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Yogesh Khosla We are very careful and selective while buying tomatoes and bananas and don’t allow a single bad piece. Do we examine our children’s schools- where their life and career is being made, with equal diligence? At a time … More
Yogesh Khosla We are very careful and selective while buying tomatoes and bananas and don’t al More
Gauri Chhabra As we all know, career is one of the most important aspects of today’s survival. More
Dr.Meghna Dhar “Advancement is something that the human society can neither unwish nor wish ag More
Sanjesh Gupta Fisheries science is an academic discipline of managing and understanding fisheries. T More
Shahnaz Husain I always say that I rule with my heart and not my head, because I am emotional and believe in the human and personal aspect. In business one is dealing with      people and the human aspect assumes importance. … More
Gauri Chhabra In a transformational move, the Indian Army opens combat positions for women, a gender barrier broken by only a few countries globally.The role of women in the armed forces for a long time, was limited to the medical … More
Niraj Dubey According to our PM Narendra Modi ji, “In this Digital age, we have an opportunity to transform lives of people in ways that was hard to imagine a couple of decades ago. I see technology as a means … More
Ravia Gupta Heard or read about them sometime this year–The Heat Is So Unbearable In Odisha That A Man Tries To Fry An Egg On The Street And It Gets Fried! Chicken tries to cross road – taken into police … More
Shiv Kumar Padha Suk (dry) suk Pattiye ram diye Sakhiyer- Kala chor aya danda leke aya, danda gaya toot patti gayee sookh. Kanwan (crow) kanwan aja, pheeki siahi (ink) leja goodhi siahi déjà. Ik doona doona do done kitne-Do doone … More
Ashok Sharma The curious mind of man invented various means to record his observations and experiences.As time progressed, alphabets of various languages came into existence and literature , was produced.One field on which the teachers would lay thrust was the … More
Gauri Chhabra GATE or GRE? This is the question that is constantly on the minds of students when they are on the threshold of graduation in Engineering. Both these are the prestigious examinations for entry into post graduation and have … More
Gauri Chhabra Over the past year or so, following demonetization, India has been making ardent efforts to move towards a cashless transaction economy by minimising the use of physical cash. This is in consonance with ‘Digital India’ programme which has … More
Maneka Sanjay Gandhi A few months ago, a friend of mine said that his son wanted to                do hotel management but he was not going to allow him since he                   didn’t want his son working with meat and eggs in … More
Gauri Chhabra Are you a number cruncher? Do you love solving Mathematical problems? Are you data driven? If yes, you are on the threshold of a growth trajectory of diverse range of careers such as actuaries, computer engineering, mathematicians, economics, … More