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State Rehabilitation Council

Two and a half decades of militancy has brought untold suffering and agony to the people of the State. It has not only disrupted the life but has caused grave agony to numerous families whose members have been killed, injured, invalidated or traumatized owing to the acts of militancy. We are dealing with the subject of what the Government has done to provide succor to such victims and sufferers.
Fortunately, the Government has been seized of the problem and consequently has established State Rehabilitation Council (SRC) to take care of such cases. In its recent meeting chaired by the Chief Secretary, the Council said that it ensures that all victims of militancy including widows, orphans, handicapped and old age persons registered with the Council, receive monthly financial assistance directly into their bank accounts via Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) mode. Linking DBT to Aadhaar has very much facilitated transfer of financial assistance to the accounts of the beneficiaries and so far more than 90 per cent of such beneficiaries are drawing the financial support through the scheme. The deadline for 100 per cent coverage of the beneficiaries under DBT has been fixed by the Chief Secretary.
We highly appreciate this step of the Government. These beneficiaries have become victims of militancy related activities for no fault of theirs. It is a social obligation on the Government to provide succor to the affected persons. A welfare State does not discriminate its citizens for receiving support when unexpected tragedy befalls them. By offering financial support to the victims, the Government wants to convey a message across the State that while it is dealing strongly against the militants and their subversive activities across the State, it is not blind to the impact of militancy on peace loving citizens of the State. As such it becomes its duty to come to their support.
However, while the initiative taken by the Government is highly laudable, we would like to caution the Government on one point. It must ensure that the beneficiary of Government’s largesse is really a genuine victim and that he deserves to be supported. It is possible that fake applications can be filed and pursued for financial assistance and in doing so some miscreants may connive at it. Therefore it has to guard itself against such irregularities.


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