Time is free,
But it’s priceless.
It is harder than,
The game of chess.
You can’t own it,
Instead use it.
Once you loose it,
You can’t get it.
Always be patient as,
Miracles take time.
Walk towards your path,
You’ll get your lime light.
Even the flowers need,
Time to bloom and rise.
But never forget to,
Value Time, said the wise.
Kanishk Prashar
Marble Market.

My Hometown-Kishtwar

In the cradle of mountain, our hometown lies.
Over it, there are vast and azure skies.
The peaks of mountain are majestic and tall,
they act as guardians, protecting all.

Amongst the peaks, ‘Putinag’, gracefully descends, a breath-taking sight, where beauty transcends.
It’s a gift of nature’s eternal flow,
in my hometown, where wonders grow.

In the month of October-November, when nature glows, fields of purple, where saffron grows.
With every delicate blossom, a story is spun,
of hard work and dedication under the sun.

Handpicked with care, each saffron thread,
giving a message how traditions are bred.
Wonders and wonders beneath the soil, where secret hides, Sapphires’ beauty, a source of pride.
A symbol of beauty, a rare and divine,
in my hometown, there are sapphire’s mines.
Blessed with nature’s gift, where the Chenab flows, hydro projects rise and power grows.
From the rushing waters to electricity’s gleam, hydro projects fulfil the engineers’ dream.
In my hometown, there is a beautiful ground,
where Hindus celebrate Dussehra, and Muslims pray around.
Underneath the ancient Chinar tree’s shade,
the tales of harmony are deeply laid.
Together we celebrate our diversity,
and a bond is found that unites the

Friends and families gather around,
to celebrate SNOW MELA in our home ground.
In the winter chills, with love and joy,
our heart fulfills, in this mela, where cultures blend, together a message of peace we send.

-Dr. Daisy Parihar


A true friend is a priceless gift
That can’t be bought or sold
Whose value is far greater
than a mountain made of gold.
A true friend is someone
Who brings us laughter
Even in our tears
Whose memories make us
Smile across the miles
Through the years.
A true friend hears
The songs in your heart
Sings it to you when all
Memories depart.
Among the great
Glorious gifts that we are
Blessed with, it’s the gift
Of understanding that we find,
In loving true friends..
Komal Mengi
Raghunath Bazar


Right Time

Right now is the time to prove your worth
Execute the intent you’re building from past
And be on top never the last
Being inert won’t escort you anywhere
But being dynamic will usher you somewhere
At times living for yourselves would lead you to victory
Or choose to solve the life’s mystery
Puzzling your mind with divergent things , where is the space for peace?
If you wont release the thoughts you would not rest in peace.”
Vrinda Singh Pawar
DPS Jammu