inner voice



Heart is beating, beating fast
There is going to be a blast
How to deal , how to handle
Quite scary will be the scandal
Eating the entrails is the fear of unknown
How negative has my mind grown
Dripping, tripping and slipping slow
I wish this fear I could throw
Seemingly high the tension has become
Hazy is vision and senses are numb
Frowning fear, drowning fear
Seems now the end is near
Then suddenly a light is seen
And now , the signal is green
Road is clear , sky is blue
And this dawn is new
Courage has overpowered fear
My life now seems in gear
That fear was only to fear
We just need our mind to clear
Fear was never there
Still it was letting me scare
Courage is the absense of fear
Only then now I cheer
Unknown is never known
Still we humans are prone
To this fear of unknown.
Turn sorrows into countless smiles
You still have to travel miles.
Roma Gupta
Talab Tillo


Maths is so fun


Math is fun so don’t be resistant
Just learn the rules, the rules are consistent,
And most important you must be persistant.
Don’t give up when you work with fractions.
Look at the problem and decide on your action.
With the right choice you,”ll feel the satification,
When you are dividing, invert the second fraction
Go to verse three and work without distraction
If every factor cancels the answer “1”require no action.
Adding fractions get common denominators.
Multiply by missing factor to get the numerators
And numerator only not denominators
Rakesh Kumar
International Delhi Public School




God has given us a perfect gift
Which cares for our uplift,
They keep us in their own vision
which help us to be a good citizen
They are nobody but our parents
Which are the creator of our good deeds
Because they guide us at every stage
We should always be obedient to them
By making our lives caring for them
Therefore it is very true
That parents are our angels too.
Sanjay Dhar,
Laxmi Nagar, Sarwal,