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Celebrating the spirit of Navratras

Chaitra Navratri is an important Hindu    festival that is celebrated over a period of nine days. The festivities begin from the 'pratipada' (1st day) till the 'navami' (9th day) of the Shukla Paksha (the bright       fortnight of moon) duri...More

Bollywood Buzz

A realistic and hard-hitting thriller

Director Raj Kumar Gupta is known for making critically acclaimed movies like AAMIR and NO ONE KILLED JESSICA. And now he is back with RAID starring Ajay Devgn. So, the expectations from the movie are high and well justified too. So let's find out if RAID lives upto those expectations or not. RAID, the title itself is self-explanatory. But for the uninitiated, the plot revolves around the no-nonsense, honest-to-the-core Income Tax officer, Amay Patnaik (Ajay Devgun), and his quest to raid all the top notch businessmen, henchmen and politicians of the country defaulting on ... More


Man who defied disability

Dr Mohamad Amin Malik The disabilities, health issues and failures in life make people lose all hopes. British cosmologist and physicist Stephen Hawking believed that "however bad life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at." Hawking was an extraordinary soul. His life was a rich tale of success against adversity. While living with the devastating condition of incurable motor neuron disease for more than a half century, he made his mark as renowned theoretical physicist and a celebrated author. At the age of 76, when he left this world, he was consid... More


Prevention is better than Cure

Dr Parvesh Kumar Health is a real wealth; we should take care of it on daily basis. We should eat right and healthy, practice necessary exercises and follow healthy lifestyle to always remain fit. People eating junk foods and following inactive lifestyle become unhealthy, overweight and obese. They easily get health disorders in the early age.We should encourage them to be fit and healthy by promoting their involvement and participation in the related event or campaign celebration. Good health is the clear reflection of our disciplined lifestyle and healthy food habit. The... More

Career & Education

Ready to be at the wheel?

Gauri Chhabra March 10 and 11, 2018 gave aspiring and budding  entrepreneurs an opportunity to connect and collaborate as the best and brightest minds came together and brainstormed on on how to fuel their business growth. The conference at IIT Mumbai brought together the best breed of entrepreneurs, innovators, venture capitalists, business model creators, consultants, policy-makers, academicians, and business practitioners to present and discuss innovation and success under the aegis of entrepreneurship for Small and Medium Businesses. Over the past decade or so, in th... More


Rabies free summer capital

Rumpy Madaan The State Summer Capital Jammu has seen substantial increase in dog aggression and man animal conflicts in various localities of Jammu city since ABC/ARV Animal Birth Control / Anti Rabies Vaccination Programme was started in March 2017 by Jammu Municipal Corporation in collaboration with an Agency named 'Nanded SPCA ' from Maharashtra. It is  not because there is sharp increase in dog population but the imbalance is being created due to faulty and unscientific methodology being followed by the Agency conducting this ABC/ARV Programme in Jammu city. This is c... More

Book Review

Ready Recknor of Lal Vaakhs

Promila Kaul Vidushi The author of this English book titled ‘Lal Ded The backbone of Kashmiri Culture’ Er Vinod Kumar has displayed his talent as a young and vibrant writer in the field of literature.It is a showcase of his creative faculty that he has taken up ‘Lal Ded’ as the subject matter for his book. The 252 page book has been divided into short segments that comprise of Introduction of Lal Ded,   Her Early life, Meeting with Guru,A Wandering Preacher, Shaivism and Lal Ded, Her Role as a social reformer, messenger of truth love and harmony, apostle of tole... More


Spring Hair Care

Shahnaz Husain During winter the hair becomes dull and dry. For spring hair care, heat pure coconut oil and apply once a week. Remember to apply on the ends too. Leave on overnight and wash the next day. Applying curd or egg on the hair 15 minutes before shampoo helps to add body to fine hair. A beer rinse after shampoo also helps to add body. After shampoo, apply a creamy conditioner, taking less quantity and massaging it lightly into the hair. Leave on for two minutes and rinse off. Or apply a “leave-on” type of conditioner or hair se... More


Guide to Kailash Manasarovar Yatra

S K Raina Like every year, this year also the Government of India, Ministry of External Affairs is organising the annual yatra to the Holy Mount Kailash and Manasarovar Lake situated in Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) of China. The yatra will be performed during the months of June, July and August. Holy Kailash is not only auspicious to Hindus, it is also a place for reverence to Jains, Buddhists and Bon (religion prevailing in Tibet before advent of Buddhism and still practiced by some). This makes it one of the oldest places of pilgrimage. As per Hindu text Mount Kailash... More

  • Majestic Tree at Manoha

    R S Jamwal There stands a majestic tree in the majestic village Manoha (Kothar) in Akhnoor tehsil.  More

  • Guide to Kailash Manasarovar Yatra

    S K Raina Like every year, this year also the Government of India, Ministry of External Affairs is o More

Science & Technology

Of Blockchain and security risks

Varun Vohra

Most people are familiar by the terms 'Cryptocurrency', 'Bitcoin' but they are not so aware about the core component of this digital currency i.e. blockchain. Blockchain is a growing list of records, called blocks, which are linked and secured using cryptography which makes it resistant to change. Each block contains a pointer as a link to a previous block, a timestamp and data. A blockchain is managed using a peer-to-peer network and is a decentralized and distributed digital ledger that is used t... More

Art and Culture

An awakening call

"Whispers of Warming" A film     produced by Doordarshan and     directed by Anoop Khajuria has won 'Golden Beaver Award' in 8th National Science Film Festival held in Gauhati recently. The film also won Best  Technical award for Ashok Raina in editing. Getting this coveted award- competing 215 films that entered the competition, has brought attention to the prowess of Public Service Broadcaster in raising social and environmental issues. Rajeshwar Singh Raju has a candid talk with both awardees who hail from Jammu. Rajeshwar: Congratulations. Golden Beaver Award ... More

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