Kishtwar face of anti-national ‘secularism’: Tarun Vijay

Excelsior Correspondent
NEW DELHI, Aug 13:  BJP MP and spokesman, Tarun Vijay today said that the secularism which India followed is self defeating.
The BJP leader while expressing his concern over recent communal violence in Kishtwar where the minority Hindus were targeted by the anti social elements and miscreants after the Eid prayers said the Kishtwar is the face of anti-national secularism.
He, while justifying the concern shown by Opposition members in the Parliament over Kishtwar said Opposition members across their party affiliations were one in condemning the Kishtwar violence as the Government has failed to take action against the traitors as the attempts are being made by these elements to repeat 1990 situation which saw the ethnic cleansing of Hindus in Kashmir.
Mr Vijay said that three major Hindu religious yatras including Machil yatra, Amarnath yatra and Buddha Amarnath yatra that pass through the India’s only Muslim majority State stands suspended now.
He said in Kashmir already, after a gruesome ethnic cleansing, the miniscule Hindu minority has been exiled by the Jehadis. Kashmir has suffered a heavy loss to its cultural fabric and can this loss, the vanishing of the social language and Kashmiri characteristic, be ever valued or estimated, he asked?
Mr Vijay said the daily bomb blasts, stone pelting, ever increasing infiltration which according to Defence Minister A K Antony has increased 80 percent in comparison to last year provide no opportunity for educational institutes to flourish and schools to progress.
He said the hatred and violence have turned the life of an average Muslim into a hell and their world -view has narrowed, forcing the rich elite of Jehadi leaders to send their children to study abroad or in Bangalore.
They love to build the future of their children more than realize their Jehadi dreams, while the brunt of the situation is borne by the common Muslims of Kashmiri who can’t  afford to send his children abroad or to Bangalore.
He said for them a convent education in Srinagar is prohibitively expensive. Ultimately, like it happened in Pakistan, after eliminating the Hindus, Jehadi ends up eating its own children, Mr Vijay added.