NCLP says won’t seek or extend support to any party to form Govt

Suhail Bhat
SRINAGAR, July 11: The National Conference Legislature Party (NCLP) today ruled out formation of Government or helping any other party to form the Government in present scenario as it called upon the Governor to ensure end of civilian killings in Kashmir during protests and encounters.
The NCLP meeting was chaired by party vice president and former Chief Minister Omar Abdullah here.
Almost all senior leaders and party leaders expressed their view in the meeting after which it was unanimously decided that the NC would neither support nor take support of any political party to form Government in the State at a time when J&K was reeling under the spell of Governor’s rule after BJP withdrew support to Mehbooba Mufti led Government last month.

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“The NCLP was unanimously of the view that it shouldn’t be part of any Government in the present Assembly,’’ party sources said.
It wanted the Governor’s rule to continue for some time till normalcy is restored in the Valley. It charged the previous PDP-BJP Government with disrupting peace in Kashmir leading to increase in militancy, level of violence and unrest among the people.
The NCLP favoured dissolution of the present Assembly followed by fresh elections when the situation becomes favourable for conducting such an exercise.
The Legislature Party called upon the Governor to ensure end to civilian killings in the Valley.
Addressing the NCLP meeting, Omar said the PDP-BJP Alliance had left the State “brutalized and stoked unprecedented alienation’’, especially among the youth.
“The PDP-BJP Alliance has pushed JK into the throes of turmoil and uncertainty and the rank opportunism that formed the basis of their politics has not only alienated the people but also created chasms between the three regions of the State. We have witnessed rampant persecution, injustices and widespread corruption while this alliance was at the helm of power”, he said.
“The shamelessness and lack of perspective is evidenced by the how Mehbooba Mufti, in a scripted TV interview to a private channel from Delhi, had all the time to remember the imaginary failures of her predecessors but had no words of sympathy for the people of the State and failed to acknowledge how much her Government and that of late Mufti Sahab brutalized and persecuted the people over the past more than three years. Mehbooba Mufti owes the people of J&K an apology and this apology needs to be delivered without hiding behind smokescreens and the victim-hood of being removed from power,’’ he asserted.
The NC vice president said Mehbooba’s “arrogance’’ had driven her own leaders away and this was another indication of her contempt towards the mandate of 2014 and also her refusal to respect the sentiments of the people at large.
“Mehbooba has lost the faith of her own leaders due to her arrogance and flawed policies. It was none other than her own brother and former Tourism Minister who said PDP and BJP were ‘partners in crime’. In order to become the Chief Minister and to enjoy the spoils of power, Mehbooba ended up bartering the interests of the State to the highest bidders while ridiculously reserving the right to criticize her own alliance partner simultaneously. This policy of running with the hare, while hunting with the hound has no takers and the people of the State have realized the scale and extent of PDP’s deceit and betrayal”, he added.
Reiterating the demand for the dissolution of the State Legislative Assembly, Omar said the party believed this was a necessary requirement to end the ongoing phase of uncertainty and speculations that are adding to the sense of cynicism among the people.
“We have and will continue to demand for the dissolution of the State Legislative Assembly. The situation in the State at present is not conducive for the conduct of elections and the Governor’s administration should take all possible steps to restore normalcy and a sense of security in the people before a democratic exercise can take place. The continued loss of precious lives is unacceptable and a matter of grave concern and all possible steps should be taken to prevent any further loss of lives. The youth of the State are being pushed further away due to the failure to prevent civilian killings and this remains a matter of concern and alarm”, he added.
“From seeking votes to stop the BJP from coming to power to embracing the BJP to become the Chief Minister, Mehbooba has betrayed her own promises and is responsible for the atmosphere of hopelessness and cynicism that has engulfed our youth and is pushing them away from the mainstream. She surrendered the State’s powers to New Delhi in order to remain in power and the consequences of these surrenders are irrevocable and have disempowered J&K”, Omar said.
Meanwhile, Omar said there is no improvement in the situation in the State under Governor’s rule as the civilians continue to get killed near encounter sites.
After paying rich tributes to Begum Akbar Jahan, wife of party founder Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah and his grandmother, on her 18th death anniversary, Omar told reporters that the situation would not improve until the killings of civilians during encounters were stopped.
“People were hoping for the  situation to improve under the Governor’ rule but there has been no let-up in the encounters and civilian killings,” he said, adding they have been demanding an SOP (Standard Operating  Procedure) which would ensure the safety of civilians near encounter sites.
Raising alarms over an uptick in the number of militants, he said: “For last one month nearly 28 boys have joined militant ranks in Kashmir and some eight people who are believed to have joined militancy are missing from Kishtwar. If militancy starts in Kishtwar it’s a very dangerous development for the State,” he said.
Defending Shah Faisal, the IAS officer who is facing disciplinary action for his tweet, Omar said the authorities could have shown displeasure over his remark but questioning his honesty and integrity was wrong. “The Department of Personnel and Trainings (DoPT) has not only asked State to initiate action against him but has also questioned his integrity and honesty. By doing so the State is undermining his service for the State,” he said, adding he has only raised voice against the rapes.
Shah Faisal, the 2010 Indian Administrative Service exam topper, who is presently pursuing a Post-Graduate course at Harvard University has been served a notice by the State after his rape-tweet went viral on the social networking sites.
Omar asked why was not any action initiated against the Ministers who have presented garlands to the criminals. “The Ministers here can garland people accused of murdering people and manage to scot-free. What is wrong in voicing your concern over the rapes?”, he said.
He further said no action was initiated against the officials in other States of the country for sharing posts which could have stoked a communal disturbance. “We also keep hearing some ungrounded speeches from the Ministers but no one asks them questions,” he said.