Jammu/Srinagar de-congestion

If the opposition has strongly raised the issue of inability of the Government to decongest the capital cities of Jammu and Srinagar, it is more than justified. Congestion and crowding of the two capital cities has almost breaking at its seams. Why is there inexcusable delay in implementing the Mobility Plan in the two cities when the Government knows that traffic situation in the two capital cities has become chaotic. Why the Traffic Police and PWD are not coming out with new plans and projects that would reduce horrible congestion and traffic jams on almost all the roads of Jammu city. What has happened to the plan of building two flyovers one on the BC Road and the other from Jewel to Talab Tiloo the most congested area of the city? The opposition may be right in accusing the Government that political interests come in the way of taking up these two projects that have been surveyed and finalized already.
The fact of the matter is that the authorities are becoming complacent about enforcing new mobility plans in the city. It would be highly imaginative if the State Government thinks of running something like tram or metro in the two capital cities. Unless the Government takes innovative steps the traffic condition is bound to become worse and chaotic in both the cities. The number of private cars is rapidly increasing and the Government cannot disallow buying of new vehicles. The roads are not widened and this all results in traffic chaos. This is an urgent matter and the Government cannot escape the responsibility by saying that there are pressures from various quarters. If structures are to be demolished, well it cannot be avoided and compensation has to be paid and Mobility Plan implemented.