2023 Eco-friendly cosmetics in demand

Shahnaz Husain
All of us are looking forward to the New Year and hoping for some new trends that will give our look a boost! We all want to know about the skin care trends, the hairstyles and make-up ideas that will shape beauty during 2023. Experts are predicting that a trend of minimalistic make-up may be the influence, with the result that heavy eye make-up may be a trend of the past. Fewer skin care products and make-up cosmetics may become the trend. Heavy matte make-up foundations are already not in favour. Instead, tinted moisturisers and serums are being used, due to the minimal make-up trend. There will be a fresh look to the make-up.
People are so conscious of their own good health and well being, due to the hangover of the pandemic. This awareness is also still being felt in beauty trends, as the demand for environment friendly cosmetics has increased. According to an expert, “Green cosmetics refer to beauty products that are sourced, produced, and packaged in an ethical and sustainable way that’s kind to the planet.” In other words, eco-friendly products are those that do not harm the environment in any way. They also do not harm the skin and hair. Organic and herbal beauty care was already popular and the demand will surely increase during 2023.
There are some new buzzwords in skin care, like Serums and Facial Oils and these will influence future trends. You may be wondering, “What exactly is a serum? Is it like a moisturising lotion, or is it different? Actually, a serum is in the form of a liquid and is different from a moisturising lotion. It does not hydrate the skin, but is designed for many other functions, like age control, removal of pigmented patches or spots, brightening the skin, improving skin texture, protection of the skin and hair, etc. It forms a protective layer over the skin and hair. Serums can also address specific problems, like delivering specific ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin, like vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, etc. They may also contain plant ingredients. In fact, the active ingredients in a serum are more concentrated and penetrate the deeper layers of the skin. Multitasking serums may become the cosmetic of 2023.
So may Face Oils. Oil, by itself, does not moisturise the skin, but it helps the skin to hold moisture better. Face oils help people with persistently dry, dehydrated skin, by softening it and preventing loss of moisture. The skin feels and looks soft and smooth after application of oil. In fact, oils have many properties, including healing properties that help to restore and maintain healthy, flawless skin. Argan oil and jojoba oil will be popular as face oils.
Products that are gentle on the skin will be trending during 2023. The skin’s pH balance and normal barrier are very important for the good health of the skin. Harsh chemical products will be out. Skin care products that are free from parabens, sulfates and mineral oil are already available and people will move away from chemical or acid peel treatments, to plant and organic ingredients. As it is, during the pandemic, home beauty care and DIY treatments became popular. We were also selling more skin care kits online, which people could follow at home with these 5 steps or 7 steps facial skin care kits. There is also an increase in awareness of sun-protection. So, an increasing rise in the use and sale of sunscreens, sun block products and protective creams are predicted.
Where hairstyles are concerned, the prediction is that the trend may be to put the hair up in buns or chignons, or even topknots. The spiky bun may also be a trend, with some tendrils and ringlets framing the face. Colouring the hair may also have a new trend. The stylist suggests that one keeps a strong base colour with slight streaks or “pop-ups” of a lighter tone throughout.
However, all in all, 2023 will be a year of beauty care with products that protect and restore the good health of the skin and hair. The focus will be on non-invasive treatments and healthy, organic products.