Jai Ram reduces HRTC taxi fares for IGMC

SHIMLA, Jan 1:
Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur on Monday said the fare for HRTC taxis to IGMC would be Rs 10 now which was Rs 20 earlier.
However, the senior citizens will also pay the same fare of Rs 10.
The Chief Minister also launched the drinking water reservoirs cleaning campaign from Sanjauli to be carried out throughout the state under the Swachh Bharat Mission.
Wishing the people on New Year, he said water tank in Sanjauli was the largest one in  the state with water storage capacity of 90 lakh litres. The state government was committed for total cleanliness under Swachh Bharat Mission.
Mr Thakur added that it was necessary to undertake such cleanliness drives to keep drinking water safe. Maximum water-borne diseases occur because of lacklustre approach as water reservoirs or tanks once constructed goes unattended for a long time.
He directed the IPH department to undertake regular cleanliness drive of drinking water tanks all over the state and this would be their priority. Not once but the department concerned should ensure that water tanks were maintained properly and such campaigns should be undertaken twice a year.
Besides, the traditional water resources need to be cleaned regularly. It should be also ensured that the water sources should be equally attended and properly maintained.
He added that due to tough topography of the state, it was often witnessed that people carry water on their back and head even in his constituency which was quite in interior. But now days, the people have access to drinking water at their doorsteps, inside their home. “I assure that every kitchen and bathrooms will have water taps.”
Under AMRUT mission, they will make sincere efforts to include an overbridge at Sanjauli to avoid inconvenience to people from heavy traffic, said the Chief Minister.
Mr Mahendar Singh Thakur, Irrigation and Public Health Minister, addressing the occasion, said the Government would continue its endeavours to fulfill the aspirations of the people, who voted them to power.
He said henceforth strict measures would be taken to mitigate water borne diseases and we could achieve this with the cooperation of the people. The campaign would continue for 15 days and it would be ensured that it was carried out throughout the state. Any lapse from any official functionary would be dealt with strictly.
Suresh Bhardwaj, Education Minister, said it was unfortunate that the body of a small boy was found in the water tank in Shimla but now the Government would ensure that no such incident would take place and the campaign for  cleaning drinking water reservoirs would be done periodically.  (UNI)