Disaster Management trainees?

The Administrative Department of Disaster Management, Relief, Rehabilitation and Reconstruction has suddenly engaged persons having qualification in disaster management as Disaster Management professionals on the ground that there is a provision for human resource support for engaging Disaster Management professionals in the Centrally Sponsored Schemes called “Strengthening of State Disaster Management Authority and District Disaster Management Authorities” and “Sustainable Reduction of Disaster Risk”. Ten Disaster Management professionals have been picked from Kashmir University on pick and choose basis at a consolidated salary of twenty thousand rupees per professional per month. They were deployed in the Jhelum and Tawi Flood Recovery Project (JTFRP), which is funded by the World Bank as per the tripartite agreement reached between World Bank, J&K Government and Department of Economic Affairs of Ministry of Finance, Government of India. The selection of the Disaster Management professionals has a number of flaws but because the incumbents happen to be the blue-eyed boys and girls with influence in the Government, they could manage it. A student just undergoing a course in disaster management in an educational institution cannot be called an expert or a professional. Secondly, the selection has been made without any advertisement and in contravention of standing rules of selection. Thirdly why was selection made only from Kashmir University and not from Jammu University to give chance for fair selection? Is not Jammu University part and parcel of State educational institutions and do not Jammu students deserve to be giving a fair chance for competing for an opening?  The bizarre aspect of this discriminatory and shameless policy is that semi or even non qualified students are selected from Kashmir University and posted in various parts of Jammu region and then given a roadmap of entering the centrally sponsored  Government structure but the students of Jammu have not even a wink of it. It is abominable and should be rectified without loss of time.