Tampering with Indus Water Treaty will not be any advantage to India: Soz

NEW DELHI, Jan 3: Former Union Water Resources Minister and veteran Congress leader Saifudin Soz today cautioned against any tampering with the existing Indus Water Treaty (IWT), saying it would result in an avoidable discord with Pakistan, and not yield any advantage for India.

”IWT has been one of successful stories of good relations between India and Pakistan. It is not for nothing that this Treaty has survived three wars between the two countries,”he said in a statement issued here.

He argued that the rights on water distribution of the Eastern and Western Rivers flowing out of India had been very well defined in the Treaty, with India as an Upper Riparian Country and Pakistan as a Lower Riparian Country having the rights which have been internationally recognised.

”Any tampering with the operation of the Treaty unilaterally doesn’t seem to be a possibility and it can generate an avoidable discord which will not yield any advantage to India,” Mr Soz said.”

India, had last year decided to slow down cooperation with Pakistan on the Treaty following the Uri terror attack. ”’I have a feeling that any kind of rhetoric in respect of foreign policy formulations can create harm rather than any advantage,” Mr Soz said.

”As a concerned citizen with some knowledge on the working of Indus Water Treaty (IWT), I can say that it is far more achievable goal to sort-out whatever disputes India has with Pakistan, bilaterally, than through International Agencies,” he said. (UNI)