O My Lord Ganesh
You are the first worshipped,
O My Lord Ganesh
O My Lord Ganesh,
You are the Lord of knowledge
You are the Lord of wealth.
You are the Lord of prosperity,
You are the Lord of health,
Your mother is Parvati
And father Mahesh,
O My Lord Ganesh
O My Lord Ganesh
Rakesh Kumar, Accountant
IDPS, Akhnoor




Don’t blame on changing season
Whatever happen, is for a reason
If path is stiff and steps are slow
Have a new start, just grow and glow
Don’t react on others use your wisdom
As you are king of your own kingdom
Be thankful to God for what you have
Be your boss not emotional slave
The time will come when you succeed
Have a merciful hand not Greed
One who underestimated you they will realize
When they lose you, come to know your price
Be a trendsetter, don’t follow trend,
Be precious as not everyone can afford Diamond
Whatever you do good or bad
People around you will talk and feel glad
If doing good doesn’t mean you get vice-a-versa
Stop making others happy, AS YOU ARE NOT PIZZA
Use your worth caliber and create sensation
Trust me.. you are wonderful star of God’s creation
Nrityashree Deepak Dutta
Dance exponent
Army Public School Samba


Keep smiling

A small, stretch of your lips,
A smile
Can release
Number of happy hormones
And can make you lively
It’s full of miracles
Because our whole body heals
Smile is infectious
Because we automatically smile
When we see someone smiling
Hence keep smiling.