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Javed Ahmad Tak As per census 2011 our state has around 361000 population of persons with disabilities but various researches depict that our state has around 6 lakhs population of persons with disabilities with 120000 orthopaedic disabled persons and around … More
Javed Ahmad Tak As per census 2011 our state has around 361000 population of persons with disabiliti More
Sat Parkash Suri, Dr Gurdev Singh Destiny had made General Zorawar Singh for the role of a soldier t More
Ashok Sharma The land of Dogras called Duggar is famous for its rich culture and heritage bequeathed More
Dr. Banarsi Lal Jammu and Kashmir is a mountainous state         in  which Jammu region is More
R C Kotwal Swami Vivekananda visited Kashmir Valley twice. The first time he reached Srinagar was on 10th September 1897. At Srinagar he was the guest of Justice Rishibar Mukhopadhyaya. On the third day after his arrival he paid an … More
Sunny Dua Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji, founder of Sikhism and the first of the ten Sikh Gurus says that *everything happens by God’s Grace, so Rest assured that God knows better what is right or wrong for us.  We … More
Dr.Banarsi Lal and Dr.Shahid Ahamad Reasi district is famous for various renowned places and Chenab Rail Bridge is another feather that Reasi district is going to add in near future.In Reasi district of Jammu and Kashmir Chenab Rail Bridge is … More
KD Maini Bhimber is located in the southern part of J&K state on the route that was followed by the Mughals. Before partition Bhimber was known as the Gateway of Kashmir. Up to 1925 Bhimber area was a part of … More
  The festival symbolizes the victory of light over darkness or good over evil and its celebration traditionally includes lighting lamps, candles and lanterns on doorsteps, housetops, temples and buildings. Bursting of firecrackers is also an inherent part of the … More
Maharaj Kaul There have been many       excellent Kashmiri singers before Raj Begum and there will come many excellent singers after her, but her unique singing style will       remain legendary and              continue to warm our               hearts forever. The following songs of … More
Prof Dr. R.D Gupta All the Hindus celebrate Diwali with great joy by way of small gathering of family members. To honour this, they adorn their house worshipping places (Home temples) with beautifully decorated diyas, lights and rangoli. Illumination is … More
Peter Griffin In the high-altitude desert of Ladakh, a quiet genius is attempting to solve a water problem: By building stupas made of ice In Raju Hirani’s mega hit 3 Idiots, Aamir Khan’s character Rancho turns out to be an … More
Nagendra Singh Jamwal For those who feel like trudging a lonely track or standing atop a mountain pass, wish to get lost in wilderness; feel a strong wanderlust as if the mountains are calling or if they wish to be … More
Rajinder Chand Anthal Mantalai has remained a renowned destination for spiritual attainment through the ages. Mainly known for the marriage of Lord Shiva with Goddess Parvati, this Dev Bhoomi has much more to tell in the unfolded chapters of historical … More
Parvez Dewan Every autumn, as the Navaratras approach, the thoughts of Jammu’s tourism fraternity, the people of Katra and devotional singers from all over India turn towards the annual All India Devotional Songs Contest held in Katra during those auspicious … More
Navratri is the sacred and joyous          festival of the Hindu community of India. Observed over a period of nine nights, the festival is famous almost throughout the country for its religious and social importance. It is devoted to the worship … More
Nagendra Singh Jamwal As the hot summers scorch and sizzle Jammu region, Basantgarh – the land of eternal spring as the name suggests holds out with pleasant weather. Situated about one hundred kilometers to the north-east of the Udhampur district … More
The Sheroes of Bollywood, mainstream or   off-mainstream, are ready to pull the red carpet from under the feet of  hero oriented films.  The three recent films Akira, Pink and Parched will send your pulses racing for  more, while not forgetting … More
Jammu and Kashmir is presently often in the news  for acts of  violence. But      this pristine and beautiful land is also rich in culture, music and dance which  is often overlooked.              Sonali Jha Chatterjee reports. It is not surprising that … More
Tanveer Ahmad Khwaja There is a fairly good road between Jammu and the border district of Poonch.  The buses plying on the road charge Rs. 300 for a distance of 235 km. This is reasonable, but if one needs to … More
Prof G S L Devra Banjara is such a name which one may find in local literature of all parts of India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. There is not a single part of the country where local sayings and proverbs cantered … More
Kaushal Kotwal Manimahesh, the sacred abode of Lord Shiva,     is one of the holiest places of Northern India  located in Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh.  It is believed that this mountain possesses divine  powers, which many pilgrims experience during their … More
Avanti Sopory Social Media looks to be an oxymoron; it has elements which do not look to  be in confirmation with each other. However astonishing; they together reflect a meaning. A meaning that    very easily eclipses the contradiction. “Social” broadly … More
KD Maini Guntrian Sharief is the last stop located on Doda ridge of tehsil Haveli District Poonch. This village is 10 kilometers away on the north-east side of Poonch city. The Ziarat Sharief is connected with a motorable road. Power … More
Swami Raj Sharma Bhadarwah was one of the twenty-two independent petty states of Jammu division before 1846 AD. All these independent States were amalgamated into present day State of Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh in 1846 through the Treaty of Amritsar … More
G L Khajuria & C K Sharma The procession of several thousands of pilgrims in the form of holy mace to Kailash Kund (Kaplash) uphill Bhadarwah, barely around 20 Kms and is divinely eternalized at a height of 14000 ft … More
Prof. (Dr) R.D. Gupta A complex of temples situated between latitude 32o 53’N and longitude 75o 7’E with an altitude of 730 m is located at village Krimchi on Udhampur Pancheri road at a distance of 12 km from Udhampur … More
Anil Bhat The first of battle tanks were manufactured by Britain during the First World War, fought from 1914 to 1918. Begun as Small Willie, used only for designing, the final product, Big Willie were used operationally for the first … More
Ashok Sharma Jammu & Kashmir is known as the land of Gods and Goddesses. There are a number of world famous holy shrines such as Vaishno Devi ji, Amarnath ji,Bawe wali Mata, Kheer Bhawani, etc. which are the abodes of … More
Sunny Dua “Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.” ? Edmund Burke This adage has today become more or less relevant because of the fact that there’s nothing that we have left to be known as ‘History’. … More
Dr Kamni Pathania A sense of bewilderment always        overtake me when I see children below five years of age growing up digitally without knowing the ill-effects of such indulgence or exposure. Children playing with handsets, play stations or iPods is … More
Junaid Hussain Malik Every place is known by some of its unique attribute which could either be a historical monument, a fort, a palace a shrine a poet or some unique legend or a local epic placing it on different … More
Prof. (Dr) R.D. Gupta Tourism has been officially recognized as an industry and it, therefore, has to be managed accordingly. Entire state of Jammu and Kashmir, extending from the subtropical plains of Jammu in the south to the temperate valley … More
Dr. D R Kapoor Management of Solid and Liquid Waste continues to remain one of the core  issues of city development. Effective   management of SLW calls for assessment of major sources of wastes, quantum      of waste, and characteristics of waste         … More
Er J R Aryan District Kishtwar, the 3rd largest District in area after  Leh and Kargil is full of forest wealth, natural resources, power potential and mineral wealth, vast tourist potential and historical places. Amidst all the above the district … More
Tej Krishen Dhar Jagadguru Bhagawaan Gopinathji was one among the most eminent Saints that have ever graced the sacred land of India. Unlike the other Saints, he was called Bhagawaanji and recognized as such in his life-time as all the … More
Arvind Kotwal The Shivalik foothills of Jammu are dotted with innumerable heritage sites: forts, temples and bowlies some of which date back to over a thousand years. Udhampur, stands out in the Jammu region for having the largest concentration of … More
Sushain Gupta Informal sector influences the quality       of urban landscapes in integrating                 the economy infrastructure within the built environment in urban areas. Unfortunately, many urban Governments do not realize that the growth of informal sector in urban areas is increasing … More
Nagendra Singh Jamwal There was a time when a Water Mill locally called as Gharat was an essential feature of the village landscape of Jammu region barring the Kandi belt. In those days of backbreaking manual labour, a Gharat harnessing … More
Ayodhya Nath Kerni Mantalai is a heritage village located at a distance of eight kms from Sudhmahadev, famous for the abode of Lord Shiva. According to scriptures, Goddess Parvati was born to mother Maina. The legend reveals that there was … More
Dr  S K Raina Tulmul or Kheer Bhawani temple, is one of the most popular          and holiest Hindu temples of Kashmir. The shrine is dedicated to the worship of Bhawani, the Divine Mother or Goddess of         this Universe. Tulmul is … More
Dr Mandeep Singh Azad and Dr Manmeet Motan Before reading about Banda Singh Bahadur, just ask yourself that have     you ever heard before this name. After reading him, think that whose fault is this that you are unaware about the … More
Manu Khajuria Ask any seasoned traveler who takes to the road to quench his thirst of wanderlust, the first introduction to a city and its essential character is the way its dwellers conduct themselves in public spaces, including on the … More
B D Sharma Man quenches his thirst to know his past, by studying history because history is a great treat into the past and it lets him live in an era where he is not present. Interestingly, history repeats itself … More
Prof.  (Dr.) V. S. Verma Man is superb among all creatures gifted both with intelligence and wisdom that distinguishes him from all other creatures on the earth. All parts of the human body are unambiguously not only essential, but indispensable. … More
A documentary produced by National Public Service Broadcaster Doordarshan has focused the attention of the World on the changing climate of the Himalayas with particular reference to the Ladakh. “The Whispers of Warming” won the best documentary film award in … More
Dr Raja Muzaffar Bhat The idea of making Panchayati Raj institutions autonomous, workable and free from any Government interference seems to be a Jammu & Kashmir after cumbersome task. There are various reasons for it. The kind of support Government … More
Ashok Sharma Fairs and Melas are an integral part of Indian socio cultural and religious life.In India we have famous Melas such as Mahakumbh Mela,Pushkar Mela etc.which attract millions of tourists,traders and devotees from across the globe.Our state is also … More
Tsering Dolkar Ask any woman from a village in Lingshed region of Ladakh and she will tell you that the              distances to medical facilities and the poor road connections, is their biggest fear.  For a woman  to brought from Youlchung … More
Prof. (Dr) R.D. Gupta Purmandal, an important pilgrimage centre lying towards the south east of Jammu city at a distance      of 40 km, is located on the bank of the river Devika. This pious town is, infact, situated in the … More
Shah Rukh Khan’s film Fan raises  significant questions on the         behaviour of fans but fails to                   tackle the moot question, feels           Shoma A. Chatterji, citing what        psychologists say about idol         worshipping Shah Rukh Khan’s latest film Fan is woven around … More
Ashok Arora Demographic ageing,, a global phenomenon ,has hit Indian shores also. Life expectancy has increased manifold. Average life span was only 30 years prior to 1947. Now the same has gone up to 67 years. The Steady rise predicts … More
The shocking incident of suicide by TV star Pratyusha Banerjee, 24,  has led to a lot of soul-searching as to why celebrities put a full-stop to their lives despite      success in their fields. Shoma A. Chatterji probes Pratyusha … More
Suman K Sharma Mr. Ved Rahi needs no introduction to the people of J&K and beyond.  Born in 1933 to Mr. Mulk Raj Saraf and Mrs. Gyan Devi, he spent his initial years with the All India Radio, Jammu and … More

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