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Sharad Navratri

Navratri is a nine-day festival which        holds immense significance for the     Hindus. Moreover, it is also one of              the most ancient festivals. The festival was held in its most elemental form even in prehist...More

Bollywood Buzz

A poor show all the way

LUCKNOW CENTRAL is the story of a group of prisoners who get a unique opportunity in escaping from jail. Aspiring singer Kishan Mohan Girhotra (Farhan Akhtar) is framed for the murder of an IAS officer in his hometown Moradabad. He is sentenced to life imprisonment and after 18 months, he is shifted to Lucknow Central jail. He finds out that the IGP (Virendra Saxena) has asked for a band to be formed in Lucknow Central comprising of a group of prisoners. They are to perform at an Independence Day celebration and also compete with band from other prisons of Uttar Pradesh. An... More


Champion of environ issues

O P Sharma M C Mehta, an eminent lawyer hailing from Jammu region, has fought many environment cases in the Supreme Court of India and got some landmark judgments with far reaching impacts. He is recipient of prestigious Magasaysay Award and also numerous other coveted awards and prizes in his bag. Mr. Mehta has to his credit some notable relentless legal battles to protect India's environment through his pioneer legal activism for environmental issues with tangible results. During an interview with me during my recent short visit to New Delhi, Mr. Mehta stated: "vigorous... More


Sugar – A Slayer in Disguise

Dr Sonali Sharma We all have witnessed moments of guilty pleasure, basking into the ecstasy of our favorite dessert slowly melting down our mouths. Tempted? Well, sugar is to be blamed for this, not you. From the time we come into this world, we get accustomed to the sweetening taste of lactose. And thus develops the unending urge of sugar munching. The divine pleasure of sweetness becomes a part and parcel of our lives. Sugar is an instant source of energy, breaking into glucose and reaching out to the cells. You wouldn't be able to enjoy those day long festivities, pack... More

Career & Education

Empowering Women through Blogging

Jasleen Kour Those days are gone when women had predefined gender roles and were made to stay within the four walls of the house, utilizing all of their abilities just to frame a perfectly round chappati. But all the webs of stereotypes surrounding women are eventually cutting lose and this has been possible with the tool of women empowerment and feminism. Times are changing and gender roles have been revised. Women have realized their potential and are breaking the shell that was thrusted upon them by the society. Everybody has a unique talent seeded in him that needs pro... More


Beware Parents

Maneka Khanna Nobody said parenthood was easy. The task is far scarier when we come across the growing number of cases of child sexual assaults and abuse. In 2007 The Indian government backed a survey of 125000 children in thirteen states. Of the children interviewed, more than half (53%) said that they had been subjected to one or more forms of sexual abuse. Over 20% of those interviewed said they were subjected to severe forms of abuse. Of those who said they were sexually abused, almost half of them were boys So, can we afford to behave like pigeons that close their ey... More

Book Review

Roots of Rajputs

Dr. S. L. Abrol This book is about the various Rajput Khandaans(Clans) of erstwhile Dogra States (22 on either side of river Ravi) then named as Kangra, Mandi, Saket, Kullu, Jaswan, Datarput, Chamba, Guler, Seba, Kotllehar, Pathankote, Jammu, Jasrota, Bahu, Billawar, Bhadu, Bhaderwah, Mankote, Buti Krimchi, Chenani, Bandrallta and Kishtwar. Jammu had a number of tiny principalities but kingdom of Jammu always occupied a leading place. The tiny principalities were ruled by different Rajput Khandaans, many of them established by the younger princes of Jammu ruling Rajas. I... More


Beauty Benefits of Lemon

Shahnaz Husain If you are frustrated over high cost of  beauty parlours and  dermatologist in treating skin and hair beauty  problems than  all you need to do is to squeeze out some fresh lemon juice from  your own kitchen  and    drink lemon water daily and also apply it on your skin also.The    sunny yellow fruit will provide smooth , flawless and radiant  skin by  removing dead cells and act as a natural lightener for hair and skin by regulating acidity and eliminating  fat  . Lemon is rich in Vitamin B,Vitamin C,Carbohydrates , magnesium and Phosphorus ... More


Gangabal yatra

K D Maini Narayan Naag which is popularly known as Nara Naag is located in the village Wangat of tehsil Kangan district Ganderbal. This place is known for a sacred spring and ruins of temples of ancient times. The height of the place is about 6100 feet above the sea level while the temperature varies from -7 degree to 29 degree. This place remained the base camp of yatries for centuries together for the pilgrims who were going to Gangabal yatra. Nature blessed Narayan Naag is situated at the mouth of a glen which is surrounded by thick forest cover of Devdar,snowy peaks a... More

  • Gangabal yatra

    K D Maini Narayan Naag which is popularly known as Nara Naag is located in the village Wangat of teh More

  • A mission to save languages

    Ayushman Jamwal Nelson Mandela once said, “You talk to someone in the language they understand, th More

Science & Technology

Blue Whale Challenge what can parents do ?

In games like Blue Whale Challenge, creators of the group do not allow participants to leave. Hence it is important that parents teach their children about safe online behaviour Teenagers committing suicide on Facebook Live or leaving behind a suicide note as a post-cyberbullying could be one of the factors behind this new trend, feel experts. A manifestation of this trend can be seen in teenagers getting persuaded to join private social media groups where a new dare is given to them every day. Blue Whale Challenge is one such game, which started in Russia on a social net... More

Art and Culture


Deepak Pathania The land of Dogras is known for many of its unique festivals and rituals. Many a time these festivals are celebrated to strengthen the social bonds and the relationship between man and nature. Rahre is one of such festival. It is a month long festival which commences with the beginning of Ashad month of Hindi calendar. All the major rituals of this festival are performed by girls especially the unmarried ones. On the first day, round tops of broken earthen pitchers are placed in the soil and seeds of different crops are sown in them. These are known as... More

  • Rahre

    Deepak Pathania The land of Dogras is known for many of its unique festivals and rituals. Many a tim More

  • Of Targets

    Rajeshwar Singh ‘Raju’ We bankers are quite prone to this term__ TARGET which haunts us even dur More

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