Frozen Embrace

A tale of two worlds, in the cold,
yet in the opulence stories unfold.
Radiant rooms with fireplace glow,
where frosty winds dare not to blow.
Cashmere blankets cocoon them tight,
heated floors and gleaming lights.
Rich children sleep covered in warmth, a shelter delight.
Silken pajamas and satin sheets, sometimes they enjoy the hot treats.
In the warmth, they know, may empathy grow to hear the plight,
that there are a few children who are awaken in the silent, cold night.
In the biting wind of the lonely night,
teeth chatter a rhythm of silent fright.
No blanket thick, no solace near, to shield them from cold, their stories in the winter night are untold.
No one hears the quiet cries,
as frosty winds weave through their sighs.
Why must innocence bear the winter sting?
A question echoed in the silence they bring.
No crime in being poor,
a truth we must share.
For every frozen tear and a desperate plea,
there is call to build a compassionate world and break the chain of poverty’s decree.
—Dr. Daisy Parihar




In the halls of brilliance, a student once shone.
Admired by many, a success-story well-known.
Yet tangled in relationships, a path unforeseen.
Efficiency waned, a shadow cast on the screen.
Through studies persisted, though veiled by despair.
A journey of struggles, a burdensome affair.
Smoking and drinking, choices ill-made.
In the haze of self-destruction, dreams began to fade.
Now facing exams, a daunting quest.
Stumbling through stages, yet giving his best.
Anxiety and depression, unwelcome guests.
A heavy heart bears the weight of life’s tests.
Parents’ expectations, a relentless flame.
A desire to rise, reclaim his name.
In the crucible of hardship, forge his might.
A phoenix emerging, reclaiming the light.
With resolve unbroken, he’ll conquer the pain.
Rise from the ashes, like the sun after rain.
Fulfil those dreams, let his spirit ignite.
Make his parents proud, in the relentless light. Vipul Koul, Kishtwar



“Oceans of emotions, full of grace..
in this world there is nothing she can’t embrace.
Care of a mother, beauty with brain..
She is a woman, don’t tie her in chain.
Let them fly high and spread their arms
See them what they can achieve with their kindness and calm.
One day will come when you will realise
She is the one with full of surprise.” Dimple Raina