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Dr Raj Shree Dhar “O Lord! Lead me from the unreal to the Real, from darkness to Light, and from death to Immortality.” Both yogic meditation and Mathematics work similarly: “they take away attention from the outside world and compel … More
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Everybody asks for blessings. Usually people say, “Guruji, please give me More
Dr Raj Shree Dhar “O Lord! Lead me from the unreal to the Real, from darkness to Light, and fr More
Swami Ram Swarup Ji Yogacharya Vedas preach us that in the beginning of the creation all the human- More
Satbir Singh Kapoor “Khaanaa Peenaa Hasanaa Sounaa Visar Gaeiaa Hai Maranaa”- (Eating, drinking More
Maneka Sanjay Gandhi All Hindu mythology is intertwined with animals. Thousands of stories abound in all the texts, and the largest of wars is often due to a small insect being killed. Devdutt Pattanaik has put some of these stories … More
Ajay Kapoor “Only a settled frame of mind can be creative. Creativity dawns as a by-product of breathing, meditation and spirituality,” says Pankaj Anand, Artist from Mumbai. “As a freelance photographer, being creative, you have to be clear of any … More
Yogi Ashwini When we read the ancient vedic texts like puranas etc, we come across human beings with supernatural abilities, exuding phenomenal strength. We hear of women with amazing beauty and radiance, which used to even attract gods. When we … More
Tanu Manhas “He who rejects change is the architect of decay.”-Harold Wilson Change in oneself is the revamping of ones behaviour, altitude, thinking and daily habits in the right perspective for the welfare of society and the whole world. Change … More
Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj We live in an age in which we have made tremendous progress in the areas of science and technology. We have sent spacecraft to the moon and the planets in our solar system and have investigated … More
Pragya Mahajan All Masters have said that God is the Guru, the true Master. He is the Controlling Power within us. Where that Power manifests, that manifested God-in-man is called a Master. So the true Master is God Himself. Not … More
Swami Ramswarup Ji Yogacharya Yog is Samadhi/Realization of God and not asan, prannayaam etc. Yajurved mantra 26/3 preaches- Oh! God (Upyaamgreeheetaha Asi) You are realized/ known by practising Yam, Niyam, Asan, Prannayaam, Pratyahaar, Dharnna, Dhyan and Samadhi i.e., eight parts … More
Satbir Kapoor The hardships, difficulties, trials and tributations of life are all blessings for they make us stronger and more self reliant. It is right, therefore that we thank God for these. Let us thank God for it teaches us … More
Swami Ramswarup Ji Yogacharya Where it is a matter of great joy that 21st June, 2016 has been celebrated as International Yog Day, there, it is also a matter of great concern that due to lack of Vedas’ knowledge, mostly … More
Dr. Raminder Jit Singh Sikhism with over 25 million followers worldwide is one of the youngest among major world religions. Sikhism was revealed to Guru Nanak over 500 years ago in the Punjab. Sikhism preaches a message of devotion, remembrance … More

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