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Nagendra Singh Jamwal A pilgrimage is often a human being’s longing to experience the spiritual journey away from the material world. Arduous the pilgrimage, greater is the atonement of the sins. A pilgrimage to Kailash Kund starts from the beautiful … More
Nagendra Singh Jamwal A pilgrimage is often a human being’s longing to experience the spiritua More
Ashok Sharma Fairs and Melas are an integral  part of Indian socio cultural and religious life.   More
S. Balakrishnan “Oh, my dear Motherland, why are you crying? The rule of foreigners is about to en More
Ayodhya Nath Kerni The name ‘Raksha  Bandhan’ suggests ‘a     bond of protect More
Rajinder Chand Anthal On Jammu-Udhampur road,just ahead of Nandani tunnels we see one old Haveli and a beautiful Pond on the right downside of the road. This heritage monument has seen the glorious past of Dogra Kings and has also … More
Tarun Vijay All the patriotic people in the country appreciated Major Gogoi for saving civilians and security people from stone-pelters when he tied a stone-pelter to the bonnet of a jeep. There were journalists who  condemned the incident and interviewed … More
Kapil Sharma We all know that natural calamities         like earthquake cannot be predicted accurately. Still preparation to deal with      it is a task of top priority. Readers must have not forgotten the major earthquake of 2005 called as KASHMIR EARTHQUAKE. … More
Ashok Sharma Krimachi is a small town located at about 10 Kms to the north of  Udhampur on the Udhampur -Lander road at an elevation of 730 m above the mean sea level. The latitude 32.9 and longitude 75.1 are … More
KD Maini Poonch-Rawlakote road was conceived by Raja Jagat Dev Singh of Poonch Principality in 1938 AD who had passed orders for the construction of this road. However the Raja died in 1940 and Poonch came directly under the control … More
Dr Raja Muzaffar Bhat To create pressure on Public Authorities especially the Government officials, Chief Information Commissioner (CIC) Khurshid Ahmad Ganai soon after assuming the office of CIC , issued a notice that stressed for voluntary or suo-moto disclosure of … More
Lt Gen Syed Ata Hasnain In all my earlier years in Jammu & Kashmir (J&K) I remained uneducated about the cultural terrain of the state except some odd visits to local shrines of different faiths. Yet, fate ordained that I … More
  Rajinder Singh Rana The Siard water fall is not only popular for its heartful music, enchanting beauty, shimmering, falling and breaking of water into a thousands of shards of spray but it also appears a sign of great peace … More
Rajan Gandhi Jammu, popularly known as City of Temples was founded by Raja Jambu Lochan in the 14th BC on north side of River Tawi. Such is the foundation of secular credentials of this city that both Azaans and Bhajans … More
Ajay Raina The ‘Go Digital’ fever that gripped the nation soon after the demonetization of the       currency notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 denominations was announced by the Prime      Minister seems to have subsided to a great extent in … More
O P Sharma International Yoga Day is being observed on June 21, with great enthusiasm and fervor all across the globe in almost over 176 nations. Like other parts of the country, special programs have been chalked out by the … More
K D Mani Uri, a beautiful town situated on the left bank of Jehlum river is about 23 miles from Baramulla. This township has a glorious past and was known as ‘window of Kashmir’ due to its location. Before partition … More
Ayodhya Nath Kerni Sudhmahadev has remained a famous Shiva Shrine through the ages. A mela commences for three days  on the occasion of full moon day of solar month Jyeshtha. The prevailing legend reveals that Goddess Parvati used to carry … More
Rajinder Singh Rana The tradition of celebrating        festivals or melas at revered shrines is very common in Jammu region and is considered a  part of popular  Dogra culture. All such melas are organised on some important days fixed       long ago … More
Tsewang Dolma Ladakh’s most celebrated town, Leh draws multitudes of visitors from across the country and world, eager to experience its inimitable culture; its breathtaking mountainous landscape and the feel of nature in its true splendor. Yet not many know … More
O P Sharma The Ramakrishna Mission, located at Ramakrishna Vihar, Udheywala, Jammu, is emerging fast as a bright  spiritual Centre and also as a centre of social service. A new dimension has been added to it with the starting of … More
Dr Kapil K Sharma Jammu  is one of the oldest cities of Northern India.      A city which has preserved its ancient values and  culture even today.  It is  really sad to mention that Jammu – the City of Temples is … More
Amit Katoch Avenues in Fashion Industry are unlimited, and the arts and skills to be learned and explore are many but the time we have is short, and our opportunities to learn and grow are beset with obstacles. Therefore choose … More
Rajan Gandhi Institute of Integrative Medicine(IIIM), Jammu  is a premier institute of India renowned worldwide for its research work and products .Started in 1957 as a small Regional Drug laboratory which was subsequently taken over by CSIR in 1957 as … More
Ashok Sharma Devika,a small holy rivulet flowing through Udhampur, has got such a religious and cultural importance for the people of Udhampur that the land of Udhampur is known as Devaknagri.This sacred river has its origin at near Sudhmahadev and … More
Dr Richa Sharma and Dr Amit Basnotra We often come across in our life episodes of missing periods and that creates panic in mind of the patient especially when they are not expecting pregnancy and have a regular course of … More
Dr Kapil Sharma Last evening I took my six years daughter      to Mubarak Mandi. She was very excited. Mind of a kid of this age is always full of curiosities. Looking around she asked me papa “what place is this?”. … More
Rajan Gandhi What is undoubtedly right of every citizen of India- electricity, hospital and roads , but NH 1B has turned out to be nemesis for agencies maintaining it and nightmare for people of Chenab Valley namely Doda , Kishtwar … More
Sunny Dua Come summers and tourists from around the globe, despite negative advisory by a couple of countries, are sure to flood Kashmir – ‘Paradise on Earth’. Both domestic as well as foreign tourists find solace in Kashmir and dream … More
Dr R D Gupta The Girgan valley, falls in Poonch district and is situated about 60 km from Poonch town. This valley starts from the top of Bharamgala (Chai) mountain and goes upto Raviwali Dhok (a kind of grassland) which … More
Gopal Sharma The much publicized Tawi Artificial Lake project worth Rs 70 crore in Jammu city is unlikely to be completed next year as the company engaged in the work has abandoned the work and not reported back despite several … More
Suman K Sharma The high-street of Dogri literature is  abuzz these days with poets, novelists, short story authors and essayists – writers of all sorts.  One would not be surprised  if the count of Dogri publications touches hundreds a year. … More
Shiv Kumar Padha Water tourism, in short, is travelling by boat while with express purpose of seeing things meant for water tourists. This sort of tourism is generally popular in summer time only. Water tourism involves inland destinations such as … More
Dr. Kavita Suri Growing up in a city which is dotted with hundreds of          temples, all of us listened to the stories about our Jammu coming under the air attack by Pakistan Air Force during 1965 and 1971 wars but … More
Nishikant Khajuria With its  formal inauguration  by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on April 2, the  Chenani-Nashri tunnel     is being  thrown  open ( from       April 3 morning)  for the commuters,     who are eagerly waiting for a       rendezvous with this world class … More
K D Maini It is said that Samba town drived its name from Samyial Rajput Clan who were the original habitants of this area. Nursing Das Nargas writes in Tehik-e-Dogra Desh that around 1400 AD Sangram Dev of Lakhanpuria family … More
Sunny Dua Srinagar and Jammu – two capital cities of this             strategically located J&K State are in race to be included in Smart City Project initiated by Union Government to  give people a quality life. Which stage of this race … More
Ranjeet Singh Sambyal Rajouri or ‘Rajapuri’, ‘the land of Kings’ as previously named, was a part of Panchal kingdom mentioned in the great epic Mahabharata. It has reference of Panchal kingdom, which is believed to be of the regions in … More
Tsewang Dolma Ladakh, a pristine, serene land nestling in the Himalayas; a zero- waste region, is witnessing its most famous town, Leh groaning under garbage. Tourists drawn to its windswept breathtaking landscape, do not just stop at that. They also … More
C P Gupta What a terrible and heart rending scene it was! which the author witnessed at the age of sixteen,  when Pakistan with its fully armed Battalion, like a  hungry wolf, pounced upon the innocent and unarmed population of … More
Prof (Dr) P K Koul Human feet are the symbols of human movement, of  life, advancement from the hoary past to        the wonderful present, achievements, progress  and learning. We try to follow the lifestyle and achievements of those greatmen who … More
Col Dr Virendra K Sahi Stray dogs are a growing menace in the State. While mass culling are resented on sentiments; there is a need to understand the issue professionally from a veterinary public health perspective as it is more … More
Mahan Gurmat Samagam is being organized by Sant Pura Danna Charitable Trust on the occasion of 350th Parkash Ustav of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib. Dr Jasbir Singh Rana gives a historical background of Dera Sant Pura Dana. Guru Nanak … More
Gauri Chhabra Exams. We all have to take them at some point     in our lives. Working towards exams can make      us feel a lot of pressure, especially in Grade XII when we are at the threshold of choosing a            career, … More
Ashok Sharma Culture is the way of life of a group of people of a particular region. It includes  the collective  knowledge, beliefs, ideas, customs, etc. of the people of that region. Dogras, who inhabit the Duggar region in our … More
Dr Satinder Kaur The State of Jammu and Kashmir, endowed with natural scenic splendour is dotted with different shrines which are held in high esteem by local people belonging to all faiths and communities. The sacred places are infact the … More
Nazir Ahmed The much awaited commencement of work  on zojila tunnel has once again hit a road block, as latest tenders invited by National highways and Infrastructure Dev. Corp.(NHIDCL), on design, built, finance, operate and transfer (DBFOT)  Annuity model of … More
Dr. Kavita Suri With the onset of summers each year, the Gujjars       and Bakkarwals – the twin nomadic communities          of Jammu and Kashmir – migrate along with               their livestock to upper reaches of Himalayas           through traditional migration routes. They move … More
Ayodhya Nath Kerni Confluence of holy rivers is treated sacred according to Puranic literature. It is believed that  a holy dip at sangams eradicates the sins committed during life time. Allahabad (Prayag) is not only confluence of Ganga and Yamuna … More
K D Maini Baldev Mehal was the first memorable      building constructed in 1905 by the local Dogra ruler Raja Baldev Singh of Poonch            Principality on the initiative of Captain        R.E.A Hamelton, the then settlement officer   of Poonch. Exactly after one … More
Today moms-to-be do not hesitate to flaunt this beautiful phase in their life. They are confident, aware and fashionably attired too, finds Pramita Bose Motherhood brings along its own share of varied experiences. From bouts of nervousness to excitement, pregnancy … More
Aries ( 21st March to 20th April ) You begin the year on an average note. There may be mixed feelings all around. Prevailing uncertainty may leave you somewhat unsettled. This may largely be related to your work sphere. You … More
From Mercury, the planet closest to the Sun, to the      icy dwarf Pluto, scientists    this year explored far reaches of our solar system, travelling unprecedented distances        to make new discoveries          and solve many mysteries       of the vast space surrounding the … More
2016 saw a growing number of people going solo, travel getting cheaper and an increase in the number of online bookings, particularly on mobile phones, revealed studies conducted by different travel portals. Backpackers across the country decided to take to … More
Excelsior Correspondent Jammu and Kashmir continues to remain in spotlight for one reason or the other. The year that passed by too hogged national, and international limelight for some incidents that happened in all the three regions of the state, … More
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