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Will there be a day when we in J&K shall have the luxury of supply of electric power without int More
Strange are the quirks of history. Sometimes flow of historical events defies logic. Thrice has Chin More
The nomenclature J&K Academy of Art, Culture and Languages sounds pompous and impressive. But we More
Finance Minister has presented the detailed report of financial losses suffered by the State during More
It is bizarre to know that recruitment  rules of gazetted and non gazetted staff to two secretariat More
Centre has given its nod to the construction of two big power generating projects that had been hang More


Rekha Chowdhary This article is in response to JP Singh’s article ‘Contesting Horrors of More
Dr. D. Mukhopadhyay Professional education is the education that  is  imparted by a particular per More
Bhupesh Kumar Jain J&K is a festering wound on India, since its independence, and has been oozin More
Kajal Chatterjee The suicidal mindset of attaining “modernity” by sporting “bold&# More
Dr Varun Kumar Tripathi Is not it an undue trouble that the demonetization has caused to people who More
Dr. Oishee Mukherjee The recent Supreme Court judgment that adultery or extra-marital affairs do not More


Harsha Kakar The Russia, China and Pakistan informal alliance on Afghanistan, met in Moscow in end D More
K B Jandial There appears to be no end to controversies in Kashmir that vitiate the peace and tranqu More
Shiban  Khaibri Moving closer to the club of countries having advanced abilities to deliver a nucle More
Bharat Jhunjhunwala Four factors indicate the possibility of a recession. The United States’ c More


Sir, Please refer to the news item regarding demand of district status for Bhaderwah. This demand of More
Sir, Since more than six decades, all the successive Governments in the State and in the Centre were More
Sir, This has the reference to the letter “Double talk politicians” by S N Raina. I woul More
Sir, Around 10 lakh persons with disabilities were highly disappointed when the State Finance Minist More
Sir, This has reference to the news item ‘No toilets, drinking water for students….̶ More
Sir, One has to appreciate Chief Minister’s fairness in ably marshalling her arguments to disarm t More
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