Relief for border victims

Our adversary on the other side of the border is inhuman and cannibalistic to say the least. Pakistani Rangers assisted by the non-state actors particularly like LeT and other organizations and also the army open unprovoked firing on our posts and civilian population which is the breach of The Hague Convention. Civilians are not to be targeted if there is an armed clash between two stakeholders. Not only do the Pakistani Rangers make our civilian population the target of their firing, they heavily bombard our posts and civilian structures like farm houses, cattle sheds and standing crops. The damages are heavy besides forced migration for the border residents even if it is temporary. The Union Home Ministry has decided to create bunkers in which locals can take refuge when Rangers open unprovoked firing and shelling.
The point we want to highlight is that the government has promised to provide relief to the sufferers of border firing. So far no relief disbursements have taken place. It is strange that the Government has not till day completed the assessment of damages done to the civilian population so that they would be compensated according to the norms agreed upon at the top level of national security. The CM has told the House that 50 per cent of the amount of damages done by enemy shelling will be paid in advance and the remaining half on receiving the assessment report. The irony is that the government has not set forth any time frame for release of fifty per cent of the total damage. Leave aside paying one- half of the damage, even the assessment report is not completed and the nitty-gritty of payment has not been settled. When will the farmers be compensated when they have already lost their cattle, farm products and also seen damage done to their hutments and structures?