‘Chameleon Lights’-a grandeur of love features at Oxford Book Store

Excelsior Correspondent

NEW DELHI, Feb 19: Love was celebrated in all its grandeur on Saturday as an upcoming writer Ayushman Jamwal recited a collection of his soulful poems from his book ‘Chameleon Lights’ here at Oxford Book Store.
Jamwal’s ‘Chameleon Lights’ features amongst the top 10 best selling books in poetry at Amazon and is fast becoming popular amongst the youth.
During a book reading event that was sponsored by Kunwar Viyogi Memorial Trust, the audience was left mesmerized by Jamwal’s poetry recital. The young writer, whose romance with words began at the age of 15 candidly revealed that his first poem ‘Love Letters’ is a tribute to a girl he feel deeply in love with at school.
Taking a trip down memory lane, Jamwal said, “I was in standard 11 when I penned ‘Love Letters’. Instead of studying for my Board exams, I ended up talking to my friend till wee hours of the morning. Describing it as one of the most profound experiences of his life, Jamwal said that ‘Chameleon Lights’ is a piece of him that is now for the world to experience.
Some of Jamwal’s poems have also been composed into songs. During the event, the audience was treated to a few of these compositions by an upcoming singer Dhruv.
A self confessed romantic, Jamwal, who is the grandson of renowned Dogri litterateur and Sahitya Akademi Awardee, late Group Captain Randhir Singh, popularly known as `Kunwar Viyogi’ in literary circles began compiling ‘Chameleon Lights’ in June last year.
“Love, for me is a constant rollercoaster ride where there is ecstasy of being out of love as much as in love. Some of my poems are a reflection of my grandfather’s thoughts and ideas and I am happy to be taking his legacy forward,” said Jamwal.
‘Modern Affection’, ‘Artist of the Soul’ and ‘Canine Love’ are a few of Jamwal’s poems that featured during the poetry recital event and received great appreciation from the audience.
Following the poetry recitation event, an open poetry contest was held where prizes were awarded to top two best poems submitted by the audience.