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Secrets to a Happy Marriage

It does not matter whether marriages are made in heaven or planet earth, what ultimately matters is the longevity of this sacred bond that binds together two unknown people. To keep the relationship going on smoothly, without witnessing stress and st...More

Bollywood Buzz

Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana

It’s a time when rooted stories based in small towns and the ‘real’ India is working big time. This year, films like SHUBH MANGAL SAAVDHAN and BAREILLY KI BARFI did very well and one of the reasons for their success is the realism rooted in their narratives. SHAADI MEIN ZAROOR AANA is also a content-driven rooted film that also balances by telling a love story as well as a dramatic, confrontational tale. So does it manage to entertain or fails to entice viewers? Let’s analyse. SHAADI MEIN ZAROOR AANA is the story of a guy who avenges the humiliation he faced during... More


“So thus my life moves on”

Born in 1925, Pran Kishore is one of the pioneers who brought cultural renissance in Kashmir during pre and post-Independence period. A multifaceted personality, he carved a special place for himself in the field of broadcasting, creative writing and theatre. Recepient of many State, national and International awards, Pran Kishore has significantly contributed to the contemporary scenario of Jammu and Kashmir. In a free wheeling chat with Deepak Raj he reveals his lifetime experiences. Excerpts of the interview: Q: You have been associated with Radio Kashmir Srinagar for ... More


Why excessive workload is bad

Dr. Arvind Vaid But we are stuck into a lifestyle where we usually don’t have time for our body and spending hours at a gym is not in the list. Living the same lifestyle for years can have serious complications including physical and mental conditions. Our body needs some physical activity regardless of the type that can boost the development and increases our overall productivity. Apart from the benefits that one can have from workout, you may have a cause of infertility. Why excessive workout is bad? With so many advantages of exercising on daily bas... More

Career & Education

Job-Just Out of Blues

Dr. S S Verma India has a real job problem on hand. Twelve million young men and women are entering the job market every year, but there simply aren't enough jobs for them. On the other hand, companies say job-market entrants are not employment-ready. With few exceptions (as exceptions are always there), everybody who is taking or have taken education of any type/level wants to choose only one job (government or private) with top preference to government job, higher pay packages and reputation of company with good working conditions etc. All job aspirants know that there ... More


Lack of Public convenience in Leh

Tsewang Dolma Access to clean and functional toilets is a basic need of every human being. In Ladakh, a family might not have a bedroom or a separateroom for a guest, but a must have in a Ladakhi householdis the traditional compost toilet. This is mainly due to the fact that their forefathers understood the essence of environmental hygiene and sustainability when a new house was built. The composted material from these toilets a valuable means of enriching soil to sustain agriculture and is still the only method for the disposal of human waste in every village in Ladakh. ... More

Book Review

Gulliver, Buddha and Five Pandavas

Adarsh Ajit Name of the book : Gulliver in Kashmir (A book of cameos) Author : Arvind Gigoo Publisher : Price : Rs 200 Gulliver inflicts a wound on the positive attitude towards life when one reads these cameos. Recreating Jonathan Swift's Gulliver, who exposes all in Kashmir, Gigoo through the lense of Gulliver, makes all Lilliputians listen to the various voices. The continuous follies of all have brought a colossal wreck to Kashmir. The gap be... More


Ubtan for Skin Care

Shahnaz Husain Ubatan,  natural facemask that is filled with heaps of   natural ingredients  goodness like turmeric (haldi), sandalwood powder (chandan), gram flour (besan), milk and rose water  is important part of  Indian Wedding ritual called Haldi Ceremony  in which  the pretty bride-to-be is anointed with ubatan for radiant, glowing and lighter skin on auspicious day. It eliminates dead skin cells , removes accumulated  tan,removes facial hair  revealing a younger, beautiful smoother skin This paste can be applied  on the neck, face and even the entire bod... More


Beauty on the floor

Get floored, literally, by the beauty and craftsmanship of the traditional alpana art of Bengal, which is getting a new life during public festivities like puja, and even during the recent U-17 FIFA World Cup, writes Uttara Gangopadhyay No matter how amiably we lived round the year – ‘we’ meaning cousins of school going age – battle lines would be drawn on the days of the annual Saraswati and Lakshmi puja. Who would draw the best ‘alpana’ in front of the goddess? To keep us from fighting, our grandmother would apportion different... More

  • The temple of Naina Devi

    Ayodhya Nath Kerni Naina Devi temple on a hill top of Bilaspur in Himachal Pardesh is quite famous w More

  • Devasthan Malgoor

    Shiv Ram Gupta The Story of Devasthan Malgoor has remained untold, and it needs to be told to pass t More

Science & Technology

Flexible Displays: A Revolutionary Breakthrough!

Jawaaz Ahmad Take a look at the phone screen. It's flat, is not it? For decades the displays were simply flat pieces of glass or plastic that dictated the design of our technology. But recently, engineers and manufacturers have been shaking up on curved screens, more and more of which can be found on computer monitors, televisions and phones. Now the question is: what next? By agreeing bent displays with devices like the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and LG G Flex, released that same year, manufacturers are looking for bent displays to help advance technology. Flexible display... More

Art and Culture


Deepak Pathania The land of Dogras is known for many of its unique festivals and rituals. Many a time these festivals are celebrated to strengthen the social bonds and the relationship between man and nature. Rahre is one of such festival. It is a month long festival which commences with the beginning of Ashad month of Hindi calendar. All the major rituals of this festival are performed by girls especially the unmarried ones. On the first day, round tops of broken earthen pitchers are placed in the soil and seeds of different crops are sown in them. These are known as... More

  • Rahre

    Deepak Pathania The land of Dogras is known for many of its unique festivals and rituals. Many a tim More

  • Of Targets

    Rajeshwar Singh ‘Raju’ We bankers are quite prone to this term__ TARGET which haunts us even dur More

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