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Ritesh Ashar Needless to say, technology has always given infinite revolutions for humans at every stage. Adapting to the changing technology has now become very important for all the business units in order to strike the competitive edge. Amidst this … More
Varun Vohra Most people are familiar by the terms ‘Cryptocurrency’, ‘Bitcoin’ More
Neeraj Dubey In this era of developing global world, the entry of mobile phones has changed the enti More
Jawaaz Ahmad Take a look at the phone screen. It’s flat, is not it? For decades the displays w More
Sunny Arora Traditional media has shifted to digital media. Digital media products have populated th More
Dr. Shiben Krishen Raina Broadly speaking, each technology has its own merits and demerits and use of mobile phone is no exception. When you take its positive role into consideration, more especially its impact on students, the use of a … More
Yantragyan Yes, the festival of rakhshabandhan is here. But then, one of  the best part about Raksha Bandhan is getting the gifts. There’s just no denying that. With that said, it is actually a bit tiring and confusing to select … More
Anshu Koul The technologies are primarily invented to ease the struggle of human life. New and undesired habits are developing among the consumers. Cellphones were invented to make the communication mobile and keep people stay connected. No doubt, cellphone communication … More
Yantragyan Nokia 3, Nokia 5, and Nokia 6 are finally launched in Indian market. Nokia 6 – Rs 14,999 Nokia 5- Rs 12,899 Nokia 3- Rs 9,499. All three phones were launched at an event in Delhi. Hold your thoughts … More
Yantragyan Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro     is a new entry in Samsung’s mid-range line-up. It aims to stand out from the crowd with its ultra-slim metal unibody design and a big                  5.7-inch AMOLED display. The Galaxy C7 Pro has some formidable … More
Arun K Gupta I got an opportunity as a printer along with my wife to visit first Printing Press of New Zealand at Paihia early this year. Paihia, in the Bay of Islands, lies at a short distance across the … More
Yantragyan Holding the S8, We’re struck by the fact that nothing about it feels especially surprising, and not just because damn near everything about it has been leaking for the past few months. The boldest feature is every phone’s more … More
J S Kamra Hasrat, my four year old neice, remains glued to her dad’s smart phone for day long, watching her favourite cartoon- Doremon. My daughter, Royali, who is ten, likes to play games day long. While I find myself … More
Jyoti Vakhlu Recently, the National Academy of         Sciences USA released a 261 page          report on the title “human genome         editing: science, ethics and governance”. Genome editing is a kind  of biological engineering in which DNA is inserted, deleted or replaced … More
Yantragyan Our favorite mobile brand is back with 4 new devices including legendery Nokia 3310. The new Nokia mobile devices launch are managed by HMD Global (The company formed by ex- Nokia executives). HMD Global has brought license for the … More