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Yantragyan Apple finally unveiled it’s much awaited iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus recently. The iPhone 7 has features like dual camera, waterproof and omits headphone jack. Design and Screen Both iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus feature aluminum body … More
Yantragyan Google Inc has launched all new video chat app named Google Duo. It is a simple 1-to-1 vi More
Yantragyan Meet Pokémon Go, the game that has gained popularity worldwide. Making the people roam h More
Er. Neeraj Dubey In this global world of information & communication technology (ICT), there may More
Karthick Annamalai Ever since the launch of Pulsar, Bajaj always wants to be differentiator. Its not More
Priya Kundal Imagine this. You woke up in the morning and touched your smart phone to switch on your coffee machine, when going for office, your car indicates you about the traffic on particular road and at night while sleeping, … More
Yantragyan Meet the world’ thinnest Laptop – HP Spectre 13 . HP has been trying to make a laptop that will catch everyone’s attention. Now, HP thinks it’s nailed it. Its newest laptop is called the Spectre 13 (or sometimes, … More
Anjli Kachroo If one were to analyse the benchmarks set by the digitally advanced markets for 4G technology, one would realise that4G in its truest form is not just an incremental improvement over 3G, as widely perceived, but a digital … More
Yantragyan Ever wonder why some items appear high in your Facebook news feed and others don’t?  It’s because Facebook is trying to show you   the things it thinks you most want to see. But        the actual process behind that is … More
Yantragyan Earlier this week Apple, announced      a brand-new iPhone. The heavens didn’t part, pop bands didn’t play,  and people aren’t camping out at Apple Stores to buy the thing. It was     a subdued launch, for a smaller,      mid-cycle phone that … More
Yantragyan This week there have been some big mobile phone launches. Samsung Galaxy S7 and LG G5. Samsung launched it’s much awaited phone Samsung Galaxy S7 along with the edge version Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Samsung has made a host … More
Dhanak Gupta The concept of ‘Regeneration and Rejuvenation’ is not new. It has existed for as long as the human kind can trace back their existence. By far immortality has been our biggest and unachievable fascination for ages. There are … More
Er. Neeraj Dubey Your computer is probably the single most important piece of equipment in your business. When it’s not working properly, your entire business slows, employee productivity dips, customers aren’t served–or aren’t served properly–and partners get frustrated. If you’re … More
Ruchit Kumar Yes this is the reality a friend request accepted and you are in touch. Facebook , WhatsApp , okcupid, ashleymadison and many more, all of these have become an easy way of making friends. Yes you can make … More
Karanvir Gupta Too frequent notifications of late saying your this friend or that friend supported Free Basics, just to make us all fall into the trap of following the bandwagon as we generally do and Facebook as a business has … More

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