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Shahnaz Husain Flowers are nature’s gift to man and provide a unique level of botanical energy. They not only delight the senses with their beautiful colours and fragrances, but actually have powerful properties, which help to bring about the ideal … More
Shahnaz Husain Pollutants in the air are making our cities increasingly hostile to our good health a More
Shahnaz Husain Seasonal changes influence the skin. As winter approaches, the humidity in the air st More
Shahnaz Husain Karva Chauth is a special day for all married women. It signifies beauty, as all marr More
Shahnaz Husain Pollution in the air and in water are making our world increasingly hostile to our go More
Shahnaz Husain Raksha Bandhan is one of the important festivals, when brothers and sisters celebrate the loving bond between them. Like all festive occasions, girls love to dress up and look their best. However, make-up is all about choosing the … More
What’s a woman’s attire without an appropriate bag to go with it? Pramita Bose checks out some trends in the bag-front making waves. What’s an attire, be it a sari, salwar suit or designer label dress without an appropriate bag … More
Shahnaz Husain Looking beautiful on the wedding day is not merely a matter of make-up and dress. It needs weeks of care. If a skin care programme is              followed four to six weeks before the wedding,         it can really help … More
Shahnaz Husain The hot and humid season undermines the beauty of the hair. Sweat and oil secretions attract dirt and pollutants, making the hair dull and matted. The salt in our sweat also makes the hair rough and robs it … More
Shahnaz Husain You do not have to be born beautiful. You can acquire it. I have always said that good health and beauty are two sides of the same coin. Unless you are healthy from the inside, you cannot reflect … More
Shahnaz Husain Anti-ageing procedures, whether surgical or non-surgical, are being carried out in the search for the fountain of youth. For the past few years, treatments like Botox are much in demand. The well known laser surgeon Dr. Parashar states … More
Shahnaz Husain Cleansing is of great importance for the working woman, who leaves home to get to work, battling through traffic and exposing herself to the grime and pollutants in the air. Always cleanse the skin at night, before going … More
Shahnaz Hussain The working woman needs to  pay even more attention to skin  and hair care. Actually, the hair attracts dirt and pollutants from  the environment just as much as the skin. These settle on the scalp. Even if you … More
Shahnaz Husain Moisture is most important to the skin. It helps to keep the skin soft, smooth and supple. Dryness of the skin is caused by under-activity of the sebaceous, or oil producing glands of the skin. Due to a … More
Flowers never go wrong when it comes to fashion and prints, find designers. Pramita Bose reports Be it in painting or across the field of fashion, petal power rules the roost. Keeping this in mind, designers often consciously choose floral … More

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