Celebrate the festival of Lohri,
Feel the warmth of goodness;
Dance around the bonfire,
Burn the devils of negativity.
Perform ‘Gidda’ and ‘Bhangra’
To the beat of Dhol;
Prepare the ‘Chhajja’
And sing sweetly
The Lohri songs.
Come and hear
The tale of ‘Dulla Bhatti’
Feel the ecstatic joy
And sing ‘Sunder Mundriye.’
Let’s enjoy
The peanuts and rewaris,
Let’s prevail
The sweetness of jaggery
Over the narcissism.
Let our heart filled with
The ultimate rejoice,
Let’s be united and say
Happy Lohri to all.
Alka Sharma
Rehari Colony.


Lingering Thoughts

The endless thoughts
they linger in my mind.
Would you have fought
or left me behind?
Could you have stopped
could you have saved?
When you stood on the roof
were you scared?
When you cried softly for help
it was muffled.
While you longed for peace
the thoughts in your mind shuffled.
Suffered alone with your shadows
your smile was your disguise.
To hide the devil inside your head
a locked door would suffice.
You cut yourself to fit others
the hidden whole was your heart.
Their words were feathers
but they broke you apart!
You took the lonely walk to the roof
walked the thousand miles.
City lights didn’t warm your heart
neither did a friendly smile.
The endless thoughts linger on and on….
Sanvi Rajput
10th, GD Goenka Public School, Gurgaon.




It is a new year , a year of beginning a new chapter;
It is filled with endless possibilities of laughter.
It is a year with new situations in life ,
It is the time to push yourself to thrive.
There would be a day when you will fall ,
There would be a day when you will think that nothing is possible at all
There would then be a hope and you will remember,
There would be someone to whom you will surrender
A period will come when you will be happy again ,
A period will come when you will cherish yourself in vain.
A period will come when you will forget your sins,
A period will come to teach you to win.
One will think to start from tomorrow ,
One will think to overcome the regret of sorrow.
One will think to do something good
One will think to please someone if he could
No matter what new difficulties arise,
No matter how bad it looks like
No matter what ; not you worry ,
No matter what; don’t take any step in a hurry.
The days will pass one by one , it will greet you and go away
The days will tell you how far you have come and how many on the way
The days will go having some opportunities with them
The days will keep ongoing and the year will come to an end
Shaarvi Verma