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Shahnaz Husain Pollution , hectic  life style  , mental stress  and chemical  exposures is daily routine in metropolitan cities .These factors take a toll on long lustrous hair and results in hair fall, hair thinning, hair breakage . You purchase … More
Shahnaz Husain Pollution , hectic  life style  , mental stress  and chemical  exposures is daily More
Shahnaz Hussain Night nourishing is important for normal to dry skin, especially during winter.  Pe More
Shahnaz Husain For hair loss progressing to balding, there are many options. The first and most obvi More
Shahnaz Husain During winter, when the weather is cold and dry, the hair really suffers. This is the More
Shahnaz Husain Festival season can really play havoc with our looks, what with         late nights,  lack of sleep and         over indulgence on food.                  In fact,  during Diwali, air pollution also becomes a problem. As it is, pollution in the air … More
Shahnaz Husain If you are frustrated over high cost of  beauty parlours and  dermatologist in treating skin and hair beauty  problems than  all you need to do is to squeeze out some fresh lemon juice from  your own kitchen  and    … More
Shahnaz Husain The under eye is one of the thinner,delicate and most neglected area in skin care .It has no oil glands and has a fine texture The dark circles known as dark rings or shadows are formed due to … More
Shahnaz Husain We are all born with good skin. A baby’s skin is soft, smooth and free from blemishes and problems. As we grow older, the skin is influenced by many factors. It is affected by our diets, habits and … More
Shahnaz Husain Rakshabandhan, The amazing Indian festival is not only a special day to celebrate the precious unbreakable bond between brother and sister but also offer a welcome break from all the chaos and frenzy of routine life.This sweet Indian … More
Shahnaz Husain Monsoon is the season of romance,fun, greenery and scenic beauty. Walking on filthy pavements, water logged streets, moist cool atmosphere and dampness  leads to sticky footwear, heavy sweating feet, bacterial and fungal infections  like ring worm, itching and … More
  Shahnaz Husain Coconut water that can be used for cleansing the face is the water inside a tender coconut. The water is clear and also sterile and contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes. As such, it is highly nutritious. … More
Shahnaz Husain Warm weather, sunshine and long days at  open places particularly   parties and weddings etc  takes a    toll on your skin and hair during this season  .With the temperatures rising     it is  essential that  you avoid becoming an overheated, … More
Shahnaz Husain Sun tan is one of the immediate effects of sun-exposure. Exposure      to the sun increases the production     of melanin, which is the skin’s           colouring matter. Melanin is dark in colour, so the skin also becomes darker. At the … More
Shahnaz Husain For most of us, a major problem       during summer is how to look, feel and smell fresh. But, there are  those who suffer from excessive  perspiration, known as ‘            hyperhidrosis,” which requires         medical treatment. Certain medical conditions can … More