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Career & Education

All you NEET aspirant must be worried about the concordant issue. In case you don’t qualify your NEET UG exam then what’s next? Whenyou have been studying since years, bursting out your nights, skipping meals, ignoring social media, friends and … More
All you NEET aspirant must be worried about the concordant issue. In case you don’t qualify yo More
Ashmita Tamta If you have a fashion crush on Stella McCartney, a predilection for Yeezy ivory knit a More
Colonel Shiv Choudhary (Retd) One often hears many talks, announcements and mass mobilization Progra More
GATE Result was announced on March 26 ending a long wait for applicants. The exam was scheduled for More
Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj In many schools, emphasis is placed on informational knowledge learned by reading textbooks or listening to lectures, memorizing the material, and taking tests. However, when one wants to become an adept or practitioner in the … More
Pinaki Bakshi “Success is not, what we achieve alive, Success is that essence, that we leave behind.” The beautiful cluster of words said by Subroto Bagchi is not just about success, but also about that back force, which continuously keeps … More
Neelam Choudhary Spanish researchers  have recently suggested trolleys  as a substitute for  backpacks, as the latter  are now incapable of holding  many items required  by a child  on daily basis. Similar observations were made by  two Indian  high court judges … More
Gauri Chhabra International Women’s Day is a time to reflect on progress made, to call for change and to celebrate acts of courage and determination by ordinary women who have played an extraordinary role in the history of their countries … More
Er. Ajay Sudan Succession planning is a specific strategy, which spells out the particular steps to be followed to achieve the mission, goals, and initiatives identified in workforce planning. It is a plan that managers can follow, implement, and customize … More
Yogesh Khosla ADHD stands for Attention- Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and almost 7-10% children are believed to be afflicted with this syndrome. Symptoms are quite easy to identify as we see so many of these unfortunate children around us. ADHD children … More
Dr. Raj Shree Dhar The Earth has now been explored. It no longer promises new continents or lost lands but the Mathematical approach now permits us to leave our planet, to venture into space, and to explore other worlds. After … More
Yogesh Katyal The world of learning and education is moving with the times- and so it should. Digital transformation has invaded virtually every area of life and work- and the 21st century classrooms are taking a new shape. Teachers are … More
Gauri Chhabra One field that has gone full circle over the past few years is Engineering. From a discipline that had just 4 offshoots like Mechanical, Chemical, Civil and Electrical, it has come a long way and encompasses many new … More
Gauri Chhabra If you wish to get into a career that elevates you into “better living”and get an insight into the core of family ecosystem, Home Science is the career option for you. It would not only beef up your … More
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