Relief to pensioners

The obsolete and hassle full convention of pensioners and family pensioners  visiting in person the office of the Accountant General (A&E) J&K for fixation of pension under relevant rules like Formulation 11 etc has been decided to be stopped looking to hardships and difficulties faced by them in the process. Now, the concerned authorities having powers to sanction pension must themselves arrange to forward such cases and the relevant information and documents to the AG’s office.
The decision of the State Government is commendable looking to the difficulties and even at times humiliation faced by old age pensioners in submitting their pension cases for necessary action to the AG’s office standing for hours in long queues. The necessary instructions in this regard, though belatedly, are reported to have been issued by the State Finance Department.
In an era of less of paper work and unimportant stereo type rules and more of on line system, it looks not in tune to ask old age pensioners to carry papers and documents themselves from one department to the other for revision of pension cases and other requirements. With a slight change both in the mindset as well as in the procedures, things can change and provide succor to the needy and the deserving as in the instant case, now. It remains to be seen as to how much the revised instructions are followed for implementation especially in the light of submission of such cases for fixation of pension being purely optional and not compulsory under Formulation 11.