Policy for PwDs

Providing employment in the State service through the provision of constitutional measure of reservation is a duly recognized social service practice in all civilized states. Our State, too, has been observing the norms of reservation in the recruitment of persons with disabilities.  The disability could be either genetic or acquired. Disabled persons are part of our society and the society is bound to provide them succor in whatever form possible.
It is disheartening to know that the universities of the State have not provided reservation of jobs in university service for the disabled persons. We agree that the disability has to be defined when reservation is made. Such disabilities as would hinder performance of work in the university would be a hindrance in the appointment of disabled person. Therefore the authorities have to suggest the type of disability that would really make a disabled person eligible for reservation. The universities are the fountain of knowledge, human rights, rights of citizens and all that makes a state a welfare state in letter and in spirit. Therefore,  in his capacity as the Chancellor of both the universities in the State, meaning Jammu and Kashmir universities, Governor N.N. Vohra has issued formal orders to both the universities that the provision of reservation in the recruitment for university services in respect of persons with disabilities has to be implemented in letter and spirit. This will go a great way in opening chances for disabled persons to enter university services and enjoy the rights accruing to them under the constitutional provisions. We hail the orders of the Chancellor and hope that the VCs of both the universities will keep the time line.