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Inner Voice

Hold On Little Longer   The time is again deceiving my eyes It says the unsaid words with hidden lies Believe me or not It brings no more cakes or the sweet pies It turns the wind away from the … More
Hold On Little Longer   The time is again deceiving my eyes It says the unsaid words with hidde More
Panorama of Society Don’t say anything harsh, what you have said will be said back to you. Not More
A FEMALE LABOURER Blouse, Sari, dusty slippers she wore, And placed a brick on a round-coiled ‘Kun More
No Set Solutions Available Of one is struck with a problem, This is a situation normal. There  is n More
I WILL! WILL! I will,  I will meet u again! I will meet u with the best of me and the same of you as this is who is enough and fulfilling. I will meet when I will be the … More
TEACHER Our teacher makes our future, If there will be no teacher Then we can’t get success in future. When students shine, Teachers get the feeling fine Our teacher works for us like golden eyes, We can fly like a … More
A HUSBAND, A DAD, A GRAND PA   After you dad, your wife is like; I sit alone now in the darkness of despair, I cry my silent tears, The loneliness surrounds me, It takes my breath away, I am … More
THERE WAS DAYS There were days When I felt like my life should just end Because my existence wss pointless. There were days When nothing made sense And I felt like no one understand the things That were going on … More
THE HOUSE LIZARD A leperous, rough, skinned crawler, The house lizard, dark and ugly climber, Grips us with fear when it is near, Its droppings falling from ceiling, we fear, Fear its poison, we lid our utensils, More we see … More
4th of November…!!! Today is a special day… Bcz today is my b’day…!!! I am waiting who will wish I am watching who will miss…!!! Today I wear new shoes and dress Felling me like a totally fresh…!!! I am … More
A Cry for Help A Kashmiri’s insight on the ongoing violence Let me recite to you, a tale Of a land-my home. My memories are still fragrant with the lingering scent of Saffron Which reminds me of the good times … More
SCHOOL Do you want to go to knowledge of pool? So come on, let’s go to school Maths questions are in brain to do how But you think and think it will be wow! Different teachers take different tests And … More
life-a teacher When I fight, I win and sometimes I fail, When I fail, I don’t quit, Every time I learn and experience new. One more time I stand up and fight, Again I fail but I don’t quit, Again … More
WINTER RAINS That heavy downpours, That relaxing raindrops, Makes me feel, I’m living for you… That every single drop of rain, Falling from the sky, Reminds me that, I’m here only for you… The slow showers in the beginning, The … More