Something new is born every moment
That is the beauty of existence.
Old is changing ,giving birth to new
Suffering, mundanity and beauty coincide
Sometimes unbearable sometimes remarkable.
Praise, edification, insult, disregard
Plans, schemes, strategies, priorities,
Ending into uncertainty.
Cherished moments seem certain
Uncertain is a dream that never comes true
Flames of sorrow burning in the eyes
When death of love comes uninformed.
Within is emptiness, sheer loneliness
Happiness is there when soul smiles
Without which, it’s all hue and cries.
Walking in our lonely miles
Guessing what might come our way
What new dawn might bring
What dusk might snatch
Uncertain is sunshine and rain
Reasonable gestures ,respectable opinions and selfish gain
Tired of sufferings at one point of time
Then think it as messengers to remind of uncertainty
Heart feels numb, eyes blinded in tears,
ears no more hear, Soul seems dead
Uncertainty , fears, irritation and isolations
Gnaws upon our existense
Living happily in uncertainty is Obsequious oblation.
Roma Gupta,
Talab Tillo




The older I get
Wish to pen down few lines .
For veterans benefit indeed
A humble request please read.
The older I get
More wiser I become.
The older I get
More lovable I become
Grudges I leave behind
More patient I become.
The older I get
Enemity I forget.
The older I get
I forgive many
I don’t Fume or Fret.
The older I get
The teacher I become.
The older I get
Sanskaars I preach
Promote and teach.
The order I get
I prefer to eat less.
The older I get
More medicine I get.
Let food be my medicine
Let my medicine be my Food.
The older I get
I EAT to live.
The older I get
I try myself to adjust
Please believe and trust.
The older I get
SERMONS I don’t give
Praise I receive.
The older I get
More i keep quiet.
The older I get
I develop a HOBBY.
The older I get
More I try to walk.
More I Talk
To keep away from Alzheimer
or Parkinson disease
Absolutely true please
Tension I release.
I am a fit case of Old Is Gold
I am a Golden Goose.
The older I get
I do keep fast
Take adequate sleep and rest.
Col Parmjit Singh