Inner Voice


Emotions need to be expressed.
They must definitely not be suppressed.
Undoubtedly their suppression can be problematic.
But let’s not forget their over expression too can be traumatic.
Emotions can make us rise.
Emotions can make us fall.
Emotions can make us glad.
Emotions can make us sad.
Emotions can make us benevolent.
Emotions can make us malevolent.
Emotions can make our face shine bright.
Emotions can drop us down with fright.
Be it a pleasant or a sad emotion.
Be it a positive or negative emotion.
When handled properly, they can direct us the way.
But if unchained, they can drift us astray.
They can flourish us or demolish us.
They can nourish us or impoverish us.
It is all how we handle them.
It is all how we tackle them.
We need to have that emotional intelligence.
That will prevent us from any kind of negligence.
We need to act smart.
So that emotions do not let our personalities split apart.
Let there be no more heart attacks because of happiness or sadness.
Let there be no more brain strokes because of pain and gloominess.
Let there be no more ending of lives because of failure in life.
Let there be no more committing suicides because of frustration and strife.
This can only happen if we act smart.
And not commit emotion driven mistakes on our part.
Let not emotions blindly drive our lives.
Let’s develop that much sense to act wise.
Shonima Malhotra
Assistant Professor of Sociology
GDC Sidhra


One last time,
I want to apologize, I tried
I wanted you to accept me.
I watched you slip away, I tried.
One last time
I felt tired, I gave up, I tried.
I watched you be there for me.
I let you go, I tried.
I failed you again, I tried.
How could I hate you, I tried.
I wish I were better, I tried.
One last time, I thank you.


Where I am, I don’t want to be!
A fine night
when the moonlit grass
is bathed by rain
and when silence takes over the
midnight hour
my tired eyes will weave a dream
and my pain shall be the poet that night.
Sumedha Manhas
12th, Presentation Convent Jammu.