Pandits nucleus of composite culture: Dr Jitendra

Avtar Bhat
JAMMU, Jan 15: Maint-aining that Kashmiri Pandits are nucleus of composite culture, Union Minister of State in PMO with independent charge of North Eastern States, Dr Jitendra Singh today said that unearthing of over 4000 year old sculpture of Lord Vishnu Ji at Simthon in Bijbehara Tehsil of South Kashmir revealed that Pandits are the real heirs of Kashmir.
Addressing a function at Press Club here today in connection with release of Vijeshwar Jayantri for year 2017-2018, Dr Singh said the unearthing of sculpture of Lord Vishnu Ji is a testimony to the fact. Those who negate it will be doing a great disservice to their motherland, he added.
The Union Minister said that there is no denying the fact that Kashmiri culture got a great setback due to mass exodus and it is a cause of concern. “It is the problem of people who are also living in Valley but they don’t realize and understand it”. “But it is our duty to make them realize and understand this,” he added.
Dr Jitendra said the time will prove that the void created in Kashmir will not be filled without the Pandits. “So the community has to organize such programmes in future too.”
He said it is a matter of satisfaction that whenever the anti national slogans were raised in Kashmir, the KPs were first to raise their voice against them.
The Union Minister asserted that one should never be shy of his belief and faith in Dharma and hesitate in this regard as this way there will be no threat to secularism. He regretted that word secularism is being much abused nowadays and we should refrain from using it.
Those who often take refuge under this word are doing it for their vested interests, he said, adding instead of parroting the word secularism, a Hindu should be a true Hindu, a Muslim a true Muslim and Sikh a true Sikh as these were some leaders who coined the word secularism for their vested political interests and for their own benefits.
He also lauded the role of Jyotshi Parivar for maintaining the tradition of publishing Jayantri for hundreds of years and said it not only is a link to roots and keeps traditions and customs alive but also a reference book of dates and time.
Talking to reporters at the sidelines of the function, Dr Jitendra Singh said that those who challenge the State subjects of West Pakistan refugees should first answer how the Myanmar and Bangladeshi refugees can be settled in the State.
On grant of relief to stone pelters, Dr Singh made it clear that State Government should not take any such step which will be seen as an encouragement to anti national elements and demoralize the nationalist forces.
Dr Singh, in reply to another question, said that separatists are losing the support in Valley as they have not become separatists by conviction but by convince. They are practicing the politics of deceit. He said one of the biggest drawbacks to separatists in Kashmir is that there was no separatist movement at all and it was only for politics. The people especially youth have seen through their game plan now and they are opposed to it, he added.
While taking serious exception to statement of NC MLC terming Burhan Wani a martyr, Dr Singh said it is not proper for any one to take the oath on the name of Constitution and make such an anti national statement. “If he (MLC) is so concerned he should first resign his seat from Upper House and also leave the Government accommodation and vehicle and then make such a statement’’, he added.
Regarding human rights violations in Pakistan, Dr Singh said entire world knows that Pakistan is the epicenter of terrorism and if there is any where biggest violation of human rights in the Sub Continent that is in PoJK and Baluchistan. He also made it clear that India is concerned of it as if there is any unrest in the neighborhood its impact will be on India.
He said the human rights violations in Pakistan should be an eye opener for Pak sympathizers here who raise question of HR violations in Kashmir.
Addressing the function, Panun Kashmir president Ashwani Chrungoo said since 1967 KPs are in the 50th year of struggle and it is a unique thing in the history of any community in any country.
He said Pandits are facing many challenges and unemployment of youth, cultural moorings etc. But one year after the exodus the community worked to revive its traditions. In this regard he referred to Vitasta Day celebrations. He said outside India also 90 percent KPs maintain their traditions and Vijeshwar Jayantri or Panchang is a medium to them.
Anand Swami Pran Nath Bhat Gareeb also spoke on the occasion and said “we have to go on right track to achieve the goal. When we are in mission storms will do come but with strong will power we can sail through’’, he added.
Dr Manmohan Jyotshi Sampadak of Vijeshwar Jayantri also spoke and highlighted the service of it to community. He said there existed a Sanskrit University at Vijeshwar in ancient times and the same be revived.
Virender Raina national spokesperson PK in his address highlighted various issues concerning the Displaced Pandits and appealed Dr Jitendra Singh to use his good offices in passage of Shrines and Temples Bill.
R K Bhat, president Youth AIKS proposed the vote of thanks and highlighted the problems of displaced youth. Swami Kumar Ji, H N Jatoo and Bihari Kak were among others who were present in the function.