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Surya Matchmakers (Estd. 2005)
1) Sharma Girl 89b- Doctor in J&K Govt. Deptt. (PSC cleared).
2) Sharma Girl 87b- IAS Officer, Sal= Rs. 80,000 P/M.
3. Sharma Girl 88b- Doctor (MBBS, M.D) Registrar in GMC Jmu.
4. Sharma Girl 90b- B.E + MBA, IT Er. in MNC at Pune= 7 lacs P/A.
5. Khatri Girl 91b- B.Tech+MBA, Software Er. in MNC= 6 lacs P/A.
6. Khatri Gilr 88b- Doctor (MBBS, doing M.D)
7. Bhagat Girl 85b- Permanent Govt. Teacher (MSc+BEd).
Contact: Mr. Sharmaji 9622201777, 9419302283 (jammu) Closed)

Wanted a suitable match for Rajput Doctor Girl (M.D. Ayu) born 1983 Height 5’-4”. Working as Lec. in Medical College.
Contact : 94191-09994

Wanted a suitable match for good looking Gupta MBBS doing MD (Ist Year) Doctor Girl born May 1985, 5’.2’ in height and belongs to well reputed family of Jammu.
Looking for MD/MS Doctor, KAS/KPS Officer and Engineer.
Contact: 9419195223

Wanted a suitable match for a smart and good looking girl (Manglik) 85 born. Well educated and working in a Pvt. reputed Co. Belongs to a respectable family.
Contact: 9107634956

1. Sharma Boy 84-B, State Bank Scale-2 Officer.
2. Khattri Boy 79-B, Govt Emp. only son.
3. Sharma Boy 85-B, KAS Officer.
4. Bhagat Boy 85-B, Asstt. Prof Govt Deptt.
5. Khattri Boy 78-B, Doctor (Divorcee).
6. Sharma Girl 87-B, Gazetted Officer.
7. Sharma Girl 80-B, M.B.B.S Doctor Govt.
8. Rajput Girl 88-B, Pvt. Working, M.A, M.Ed.
9. Sikh Boy 82-B, Businessman PKG. 9 Lac.
10. Muslim Boy 92-B, MBA Businessman 12 Lac.
11. Khattri Girl 32 yrs. M.A, B.Ed (Divorcee).
All Communities & over aged most welcome
9622212944, 9107323221

Baby Matrimonial
1.     Khatri girl 93 born, Qual B.Tech 5’-5”, Fair job in MNC.
2.     Khatri girl, 91 B, Qual B.Tech. 5’-4”, Job in MNC.
3.     Khatri girl, 85 B and BA, BEd Pvt. School teacher
4.     Khatri girl 84B, Qual B.Com+MBA 5’-3”, job in MNC
5.    Sikh boy 81B, well business man H 5’-7”, BA
6.     Sikh Girl 85B, Qual MSc., B.Ed. Ph.D contract based Lecturer
Panama Chowk

Match of CHOICE
Sikhs & Non Sikhs/ Ramdassia
Bhagat/ Mahasha & all other
Castes – Doctors Engineers
Officers Businessmen &
Others available
We also provide LATEST
DECORATIONS for Marriages
& Other Functions
Contact: 9419306767

09540680115, 09810081669

Wanted Sikh Boy
Suitable Sikh Boy match for October 1982 born Doctor Sikh Girl (MBBS, PG) Gazetted Service in J&K Govt. (Through PSC) from a very respectable and educated family
Contact: 9419174126

(1) Wanted suitable match for Sharma Girl Beautiful, slim & fair, Post Graduate family well qualified and sober, DOB-81
Contact No. 9103219166
(2) Wanted Suitable Match for Sharma Boy Govt Employee. Beautiful & Handsome, DOB-82.
Contact No. 9103219166

Shri Ganesh Marriage Bureau
Happy Shiv Ratri, K. Raina 9796816248
1. KP Boy-22-7-85, B.E., State Govt. Emp-Houses
2. KP Boy-18-9-87, B-Tech,Software Engg-DELL
3. KP Boy 16-9-88, Govt. Emp JKP-Jmu, Flat-Dlh
4. KP Boy 88, BCA, MR, Jmu, 5 Digit, 9796184667
5. KP Boy-79, Diploma in Civil Engg, Job, Own Flat
at Mumbai, 8 lakh PA, L-Divorced-9419158925
6. KP Boy-29-11-82, B.E(IT), Job at Hyderabad
7. KP Girl-86, Diploma, Pvt. *KP Girl-75, M.Sc Pvt.
8. KP Girl-85, 12th Pass *Send/Receive Teknies

1) Mahajan Girl 90b – Bank PO (MBA) Sal Rs 50,000 P/M
2) Mahajan Girl 89b – Permanent Govt. Assit. Prof. in College through PSC (M.Phil+NET cleared)
3) Mahajan Girl 91b – B.Tech.+MBA HR Manager in MNC = 9 lacs P/A
4) Rajput Girl 89b – Doctor (MBBS, doing MD)
5) Rajput  Girl 88b – Bank PO (B.Tech.)
6) Ramdasia Girl 85b – Doctor (MBBS + MD)
7) Sikh Girl 89b – Govt. College Lecturer
Contact: Mr Sharmaji 9622201777, 9419302283 (Jammu)
(Tuesday Closed)

Bandhan Matrimonial
1. B’ful Dr Khatri girl 81-B, 5-3, MBBS.
2. B’ful Khatri girl 91-b, 5-4, MA, B.Ed.
3. B’ful fair, Slim Bhagat girl 87-b, 5-2, MBA (Asstt Manager in MNC Jammu)
4. Dr Sharma girl 89-b, 5-3, B.D.S.
5. Dr Sharma girl 85-b, 5-4, MBBS, MD, Senior consultant in Delhi.
6. B’ful Sharma girl 88-b, 5 feet, B.Tech, Computer Engineer in MNC.
7. Sharma girl 85-b, 5-1, M.Com, B.Ed.
8. Sharma girl 84-b, 5-6, Govt Teacher (Udhampur).
Contact: 9086075101, 9906275101

Love Birds Matrimonial
1. Rajput Girl 87 born Govt teacher.
2. Rajput Boy 78 born Govt job Forest Deptt Range Officer.
3. Sharma Girl 85 born Govt Job bank associate.
4. Sharma Boy 82 born Pkg 4 Lacs Reputed family.
5. Mahajan Girl 87 born Govt Employee (Judge).
6. SC Boy 85 born (Pathology Dr).
7. Sikh Girl age 38 yrs Govt Professor.
8. Khatri Boy 77 born PKG 5 lacs choice divorcee or married.
9. Sikh Boy age 26 yrs JE.
10. Divorcee Mahajan girl 77 born issue 7 yrs duahgter.
All Divorcee, Widow & Overage
Most Welcome.
Contact No: 7051006927, whatsapp: 9906346831, whats app also

(On Phone)
All Castes Matches Available
Widow & Divorcee also Contact
Add: Lane Opp. Little Champ Playway School, New Plot, Jmu.

Free Matrimonial Service
Dogra Brahman Pratinidhi Sabha, Chanakaya Chowk, Parade, Jammu.
1)     Sharma Girl 84 Born, 5’-5”, M.A. Sale Executive Semi Govt ITC @ 30,000/-
2)     Sharma Girl 91 Born, 5’-5”, Becholar of Engineer, Bank Manager @40K
3)     Sharma Girl 86 Born, 5’-3”, MSc Chemistry, B.Ed, Pvt. Teacher@10,000/-
4)     Sharma Girl 82 Born, 5’.00” Schooling Screat Heart, Political Honour, MR Degree, L.S.R Delhi Rupa Publication Marketing Director @90,000/-
5)     Sharma Girl 87 Born, 5’-4½”, BCA, MBA, HDFC Bank@15000/-
6)     Sharma Girl 79 Born, 5’-4”, MSC Physics, MEd Govt teacher @34K.
Contact No: 0191-2574998, Wed, Sat, Sunday 4 to 6 PM.

Free Matrimonial Service
Dogra Brahman Pratinidhi Sabha, Chanakaya Chowk, Parade, Jammu.
1)     Sharma Boy 84 Born, 5’-5½”, Master of Audiology & Speach language Pathology@80,000/- USD Doller.
2)     Sharma Boy 85 Born, 5’-11”, B.Ed Electrical, Junior Engineer@45,000/-
3)     Khatri Boy 84 Born, 5’-11”, M.V. Sc, Senior Research Fellow@35000/-
4)     Sharma Girl 92 Born, 5’1”, B.Tech, Bank Employee at Mumbai @30,000/-
5)    Sharma Girl 86 Born, 5’-00”, BAMS, Job Aurgveda@28,500/-.
6)     Mahajan Girl 84 Born, 5’-4”, M.Phil (Math) Accountant Govt@35000/-
Contact No: 0191-2574998 Wed, Sat, Sunday 4 to 6 PM.

Required Suitable match for a 82 born 5’6 Rajput Girl
Post-Graduate working as Manager in Bank.

Required Suitable match for a 81 born 5’3 Khatri Girl MBBS Govt Doctor
Caste No Bar
Shaadi Mubarakh Matrimonial

A suitable match require for a Bhagotra girl qualified LLB born on 1988.
Note : Only Govt job JE/Bank/Gazetted Officer may contact Please.
Contact No.
94192-84633- 94192-01783

Wanted a suitable match for Bhagat girl particulars given below :
(i) Date of Birth : 25th Jan 1993
(ii) Time of Birth : 8.05 AM
(iii) Place of Birth : Bhadarwah
(iv) Educational Qualification :
(a) 10 + 2 (Medical)
(b) Passed GNM/Staff Nurse 4 years course
Likely to be employed in Govt service
(The girl is presently employed in a Private Nursing School
Contact Nos : 9469181514, 8715905777

Wanted a suitable match for Rajput Girl, 84 born, Govt Teacher (MSc, M.Ed)
Contact No. 9622133933

Wanted a suitable match for good looking Gupta MBBS Doctor girl doing M.D, born May 1985, 5’2’’ in height and belongs to well reputed family of Jammu.
Looking for M.D/ M.S Doctor, KAS/KPS Officer and Engineer.
Contact :

Wanted suitable match for 87 born Brahmin girl, 5.6’’, M.Tech, working outside State.
Contact –

Suitable alliance is invited for fair, tall Sharma Girl, 1985 Born, BE, MBA, Working HR Specialist in MNC.
Contact: 9419202385, 9419227355

Surya Matchmakers (Estd. 2005)
1) Mahajan Girl 89b- Bank P.O (Scale-2) in JK Bank= Rs. 55,000 P/M.
2. Mahajan Girl 90b- Manager in MNC at Gurgaon= Rs 4 lacs P/A (LLB+MBA)
3. Mahajan Girl 91b- Doctor (MBBS, doing M.D)
4. Rajput Girl 88b- Assit. Prof. in Govt. College (Phd+NET)
5. Rajput Girl 90b- Doctor (MBBS, doing M.D)
6. Khatri Girl 88b- Assit. Professor in College.
7. Kashyap Rajput Girl 91b- Govt. officer.
Contact: Mr. Sharmaji 9622201777, 9419302283 (jammu) Closed)

Wanted Boy
Upper Caste No Bar
Wanted Suitable Match for Khatri Dr. Girl D.O.B 1978 height 5’4” younger look – Fair.
Belongs from a reputed Business family of Jammu City
Choice:- Well Educated Boy in Business or in Service / Job
Contact: 9469240601

Wanted an educated Sikh girl for a Class-I (Officer) boy aged 34 years, height 5’4’’. Early marriage sought.
Contact –

Wanted a suitable match for Kashyap Rajput Manglik girl BDS 28 Sept 1988, 7.25 PM Jammu 5-3’’ height. Parents retired gazetted officer living in Posh area Jammu. Looking for a handsome boy Govt employee and born between the year 1985-88 contact only.
Contact No.
9086297137, 9622051350

Shri Ganesh Marriage Bureau
143-14, Jagti-23, K. Raina:- 9796816248
1. KP Boy-85, BE, Govt Emp-Jmu. Own Houses
2. KP Boy 30-5-88, MBA, BBA, Manager-Noida
3. KP Boy 16-9-88, Govt, Emp JKP, Own Flat-Jmu
4. KP Boy 88, BCA, MR, Jmu, 5 Digit, 9796184667
5. KP Boy-79, Diploma in Civil Engg Job, Own Flat
at  Mumbai, 8 Lakh PA, L-Divorced-9419158925
6. KP Boy-85, Diploma, House, Jmu-9419281664
7. KP Girl-87, Diploma, Pvt * KP Girl-87, BCA, Pvt
8. KP Girl-90, MSc (IT) * Send / Receive Teknies

Shaadi Mubarakh Matrimonial
1) 84 Born, Khatri Girl, 5’4”, Branch Manager in SBI, 70 K PM.
2) 85 Born, Sharma Boy, 5’-11”, B.Tech MBA working in MNC, 12 Lakh PA.
3) 84 born, Sharma Boy, 6’2”, MBA Bank (PO), 50 K PM.
4) 83 born, Khatri Boy, 5’6”, MCA, working in MNC, 5 Lakh PA
5) 83 born, Sikh Girl, 5’5”, BOS Doctor.
6) 83 born, Rajput Girl, 5’4” Ayurvedic Doctor.
Add: 122 A/D Gandhi Nagar, Jammu
9086678449, 7298350401

Shaadi Mubarakh
Required a suitable match for a Sharma Girl, 86 Born, 5’6”, KAS Officer.
Caste No bar

(Jewellers Rishtey)
1. Khatri Boy 83-b, 5-5 10th own Business
2. Khatri Boy 85-b, 5-11, 10+2 own Business
3. Gupta Boy 86-b, 5-4 BE Govt. Contractor
4. Khatri Boy 84-b, 5-9, MBA working in MNC (Australia)
5. Dr Sharma girl 85-b, 5-4 MBBS MD working in MNC (Delhi)
6. Sharma Girl 84-b 5-6 Govt. Teacher (Udhampur)
7. Gupta Girl 85-b, 5 feet Govt. Teacher (Akhnoor)
8. Sharma Girl 87-b, 5-6 MBA Scale I Officer
Contact: 9086075101, 9906275101

1) Kashmiri Pandit Girl 86b – Bank PO in JK Bank
2) Sharma Girl 89b – Sub Judge in Court (LLM)
3) Sharma Girl 88b – Doctor (MBBS, doing MD Gyne) from GMC Jmu.
4) Sharma Girl 87b – Permanent Govt. Teacher (M.Sc. + B.Ed.)
5) Sharma Girl 90b – BE Computers, IT Er. in Cap Gemini = Rs 6 lacs P/A
6) Tarkhan Girl 90b – Bank Officer
7) Bhagat Girl 85b – Peremanent Govt. Teacher
Contact: Mr Sharmaji 9622201777, 9419302283 (Jammu)
(Tuesday Closed)

1. Khatri Boy 87 Born, MBBS Dr.
2. Rajput Girl 87 Born, Quali: MA Choice Upper Caste any profession.
3. Kashmiri Muslim Boy, Born 93, Education Depart.
4. Sharma Boy 88 Born, PKG 1 Crore.
5. Mahajan Boy 90 Born, PKG 6 lacs. Choice Belongs poor family.
6. Mahajan Boy 77 Born, Businessman PKG 6 lacs. Choice Poor Family.
7. Mahajan Boy 83 Born, PKG 8 lac. Only graduate girl (choice).
8. Mahajan Girl 84 Born, Govt. Teacher Choice Govt. Employee or Businessman.
9. Muslim Girl 32 yrs & 39 yrs Graduate & Computers.
10. Muslim Divorcee Boy 79 Born Advocate.
All Divorcee, Widow and Overage most welcome
Contact No: 8803947932, Whatsapp also

Rudraksh Matrimonial
1. Rajput boy 87 born Govt Emp.
2. Rajput Boy 82 born Pvt Job 40,000 K.
3. Sharma Boy Depty State Bank of India, 84 born.
4. Sikh boy 82 Born Businessman P.K.G 9 Lac.
5. Muslim Boy 88 born Govt Emp. Health Deptt.
6. Rajput Girl 88 Born M.A, M.Ed.
7. Brahmin Doctor Girl 80 born Central Govt Job.
8. Mahajan Girl 83 born Bank P.O.
9. Khattri Girl 32yrs. M.A, B.Ed (Divorcee).
10. Khattri Doctor boy M.B.B.S Pvt working (Divorcee)
All Communities & over aged Most welcome.
Whats app also: 9622212944, 9107323221

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