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Dr Shahid Amin Trali The goal of education is to form good humans devoted to work for the creation of societies of love, freedom, fellowship, justice and harmony. People that are educated tend to have well-paid jobs,  possess improved health … More
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Dr Shahid Amin Trali The goal of education is to form good humans devoted to work for the creation o More
1 Category: International Scholarship: UCC Ireland Meritorious Scholarship 2018 Description: More th More
Gauri Chhabra Ever seen a strange rock formation and wondered how it got that way? Or watched a docu More
Disha Vyas Rakesh Jhunjunwala famously called as the big bull by the media is a well-known figure in the area of stock market investing. He recently commented during a Q&A session at an international conference that investment is not an … More
Gauri Chhabra March 10 and 11, 2018 gave aspiring and budding  entrepreneurs an opportunity to connect and collaborate as the best and brightest minds came together and brainstormed on on how to fuel their business growth. The conference at IIT … More
Gauri Chhabra Come March, the students and parents all over the country witness a flurry of  activity associated with peaked stress levels when they have to take two major decisions of their lives- which colleges to apply ? And which … More
Ankita Gupta Failure! A word that scares us all. A student or a professional of any field would scare from this ghostly and haunted word “Fail”. Yes! it really is a nightmare. But nobody ever wonders is it really so … More
Yogesh Khosla We are very careful and selective while buying tomatoes and bananas and don’t allow a single bad piece. Do we examine our children’s schools- where their life and career is being made, with equal diligence? At a time … More
Gauri Chhabra As we all know, career is one of the most important aspects of today’s survival. Career is what each one of us are striving for. Over 30 years back from now, medicals and engineering were the topmost priority … More
Dr.Meghna Dhar “Advancement is something that the human society can neither unwish nor wish against”. The recent developments in science and technology have led to a new alarming situation regarding information created in the world. Today, we are living at … More
Sanjesh Gupta Fisheries science is an academic discipline of managing and understanding fisheries. This is a multidisciplinary subject that includes the biological study of life, habits and breeding of various species of fish. It also involves farming and husbandry of … More
Gauri Chhabra The rural health care system has changed dramatically over the past decade because of a general transformation of health care financing, the introduction of new technologies, and the clustering of health services into systems and                  networks. Despite these … More
Shahnaz Husain I always say that I rule with my heart and not my head, because I am emotional and believe in the human and personal aspect. In business one is dealing with      people and the human aspect assumes importance. … More