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Seminar on ‘Kashmir Shaivism: The unique way of Self Realisation!’ begins

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JAMMU, Nov 4:  The two day seminar on Kashmir Shaivism: The Unique way of Self Realisation organized by Ishwar Ashram Trust (IAT) started at Savoy Hotel, Residency Road here, this morning.
Professor Ashok Aima, Vice Chancellor of Central University of Jammu (CUJ) and Ajay Bharti (MLC) were the Chief Guest and Guest of Honour respectively. Prof Ashok Aima, during his address expressed his desire to hold a similar seminar in CJU in the next one or two months.  Ajay Bharti praised the efforts of Ishwar Ashram Trust in propagating the unique philosophy of Kashmir Shaivism.

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A Book “Light on Tantra in Kashmir Shaivism-Abhinavagupta’sTantraloka” revealed by Swami Lakshmanjoo the  renowned saint and philosopher of Kashmiri Shaivism of 20 th century was released during the Seminar.
The word Tantr?loka means, light on the Tantra, and is concerned with the philosophy and practices of the monistic tradition, which Abhinavagupta the great philosopher of Shaivism calls the Trika system now known as Kashmir Shaivism. On account of the size and scope of the Tantr?loka, it is a veritable encyclopedia of non-dual Shaivism. It is a treasure-text containing the synthesis of the monistic M?lin?vijaya Tantra and all of the four systems of Kashmir Shaivism: the Krama System, the Spanda System, the Kula System, and the Pratyabijñ? System.
Prominent faculty from all over India have been invited to speak at this event in Jammu. These include Dr R.K Angiras (Chandigarh), Dr VarunTripathi(SMVDU,Katra), Dr Hari Ram Mishra (JNU, New Delhi) ,Prof. ML Kokiloo (IAT) , P.N Kaul (IAT), Dr Ajay Kumar  Singh (Central University, Jammu).
Various topics related to Kashmir Shaivism were presented during the day long proceedings. These included  “Principle Features of Kashmir Shaivism- Simplified for the common man”,  “Present Day Science and Kashmir Shaivism – Are there any meeting points?”,  “Swami Lakshmanjoo: His life and contribution to Kashmir Shaiva Philosophy”,  ” Devotion and its importance in Kashmir Shaivism”,  “How Kashmir Shaivism answers everyday questions about life” and many other related topics.
Kashmir Shaivism a unique philosophy that has flourished and propagated in Kashmir for a long time. This philosophy is meant for any human being without restriction of caste, creed, or color. Its purpose is to enable a human being to rise from individuality to universality.
Ishwar Ashram Trust came into existence in 1991 by virtue of will of Swami Lakshmanjoo. Swami Lakshmanjoo was born in Srinagar, Kashmir, on May 9, 1907. He was the most recent and the greatest of the long line of saints and masters of the Kashmir Shaiva tradition. From a young age, Swami Lakshmanjoo spent his life studying and practicing the teachings of this unique and sacred tradition. Having a complete intellectual and spiritual understanding of the philosophy and practice of Kashmir Shaivism, he was a true master in every respect.
Spiritual leaders and scholars journeyed from all over the world to receive his blessings and to ask questions about various aspects of Kashmir Shaiva philosophy.
Ist day of seminar concluded with a Bhajan evening coordinated by the noted singer, Naina Trisal  (Sapru)who was accompanied by several reputed  Radio and TV artists.


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