites the extremely popular vampire movies are one example. The word parasite means, "one who eats at the table of another" Parasitism” a survival strategy that involves hijacking a host's nutrients for one's own benefit ” has emerged in the animal kingdom in at least 223 species, accordi... More

Book Review

Praising public servants

O P Sharma This 244-page book in English entitled ‘The Men Who Served  Jammu  & Kashmir’ authored by Dr. Sudhir S Bloeria, an eminent administrator and educationist is an authentic narration of noted persons of IAS and IPS cadre who served in Jammu and Kashmir during the crucial period when militancy was at its peak from 1989 to 2010. Dr Bloeria, who rose to be Chief Secretary in J&K State was an eyewitness to the turbulent conditions in Kashmir valley as also part of the process of restoring normalcy and putting it back on the democratic system. He has selec... More


Add Glamour to Eyebrows

Shahnaz Hussain The eyebrows play an important role in determining the look of both the eyes and the face. In fact, they frame the eyes, so keeping them well groomed is as important as eye make-up. Keep the shape as natural as possible. Avoid high, thin arched eyebrows, unless you want that perpetually surprised look! The current trend in eyebrows is the natural looking, thicker eyebrows. The classic curved eyebrows are also popular. For a young teenager, the eyebrows should be natural, without too much shaping or very high arches. If the arches are rounded, it helps to b... More


Tourist Resorts in Pogal Paristan

Ashok Sharma The state of J&K has been blessed with natural beauty in a bountiful manner.  There are beautiful lushgreen meadows,  high   snowcapped mountains,  everbubbling  springs,   rivers having crystal clear water, wonderful slopes,  beautiful lakes,wonderful waterfalls,  majestic  Mughal gardens etc.  Enamoured of the natural beauty of Kashmir, the Mughal emperor remarked 'if there is a paradise on the earth, it is Kashmir, it is Kashmir,it is Kashmir'.Thousands of tourists visit Kashmir every year to enjoy the natural beauty as also to have a resp... More

  • Avantisvamin Temple

    Chander M. Bhat Avantipora [called Vuuntipur in Kashmiri] [Lat. 33o 55′ N; Long. 75o 00 E̵ More

  • Dashnami Akhara

    K.D Maini Dashnami Akhara Poonch has remained the centre of spirituality from 17AD when it was estab More

Science & Technology

Apple unveils iPhones

Yantragyan Apple finally unveiled it’s much awaited iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus recently. The iPhone 7 has features like dual camera, waterproof and omits headphone jack. Design and Screen Both iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus feature aluminum body and are mostly similar to 6s in terms of design. Apple has replaced the home button with touch sensitive button. This means, button will not have any physical tick- tack now. Instead it will be touch only and will vibrate giving haptic feedback. The new iPhone 7 is water proof and dust proof rated IP67. This fe... More

Art and Culture

Chali chali re patang mere chali re

Ashok Sharma Kite flying is a funfilled activity.It has been  practised as a traditional sport in India since olden times.Kites are believed to have been  invented in China where materials for kite making such as  silk fabric for high tensile strength and resilient bamboo for a strong and lightweight framework, were easily available.From China, kites moved to other countries such as Cambodia, Japan, Korea and finally to the Western World.In India, kites have been flown since times immemorial. They were initially flown in honour of gods to  to awake them after a long an... More

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