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Ma Naina When Bob Marley composed his very famous redemption song in 1980, he inspired millions with the lyrics -“Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds”. Probably at that time he had no idea how … More
Ma Naina When Bob Marley composed his very famous redemption song in 1980, he inspired millions with More
Ajay Kapoor Do you feel the need to relax? Most people have busy lives and have almost no time to re More
Satbir Singh Kapoor Disrespect is the denial of approval or recognition of another person. Many peop More
Bhupinder Kumar What is spirituality? What is religion? Who am I? Why am I here? What is the purpose More
Bhanumathi Narasimhan, sister of Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and meditation teacher since several decades, speaks about meditation and why the world needs it today. How much do we need to concentrate to have a good meditation? Meditation is actually … More
O N Kaul The river of life meanders nonchalantly through the mountains, valleys and plains of convoluted thinking and ideas. It cleans our desires, purifies our thoughts, and pacifies our restless confusions. Its sparkling water can rejuvenate the mind and … More
Swami Ramswarup Ji, Yogacharya God preaches in Vedas that the main motto of human life is to realise God by following eternal vedic path. Although Vedas contain unlimited knowledge right from straw to Brahma including creation yet, Atharvaved emphasis that … More
Sunil Raina Rajanak Worship of Divine Mother Shakti – the Universal progenitrix is as old as Rig Veda and is also divulged in details in Tantras andPuranas. The supreme reality is both transcendent and immanent and it is this immanent … More
Hemant Dharmat A devotee asked Sai Baba, “Where should a seeker go?” Baba replied, “High up”. He enquired from Baba about the onward journey. Baba said “There are several ways; a path goes from here (Shirdi) too. But it’s arduous … More
Dr. Bodh R Sharma The Scriptures and even Science educate us that everything is made up of energy. Energy forms a field that flows, connects, and surrounds everybody and everything in the Universe. In fact, energy is the basis for … More
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Everybody asks for blessings. Usually people say, “Guruji, please give me blessings”. Even if someone doesn’t want anything, they need blessings! Whichever Guru you go to, the only words which come out are, “Give me blessings”. … More
Dr Raj Shree Dhar “O Lord! Lead me from the unreal to the Real, from darkness to Light, and from death to Immortality.” Both yogic meditation and Mathematics work similarly: “they take away attention from the outside world and compel … More
Swami Ram Swarup Ji Yogacharya Vedas preach us that in the beginning of the creation all the human- beings were born as ignorants. At that time, there was no Rishi-Muni, teacher, guru etc., who can preach the ignorant public. As … More
Satbir Singh Kapoor “Khaanaa Peenaa Hasanaa Sounaa Visar Gaeiaa Hai Maranaa”- (Eating, drinking , laughing and      sleeping, the mortal forgets about dying) Guru Nanak Sahib Ji We do not talk of death lightly- it is regarded as tasteless, ill-mannered and … More

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