Upgrade H/S Kundra to 10+2

It is to bring in the notice of the Education Department that Govt. High School Kundra needs to be upgraded to a Higher Secondary School keeping in view the problems faced by the students here. This school has been functioning since last 23 years and provides education to a good number of students of this area. After passing their matriculation, the students have to go district headquarter Reasi to pursue 10+2. The distance between the two stations is 60 kms and it is difficult for students especially girl students to travel such a long distance.
It may be submitted here that a number of memoranda have been submitted before the authorities in this regard, but nothing has came out from them yet.
It is therefore, urged that the school be upgraded at the earliest.
Bodh Raj
Panchayat at Bhabhar Brahamna Reasi
Blacktop Doda-Chilly road
The road leading to Chilly area from Doda-Tathri and Gandoh towns is in a bad condition. The condition of this road worsens with every shower of rain.
This road is quite important as it serves the needs of a vast habitation located in villages like Manoo, Gali, Sunwara, Bhotalie, Gadal etc. The road turns and slippery during rains and becomes very dangerous to ply on.
The matter has been brought into the notice of the concerned authorities a number of times. Even being aware of this condition, nothing is done. As a result, people here suffer terribley.
The higher authorities are requested to visit the area terribly and take action accordingly.
Shabir Ahmed
Repair Bohri Chowk
The road that links Bohri Chowk with National Highway is riddled with potholes. These pot-holes are the main cause of inconvenience to motorists  plying on this road. If not repaired at the earliest, it may become a cause of any untoward incident here. The situation worsens during rains, when pot-holes get filled with it.
It is requested to the Chief Engineer roads and buildings to construct this road a new at the earliest.
It may be mentioned here that the road is repaired at times, but no sooner it is repaired, it gets damaged the next moment.
A permanent solution needs to be  found to the perennial problems at the earliest.
Naresh Sharma
Talab Tillo
Conduct Niab Tehsildar exam
JK-SSRB had notified around 200 posts of  Niab Tehsildars years a couple of  ago, but failed to conduct the exam due to one or the other reasons. There are so many posts of Niab Tehsildars lying vacant after the creation of new revenue units (Niabat).
Some of the aspirants have even  left for their heavenly abodes and a majority of them have crossed or touched 45.
Some have lost their hopes,and some are still struggling for some jobs.
On the behalf of the aspirants of Niab Tehsildar it is pleaded before the Government to conduct the exam of Niab Tehsildar at the earliest, so that it may provide some respite to the unemployed of the state
Tariq M Chughtai
Harni Poonch
Woes of Greater Kailash
The residents of Greater Kailash, Jammu have been approaching to different administrative quarters for the following problems but positive response is nowhere.
Two third area of Greater Kailash is under the Samba Assembly Constituency and one third in Gandhi Nagar Constituency when whole  of  Greater Kailash area is under Municipal Corporation.  The residents suffer between the callous attitude of the MLAs.  Samba MLA has totally ignored this area and does not care for the problems of the Colony.
The condition of lanes drains, sanitation, street lights, power supply, water supply etc is not satisfactory The miserable condition of Lane No 22 for the last one year is speaks about  the disgusting position of the area. The residents of the area approach MLAs, Ministers, Municipal Corporation but only get disappointment in return.
We, the residents of this colony request  the higher authorities to redress the grievances of residents.
Rakesh Sharma,
Greater Kailash, Jammu
Qasim Nagar stinks
We, the people of Qasim Nagar want to draw the attention of the Deputy Commissioner towards the bad condition of lanes and drains of Mohalla Qasim Nagar adjoining  Bakshi Nagar. These are so worse that it is impossible to move in this locality as foul smell prevails there . We have already requested the Chief Medical Officer,  Municipal Commissioner , but all in vain .They are paying a deaf ear to our request. It is requested that on spot checking should be done. The safai karamchari are sprinkle  DDT on the main road but the condition of mohalla are so bad that the aim of Swachh Bharat/ Swachh J&K can’t be achieved.
Dev Raj
Qasim Nagar, Jammu
Morning walkers plead

For the last more than a month, the gates of the court are not opened as before early in the morning. Habitual morning walkers from this road up to Manda water tank or up to Shiv temple at the top, a distance of nearly two kms are told , “Not allowed”. Before this total ban, movements were regulated inside and only walkers allowed to use the road only up to the top and no parks or places around the court complex.
At least a minimum of hundred walkers stand inconvenienced most of whom are hypertensive, diabetic, obese, with  thyroid imbalances and only a few are otherwise normal. It can be appreciated that the Government has made no arrangements for people to use places in the morning where fresh air and some serene atmosphere was present.It is a travesty that everywhere concrete jungles, dust, dirt, noise, overcrowds, dot Jammu environs. Government has neither any plans nor is it in their priorities to provide such places.  The only one with some natural touch , this Manda route from the High Court is stopped for morning walkers most of whom are ladies and who throng dirty parks for the purpose .
If security concerns warrant some restrictions and to ensure only bonafide walkers to use this trail , the same can be done by letting walkers use only after producing identity cards like Aadhar, Electoral cards, Driving licences, Office identity cards etc. We were expecting much more from this Government but even our decades old walk too has been stopped.
Shall the authorities kindly look into this problem as also the elected representatives?
Dheeraj Sharma