Panchayat election process

Refer news item ‘Govt set to announce Panchayat election process on Jan 12’ DE Jan 9, 2018.
It is quite heartening that the Government is finally going to set into motion  Panchayat election process. The process will be a new year gift from the Government to the people of the State. Indeed a good news amid three year gloom that set in with the killing of dreaded militant Burhan Wani. The whole attention of the Government was focussed on containing militancy and stone  pelting.
As a result of it, development work received a serious setback. No worthwhile public cause could be undertaken during this period.
Now, there seems to be some semblance of the Government as the day to day issues facing the public are being addressed. The holding of Panchayat polls will give a further push to the development process at grassroot level.
The public must now participate in this democratic process with great enthusiasm and earnestness.
Yours etc…
Sushil Mahajan