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Inner Voice

        My life, my way   This is my life I will llive it my way No matter what the world says I have my dreams I will surely fulfill them by good means I am confident that Iwill succeed … More
        My life, my way   This is my life I will llive it my way No matter what the worl More
MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR   Here is a Christmas wish for you Full of laughter, love an More
A Border Resident   Sitting in the corner and shuddering in his house Afraid of bullets and tur More
A BUTTERFLY THAT CARRIED JEWELS Like a butterfly that flits on flower to flower To collect the sweet More
Bounded by relations Being born with the relations he never chose Under the ambit of a family a kid with ethics grows Then comes a phase when new people he choose He calls them friends, he never wants to loose … More
DREAMS Dreams are to seen So let them be. Push the fear aside And try with glee. So what, you’ll fall flat on your face ? So what, you won’t succeed ? Will your world end With one single defeat … More
    MY TEACHER Teacher is a gift of God… She is my guardian in class. She helps me to read and write, Play and dance, and to sing a song. She teaches me right and wrong, And is a guide … More
My Mother…. She is a star Which shines till very far She is like a light To hardships like a fighter she fights She is like a lamp Which shines bright even in damp She is wholly-solely pure And in … More
A Forbidden Paradise Once it was a dream Been to the place,always heard of A paradise as they call it Bestowed with immense beauty As deity have decorated by its own Brooks making path via green hills Lakes touching foothills … More
Waiting! Labelling to be my EGO That Forced you to pass those poignant remarks…… Which shattered my very existence And My adversaries got chance To laugh And sing like larks….. Was my grief stricken silence That kept on thwarting me … More
PALS Bestowed with deity’s finest creation Blessed with pals for recreation. For all the childish fights we had, Recalling which makes us glad Never knew the moments we spend, One day,will make our sorrows to mend. Turning up book’s leaves, … More
INDIA MY COUNTRY The day India became free. It has been transformed to a larger tree. A tree which has branches on one and all. Be it big or be it small. My Country is my nation. For me it … More
              From where i begin It is important to visit that place inside you that place no other human is allowed to enter. There you will find no fear. You will find the laughing sun and you will love there … More
Inner peace.. You will be back with power to face , When your conscience awakens you, You will be back with your own pace, Simplifying everything with ease , Hopefully you will come to your own peace. When the Almighty … More

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