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Aruditya Jasrotia A concerted effort to preserve our heritage  is a vital link to our cultural legacies and it literally makes us who we are. People tend to believe that to be modern you have to disengage from your heritage, … More
Aruditya Jasrotia A concerted effort to preserve our heritage  is a vital link to our cultural lega More
Aditi Kohli Varanasi is a city that holds a charm all its own, unparallel, where spirituality become More
G L Khajuria The Jammu city which is known as City of Temples throughout India for its monumental, a More
Rajeshwar Singh Raju In this materialistic world, where greed rules the human minds all times, still More
Chander M. Bhat Avantipora [called Vuuntipur in Kashmiri] [Lat. 33o 55′ N; Long. 75o 00 E’] is situated at a distance of 29 km southeast on the Srinagar-Anantnag road located at the foot of one of the spurs of mountain … More
K.D Maini Dashnami Akhara Poonch has remained the centre of spirituality from 17AD when it was established by a Muslim Raja Rustam Khan of Poonch in respect of a spiritual sadhu. During the rule of Dogra Rajas of Poonch from … More
Rajeshwar Singh ‘Raju’ Ironically, whatever we say, seldom we follow. It has been tragedy with us, the Indians in particular. When it comes to preservation of ancient monuments of historical relevance, everyone will say with one voice that it’s our … More
Rajinder Chand Anthal The erstwhile princely state of Chenani is very rich in its cultural, historical and religious heritage. The Chandervanshi kings of this state took great interest in the development of religious pilgrimage in their area. The vast area … More
Nagendra Singh Jamwal There was a time when a Water Mill locally called as Gharat was an essential feature of the village landscape of Jammu region barring the Kandi belt. In those days of backbreaking manual labour, a Gharat harnessing … More
Dr.Bharat Bhushan Come Summer & the beautiful Bani valley of District Kathua in J&K experiences flow of tourists,adventure lovers & others who like to beat the heat & enjoy the natural environs of Bani-Sarthal area. Situated at a distance of … More
Rajinder Chand Anthal Fairs and festivals are celebrated with great zeal and fervor throughout Jammu province from the ancient times. Duggar land is known for organizing the events near  sacred rivers and holy shrines. The people belonging to all religions … More
Taruna Dubey In this Karma and Devo Bhumi, everybody is encircled around Karma. In Kalyuga, mental pressure depresses mind and the only solution is the spiritual pathway where all of our questions are being answered. Everything is embedded in you … More
Radha Krishan Yugdhar is most famous for the Shrine of  Baba Yug Maharaj ji. This temple is almost one thousand year old. In the temple,  there are Pindees and idol of Baba Yug Maharaj ji,  Nagdevta  and Mahamaya mata .All … More
Ayodhya Nath Kerni Sudhmahadev is a famous abode of Lord Shiva. Devotees visiting Sudhmahadev pay obeisance to Shoolpanishwar Mahdev temple often come back or go to Mantalai to see the birth place of Goddess Parvati along with Aparna Ashram of … More

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