Restive murmur

This  has reference to the news item ‘ Restive murmur’ Daily Excelsior Feb 13.
There are indeed restive murmurs echoing in different parts of the country about the functioning of NDA-II  Government which is completing its term next year. Whether these murmurs are manufactured by opposition parties or are of the people who elected this Government, only time will tell.
However, it  may be said here that the Government must exert its every nerve to fulfill the promises it made with the people during elections. People are not to be fooled by promises, but to be respected by meeting their genuine demands.
Besides, the BJP must work in tendem with its allies to ensure longevity of this Government. Allies should not be taken far granted. They should be taken into confidence while framing policies for the welfare of people. Allies like TDP, Shiv  Sena and TDP have started expressing their unhappiness with BJP.
It is in the interest of the BJP and the allies to work united for development of country without looking for their petty political interests.
Yours etc….
Sujeet Manhas