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Presentation of ‘Kaliveer’

This refers to the news item ‘Kaliveer’ in Dogri concludes Samooh Theatre’s play fest (DE, Jan 26, 2017).It is heartening to read that  the 4-day drama festival organised by Samooh Theatre concluded with the performance of  Dogri play ‘Kaliveer’ written by Dr.Gian Singh, as a ballad.The fact that the play presented a dramatized version of major events of life and heroic exploits of Kaliveer,who is  one of the most revered deities of Duggar, will go a long way in enlightening the masses about Kaliveer, the Kuldevta of many families/ clans.The friendship of Kaliveer with Raja Mandlik (Gugga) and other events including  his breaking the magic spell and the duo’s mission to kill the cow lifter who had forcibly taken away the ‘Kapila’ cow, must have been a tribute to the eyes and ears of spectators and theatre lovers.The background playing of the ‘karak’ of Baba  Kaliveer must have added to the aesthetic effect experienced  by the viewers.There are many legends associated with Baba Kaliveer in his childhood and  youth including his strong friendship with Raja Mandalik who liked the former for his intellectual abilities and courageous nature.According to Kathas or folklores , he always provided King Mandalik wise counsel and helped the king  in tackling various critical situations at different stages of his life.He is believed to be the incarnation of Shesh Nag(The Snake God) in Kaliyug and is worshipped as Kuldevta by many clans and families.Such a play depicting  Dogra culture, should be presented at block, tehsil and district level or on the eve of religious and social occasions to enable more and more people to know about our culture and deities.All those associated with the play deserve appreciation for their superb efforts in presenting the play on the stage.
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