Special Assistance package

Under its scheme of special assistance, the Central Government has sanctioned Rs 2207 cr for Jammu and Kashmir for the financial year 2015-16. This is not exclusive to our State; it is part of the Central Government’s assistance scheme to help states to complete specific projects which the centre has identified. There are other States also that have received special packages.
In fact, the NDA Government has been very frugal to the States in providing them financial support to bring some of the vital schemes to completion. In our State, most of the Centrally Sponsored Schemes remain incomplete for one or the other reason. Not releasing the installment of sanctioned allocation on time has been the common complaint. However, notwithstanding that long argument between the State and the Centre, the good news is that the Centre has accorded sanction to special assistance that should help the State in fulfilling the developmental agenda of the State. According to official figures, cumulatively, the Central Government has so far released Rs 3401.67 crore to Jammu and Kashmir as Special Assistance.
In fairness, it must be said that Modi Government has been generous to the State of Jammu and Kashmir in providing funds by way of allocations, assistance and packages besides making remission of certain taxes or bank interests. It is for the State Government to make best use of these opportunities. Completing projects in hand is of much importance for steady development of the State. Those in Kashmir who are used to opening a litany of charges against India would do well to acquaint themselves with the role undertaken by various defaulting organizations in denigrating India and her role in pulling J&K out of the morass of poverty, backwardness, lack of connectivity and other facilities of contemporary times. Doing away with regressive mindset and putting the people of the State on the path of democracy, secularism and freedom of thought and expression are not an easy job.  It involves the vision and force of character to move towards higher goal. Let us be grateful to the Government at the Centre for doing a difficult job entrusted to it by the nation.