Omar calls for open science, liberal dissemination of knowledge

JAMMU : Calling for open science and liberal dissemination of knowledge, Chief Minister Omar Abdullah today said medical technologies having global relevance like cure for AIDS or cancer should not be patented.
“All innovations should have universal implications and consequences that would lead to amelioration of human condition. Global public goods like cure for AIDS or cancer and diffusion of technologies to better and improve services and systems for mankind cannot be patented,” he said.
Omar was addressing the 101st Indian Science Congress inaugurated by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh here.
Underscoring the need for synthesising science, technology and innovation for maximum benefit to mankind, he said innovations should be universal.
“Solving technological problems demands scientific knowledge….Technology makes it possible to discover new scientific knowledge, hence, both enjoy a symbiotic relation. Science, technology and innovations are having an expanding effect in our daily lives,” he said.
Speaking in favour of open science, he said there was a need for liberal dissemination of knowledge. “Open science is more conducive to the rate of growth of society’s stock of knowledge. I, therefore, call for an approach that aligns befitting returns from science and knowledge”.
Omar said while patents on innovations may give a sense of ownership to the innovation and science entrepreneur, the benefits of science should not be exclusive.
He said Governments should try to make innovative quests profitable by encouraging research and development by subsidising aspects involved in the process and making innovation in science and technology as the centre piece of public policy.
Omar expressed gratitude to the Prime Minister for inaugurating the Indian Science Congress. (AGENCIES)