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Hemant Dhrmat, Jammu region is blessed with various places of pilgrimage associated with Goddess Durga, such as Vaishno Devi, Chichi Mata (one of the famed Shakti Peeth), Chandi Mata, Sukarala Mata, BhaveAali Mata and Mahamaya Mata. Bitiyani Mata a somewhat … More
Hemant Dhrmat, Jammu region is blessed with various places of pilgrimage associated with Goddess Dur More
B D Naryal The period from 1200-1700 AD is considered to be period of Bhakti Movement in India when More
Sunil Raina Rajanak Lord Shiva who is all pervading, beneficent, merciful has been donning roles fro More
Hemant Dharmat Ramnavami, the birth anniversary of Lord Ram is very auspicious for Sai devotees as i More
Satbir Singh Kapoor Though, there is no exact description of mind available, mind refers to the processes where the thinking, understanding analyzing, decision making, memorization etc… takes place. It is regarded as one of the higher functions of the brain … More
Dr Manju Dwivedi Among many thinkers and theorists, in the field of education, a very simple yet convincing, and impressive contribution is of Mahatma Jotiba Phule. For Mahatma Phule education was not just literacy. If we look at the phenomenon … More
Swami Ram Swarup Yogacharya Vyasmuniji states that if a person doesnot know about the process of creation then he cannot be accepted as a saint/learned. So, if we pay our attention towards Rigved Mandal 10, Sukta 129, we come to … More
Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj Life is filled with many adversities. We struggle                       with health problems,                    financial problems,                            relationship problems, and emotional problems. We wonder why God does not grant us a life of ease,                    free of burdens. There is … More
Swami Ram Swarup Yogacharya In the beginning of the creation, knowledge of the four vedas emanates directly from Almighty God and was originated in the heart of four Rishis for the benefit of non-sexual creation. In vedas, God has preached … More
Sunil Raina Shivratri is the King of festivals among Kashmiri Hindus as it is associated with their beloved and most adored Lord Shiva who holds unparalled influence and adoration throught the Himalayan range. The festival is celebrated with fervor, devotion … More
Romesh Mengi The melange of culture has gifted the Reasi District with many popular religious places. There are many historical places in Reasi that have been beautifully and tastefully crafted and have ever since remained the talk of the State … More
Hemant Dharmat During his discourse with Arjun in their chariot stationed amidst the battlefield of Kurukshetra with the contending forces in battle array, just before first salvo was to be fired in the epic War of Mahabharta, Lord Krishna said, … More
Sri Sri Ravi Shanker Disconnect When you have the feeling of being completely disconnected then don’t struggle to get connected. Rest. It is like when you are sleeping, you are totally disconnected from the closest person also. When you sleep, … More
Dr. Shveata Misra There are a couple of things you’ve probably heard said over and over. The first is, “why doesn’t god answer my prayers?” what you’ll generally hear next is the response which goes something like, “God does answer … More
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