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Race to Smart City

Sunny Dua Srinagar and Jammu - two capital cities of this             strategically located J&K State are in race to be included in Smart City Project initiated by Union Government to  give people a quality life. Which stage of this...More

Bollywood Buzz

Not much about Machine

MACHINE is essentially a love story (written by Sanjeev Kaul) which happens amidst the greed for money and mysterious circumstances. The film starts off in picturesque North India, with the introduction of the extremely helpful Saira Thapar (Kiara Advani). This is followed by the ‘racy’ introduction of Ranch (Mustafa Burmawalla), who is smitten by Saira at first sight. This is followed by a car race, which is won by the dashing Ranch, who doesn’t believe in the concept of ‘using brakes’, which forms his secret to success. Saira, who is extremely famous and immens... More


“I am more greedy than ambitious”

For a man who began writing his first script at 19 and directed his first film when he      was 22, filmmaker Priyadarshan never       ceases to surprise with his durability.        He also takes ‘brief breaks’ into what he terms as ‘socially conscious’ cinema.       The prolific director  in conversation with Shoma A. Chatterji  on his yet to  be released films like Sila Samayangalil          which is about AIDS and the stigma         surrounding it. Priyadarshan has made, till now, 91 feature films in Malayalam, Hindi, ... More


Cancer in women

Dr Sandeep Kaul Cancer is a dreaded disease, and rightly so because hitherto treatment was vague and patients were generally doomed to die of it. Advances in surgical technique and adjuvant treatment have now made cancer a treatable and possibly curable disease in early stages. Women suffer nearly half the burden of cancer even though they are not pre-disposed to the conventional causative factors like tobacco and alcohol. The causal factors in women are generally age, lifestyle,hereditary, infections and environmental factors. Social factors, especially inequalities, are ... More

Career & Education

School bag a burden

Neelam Choudhary Spanish researchers  have recently suggested trolleys  as a substitute for  backpacks, as the latter  are now incapable of holding  many items required  by a child  on daily basis. Similar observations were made by  two Indian  high court judges about two years back. But, do we need to wash hands of  such an affair, considering it  as another news item for being  erased  from our minds ? For those of us having kids in age group  6-15, there is a need to watch such observations carefully, as these do have a bearing on us. We love our kids the... More


Bakerwali Dog

Dr. Javaid Rahi Apprehensions among  the Tribal Gujjar and Bakerwal communities of North-western Himalayas of Indian subcontinent are growing high   that they may lose the  rare breed of Bakerwali  Dog due to  a number of reasons. The tribals are exceedingly  worried that the oldest  variety of mastiff which    protects big herd of livestock during bi-annual seasonal  tribal migration may become a part of history in the nearest future as the population of this rear breed is  declining rapidly . The dog is a world-wide known breed of vegetarian dog and is  ... More

  • Bakerwali Dog

    Dr. Javaid Rahi Apprehensions among  the Tribal Gujjar and Bakerwal communities of North-western Hi More

  • Stop Ragging

    Dr. Jyoti Sharma The main objective of ragging is to ‘break     the ice’ between the More

Book Review

Tript’s Dogri poetry

O P Sharma Rakesh Sharma has now come out with a new Dogri book of poety entitled “ Mere Geet, Meriyan Gajalan”. His first collection of Dogri poems “ Solane Aanne Sachh”  which had been well received by the readership. It seems this Dogri poet has maintained the flow of ideas, sentiments and experiences in his creative venture in a distinct style and  substance in his mother-tongue, Dogri. “Mere Geet, Meriyan Gajalan” contains a total of 101 poetic compositions, out of which 39 are Geet and 62 are Gajalan touching a variety of topics, themes and subjects s... More


Have a Safe Herbal Holi

Shahnaz Husain On the pious occasion of Holi we would do well to remember that the dry "Gulal" and the wet Holi colours of today contain many harmful chemical substances. Among these are dyes, shiny particles of mica, lead, powdered glass, acids and alkalis. These substances are not bio-degradable. Therefore, apart from being a hazard to the environment, they affect the skin and hair adversely. They leave the skin and scalp prone to allergies, rashes, itching, sensitivity and eruptions. Since Holi is played out of doors, remember to apply sunscreen 20 minutes before going... More


Royals and Ruins

Aruditya Jasrotia A concerted effort to preserve our heritage  is a vital link to our cultural legacies and it literally makes us who we are. People tend to believe that to be modern you have to disengage from your heritage, but it’s not true. One of the important heritages of Jammu which is waiting to be explored and preserved is Jasrota Fort. Jasrota is a place, situated just 10 kilometre away from the National High way Rajbag, Kathua, in the Shivalik Hills of the Western Himalayas. It was the capital of the Jasrotia Rajputs. It was founded by Jas Dev, a ruler of the... More

  • Royals and Ruins

    Aruditya Jasrotia A concerted effort to preserve our heritage  is a vital link to our cultural lega More

  • Varanasi: The Eternal City

    Aditi Kohli Varanasi is a city that holds a charm all its own, unparallel, where spirituality become More

Science & Technology

Nokia bounces back

Yantragyan Our favorite mobile brand is back with 4 new devices including legendery Nokia 3310. The new Nokia mobile devices launch are managed by HMD Global (The company formed by ex- Nokia executives). HMD Global has brought license for the Nokia branding. Now, coming whether HMD Global has managed to do justice to Legendery Nokia Brand. Our Initial verdict is mostly optimistic. Let's look at the 4 new Nokia device which were launched recently. Nokia 3: the low budget android phone , Nokia 5: the sub mid- budget android phone , Nokia 6: the mid- budget android phone and... More

Art and Culture

From mountains to Scheduled Tribe

Shamsher Hakla Poonchi Gujjar-Bakarwal community is a sum total of warlike tribes and is a grand old community. It has its own identity, customs and a unique way of life. The needs and the problems of Gujjar Bakarwal community are quite different from other communities of the J&K State. Language and the culture of Gujjar Bakarwal is different. Gujjar Bakarwal community of the J&K State is socially, educationally, economically and politically backward. Gujjars are found throughout India. In Jammu and Kashmir, Gujjars Bakarwal community has its habitation in alm... More

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