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Inner Voice

WINTER RAINS That heavy downpours, That relaxing raindrops, Makes me feel, I’m living for you… That every single drop of rain, Falling from the sky, Reminds me that, I’m here only for you… The slow showers in the beginning, The … More
WINTER RAINS That heavy downpours, That relaxing raindrops, Makes me feel, I’m living for you& More
FOREST CHARM At the crack of dawn Dark and misty A quiet walk in the forest Fresh, cool breeze Earth More
I WONDER……..! Shall I be an engineer or a doctor I cannot make out of it, I wonder Shall More
NOTHING IS MINE   When I looked around, I just found, That nothing is mine, everything is thine More
FRIENDSHIP DAY A new day started…… The day of friendship. I get up in the morning, Full of positivity & hopes. Then started looking for their wishes, On my phone But it was all silent, Nothing to say, Nothing to … More
IF YOU CAN If you can; please don’t break, the for-granted Faith of your Father, you do remember, His Blood is at stake, he would die even before you rather………. If you can; please don’t break, the unconditional Love of … More
LIFE This life is a myth Need another brith To discover a world With the truth preserved No more false relations No more useless accusations Peace will be there in the mind Souls will be more refined Heads would be … More
Yours and Mine The moon and sun have lost their shine the night stars are no longer mine the world I once had on a string is now among my precious lost things the telephone no longer rings her favourite … More
Rain Wetness breathing on the green And dryness sitting on the blue Rain left her home in sky To live in the mortal house A pigeon she once found flying A star she once found crying Their crush was once … More
SHE She was like the magic that defended every evil spell She was like the mist in the dark that spread away too far She was like the depth of the sea where very few have reached. Like a normal … More
LOOKING INTO THE PAST! Two decades back, I passed out of the medical school, Fresh as morning dew, breezing cool. I was NOT best in the college, But was full of passion and knowledge. Led student council with the sheer … More
MY SWEET MOTHER My down cast sunken eyes enough to tell her, Where and where exactly lay my pain. Despite my repeated assurances that I was fine, She could still discern my agony and all My excuses went in vain. … More
I LOVE TO FAIL   I love to fail, Failure fills you with the zeal to do more, It tells you how far you are from your goal It shouts try and try again Like a true friend it gives … More
DARK¬† MYSTERY Mystery sweeping¬† the grave. And I’m sleeping in my cave. Thundering on thunder Never ever dare to ponder. Threatening the Sun not to rise in dark. Rain running so fast in streets Looking for a human ear Whom … More