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Wanted a suitable match for a Sharma Girl August 87 born, 5’-2” Height, M.A, M.Ed. Qualified, Employed belonging to an educated family.
Contact No.: 94191-97828

Suitable match for a beautiful Brahman (Dogra) girl Edu MA B.Ed PG Diploma in Mass communication of an educated family DoB Aug 83 Height 5’-3’’ preferable Govt service or flourshing business.
Pl No. 9419156096/9205164299

Surya Matchmakers (Estd. 2005)
1) Mahajan Boy 92b- Doctor (MBBS, doing M.D) R/o Tkt. Ngr.
2) Mahajan Girl 89b- Permanent Govt. College Assit. Prof. through PSC (M Phil + Net)
3. Mahajan Girl 91b- Bank P.O. (Btech).
4. Rajput Girl 88b- Permanent Govt. Teacher in JMU (M.Phil+BEd).
5. Rajput Girl 89b- Doctor (MBBS, doing M.D.)
6. Khatri Girl 89b- B.Tech + MBA, Manager in MNC= 6 lacs P/A.
7. SC Girl 88b- KAS Officer.
Contact: Mr. Sharmaji 9622201777, 9419302283 (jammu) Closed)

Wanted a suitable match for Rajput girl D.O.B 1982 Height 5’5”. Working in J&K Govt. (Gazetted) Education Deptt.
Contact: 9419605839

1) Sharma Girl 88 b – permanent Govt. Assit. Prof. in College through PSC (M.Phil+NET)
2) Sharma GIrl 89 b – Doctor in Govt. Hospital posted atJmu (PSQ Qualified)
3) Sharma Girl 91 b – B.E. Computers, Software Er. in            MNC – 6 Lacs P/A
4) Sharma Girl 89 b – Sub Judge in Judiciary (LLM)
5) Khatri Girl 88 b – Assist. Prof. in Univ.
6) Khatri Girl 89 b – permenent Govt. Teacher
7) Jatt Choudary Girl 84b – Ph.D, permenent Govt. Lecturer through PSC
Contact: Mr. Sharmaji 96222017777, 9419302283 (Jammu) (Tuesday Closed)

1. Sikh Girl Ph.D Pvt. Job 1985
2. Divorcee Sikh Girl M.Phill Pvt. Job 1982
3. Sikh Kathri Boy Graduate own will settled            business 1987
4. Jatt Sikh Boy Divorcee Govt. Job 1982
5. Sikh Girl B.D.S Pvt. Job 1990
6. Hindu Brahmin Boy Govt. Job 1980
7. Khatri Sikh Girl M.Tech Govt. Job 1988
8. Sikh Khatri Girl Govt. Job 1981
Contact – 9086322172
Add – 113/3 Ext. Trikuta Nagar Jammu

Love Birds Matrimonial
1. Khatri Girl 83 born, Advocate Choice Job as Businesman.
2. Sharma Boy 89 born, Police Inspector.
3. Sharma Boy 81 born.
4. Sikh Girl 83 born, Dr BDS, MDS.
5. Muslim Girl 88 born, M.Sc, B.Ed, M.Ed.
6. Muslim Girl 92 born Quali M.Sc, Choice, Any Prof.
7. Mahajan Girl 84 born Govt Teacher Choice Job as Businessman.
8. Khatri Boy 87 born MBBS Dr.
9. Rajput Girl 87 born Govt Teacher.
10. Khatri Boy 86 b, Wholesale Business.
All Divorcee, Widow and over age most welcome.
Cont No: 7051006927, 9906346831, whatsapp

Well settled highway qualified Match for 1981 born beautiful fair complexione MA, B.Ed, PGDBM divorced Girl. No issue from Khatri respectable Business family of Jammu presently working as Lecturer.

Wanted suitable match for 1987 born Brahmin girl, 5’6’’ M. Tech, working outside the State
Ph No. 8491834111

Wanted a suitable match for Gupta girl, 10-8-84 born, 1:20 PM, Advocate, Company Secretary.
Choice – Govt Servant, well established businessman preferred.
Contact –

1, Sharma girl 85 born, 5’-5’’, BSc, MBA, Pvt teacher @ 10,000/-
2. Sharma girl 86 born, 5’-00’’, B.Com, MBA, Pvt teacher @ 12000/-
3, Sharma girl 82 born, 5’4’’, B. Level equal MCA, Govt job @ 10,000/-
4, Sharma girl 89 born, 5’-4’’, MA, B.Ed Pvt teacher @ 8000/-
5, Sharma girl 91 born, 5’-3’’, BSc, B.Ed, MA Sociology Pvt teacher
Cont No. 0191-2574998
Wed, Sat, Sunday 4 to 6 PM

Wanted a suitable match for beautiful BAMS, MD, Doctor Sharma girl 84 born, working outside State. Looking for Vegetarian, Non-Alcoholic/Smoker, MD/MS Doctor, KAS, Gazetted Govt officer, Engineer.
Mobile : 9797579967

Meet Marriage Bureau
Gursikh boy 85 B.Tech job (Canada) 5-7.
Gursikh boy 86 BE, job Govt Gazetted 5-5.
Gursikh boy 82 BE, job J.E, H. 5-11.
Gursikh Ramgari boy 86, B.Com job Pvt Sal Rs. 50,000, 5-7.
Gursikh Ramgari boy 85 B.Tech & M.Tech job MNC Pkg 28 L.
Gursikh girl 83 BDs+MDS job Pvt 5-5.
Gursikh girl 89 post graduate job Govt H. 5-5.
Gursikh girl Divorce 89 M.Sc, M.Ed job Govt H. 5-5.
Gursikh girl 90 Khatri job Pvt 5-2.
Sharma girl 88 BE+MBA job Bank PO 5-5.
Sharma girl 86 Ph.d, M.Sc & M.Ed Job Pvt 5-5.
Khatri boy 88 BE own well settled Businessman.
Cont: Jasmeet Kour, 9419186671
Nanak Nagar, Sec 11, Lane No. 5,
H.No. 79, Near J&K Bank

Wanted well settled boy for 90 born, 5’-2’’, good looking, slim Kashyap Rajput girl.
Qualification – Master of Veterinary Sciences. (MVSc). Upper Caste No Bar.
Contact :

Match for a Verma Girl MBBS,
Oct 1989 Born. Ht. 5’-2”, KAS, Doctor, Engineer, Army Officer Preferred.
Upper Caste no bar.
Father KAS (Retd.) Mother Gaz.
Officer. Contact: 9419685667

Match for a Convent Educated,
Good Looking MBBS Dr. Verma Girl, Oct.1989 Born. K.A.S, Doctor, Engineer,  Executive, Belt Forces Officer etc. Preferred.
Upper Cost no bar. Father K.A.S (Retd.)  Mother Gazetted Officer.
Contact. 9419685667

Well qualified/ Well established Industrialist/ Businessman of Status Match for 28 years beautiful slim
5’-11” Gupta Girl Convent educated B.Tech (E&C), MBA from Premier Institute. Campus Placement.
12 Lacs P.A
Parents both retired officers.

A suitable match require for a Sharma girl PSC qualified (10+2 lecturer) born on 30 Nov. 1983. Note only gazetted officers in defence or any other deptt.  may Contact please
Mob No. 9107428063

Wanted a suitable match for good looking smart Gupta Doctor girl MBBS, doing M.D (Ist Year) born May 1985, 5’-2’’ in height and belongs to well reputed family of Jammu.
Looking for M.D/M.S Doctor, KAS/KPS officer or Engineer

Shri Ganesh Marriage Bureau
Happy Navratri-  K. Raina  9796816248, Jagti
1. KP Boy 17-7-84, B.Sc, MBA, 7 Lac PA, Gurgaon
2. KP Boy-80, BE Cent. Govt Emp- 08285004240
3. KP Boy 16-9-84, Govt Emp-JKP at Shopian
4. KP Boy- 29-11-87, BSc (IT), Dip. Engineer-Pune
5. KP Boy-18-8-90, BBA, Diploma.Own Business
6. KP Boy-87, Bachelor of Law Syrs, Advocate
7. KP Boy- 85, BE Comp, Job Pune-9419104466
8. KP Girl-90, Diploma * KP Girl-88, MSc-IT, Pvt
9. KP Girl-85, 10+2 * Send/Receive Teknies

A suitable match for Brahman girl born 8/1987 height 5’-4’’ working as a Clerk in Bank from Dogra Brahman Family Father Ex-serviceman. APS prefered to Govt employees/well established businessman.
Contact : 9797395023, 9419211066

Wanted Muslim Sunni Boy
Suitable Match for 86 born, 5’3” Muslim Sunni Girl, Mphil, Phd SET Qualified, Govt Lecturer.

Alliance invited for 1979 born girl from respectable family. The boy must be from Govt. Service or has own well established business (Jammu nearby)
DOB: 14-02-1979, Time: 3:16 PM
Place: Jammu Ht.: 5’-5”
Qualification: MA English
Working: In private organization
Note: Early Marriage
Contact: 9469174037 (Mother)
(Only Upper Caste are invited)

Mahajan /Khatri /Sharma/(Girls)
Mahajan Girl 89born 5’4 BE (Elect)M.Tech
Mahajan Girl 90 Born 5’Bsc,B.ed,Pvt.job
Mahajan Girl 86 born 5’4  Ms MO
Khatri  Girl 87 born 5’1 Bsc,B.ed Teacher
Khatri  Girl 89 born 5’4 MCA Bank Job
Khatri Girl 88 born 5’1, MBA MNC Bangalore
Khatri  Girl 90 born 5’3 ,PG,(Banking)
Sharma Girl 89 born 5’3 MOS (Final year)
Sharma Girl 85 born MA B.ed
Sharma Girl 75 born 5’2 BE(Civil) Pvt job

Baby Marriage Bureau
Panama Chowk Jammu
Sharma girl 86 Born private School Teacher
Rajput boy 80 Born post graduate Well Business Man
Sharma Boy 83 Born graduation  Well Business man
Sharma 80 boy  born BA Well Business man
Khatri Boy B.Tech well business man
Khatri Girl 91 born B. TecH MNC Hight 5’5
Khatri Girl 86 born  Msc, Med, Phd, 5’5 job
Majhan  Boy 84 Born Msc, Bed, Phd, 5’9  govt job, Business
Contact No :-9419113728

KP Girl 89 born 5’5,B.ed,+Lab Tech. Course
KP Girl 89 born 5’3 BA (Maths), MBA (Landon) MNC  company
KP Girl 88 born 5’4 M.Tech MNC CHD
KP Girl 88 born 5′ BE (Civil), MBA MNC Bombay
KP Girl 90 born 5′ BE (Comp Engg) MBA
KP Girl 90 born 5’8 BE Bank emp.
KP Girl 87 born 5’8 B.Tech Pune
KP Girl 82 born 5’3 B.Tech MBA MNC
H. No -141-A, Near Sai Mandir, Next to Shiksha Niketan School, Gandhi Nagar, Jmu
Contact No-9697241983 (Mrs. Neelam Raina).

Sikh Boy 84 born 5’8 P.hd (BioTech)Asst. Prof.
Sikh Boy 81 born 5’11 Bsc in Comp+Short hand Govt job
Sikh Boy 85 born 6’2  MBA
Sikh Boy 79 born 5’11 (Agri )MNC
Sikh Boy 83 born 5’10 grad well  estb  B’s
Sikh Girl 85 born 5’5 MSC,M.phill Phd
Sikh Girl 93 born 5’4 +French Diploma
Sikh Girl 87 born 5’4 per (MA) Hindi
Sikh Girl 84 born 5’5 MSC MPhill  Teacher
Sikh Girl 86 Born 5’4 MA, B.ed
H.No-141-A, Near Sai Mandir, Next to Shiksha Niketan School, Gandhi Nagar, Jmu
Contact No-9697241983 (Mrs. Neelam Raina).

Shaadi Mubarakh Matrimonial
1. 82 born, Khatri Boy, 5’-10’, prosecuting officer, 80 K PM.
2. 82 born, Khatri Boy, 5’-11’, Bank employee, 16 LPA.
3. Gupta Boy, 82 born, 5’-11”, BE, MBA, Bank Employee, 80 LPA.
4. Sharma Girl, 86 born, 5’-6”, KAS Officer.
5. Sharma Boy, 90 born, 5’-8”, B.Tech working in MNC, 5 Lakh PA.
6. 85 born, Sharma Boy, 5’-5”, BA.LLB, Pvt Advocate, 80K PM.
Add: 122 A/D, Gandhi Nagar, Jammu

Wanted a suitable match for Rajput Dr. Girl M.D. (Ayu) Born 1983. Working as a Lec. in Medical College. And belongs to a respectable family.
Contact:- 94191-09994

Tulis Wedding Hub Regd
Brahmin Girl 5’5 inch M.Phil. Chemistry  B.Ed (Govt Teacher)
Brahmin Girl 5’5,  86 Born,, B.Ed (Govt Teacher)
Brahmin Girl 5’5, 85 Born MA English, B.Ed. (Govt Teacher)
Brahmin Gril  5’5, 83 Born, B.ed, (Govt Teacher)
Brahmin Gril 5′, 83 Born MA, B,ed (Govt Teacher)
Brahmin Gril 5’3, 79 Born Physics, B.ed (Govt Teacher)
Contact: Sunil Tuli.
42A/D Gandhi Nagar

Verma (Tarkhan) Parents invite proposals from well settled and well qualified Match for their beautiful daughter 85 born highly qualified (PGDJMC) Net, M.Phil, Purusing Ph.D, First choice Army Officer.
Contact: 9858069711

Wanted a suitable match for 86 born Gupta Girl, 5’-4”, BAMS Doctor from reputed family.

Rudraaksh Matrimonial
1) Rajput boy 87b Govt. Emp. 40,000 K (own business)
2) Sharma boy 84b Gazetted Officer 91,000K
3) Khatri boy 86b working MNC 10 lac PKG
4) Muslim boy 82b Gazetted Officer 50,000K
5) Khatri boy 40 yrs. Govt. Emp. 45,000 (divorcee)
6) Sharma girl 84b Bank PO
7) Mahajan girl 84b Govt. Medical Officer 50,00K
8) Sharma girl 85b Govt. emp. 95,000K
9) Muslim girl 87b Gazetted Officer
10) Khatri girl 79b Govt. emp (divorcee)
All Communities & Overaged Most Welcome
Whatsapp also 9622212949,

Milan Marriage Bureau
1. Kashyap Rajput Girl 88-B, 5’-2”, BCA, MCA, MNC, Jammu.
2. Kashyap Rajput Girl 79-B, 5’-4”, M.Sc, B.Ed, Govt. Job.
3. Kashyap Rajput Girl 86-B, 5’-3”, MA, B.Ed, Teacher APS.
4. Kashyap Rajput Boy 82-B, 5’-6”, MCA, Bank PO.
5. Kashyap Rajput Boy 81-B, 5’-7”, B.E (E&C) Sr. S.E Govt. Job.
6. Ramdasi Boy 85-B, 6”, B.E, Lect (Grade-I).
7. Bhagat Boy 86-B, 5’-9”, MBA, Clerk in Bank.
8. Ramdasi Boy 85-B, 6’-2”, BA, own Well established Business
Contact: Mrs. Jamwal, 9419153531,
9796493008, 2435421

Suitable match for 32+ Years M.A, B.Ed, Issueless Beautiful Divorcee Girl.
Unmarried/ Divorcee/ Widower
Jammu Based Upper Caste Hindu Boys
May Contact: 9086658499

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