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Inner Voice

DARK  MYSTERY Mystery sweeping  the grave. And I’m sleeping in my cave. Thundering on thunder Never ever dare to ponder. Threatening the Sun not to rise in dark. Rain running so fast in streets Looking for a human ear Whom … More
DARK  MYSTERY Mystery sweeping  the grave. And I’m sleeping in my cave. Thundering on thunde More
DARK STREETS OF SUNBLIND   Peace I found in my shadow there. Losing my heart in the streets whe More
MAY THE VALLEY HEAR ME ROAR I am armed, I am ready, I am guided by my duty, No masks to hide who I a More
What I think of You  What I think of You When I’m not there.. do you think of me? When you More
MY CITY JAMMU It’s a land of serenity and sublimity, Notwithstanding any enmity, It’s a place of eternal blissful bondings, Jammu is the city of great longings. Here Dogri sounds afresh and pure, As if it has an ability to … More
Will I ever live my dreams… Traffic came to a halt as signal turned red again, I heard a small kid knocking at the window pane. I looked up suddenly and met his eye, My face turned frowzy – not … More
My Mother My happiness is an integral part of your life, You are the strength in my life. You foster, my love for  vernal breeze and rains, You are the one who know its gravity for my veins. Those black … More
Save the girl child A girl is a doll, The princess of the house. Loved so much, So pretty and cute. Everywhere, Like a little fairy, Solves all problems, Never demands, So affectionate, Till the very end. Why then are … More
WOMAN IN LIFE I have a woman in my life, Who has taught me- How to stay strong and survive? There was a time, when there was storm Then she helped me to stay strong. Storm of tears ,storm of … More
One last time!   A man on bed, in throes of death Dying to survive, gasping one last breath Pleading to the masters, oh pray! I ask my merciful, but one last day. Wasn’t alone I realize, walking through life … More
        My life, my way   This is my life I will llive it my way No matter what the world says I have my dreams I will surely fulfill them by good means I am confident that Iwill succeed … More
MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR   Here is a Christmas wish for you Full of laughter, love and light, May you have all those days, which always shines bright We hope you always receive Delightful gifts that you smile, … More
A Border Resident   Sitting in the corner and shuddering in his house Afraid of bullets and turmoil Thinking of the future of his little child What will happen to her and  her smile. Looking at the pale face of … More
A BUTTERFLY THAT CARRIED JEWELS Like a butterfly that flits on flower to flower To collect the sweet nectar each-every hour She loved to handle different items of jewelry In the thoughtful mood with an eye of query Wearing long … More
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