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Aarushi Thakur Rana It is a herculean task to articulate into words the cocktail of emotions one experiences when graced by the presence of, none other than Ratan Thyiam. The pen trembles before attempting to write a piece on him … More
Hardeep Kour Bali Once in a lifetime, selfless and extraordinary people like Bhagat Puran Singh appe More
K S Jaswal Lt. Col. Bhag Singh Jaswal was born on 4 August 1917 in Ramkot, Basohli, Kathua (J&K) More
Namrata Biji Ahuja How will the Goods and Services Tax impact India’s economic future? It is a rev More
Ayodhya Nath Kerni Shiv Nirmoihi was born in  a middle     class family to mother Asha Devi  a More
  Hailing from the ‘City of temples’ Ankur Chauhan has got a chance to work in Tom Cruise’s movie Mission Impossible 6. He will be working as Indian Army soldier in the movie. Ankur Chauhan did his B.Com from SPMR … More
From a nondescript small town in Nadia district of West    Bengal to the centre stage   of International Cricket as the world’s highest wicket taker among the women in ODI, it has been indeed a long and difficult journey for lanky … More
Col J P Singh, Retd Bansi Lal Kohstani is the legendary person who represents our near past and charters our distant future. He is best known for his anti-corruption crusade. And his other contributions in public life are equally remarkable. … More
Col D S Trehan Mahatma  Sardar Budh Singh can easily be described as father of political unrest in Jammu and Kashmir State. He raised a voice of dissent and revolt against the then prevailing system much before any other  organised … More
Sukreet Gupta A man with a Golden Heart  popularly known as “Goldy Bhai” is a one man army to      promote cycling among the youth of Jammu, taking care of the youth as young as 80 yrs. Yes, he is the … More
Vijay Wali It is well said that hope is       life and every human being is hopeful of his bright tomorrow. But the poets are considered more sensitive than the common people , it is because of this that they express … More
Sahildeep Singh Raina Vinod Khanna (6 October 1946 – 27 April 2017) was an Indian actor and producer of Bollywood films Khanna was born in a Punjabi family to Kamla and Kishanchand Khanna, a textiles, dyes and chemicals businessman, on … More
O P  Sharma B.K. Nehru who remained as Governor of Jammu and Kashmir from Feb 22,1981 to April 26,1984 and his wife Shoba Nehru are still  remembered for their positive and constructive role. He was an able administrator and a … More
Ravi Rohmetra This is the tale of a towering             personality who worked selflessly for the cause  of the people. A personality who shared weal woes of needy. He was a friend,  a guide and a social worker. Born on 13th … More
Col J P Singh, Retd ‘When you go home, tell them of us, for your tomorrow, we gave our today; is the epitaph written in Kohima War Memorial. The above world famous verse, attributed to John Maxwell, is said to … More
For a man who began writing his first script at 19 and directed his first film when he      was 22, filmmaker Priyadarshan never       ceases to surprise with his durability.        He also takes ‘brief breaks’ into what he terms as ‘socially … More
An acclaimed Herbal and Beauty expert and an enterprising entrepreneur who has earned worldwide recognition, Shahnaz Hussain in a chat with         Daily Excelsior Correspondents, speaks on various issues concerning women. Excerpts of the interview: What are your thoughts this International … More
Ritu Phogat, the third of   the now famous Phogat sisters, has set her eyes on the coveted Olympics Gold and training under her hard taskmaster father  Shabina Akhtar   in conversation with the  young wrestler. Ritu Phogat, 22, the … More
Harvard Business School recently            conducted a video interview of Shahnaz Husain, the quintessential entrepreneur, who has become internationally renowned for her brand of Ayurvedic beauty care and unique business strategies. The interview was conducted by Harvard Professor Sunil Gupta, from … More
Er. Rabinder Shekher According to Buddhist scripture, “Our life is the creation of our mind,” Buddhist philosophy developed an entire science of training the unruly mind to help anyone overcome its constant fluctuations to achieve stillness, and eventually, enlightenment. But … More
P L Dhar ‘Gu’ means darkness and ‘Ru’ means light. Undoubtedly, one who dispels the darkness is Guru. Yogi Ajay Jalla popularly known as Bablu Bhaiya Ji was a born selfrealized ‘Sidha Purusha’. He was born on 24th February, 1964 … More
As part of WWE’s extension programme, WWE superstar Sheamus toured India recently. Sudipto Maity caught up with the athlete regarding Sushil Kumar, India and his love fosr wrestling. Excerpts: Why did you choose Sheamus as your present ring name? Sheamus … More
O  P Sharma Begum Akhtar  was an outstanding Indian singer of Ghazal, Dadra, and Thumri. She had earned the title of Malika-e-Ghazal (Queen of Ghazals). The year 2014 was devoted and  observed as her anniversary year. Begum Akhtar real name … More
Bharat Bhushan Arya Yug Purush Maharishi Dayanand Sarswati ( Mool Shanker was the name given by the parents ) was born in Tankara(Gujrat) on 12 of Feb 1824 .Family of Mool Shanker was disciple of Lord Shiva .On the eve … More
Rakesh Bakshi Geetika Kohli, the daughter of Jammu and Kashmir, is an internationally acclaimed poetess, who at the tender age of 21 had had her poetry registered in an American anthology, Blossoms of India. One of her poems, ‘The Canvas … More
Chand Ji Bhat Pandit Tika Lal Taploo was a lion amongst men in Kashmir. I do not remember there was any other person who had gained this title. He was born in 1930 and did his Post and Law graduation … More
Ravinder Pal Singh Arun Sharma is a teacher, writer, mentor and an aspiring memoirist. Born and raised in Jammu, he has dedicated his life to study, promotion and propagation of French language in the state. Working as a guest faculty … More
Excelsior Correspondent This is the success story of a man who with dint of his hard work, passion, vision and creative acumen has risen from a humble background to a person of importance and respectability in the society. K K … More
Asiya Firdaus “I have a deep bond with India; I feel it in my heart.  My dream is to go there and inshallahI shall.  Please grant me a visa, but even if you don’t, I will reach India somehow”. The … More
Dr Bodh Bral It is a well known fact that Sri Aurobindo contributed a lot in the independence of India but his infinite efforts for the upliftment of humanity are still unknown to masses. Here, an endeavour has been made … More
Lalit Gupta It is indeed good news that Rangeley Thakur-whose life and work is already   a subject of a monograph authored by eminent Dogri writer Om Goswami, and who has earned love and respect of artistes, writers, poets and members … More
Anusha Sharma Tariq Khan a youngster from Bufliaz area of Poonch district used to dream about Bollywood but nobody knew that this dream would come true very soon. Tariq and an acclaimed filmmaker from the same district Rahat Kazmi are … More
Mohammed Shahid Indian hockey legend passed away recently after remaining ill for sometime. His death has been widely mourned in India and abroad. Here is a life sketch of this world famous player. Mohammed Shahid has been an Indian Hockey … More
Ayushman Jamwal It is said that rebels define our times. Those with the courage and fortitude to break the shackles of conformity, armed with the eloquence and conviction to shake the slumbering masses, enriching minds and hearts with simple expressions … More
Col J P Singh, Retd Maharaja Pratap Singh, the third Dogra ruler, ruled Jammu & Kashmir for 40 years from 1885 to 1925, the longest of the all the Dogra emperors. He was very generous by nature, a moderniser and … More
Sat Prakash Suri and Dr. Gurdev Singh Dr. Shayama Prasad Mukherjee was       born in a Bengali Hindu family in          Calcutta on 6th July,1901 and his         father Sir Ashutosh Mukherjee was a prominent legal luminary of his times  who commanded respect … More
A prolific writer and dyed-in-the wool conservationist, he grew up in Rajouri, Jammu and Kashmir, and has spent a lifetime protecting wildlife and habitats in all the three regions of the state including high-altitude Changthang on the Indo-Chinese border, the … More
R C Kotwal Chanakya, @ Kautilya @ Vishnu Gupta, was India’s  greatest philosopher, teacher, economist, jurist and a royal advisor. He has authored two greatest books thousands of years ago and his book Arthashastra (Economics) is considered as the pioneer … More
M K Raina Ratnakar He was called by all the well known artistes of the Kashmir valley , the greatest monologist of the time and till this date any such monologist of his ilk has yet to appear in the … More
Manjeet Razdan Observance of Martyr’s day in Bhaderwah on 7th June every year reminds us that almost one thousand years of salvery under the foreign invaders was frequently dotted with the saga of innumerable martyrdoms to keep the flame of … More
“Great events make me quiet and calm, it is only trifles that irritate my nerves’’. Time flies but memories never fade away. Memories leave a footprint in the life that remain hidden inside the soul. It’s hard to believe that … More
Pran Pandit Late Pandit Sarvanand Koul was born on November 02, 1924 at Sof-Shali. Perhaps a microcosm of Maraz (South Kashmir) is the village Sof-Shali (ancient Sanskrit name, Saft-Shaleshwar), which sits on the bank of River Brengi. Perched among the … More
Rajesh Dhar Son of soil, Arjun Krishna and daughter of soil, Aprajita Mahajan are making a Bollywood debut on the big screen with euphoric children oriented Movie ‘Nanhe Farishtey’, being produced by Actor/Producer, Arjun and directed by Aprajita in assistance … More
Son of the soil Swantantra Bharat hailing from Trikuta Nagar has brought laurels to the State of Jammu and Kashmir by doing character roles on Silver Screen. Daily Excelsior Correspondent Ajay Raina caught up with the Bollywood star in a … More
Dr. Usha Bagati My association with Guru Shamboo Nath Sopori Ji goes back almost four decades. Seeing my aptitude for music, my uncle Late Dwarika Nath Kher, who also used to play the Sitar as a hobby introduced me to … More
Ravi Rohmetra “TU NAHI TERI ULFAT ABHI TAK DIL ME HAI” “BUJH CHUKI HAI SHAMMA, ROSHNI ABHI TAK MEHFIL ME HAI This is the tale of a towering personality who worked selflessly for the cause of people. A personality who … More
Sunny Dua Born to a Dogra couple, the journey of Sonali Dogra from being a casual singer to win the prestigious title of ‘Voice of Punjab’ organised by PTC’s Singing Talent Hunt Show in Amritsar and that too after picking … More
Nasir Ahmed Bajjar History has witnessed several types of leaders. But when we think about outstanding personalities, the name of Late Choudhary Wazir Mohd Hakla of Vill Bandi Chechian District Poonch J&K, a very sincere, hardworking and devoted leader  who … More
Dr Raja Muzaffar Bhat From last over a decade we have seen tremendous technological advancements around us. The modern world demands an effective leadership from the educated women. We need hardworking, progressive and dynamic women as entrepreneurs who can play … More
Ashok Kumar Sawhney Lance Naik Hanumanthappa Koppad, the Siachen hero, who left the whole nation in tears after breathing his last on 11th February, 2016 makes me feel of the connect between all  of us. I remember, “The universe is … More
Real, in common parlance is what is discernible to human eye, can be felt, heard or experienced. This  simplistic definition, undoubtedly, keeps aside the metaphysical and long-winded aspects of  the word ‘real’. Nevertheless, there are certain inward human feelings, thoughts, … More
Puran Chander Sharma Birth of the Apostle Born to Vishwanath Datta & Bhuvaneshwari in 1863,  Narendranath from his early years was a distinguished figure among his play-mates and companions. Keen in intelligence, and vivid imagination, extraordinary memory, deep power of … More
Excelsior Correspondent There is no denying fact that people from Jammu are extremely talented. They have been excelling in film and music arena since long. Showcasing their talent and making us all proud by their achievements and acknowledging that they … More
Nishikant Khajuria A well educated young man from extreme south of India, is on a mission here, the other end on northern part of the country, for awareness against toxic non-biodegradable Thermocol and promotion of eco-friendly disposables. Sathya Prabhu, a … More
Rajesh Dutta There is no denying the fact that people from Jammu have been excelling in Film industry since long – showcasing their talent and making us all feel proud in acknowledging that they are the real heroes and the … More
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